As 2016 draws to a close, it almost feels as if an era is ending.

The long and brutal election campaign that we’ve all survived through is finally over, with Donald Trump beating out Hillary Clinton both on November 8th and in the final vote by the Electoral College on December 20th.

While the Democrats are still having trouble accepting this fact, it signals a real change in the direction of our country.

The election is significant in that it has taken the progressive liberals out of power. For the last eight years President Obama has been running roughshod over conservative values, helped along by a feckless Congress who didn’t want to stand up against him on anything.

It was one thing when the Democrats controlled Congress as well; but when they lost first the House and then the Senate, it didn’t seem to make a lick of difference.

But now we have a new President-elect, who is making noises like a conservative. It should be giving hope to those of us who believe in the U.S. Constitution. Even if Trump only manages to do half of what he’s said he wants to do, it will make a huge difference for our country.

But not everything that happens to our country is under the control of the President, no matter who he is or what political party he belongs to. While the president gets the blame and the credit for everything from the weather to nuclear war, in reality there are other forces in play. As anyone in the military knows, the enemy gets a vote too.

So, what can we expect to see in this new year? In truth, there’s a lot; and not all of it is going to be good. But, like all of life, we’ve got to be ready to take the good with the bad and make the best of it in our own lives.

Liberal Temper Tantrums on the Rise

The Democrats have already proven that they are not about to accept their loss.

Elizabeth Warren has already introduced a bill, making it easier for Congress to impeach the new president, due to his many businesses. Essentially, if his companies make any money which can be traced to foreign governments or foreign political figures, they can impeach him.

In a way, this is somewhat humorous, considering how much money Hillary Clinton made in her “pay to play” scheming as the Secretary of State. Perhaps Warren’s new law should be tested out on her first. But then, there’s little risk of it passing, as both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans.

Compared to other liberal protests to the election, this one is actually mild, and I’m not concerned about it. What does concern me is the more violent protests for which groups like Black Lives Matter have become known. That group, in particular, has already stated that they will not meet with Donald Trump and want nothing to do with him. Instead, they’d rather spend their time and energy in holding more protests and destroying more property.

The Democrats and other liberal groups are going to keep themselves busy obstruction everything that Trump and the Republican Congress tries to do. That’s to be expected.

But the real issue isn’t what will be happening in Washington, but what will be happening in the rest of the country. It is there that the protests and violence might occur.

War Between Trump and the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media blew it on this election; there’s no other way to put it. Not only was all their pontification and their polls wrong, but they bet on the wrong horse to win.

In working so hard to see Hillary Clinton elected as the next president, they’ve shown their true colors, as nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine.

In the process, they made an enemy out of Donald Trump, attacking him while giving Clinton a free ride on everything. From what I saw in the campaign, making an enemy out of Trump is not something to be taken lightly. Yet they still haven’t seen the error of their ways.

The last press conference that Trump held was on July 27th, the third day of the Democrat Convention. Through the three presidential debates and winning the election, he hasn’t taken the time to meet with the press. Rather, he has used social media and the alternative media to talk directly with the American people, totally bypassing the left-leaning propaganda machine called the mainstream media.

While he hasn’t had a press conference with the media, he did make time to hold an off-the-record media summit with a number of media big shots in November. I don’t know what the media representatives were expecting, but the meeting was described as a “firing squad.” I have a feeling that they missed the part where he said his famous, “You’re fired!”

I wouldn’t be surprised if he continued like this. If there’s one thing that Trump is, he’s strong. He’s not going to be the first to cave; and in his eyes, he’s got nothing to lose.

In a way, Trump’s handing of the media has been highly amusing to me. For as long as I can remember, Republicans have feared the media and their attacks. Then here comes Trump, manipulates them to give him free coverage throughout his campaign, and then essentially fires them, bypassing them all together to speak with the American people.

Dismantling of Obamacare

Of the many things which President-elect Trump has promised to do in his first 100 days in office, one that has given the most hope to the American people is the elimination of Obamacare.

Republican lawmakers have been trying to do that since 2011, but with Obama in office, haven’t been able to. Now, with a Republican controlled Congress and Trump in the White House, we can expect to see it fall apart, bit by bit.

I say fall apart because at this point in time, it will be necessary to replace it piecemeal, rather than just nullifying it. There are too many people who would be hurt by a repeal; people who are on Medicaid, people who were uninsurable before Obamacare, and people who have bought insurance under Obamacare who would lose their insurance again, if it was repealed.

It’s going to take some time and a lot of work, but it will be replaced by something that serves the needs of the American people, rather than just serving the needs of bureaucrats in Washington.

Then, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see Trump himself personally attacking the insurance companies about high premiums and deductibles.

Improvement in the Economy and Jobs

More than anything, Trump is a businessman; not only that, he’s a highly successful one. Granted, he started out with a cool million in seed money, but he managed to multiply that at least 3,000 times! More if you believe the larger estimates of his net worth. There are few anywhere who can make such a claim.

