Is it possible for someone to be proficient, or even expert, at more than one pursuit? Can someone be a soldier and also be

My childhood was full of joy and rewarding experiences, and I owe it all to my grandparents since they were the ones who took

The outsider might not think conservation and survivalism have much common ground and that is true of pseudo-environmentalists and pseudo-survivalists.

People still talk about how crazy these past 4 years have been, and they can’t believe the changes we've gone through, not only as

What are the survivalist’s basic tools? Where does the toolkit end equipment begin?

Power outages are a frequent occurrence in our country, and it’s no wonder, given that the power grid is outdated and poorly maintained.

The plane chartered by the Old Christians rugby club to fly from Montevideo Uruguay to Santiago, Chile after a stopover in Mendoza, Argentina.

In 1981, Steven Callahan was a boat builder attempting to cross back across the Atlantic by himself in Napoleon Solo, a 21’ wooden sailboat.

When it comes to prepping and survivalism, I’m a straight shooter, and I like to tell people the truth about these topics. I believe

It’s standard fare in the prepping community that we say we won’t let anyone in, once we’re in survival mode. We prepare for our

In my youth, I learned firsthand that getting lost in the wilderness is inherently terrifying. The situation can escalate quickly if you lack a

I’m a big fan of the Western genre, especially the books by Louis L’Amour. Of all the western writers I’ve seen, I think he

Just getting into prepping? You may sometimes fall prey to overheated talk and “hype” when it comes to this lifestyle.

While man is not the only species that makes and uses tools, it is easy to see why anthropologists initially felt it was what

Back in 2017, Hurricane Harvey stalled over Southeast Houston, causing widespread flooding. At the time, I lived a few hundred miles away, well outside