What Would A Trump Presidency Look Like?

Washington is running scared. Politicians and bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle are in near panic mode, wondering what the future may have in store for them. They are fighting tooth and nail to keep their power. Such a bi-partisan display of cooperation is something that we’ve rarely seen.

What is causing all this cooperation? In a word, Donald Trump. The populist Republican candidate, who is coming in from outside the system, could be the stealth missile that destroys their way of life, and they won’t have it.

Trump has run on as non-political a platform as he can. He’s broken all the rules of a presidential bid, making up his own rules as he goes. In doing this, he’s sent a strong message to the corridors of power, and that message has gotten through.

A lot of Trump’s popularity comes from his anti-establishment stance. The people of America, especially the “silent majority” are fed up.

They’re fed up with lies and corruption. They’re fed up with a political ruling class (something the Constitution was created to prevent). They’re fed up with a growing federal government which is taking more and more from them, and helping those who are part of the government more than the people it is supposed to serve.

More than anything, they’re fed up with people who think they are our political masters, rather than being true public servants.

As we draw closer to November 8th, Trump seems to be gaining more and more steam. No longer can the mainstream media dismiss him as insignificant. Even their own polls, rigged as they are, showed Trump as leading over their golden girl, Hillary. They are having to face the fact that Trump might actually win.

But what would that mean for the country? Could Trump, someone from totally outside the system, who has never held a political office in his life, actually be an effective president?

That’s a question that we’re going to have to wait to answer. But there are some things we can surmise about the man who was made famous by the line, “You’re fired!”

When the Government Is the Business

I remember when Ross Perot ran for president in 1992. There was a lot of speculation back then about how well a businessman could do as president, just as there is today about Trump. The same arguments against him were trotted out, talking about his lack of experience and his lack of political savvy.

But those arguments aren’t necessarily valid. First of all, the original intent of the Founding Fathers was for citizen legislators, not a full-time ruling class. They envisioned farmers and tradesmen setting aside their work for a season, so that they could attend the Congressional session. That’s the whole reason that a Congressional season exists in the first place. When the season ends, they are supposed to go back and run their businesses. But today’s legislators have turned politics into their business.

Secondly, where did the idea ever come from that a government can’t be run like a business? Granted, there is no way a government is going to actually show a profit, and it really shouldn’t. Any surplus in government funds merely demonstrates that taxes are too high; and a surplus for government is the only profit there is.

Thirdly, the idea that business doesn’t prepare one for government is pure fiction. Politics, once the election is over, is supposedly all about negotiations, but so is business. Shoot, Trump wrote a book about it, “The Art of the Deal.” It seems to me that he knows a whole lot more about negotiating with people, than the man who is in the Oval Office today.

Then there’s the idea of “acting presidential,” a vague construct that means different things to different people. Well, I can’t say that the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW in Washington acts real presidential. When you compare him to Vladimir Putin, our country’s greatest rival for world leadership, he comes up a very distant second.

If Trump manages to win, I imagine he’ll continue like he has on the campaign trail, so we’ll know what the man is thinking… all the time. So will our friends and enemies around the world, which should give some hope and others pause.

“You, Bureaucrats, Are Fired!”

In my opinion, one of the biggest things that will mark a Trump presidency will be the elimination of government agencies that do nothing but take taxpayer money and waste it. Some of these agencies, which were supposedly created to serve the people, have become out-and-out enemies of the people and need to be shut down. The man who became famous saying, “You’re fired” will probably continue firing people, right and left, trimming government waste and returning power to the states.

He’s already mentioned two departments of the government that he’s planning on trimming extensively are the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. While liberal fear mongers are trying to say that he’s planning on eliminating them all together, that’s actually not what he said. The goal, as I see it, is to rein in their power, returning much of it to the states, and stopping over-regulation.

But I seriously doubt that those are the only two government agencies that Trump will take a pair of trimming shears to. Government agencies tend to grow, because that’s how the bureaucrats who run them get more power and prestige. So we’ll probably see a lot of trimming, especially in the agencies which curtail economic growth the most.

