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Survival Skills

When I was young, I took a career exploration class and learned that the average American spends more time planning a vacation than choosing

If you have one of these professions, there will always be a place reserved for you in a survival group, and you will become

Keeping a certain distance between you and a certain threat will increase your chances of survival, but things are not always as easy as

According to John Leach, 80% of disaster victims freeze up in emergencies, taking no action at all. Having a plan makes you three times

And while there are plenty of books and resources on the Internet that tell you how to “do” off-grid living, there isn’t a whole

No matter what the SHTF event might be, if it becomes a threat to the physical integrity and overall, the well-being of your family,

If you aren’t already armed, you should be. If you don’t have enough ammo, buy some more. Spend enough time at your local shooting

Social distancing, or stay-safe-at-home, has been the clarion call for most governments and health organizations all over the world for the better part of

Just because you can’t drink urine, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. There are many uses for it, and urine has been used successfully for

It is therapeutic to subject oneself to the solitude of the wilderness. It will go a long way in providing a fresh perspective to

Any effort you spend now will save you a lot of time during a real emergency, and you may circumvent having to take some

Most Americans believe that being a prepper requires having a secret bunker, a few years worth of food, and enough guns and ammo to

All the readers here have not only the required skills to face any hardship, but the most important thing, they can count on an

The versatility of aluminum foil makes it an ideal candidate for your bag, and you should really consider buying a roll or two for

Our generation and the upcoming ones are getting more and more engulfed by technology, forgetting that some time ago, people were counting on their