Whatever reason makes you want to go on an outdoor adventure, you ought to pack the correct gear to avoid ruining the journey. You

If we have learned first-aid anyway, doesn’t it make sense to use those skills to take care of the injured, while waiting for the

Special Forces training is designed to show them how to adapt to all environments and scenarios and how to factor the inevitable fatigue

Tracking a person who is lost but wants to be found ought to be easier than tracking someone who is going out of their

A massive solar flare hitting us directly would have the exact-same effect as an EMP attack from North Korea, Russia or whatever “axis of

People still got sick during the Great Depression. Many died from malnutrition or starvation. Others were so emotionally impacted that they committed suicide.

It is easier to survive in a group than trying to survive alone. We humans are social animals and we need others around us

If you use the term “prepper” most listeners will immediately think of the “Doomsday Preppers” TV show on National Geographic…

As we have seen more often in the past 20 years, a city or a regional blackout is no longer a matter of if,

The harsh reality is that living totally off-grid, over 100 miles away from civilization is an extremely hard life; one that few of us

Whether or not you have been hacked depends on your definition of “hacked.” In the broadest sense, it means that your information has been

AI researchers and civil rights groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union are particularly concerned about accuracy and bias in facial-recognition systems.

Age is a key risk factor, with hip fractures occurring to those aged 65 or older. They're a result of a fall or when

A tornado can wipe out an entire town in minutes. Seeing the destructive power such a violent storm can cause, it’s important to prepare

The United States has seized a North Korean cargo ship, alleging sanctions violations by the country, the Justice Department said Thursday, 9th of May