I have no doubt that a Trump presidency will see many government workers looking for honest work and many empty offices in Washington. But I also expect there will be a lot of opposition to his initiatives, in case he wins the elections. He won’t just be fighting political opposition on this one, but he’ll be fighting some of the biggest, most powerful bureaucracies around. I seriously doubt that any of them will go down without a fight.

But that’s not the biggest thing that’s got Washington scared. Granted, cutting government agencies scares the bureaucrats who populate those agencies, but it doesn’t really affect politicians all that much. They’re afraid of what Trump will do to them.

Why the Trump Movement Isn’t Just About Trump

You see, the Trump movement isn’t just about Trump. It’s about American citizens who are fed up with a political ruling class. Part of the reason this country was founded was to get away from just that. Yet here we are, 240 years later, and we’ve got our own system of dukes and earls.

Politics is a seductive life. There are people who want power, who want control and who want recognition for having it. More than anything, they want the attention that being “someone important” gets them. So, while the pay of being in Congress is good, the perks are much better. Many fight to stay in office, bowing and scraping to those who supply their campaign funds, just so that they can continue being one of the elite.

But as the political elite, they lose touch with the people they have sworn to serve. Truly, the only ones they serve are themselves and those who fund their campaigns. In doing so, the needs of the American people get lost in the clutter.

Trump is challenging that system. He is still largely funding is campaign out of his own pocket. While he is constantly working to raise funds, he is matching many of the funds given to him. I keep seeing ads, over and over again, popping up in my Facebook feed, which say that The Donald will match my giving, dollar for dollar, out of his own deep pockets.

That alone stands to change the Washington landscape. He doesn’t owe the corporations what other politicians owe their sponsors, so he doesn’t have to do what they say. There won’t be any of the Clinton “pay to play” on Trump’s watch.

So, if nothing else, a Trump presidency will be much different than what we’ve seen before. I can’t say right now if it will be good or bad, but it will be interesting.

The last time we had a president who wasn’t a career politician was Ronald Reagan, and he did great. So I guess there’s hope for Trump too. And in the end, can you imagine what would a Hillary presidency look like?


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • Ur thoughts about change have some validity, but Trump would be unable to get out of his own head and way w/o getting us & others into conflict. He is way too unstable to be allowed access to THE CODES!!!

    • Pat-Obama, Kerry & Moniz have already given all the “codes” to Iran;
      within a very few years, Tehran will use the $150 Billion we made available to them to destroy your way of life. Unless Trump can deter them. HRC helped to create this atrocity; Kaine helped to block a Senate vote that would have defeated it,

  • Trump isn’t anti-establishment and he isn’t outside the system. He has played the system for decades, bribing politicians to get favoritism to the detriment of ordinary taxpayers. The establishment pushed him because he is one of them. The establishment rigged the election so that democrats could vote for our nominee by the millions. Trump was fourth if you only count Republican primary voters. The establishment was afraid of Cruz breaking up the status quo and they are deathly afraid of him.

  • As my wife has said time and time again. She thinks Obama is the head of Isis!

  • I have my Trump sign in the yard! This is such a divided election year maybe some don’t want to be divided among their neighbor’s, or maybe they’re afraid Dems are still taking notes on who isn’t “with them”…& fear retaliation. Which only tells us which party is truly fair & American.

  • Well written and I couldn’t agree more. We need more people like Reagan to m things up and make these lazy politicians actually work for their overpriced salaries. If we worked they way they do, we’d have been fired a long time ago. There are currently so many hands in the already broken cookie jar, that there isn’t enough crazy glue to put it back together again. I say break it and eat some fruit for God sake…lol…lean government is a better government.

  • Killary,the Clinton machine,Pelosi,Reid,Waasserman-Schultz,Valerie Jarrett and the rest of the liberal ilk have forgotten what a special country this USED to be.Are we perfect? No of course not,no country is,no leader is,but to date it is the closest ever acheived and they aim to destroy that.For decades we the taxpayers have literally poured TRILLIIONS into impoverished areas.So I ask,WHY are those same areas STILL Impoverished.ANS-Liberal progressives!

  • How many suicides ,as they are called, actually were co-workers, friends, or paramours of the Clintons ?

