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Survival Skills

Evacuating a big city in the event of a natural or manmade disaster is a logistic nightmare for local authorities, and due to the

As a former engineer, I can vouch for the validity of the KISS principle; but I can also vouch for it from a survival

Survival, as we discuss it in the prepping and survival community, is a complex task, using many skills that the average person today couldn’t

Life comes at you quickly. Stressful times are a part of life, and how you react to them goes a long way in deciding

After more than ten years of being in the prepping and bushcrafting “business,” I can honestly say that I’ve heard it all since almost

After years of camping and spending as much time as possible in the outdoors, I can say that knowledge to sleep under the stars

For many folks out there, bugging-out means leaving the comfort of their urban homes and heading into the surrounding woods. These journeys can often

I don’t know about you; but references are important to me. Even though I write, talk, and experiment about survival full-time, I can’t remember

With winter upon us, any power outage means we’re without heat. Depending on where you are and just how cold it is, it can

Most of what I see about wilderness survival seems to be written as if all survival situations happen in the summertime, with good weather.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have made preparations for various disasters, and we can get our families along with our bug-out gear

In a survival situation, regardless of its magnitude, duration or outcome, hygiene will still be an important part of your preparations. If you don't

Anyone who lives in an area where snowstorms are common knows just how dangerous they can be. Even worse, just how dangerous it can

In this video, Tyler will show us how to make char cloth from a piece of old cloth he found abandoned in the wild

Making camp or camping in various natural environments is usually done to enjoy time away from our hectic lives. This is the main reason