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Survival Skills

I have the utmost respect for anyone who struggles to survive out there in the “wilderness of the urban jungle” each and every day,

Modern society, our infrastructure and our conveniences make it possible to forget the challenges of survival; but that doesn’t change the reality we live

Some of you probably thought I’d start with equipment, didn’t you? I won’t preach to you about how training trumps gear… because that’s not

While our ancestors did have some machines, although they didn’t have modern electronics, more than anything, they depended on animal power.

Perhaps you made a general resolution to become a better prepper this year, but haven’t come up with any specifics of how you would

Among the many outcomes of disasters, the most significant ones include; people getting killed or injured and others losing their possessions and homes.

Topographical maps are likely to be useful if we find ourselves needing to go off-road in order to avoid the dangers of being around

Heavy snowfall working together with strong winds is a recipe for disaster, especially if you’re unprepared for this kind of meteorological event.

A few of the many lost skills you'll find in The Lost Ways II that you'll be able to use around your house to

Prepping as a way of life can present many challenges and even people that have been living off grid for decades can still make

Learning the phonetic alphabet will keep others from using that information against you, if you just find a way to use it in your

For surviving in the woods you’ve got to do it by your wit and your knowledge, along with whatever you happen to have in

Somehow, these farmers, and others, had to be able to predict the weather, without our modern weather technology. They did this, by watching nature.

Imagine you’re on a camping expedition and you suddenly find yourself lost and stranded without food, shelter or clean water. And you don't know

When a hurricane or other natural blockbuster storm is headed your way, it is only natural to wonder if you are really and truly