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Survival Skills

I’ll have to admit: I’ve had a few mishaps there as well. Things don’t always go as planned and I’m just as liable to

Now, as far as survival tips go, being capable of starting a fire in adverse conditions is one of the most important skills a

With winter fast approaching, we need to do more than just get our house in order and ready for cold weather; we need to

To those of us who are preppers, winter's coming means being ready for that major storm which shuts down power and brings our cities

Within a day and with less than a couple of hundred dollars, you can actually do everything you need to, in order to prepare

Since we spend most of our time at work, there’s a good chance something bag will happen, hence let's have a look at the

There’s a huge difference in population density between suburbia and center city and that means a huge difference in the ratio of people to

One of the first things that will happen after a disaster will be the looting and vandalism of grocery stores, cleaning out any quick

The proper state of mind of a prepper is that whatever may come my way some day, I'll be able not only to barely

We are all faced with the need to travel from time to time; whether it is for business, vacation, family trips or even going

Most of what Jill needs, she either grows herself or makes herself. She has a small workshop, with basic tools in it that were

Get in the habit of using a paper map to back up your GPS, when you’re out in the country. GPS could fail at

Creating unforgettable memories and reaping the mental and physical health benefits of communing with nature are both wonderful aspects of letting your child participate

You never know when a large-scale disaster can strike and you could find yourself stuck in the middle of chaos, needing to get out.

From plumbing to managing wounds or resolving boredom issues, these iconic items parents teach their kids vary from home to home and from family