We can see already, during the transition process, that he’s bringing that business acumen into his new job as the President of these United States. It is manifest in the selections he’s making for his cabinet, as well as the meetings he’s already had with foreign leaders and others who will be important to his success as a leader.

More than anything, I hope Trump will help the economy to grow. His deal with Carrier air conditioning is just the beginning. I believe that we’ll see a surge of investment by large corporations, opening of new factories, moving some manufacturing home and startups of new businesses.

What has held the economy back for the last eight years is uncertainty. Those feelings of uneasiness started when the housing bubble burst in 2008 -2009.

But then Obama took office and they continued. With his anti-business attitudes, he has created an atmosphere where corporate boards have avoiding investing in their businesses, rather putting the money away in offshore banks, to wait and see what would happen.

Now that Trump has been elected, confidence is growing and those same corporate boards are making plans to invest in their corporations. In addition, Trump has declared war on overregulation, which will make it easier for businesses of all sizes to operate profitably in the United States.

Ultimately, what this really boils down to is an increase in the workforce and jobs for those who want them. If he couples his business initiatives with a crackdown on welfare fraud, we might even see a reversal of the current trend towards living off the government dime, rather than getting a job.

Increases in business will also require an increase in the workforce, giving those people an opportunity to make something of their lives.

A Possible Financial Collapse

While I am sure that Trump’s presidency will be good for the economy, I am also concerned. In electing Donald Trump president, the American people have given the middle finger to the elites of this world, most specifically to the one-worlders. They are concerned and they have the power to push back.

While these people try to remain in the background, with their activities hidden from public view, they do make the occasional press release or even talk to the press. One such statement emerged during the presidential campaign, indicating that the Bilderberg Group was gravely concerned about Donald Trump winning the election and becoming president.

More than anything, the Bilderberg Group is the main motivator behind the one-world movement. An extremely liberal group, it consists of a number of major banking heads, international businessmen, politicians and even members of the press, they meet annually to discuss how to turn the world in the direction they want. That direction is always towards socialism and a one-world governmental system.

These people have enough financial power to control the world’s markets. It is they, not local forces, who create financial crises throughout the world. They do so for the dual purposes of making money off the crisis and molding the world into their image.

While I am not sure how soon they will decide to act, I believe that they are going to take some major action during Trump’s presidency. It may not be in 2017, but I seriously doubt we’ll make it to 2020, without some major upheaval, something along the lines of the Great Depression.

An Increase in Extreme Muslim Terrorism

As we all know, extreme Muslim terrorism is on the rise. Terrorist acts in Europe are increasing in frequency and scope.

But that’s only a smattering of the terrorism that is happening on a worldwide basis. Those Muslim terrorists are actually more active in their own countries, than they are in western lands.

We must understand that terrorism is a form of warfare. Their purpose is to force us to capitulate and allow Muslim control, most especially the implementation of Sharia Law in our countries. In this, they are working to take over the world.


According to the Koran, Muslims are only allowed to migrate to Muslim controlled lands, unless it is for the specific purpose of conquering lands controlled by infidels. Called “hegira” this form of migration has been a major tool for the spread of Islam, every since the beginning.

Their twisting of western laws to get their way and gradually force their adopted country closer and closer to Sharia is no accident. Rather, it is a well thought out strategy, which has been used over and over again.

While Trump’s campaign promises to build the wall, crack down on illegal immigration and temporarily block immigration from Muslim countries will all help to slow the flood of Muslims who are entering our country, they can’t do a thing about those who are already hear. Nor can anything be done to stop the online recruiting of “home-grown terrorists” under Muslim control.

If anything, lessening the number of Muslims who can enter the country will merely motivate those who are already here to become more active. Many who are now sleeper agents will become active, taking a more aggressive role in attacking our country.

Iran and North Korea’s Nuclear Plans Going Forward

Trump has promised to do away with Obama’s disastrous Iran deal; but I fear it might be too late. Obama has already opened the door for Iran to increase the tempo of their nuclear research and their push towards becoming nuclear powers. At this time, it would be nearly impossible to stop them without military intervention.

One thing we could do unilaterally is to reinstate the embargos on Iran, at least as far as U.S. involvement is concerned. Perhaps this would encourage other countries to join in as well, especially European countries, and we could put an embargo in place that bypasses the treaty and bypasses the United Nations.

But it is clear that Iran will continue in their development of nuclear arms and a delivery system for them, just as North Korea is.

These two countries are the most unstable and most dangerous counties in the world today. We can be sure that we are high on the targeting list of both. While Iran might choose to go after Israel first, that’s a toss-up. They may choose to take us out of play before going after Israel. That would be a classic way to attack, something I am sure they are aware of.

If an EMP attack were ever to be committed against the United States, it would be by one of these two countries. From what I understand of North Korea’s nuclear capability, it is quite possible that they are already at the point where they could commit such an attack. Iran is still a few years away, but nowhere near as far away as I’d like.

This would actually be a “winnable” war for them, especially if they had enough nuclear capacity to take out our aircraft carriers, after the EMP attack on the country. That would cause us to lose the capability to retaliate, even if such an order were given.

