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Survival Skills

In a survival situation, regardless of its magnitude, duration or outcome, hygiene will still be an important part of your preparations. If you don't

Anyone who lives in an area where snowstorms are common knows just how dangerous they can be. Even worse, just how dangerous it can

In this video, Tyler will show us how to make char cloth from a piece of old cloth he found abandoned in the wild

Making camp or camping in various natural environments is usually done to enjoy time away from our hectic lives. This is the main reason

The roof is on and the job is done! In this video, we come back to Jason for the final part of his DIY

In an outdoor survival situation, one of the most important things you need to know in order to escape is obviously to know where

Knowledge is power and knowing what to do in order to get the most out of the wood that we find in the forest

While modern day survival can be all high-tech gadgets and cutting edge hardware for the issues you may have, Jason's here to make a

In this video, Jason's out and about and talks a bit about plants that look alike but with wildly different effects on you if

Quit looking at the grass as a problem and start looking at it as a resource. Granted, grass isn’t much of a resource, but

Camouflage works by breaking the outlines of recognizable objects, allowing them to blend in with their background. As firearms are some of the most

Jason's back with Part 3 of his DIY Pole Barn build and he's inching closer to completion, bracing his construction for safety and putting

A sharp knife is a safe knife, and sometimes you just need to give the blade a quick touch up to keep that keen

A lot of folks are dreaming of making the switch from a modern lifestyle to off-grid living. In fact, more and more people are

A saw is an indispensable backcountry tool. It allows you to construct structures, process firewood, and even make tools. However, it's not always practical