    • As for the current amoral closet regime that turns a blind eye to our current border situation/immigration policy/visa program and the abuse of the current political populous on giveaway programs /thievery of america’s future thru debt manipulation and unbalanced trade agreements,and the schooling of our children on “the new morality” of any sexual behavior is o.k. Where does anyone find time to research current or past history of the supposed shoe-in Demo-crass former 1st ……laddie (not misspelled) Billie-ams pretender wife and her deviantly educated bubba the mutt (our Laddy in waiting) to do so would be counter to the agenda on high!…but if you want info. pertaining to that historical parallel check out “Clinton death list” on google Wikipedia …it is an interesting read… It may well raise alarms around the country about her moral qualifications to be the 1st outed president…Trump could gain some moral high ground on this revelation…40 plus persons have met with a horrible fate that were linked with the Clintons….politically, personally,and legally according to the web site…interestingly nothing to tie them to it for a conviction…but…scandalist it is…..enjoy ……Go Donald

  • The insane neocons in Washington, claim, “What use are nuclear weapons, if you’re not going to use them?”, totally ignoring the question of what happens to the world if you do use them. Thank God for Putin’s restraint or we would all be dead by now! The Russians won’t attack us unless we convince them that we’re about to attack them. Which we need to be more statesman like in our responses to them; quit the bluster and threats. If we do manage to convince the Russians to attack, they might just use their SS-18, hopefully just on Washington, which would make an area 3/4 the size of the state of New York, uninhabitable for the next 1000 years.

  • Hello
    Thank you for this wonderful article. I and my family are strongly in Mr. Trump’s camp. We all have our license to carry a concealed weapon. We own land that we are exploring setting up our family retreat !! center on in Texas, the best state to be in as far as I and they are concerned. I am glad that I have connected to your group. I have been involved in both small businesses and large companies as their accountant. I admire Mr. Trump for his business knowledge. As for bankrupties, Charles Schwab also had a couple of those before he founded the Charles Schwab Brokerage firm. Where I do my market trading when I do that.

    • Amen, sister! Both your comments and your state ring true.

      • Are you serious? You know the difference between Charles R Schwab and Charles Schwab? Two different people…. Look it up.

        On a side note, I’m prepping for a world inhabited by ignorant right wing survivalist without a comprehension of the tenants of every major religion, treat others as you wish to be treated.

  • I agree with your reflections. Additionally I believe he would attack other enormous problems such as excess immigration/illegals/”refugees” and restore an American First focus to the D.C. cesspool. Emphasizing American nationalism versus globalism which serves only BIG business/government/United Nations plutocrats while bringing corporate money/jobs back to America via negotiation and new trade deals would restore American optimism. Personally I admire his guts in taking on literally the entire media, democrat party and republican establishment all at once! His courage, strength and determination provide a terrific role model.

    • How about passing laws on taxation of corporations that address an alternative minimum tax on products sold before dividends are distributed and for every dollar spent on advertising an equal amount be paid in a product promotion tax and having a new government office to inspect and tech all new products to ensure no copywrite/patent/intellectual property infringements on both foreign and domestic products and homeland security increase its personnel for shipping container inspection for all shipping from all foreign countries with a port duty to pay for this increase in personnel. That any person visiting from a foreign country bearing a visa/passport be required to leave the country on or before the expiration of that document or face a severe fine or be banned from the USA until paid up with the country of origin held accountable for any enforcement costs or face sanctions from host country…hey lets get someone else to pay the high cost of trade policing

  • Great article, HOWEVER, we have never experienced the level of corruption, through out the entire government! My greatest fear is that the election is rigged. Hillary Clinton could not get through the first debate without cheating. She seems unstoppable, regardless of her incredible criminal history and current criminal activity. It is never ending and my greatest fear is our vote will not count, she will cheat, she is cheating and the elites will do anything to keep the current system in place. God help us. I think Donald Trump could win in a landslide if we had a fair system. Look at his Rallies!! Says it all!!

    • It is beginning to appear that there are those who actually are trying to keep us from having any vote at all in this election. What is all this nonsense about the RNC trying to keep Trump from running????? Unbelievable.
      Sending out my prayers for Mr. Trump’s safety and determination to ignore them. I wlll write him in , if necessary.

