As we all know, water is one of our top survival priorities, having earned that prominent place by how quickly we can die without

One of the biggest incongruencies I’ve seen about prepping, is the problem with watering a garden. That may not seem like much of a

There isn't a worse feeling than having to decide if it's worth it to drink untreated water and possibly get sick or if you

Rainwater harvesting is a common means of harvesting water from nature, popular in the prepping community. It is simple enough that any do-it-yourselfer or

The political left has been pushing the idea of global warming for decades now. They call it “climate change” now, because the data isn’t

The recent train derailment in Ohio has created an interesting situation for the people living there, especially those living in East Palestine. At first,

There is a lot of survival training and information that has become a doctrine, and this knowledge is repeated over and over again. In

Water is undoubtedly the most pressing necessity in any survival situation. Lack of it will kill you faster than anything, and even if you

Drought has become a major concern in the past year, with the nation’s largest reservoirs at historically low levels. Both Lake Mead and Lake

It’s common knowledge that you can’t drink saltwater to survive. The concentration of salt in seawater is higher than in our bodies, meaning that

Get yourself a canteen, eat snow, unless you're too cold. Drink all the water you can sustain.

Provided that the only reason your water is dangerous to drink is that it contains pathogens, any of the above methods should help.

Regardless if it's a natural or artificial disaster, you must do everything possible to procure, treat and use water as efficiently as possible

People have survived for centuries in this environment. If they can, we can too. All we need is the proper knowledge and strategy. Let's

It is critical to have a regular water intake during a heatwave, and you must figure out ways to preserve your body's water.