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Survival Skills

As preppers, it’s important that we are constantly on the lookout for what’s happening in the world and aware of how those things can

I actually think that 2021 is going to be a light year for natural disasters. While I’m sure we will have some, I don’t

Your waste disposal systems and toilet facilities can become critical not only for your mental wellbeing but also for your health and survival in

Before volunteer rescuers set out to help others, they should don personal protective equipment that provides a line of defense against accidental injuries.

The holiday season is more about survival than enjoying the times. There can be many reasons for this, from the loss of a loved

There are times when we make things complicated and others where we simplify them too much. The complicated ones can get us killed by

Why lockpicks? In an emergency scenario, why not use forcible entry? Firefighters, Police and Military use them, so shouldn’t survivalists use them too?

There are really two options that anyone in this position can take. The first is to give up on the old home and start

Does everyone in your household know the plans? Are your plans simple enough to succeed? Are they adaptable to the types of tactics enemies

People have been talking about the potential of a civil war, with both sides of the political aisle saying that the other side will

You need to program your mind so that you minimize distractions, set your ground rules, put up a functional space, and leverage technology to

Throughout the films, they weren’t a team, they were, to put it in Bruce Banner’s words, “What are we, a team? We’re a chemical

Our ancestors stored food and carried the tools they needed to make shelter and fire for sound reasons. They knew where the food came

Every prepper must plan for a survival retreat or a bug out location since this is the most logical and safest way to go

If a crisis, regardless of its nature, prolongs more than people were prepped for, chaos will engulf cities, and possible hostile elements will be