Many people today yearn to leave the hustle and bustle of the corporate world and embrace a simpler lifestyle that is closer to nature.

Some of the most dangerous pests you'll run into are also some of the most common. Unfortunately, while there may not be a surefire

In 2016, I was introduced to the concept of occultation, also known as tarping, during a visit to a friend's farm in Oregon. My

The political left has been pushing the idea of global warming for decades now. They call it “climate change” now, because the data isn’t

It seems that the food shortages, the soaring gas prices, and the lack of trust in the supply chain have made folks reconsider their

A fire at an egg farm in January, killed 100,000 chickens, in the midst of already high egg prices. This raised concerns that prices

SHTF scenarios are hard to prepare for, but training beforehand is essential for protecting yourself and your family. Add animals to the mix and

Let’s face facts, survival food is expensive, and regardless of the name brands you want to purchase, survival food still remains a pricey option.

As the years go by, we hear more about the dangers of eating the food sold at the store. Many products are pushed close

My wife is one of those people obsessed with cleanness, and she wants everything inside our home to be clean and spotless. After a

Cooking is one of the activities I enjoy doing, regardless if I'm at home or camping in the wilderness. After years of experimenting with

Seed saving is a valuable skill for preppers and gardeners, and it helps us keep our gardens thriving no matter what the future may

Worms are the unknown heroes of traditional agriculture, and they have made the soil of many gardens fertile with their hard work. These small

No matter what other people will tell you, food can be both a blessing and a curse in the aftermath of a disaster. Let's

In this video, Jason's out and about and talks a bit about plants that look alike but with wildly different effects on you if