A Final Word

While the world is still a dangerous place and there are many risks that we still face, I am optimistic about the future. With proper preparation and training, I believe that we can survive through anything.

In the mean time, even with all the risks, I believe we will see some improvements here at home in the next year.

The shift back towards a more conservative society will not happen overnight, nor will it be easy. As I already mentioned, the Democrats, other liberals and the media are all going to continue to be against us.

But for the time being anyway, we have the upper hand. We must be sure to make the most of the reprieve that’s been given to us.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Bill, in the eyes of the Progressives, Leftists, Socialists, Sorosites (which are akin to parasites), Neocons, and others of such ilk, the election results are not yet set in stone! They are still doing all they can to topple Trump before he is even sworn in! And if they cannot do that, they will continue telling their Lies about how the Russians helped Trump win! “he is their agent, you know.” When people cannot see the underhandedness of the Democrats, and blame the winner and everything else, from “fake news” to hackers, for their loss, it baffles the people who did vote for Trump, and the people that are sick of eight years of Obama’s pathetic dynasty!
    We need to keep the Trumps and our country in constant prayer!

    • Adam West
      Was surprised how The elected were in the back seat

      The Tea Party was nothing but stained water with no zing.

      Yes, if you track and listen to all the Democrats, Republicans and Independents, one does not see much difference.

      They all like – what do you Think⚡

  • I plan to be in my bunker way off in the mountains. With my two attack dogs, two Rottweilers. Also lots of food guns and ammo. I have discovered A new way to make a booby-trap out of small propane cylinders. All it takes is a small detonator so I’m planning for an attack also. Best to you and yours. God bless America.

  • A really excellent piece!
    A concern lies in the possibility of a Trump murder, sooner rather than later.
    Other side seems to believe that any other republican would bear easier to mold in their fashion.

  • Hi Bill and thanks for always your input…just wanted to say the while your down at the border doing missionary work…do us all Americans a great service and tell the Mexicans do not travel north to the United States. Can you explain to them that they the Mexicans are costing us billions in dollars to take care of them…and also tell the them that we’re sick of it. I ask this in Jesus’s name Amen!

  • You may want to read REVELATION 9/11. By Larry Aamons. 36 FACTS that SHOW that the World Trade Center collapse was mentioned IN Revelation 17-18 in the Bible.
    It was written in 2008 and mentions the importance of the 45th president of the United States.

  • Thank you Brother Bill ever so much. Even though this is my first comment to you in a written compliment form, I have followed you all these years and traced your input on the page. America will not survive what the presidency has inflicted upon her. It is the most vicious form of idolatry Scripturally speaking especially so when the destructive principles of divide and conquer are schizophrenically worshipped whether Republicans or Democrats, etc. A house divided will not stand. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. There are many Biblical references. Please consult the following: Rom. 2:8; II Cor 12:20; Gal 5:20; Phil. 1:16, 2:3; and James 3:14. Add to the mix bickering denominationalism. Political parties that have proven the colossal damage to the United States must be dismantled and be replaced with love for God and country. Political opinions should remain in the realm of private entertainment. Thank you.

  • Hi Bill,
    Your article entitled “What to expect in 2017” very thought provoking and we should all be concerned. The paragraph on a possible EMP attack on the United States is somewhat troubling and I think it needs further discussion or input from experts in that field. My limited knowledge about EMP is that it stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. There doesn’t appear to be much information about EMP in mainstream media but there is a fair amount on the internet with some articles talking about EMP bombs. Using a bomb implies that it has to be delivered and there are suggestions that it could be by Satellite or IBMs. If an attack was successful it would not destroy buildings or infrastructure but it would render anything that relies on computers useless. By computers I mean anything electronic. Our National Electrical Grid would shut down, together with transportation, broadcasting and virtually everything else. Just think, you wouldn’t be able to jump in your car and go to the store, because your car wouldn’t start and there would not be any power at the store. Some people talk
    about us going back to the dark ages. But wait a minute, how big would this bomb have to be to affect the whole US.

    I would like to think that the US military already know about the possibility of an EMP attack and have a plan in place. I am confidant that Donald will make sure of that. My parting comment is that if an attack was made and it was successful what use would a country be to an enemy where nothing works? They would certainly need millions of troops to control the population and again if nothing works here how would that succeed? Our biggest enemy still live in the dark ages and if they won they would still be in the dark ages.
    But then I am just a layman so what do I know?

    • Hi Mike, your concerns are legitimate about EMP! Yes, the military and the fed. gov’t know about it! I would like to recommend a couple of books.
      One Second After, and One Year After, by William Forstchen! Gteat info in story form! And in January,2017, a third part of the story will be available. Its titled, The Final Day! Also, a book by Ted Koppel, Lights Out, A Nation Unprepared!
      His book is a collection of facts from military and gov’t personnel in the first part of the book, followed by info that people are independently doing to survive the possibility of an EMP!

    • A good percentage of the population would die due to being unprepared. The rest would end up living like the Amish. We could easily be overrun then.

      • Scott Todd, you are correct on all points!