I'll share what I've learned about feeding my flock. I'll also discuss some ways to maintain chickens in a self-sufficient manner and feed your

Many herbs and plants have powerful medicinal properties and are relatively easy to grow. In a pinch, that can be the difference between life

Maintaining a small garden and chickens is critical. You can stockpile supplies and seeds, so you're ready to scale when catastrophe strikes.

We saw dried vegetable packets and all sorts of “fitness” food like shriveled up banana slices, apple chips, and other dehydrated meals gaining popularity.

Fishing, trapping, and hunting help stretch food reserves and supplement lean harvests. They can also prevent varmints from stealing eggs or killing livestock.

If you’re lost and hungry in the wilderness, your judgment may be really weakened, and you may end up a bit ecstatic, which can

You wind up with an assortment of cuts, not just the popular ones. And though it often saves money on a pound for pound

Whether you are butchering a wild or domestic animal, it is important to know how to establish if the meat is edible or not.

Most people see it as an aggressive weed. Livestock owners hate it and see it only as an invasive plant, especially since few domestic

A metal cable can prove ideal in a survival situation because not only will it help you hold heavy stuff in place, but it

It’s useful to figure out everything you can about what can be considered harmful, as well as what is good when you are responsible

If you’re on the move because you were forced to evacuate, the food you’re usually packing during your camping trips will not keep your

Before the existence of our modern infrastructure, life was all about survival. Survive a drought, survive a storm, survive an Indian attack, or survive

No one wants to leave their home from a disaster unprepared. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare our bag out bag ahead and pack

While choosing the right place to take your family on hunting trips is important, you cannot miss out on the basic safety and survival