  • I agree with everything you said and waiting for MR .TRUMP to be our next President.
    Thank you

  • At a very young age I wanted to be a soldier. Not a policeman or firefighter or circus clown, but a US Army soldier. I achieved that dream and spent 22 years defending this great nation. What has happened to the Constitution that I love so much and would die to defend sickens and frightens me to the core. I no longer have ANY faith in the system and am damn sick and tired of casting my vote for the least reprehensible person on the ballot. Its time for a change that will reclaim the United States for We The People and rest it from the strangle-hold our elected officials have on us. Contrary to the obvious lack of respect those bureaucrats exhibit and show more and more each day, we ARE an informed society and no only see the downward spiral of our rights and freedoms, but know precisely who is causing it and (witness the diminishing value of our dollar) what the results are for our working class.
    I, like so many other registered voters, will vote in the coming lottery if for no other reason than “if you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain”. Sorry state of affairs, in my humble opinion.
    I am a Patriot and love my country!!! And, I WANT IT BACK!!!

    • I am so damn tired of the way the ignorant liberals are treating our country, our constitution, and our culture, the way they are letting in every illegal to destabilize our country to allow the ” new world order “. The destabilization has already created big problems for our country in that of last Friday, the 30th of September, the dollar’s value went south. This Friday, the 7th of October, there will be a meeting in the most corrupt place in our country, the District of Columbia, where the Chinese money will be made the new world currency. I read a lot about the problems our country may have because of this change, actually not our country but we the people will have, that our money will be worth somewhat like Germanys was after the second world war. There will be much more happen to our country, to we the people, unless the person I firmly believe can change the direction, President Trump, is elected and the imposter does not deem the election void so that he can bring on martial law and make himself a self imposed dictator.
      Otherwise, Mr. Wilson, I believe as you do.

  • Will someone PLEASE convince Trump that HE is the one APPLYING FOR THE JOB, not the other way around, to quite being his own worst enemy. Nearly all of the time there is a camera on him; they can freeze the recording at any instant with the worst possible fleeting expression which is what the public, not just loyal Republicans, will see.

  • A Trump win will tear down a lot of the evil being pulled on the American people. All these people get in and forget the promises they made to the people that voted them in. They’re robbing the American people blind plus taking millions from those like Monsanto who wants to push something on the American people. If we had all that’s been stolen from the people and what been paid to get their product or whatever on the people, we could have paid off the national debt. We need someone in office who will work to help America.

  • What a bunch of malarkey
    I still don’t know who to vote for but he is not even on my list
    Haven’t you been listening to the power crazed lying jack ass he is no better than the other politicians

  • I think Mr Trump would make a great president and we need a leader and business person. The Goverment is a business,would be run like one. I do not want more of the same with Secretary Hillary.PS… I do not trust her.

  • On our street here in West Virginia, the war on coal has devastated the current administration. One family put out signs for Hillary, and six families put out signs for Trump. About half of the houses on our street. have signs in their yards.

  • As we come up to the next debate between abominable Clinton, disastrous lying weak Obama, and strong Trump, we can only hope and pray that he will prevail in the election and we will be able to take our country back. We will lose this country if Clinton wins. We need to show the world that the USA is once again a country to be reckoned with and Trump is the only one that can make that happen.

  • take are country back from who? we. stole it from Indians and Mexicans.all we can do is vote for your person who you believe will be best for the country. and way nothing happens without the consent of Jesus Christ the lord! believe me,and the bible!

  • I ran across this article today

    British author

  • Here is a video of Putin sharing his experience with his American counterparts refusing to reduce the global nuclear weapons stock pile. His statements match the article that I posted earlier.



    This is only one part of the article above.
    “The Obama administration has built more nuclear weapons, more nuclear warheads, more nuclear delivery systems, more nuclear factories. Nuclear warhead spending alone rose higher under Obama than under any American president. The cost over thirty years is more than $1 trillion.

    A mini nuclear bomb is planned. It is known as the B61 Model 12. There has never been anything like it. General James Cartwright, a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said, “Going smaller [makes using this nuclear] weapon more thinkable.”

