Survival Blogroll

BIO PREPPER– Bio Prepper’s commitment to education starts with you!
DOOMSDAY MOOSE – From doomsday prepping to zombies, we have you covered.
FREEDOM PREPPERS – Because you never know when the day before… is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow.
GRAYWOLF SURVIVAL – This site brings you common-sense information on how to prepare yourself and your family to be able to deal with whatever life can throw you.
KNIFEISTA – A website about blades and knives.
MY FAMILY SURVIVAL PLAN – Teaching you the ways to keep your family safe and sound.
MORE THAN SURVIVAL – More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that also covers prepping, going off the grid, survival-related gear, and bugging out.
MODERN SURVIVAL BLOG – Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness, and risk awareness of emergency and disaster or threats thereof.
PATRIOT DIRECT – Dedicated to upgrowing.
PATRIOT NET DAILY – Breaking News And Alerts.
PATRIOT RISING – Freedom – Liberty · Awareness & Preparedness · News & Opinion
PREP BLOG – Prudent Reasonable Emergency Preparedness.
PREPARE FOR SURVIVAL – Food Storage & Preparedness.
PREPARED CHRISTIAN – Being Prudent in Today’s World.
PREP HAPPY – Stop worrying and take action. Prepare your family for any disaster, easily and without fear.
PREPPERS SURVIVE – A Simple “How To” Site for Preppers.
PREPPER WEBSITE  –  Preparedness Survival Alternative News.
PREPPER’S WILL  –  We Have The Will to Outlast Everything.
PREPPED – A private intelligence network on which you and your family would thrive. Seek information so that your peace of mind will be protected. Join self-reliant, liberty-loving individuals.
READY NUTRITION – A documented journey on the preparedness road.
READY4ITALL – Everything you need to become an expert survivalist.
REALITY SURVIVAL – All about prepping, wilderness survival & bushcraft techniques, gun, knife and outdoor gear reviews!
SHTF PLAN – When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.
SHTF Preparedness – The best prepping, survival, homesteading & DIY articles from around the world.
SURVIVAL PULSE  – Emergency Preparedness – Alternative News – Survival!
SURVIVAL SHERPA – Helping each other on the climb to self-reliance and preparedness the Survival Sherpa way…One step at a time.
SURVIVE OUR COLLAPSE – Teaching new and interesting ways to aid in surviving any pitfalls from a post economic fallout.
THE SURVIVALIST BLOG – Dedicated to helping ordinary people-people who live on a budget–prepare for an uncertain future.
WILLOWHAVENOUTDOOR – Topics from primitive skills to urban preparedness.