Securing your food supply should be among your top priorities as a survivalist. National emergencies like the pandemic, or natural ones such as wildfires

Since a young age, I’ve learned that growing my own vegetables is an incredibly satisfying pursuit enjoyed by many.

Food fermentation is a way to keep bacteria, fungi (like yeasts), and other tiny organisms from ruining our food. Enzymes, the main culprits behind

Those looking to become self-sufficient by raising livestock are surprised to find out that the global frontrunner in the realm of protein sources is

Plants are awesome because they give us food, shelter, clothes, and medicine. They can even boost our mood and make us grin.

Food storage, although a smart and cost-effective solution at times, can also bring along with it health hazards.

In the quest for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, the spotlight has fallen upon a seemingly unassuming plant: Aloe vera.

In today’s article, you will discover the hidden uses of diatomaceous earth, a remarkable and versatile product that will transform your homestead, small farm,

Finding food in the wild is one of the great survival challenges. Most of us are not all that good at setting snares and

One of the most important parts of survival is finding sustenance. Without food your body and your organs slowly shut down, your mind becomes

In an unpredictable world, there’s a quiet strategy that countless households employ, offering them a semblance of security and readiness: stockpiling. From severe weather

When venturing into the wild, regardless of the reasons behind your journey, the need to cook becomes essential. Cooking in the wilderness presents its

In the face of an unpredictable and rapidly changing world, a growing community of individuals known as preppers and survivalists have emerged, determined to

Exploring the vast landscapes of North America unveils a bountiful array of wild fruits waiting to be discovered, regardless of your whereabouts. Nature's hidden

Being frugal is about making the most of available resources and minimizing wastefulness, allowing us to optimize our preparedness efforts while being mindful of