    In the last eighteen months, the greatest build-up of military forces since World War Two — led by the United States — is taking place along Russia’s western frontier. Not since Hitler invaded the Soviet Union have foreign troops presented such a demonstrable threat to Russia. “

  • First off, Ronald Reagan is the reason all our mentally ill were put out on the street, and here almost 40 years later they have slowly been picked up by the judicial system, and now they make up all these solitary prisoners that smear feces all over the walls before they’re beaten by guards that probably have GED’s much less any kind of experience with mentally disabled people.

    A lot of you seem like the types that are out shouting about the BENGHAZI SCANDAL!!! which left a few Americans dead in a place that was known to be hostile to the US. As an Independent I can assure you that shortly before Benghazi the Republicans had cut funding for embassy security. That’s not even my point, my point is Ronald Reagan ordered 84 Marines in Beirut to stand down to their deaths and here you are saying he’s the best we’ve ever had. Reagan was THE FIRST president to be a bank puppet in this long line of bank puppets.

    Now lets move onto some hard Trump facts…

    First off, Trump has been in bed with the Clintons long before any of this would happen. Any corrupt money the Clintons are involved with can probably be traced to ties with Trump. Lets not be speculative though, lets give a good solid example that is public information that none of you have ever bothered to look into…

    All of his helicopters were supplied by a big time drug runner. When the drug runner was in trouble Trump had the case moved to New Jersey so his sister could be the judge. The sister turned the case down stating that her and her husband use the helicopters that are provided by the drug runner. At this point Trump writes a letter to the court expressing what a great guy the drug runner is and all the reasons Trump vouches for him. The drug runner got 17 months, while his mules each got more than 20 years. To this day Trump will only admit that his signature is on that letter but wont acknowledge he wrote it. Nothing against an American businessman, but very wrong for the leader of a country.

    Now lets talk about the three casinos he purposefully bankrupted. Lets say that everyone reading this bought shares in a casino. You’re just a regular person, you want to make a few bucks so you invest. All these share holders are common people like you or I. Trump goes to a lending agency, he takes out the loan for however many millions or billions it was, then he sells the loan to the three casinos and bankrupts them. Now the loan people are screwed, the shareholders are screwed, and Trump is laughing all the way to the bank. Not horrible for an American businessman, but once again, not what we want from a world leader.

    I know you’ve all heard the terms “two wings, same bird” and yet here you are dividing the country by left or right. There’s a lot of good survival and off grid info on here. These things apply to science and agriculture. Science, survival, and agriculture should never be turned political, because science is very proven and definitive, while politics is all opinion and bullshit.

    You people are proof of why we shouldn’t cut education or EPA. The act of living off grid is literally hand in hand with the environment, and he truly will do away with them if he gets the chance.

    Hillary wants to regulate gun sales: You say she’s going to take guns away.
    Trump wants to do away with Education and EPA: You say he’s just going to trim it down.

    I don’t support either of these candidates and the fact everyone is debating who it should be instead of sticking to the argument that this is all a sham drives me nuts. All of the fuss over Bernie Sanders and yet we’ve narrowed it down to these two? You all are just as fooled because you take part in all this bullshit. Just like people that warn you the government is corrupt will turn around and blindly support the actions of police and military without question. The government is the only entity that has a monopoly on the use of force. I’m not anti government, I just know the power attracts the last people you want to do the job.

    And one more thing for the “war on coal” people. I grew up in WV and I know for a fact that coal money leaves the state and never comes back. You’re dying of black lung for something we can get for free from the sun. I moved out to Denver and got a degree in science with a major in solar. WV has provided solar jobs for coal miners that lost their jobs and this year solar jobs have outweighed coal jobs. When we invented gas engines we didn’t try to protect steam engines, and when someone wants a better job you say go to school and get a degree UNLESS its some redneck coal miner, then you try to keep him in a failing business over your emotions and not logic.

    Keep this page about non political survival and off gridding, save your politics for the barber shop porch because you all could use some fact checking on your old man arguments.

    • SLOW CLAP!!! Amazingly well said.

  • Yay Yay Yay
    We are on our way to discovering – What a Trump presidency will look like.