The Real Reason Why Obama’s Fostering Immigrants

Survivopedia Illegal ImmigrantsWhen Obama was first running for office as President, he promised a “fundamental change for America.” That was enough to convince enough of our low information voters that they should give him a chance. They were tired and dissatisfied with the way things were, having been carefully spoon fed by liberal politicians and pundits how “unfair” America was to them.

Of course, Obama never really defined what he meant by a “fundamental change.” While some seem to think that was a mere oversight, I tend to think it was part of Obama’s master plan. He knew that Americans wouldn’t readily accept the changes he was planning on making, so he kept them secret.

Nevertheless, time has shown us what kind of change that Obama wants to make; ever since he entered office, he’s been working tirelessly to increase government’s size and control, while taking more and more of our freedom away from us. In essence, he’s turning the nation socialist, as a waypoint on the road to communism or outright tyranny.

It’s clear that someone is masterminding Obama’s plan and has been working on it for years. Many of his actions go all the way back to his pot-smoking years at Harvard, where he and his Marxist buddies sat around developed plans for destroying America, encouraged by their Marxist loving professors.

Clearly, everything that Obama does is with the intent of destroying the America we all know and love and remaking it into something that he can love.

His ego won’t allow him to accept the idea that others aren’t in agreement with him; as far as he is concerned, those who aren’t in agreement are all racists and terrorists. As he has clearly stated, he has a pen and a phone and he will go through with his agenda, whether anyone else likes it or not.

The Math Beyond the Children

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that the current influx of children who are crossing our southern borders must be part of Obama’s plans. As the situation unfolds, that’s looking more and more like the case. Obama has been pushing for a general amnesty for illegal aliens for some time and he’s now using the plight of these children as a lever to force Republican lawmakers to go along with his plan.

Anyone who follows politics at all knows that the Democrat party has been pushing amnesty for a number of years. This is nothing new; nor is it something invented by Obama. However, Obama may just have found the lever he needs to pull it off.

Why are Democrats so interested in giving these illegal aliens the right to become U.S. citizens? Because they can count give them handouts from Washington, buying their loyalty and their votes.

Sixty-two percent of legal Latinos (those that can legally vote) identify themselves as being Democrats, while only 25 percent identify themselves as being Republicans. So, giving citizenship to illegal aliens makes good business sense for the Democrats. With those kinds of odds, they are guaranteed to win every election.

{adinserter usdeception}Using children to bring about “immigration reform” (read “amnesty”) is especially cruel. So far, over 50,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed our southern border this year. Why have they done so? Because they’ve been promised that they will receive all kinds of benefits for doing so.

Liberal pundits are calling this a “humanitarian crisis,” setting the stage for vilifying any Republicans who stand against giving these children and their families citizenship. They are clearly preparing to attack conservative lawmakers who want to secure our borders, making them out to be cruel, unfeeling ogres, who don’t care about the “plight” of these children.

I hope you realize that I’m not making that up. We’ve seen time and time again, how the left resorts to name calling in order to get their way. But this case goes much farther than name calling. Information has been surfacing to show that this current invasion is an intentional effort.

The first piece of evidence is the children themselves. The vast majority of these aren’t Mexicans, but from the countries of Central America. Typically, the largest percentage of illegal border crossers are Mexicans.

It is also rather rare to see unaccompanied minors cross the border by themselves; yet, the current crisis is mostly children. What is currently happening couldn’t be happening, without it being planned and coordinated.

The children themselves are taught what to say, in order to be allowed into the country. Our laws allow the immigration department to freely allow refugees to enter our country.

Without exception, these children are presenting themselves as refugees; talking about the dangerous situations in their own countries and how they are trying to escape. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard a word about those “dangerous situations.”

Information is coming forth stating that the U.S. government told the news media in these Central American countries that unaccompanied children would not be turned away at the border.

If that is true, than it is clear that the government is working against us, trying to overflow our country with illegal immigrant children. The administration’s response to this is to say that “we need these immigrants to boost our economy.”

Payments, Payments, Payments

How is putting thousands more people on public assistance going to boost the economy? California alone is paying 25.3 billion dollars per year in costs to take care of these illegal aliens. That works out to $2,370 per taxpaying household headed by a U.S. citizen.

To offset that, the illegal aliens only pay an estimated 3.5 billion dollars in taxes. Even without all of the other liberal wastes of taxpayer money in California, dealing with the burden of supporting the 4.1 million illegal aliens in California could bankrupt the state.

One other glaring piece of data shows that this is part of Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America. In January of this year, the Department of Homeland Security put out a request for bid, for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children.”

The request for bid stated that there would be as many as 65,000 of these children needing escorts and that the contract was intended to last five years. That looks like a smoking gun to me and to a lot of other people too.

So, what’s the point of all this? Typically I’d say that it’s about getting more Democrat voters. That’s been how liberal politicians have used illegal immigrants in the past. However, these are children; and while some of them will be of voting age in a few years, most won’t. That means that there has to be another reason for this action.

To find that reason, we have to go back to Obama’s years as a pot-smoking student at Harvard. Two of his professors developed a theoretic means of creating a nationwide crisis which would give legitimacy to the president effectively declaring martial law.

About the only real difference we see between what is going on today and what those professors theorized in their plan, is that children are being used in the current version of the plan. Obama is putting thousands of children’s lives at risk, so that he can have an excuse to do what he wants. I’d have to say, that’s cynical politics at its worst.

Where is this going to go? Who knows? All I can say for sure is that like most of Obama’s other actions, it’s clearly going to hurt our country.

At the best, we can expect to see the government spend billions of dollars taking care of these children. But at the worst, we might just see the overthrow of life as we know it.

emp7new_blackThis article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Despicable! Obozo using these children to further his treasonous agenda. Then buying their votes with our tax monies. Murdering unborn babies, promoting homosexual perversions, weakening our defenses, arming our enemies, attacking christianity and supporting islamic jihadism, bankrupting our economy, controlling everything we do, say or think- how long will we bear these tyrannical escapades?
    Who in power will arrest, prosecute, convict, imprison and execute this usurper, traitor, amoral monster?

  • They’re not only not being turned away at the border, they’re somehow making their way to New York. Apparently, the feds thought this hotel was vacant.

  • I too am alarmed at this, but not surprised.
    When the Berlin Wall came down and WEST Germany repatriated the people of East Germany, it was a great strain on their coffers. It almost bankrupted Germany. But they paid a heavy price to be re-unified. After unification the European Union was organized. The EU was created to become a ‘financial union (or beast as I call it) and countries became member states so that Europe as a whole could compete internationally as a financial powerhouse.
    Shortly after that NAFTA was created over here as America recognizing that for it to be a continuing financially competing beast; it too must include others in it’s ‘financial union’. I remember seeing all Presidents from Carter to Bush at the NAFTA agreement signing. This agreement was bi-partisan, and thats when I realized then there was no difference between the two party system.
    I remember thinking… We’ve just included Mexico and Canada into our ‘financial union’. I fully expected a new currency and there was much discussion about an Amero that would possibly be linked (at first) to the price of gold.
    I always wondered how (like Germany) will we be able to patriate these Mexicans (and Canadians) ‘financially’ into our economy.
    Now you are seeing how that is happening and like West Germany will put a great strain on our public coffers.
    If the financial strain is bad enough… it may indeed bankrupt the dollar and we will have a new currency much like the euro; good throughout our ‘North American Union’
    This MUST be done to compete against other emerging ‘financial unions’ (Pacific Union/China, Russian Union, India Union, Middle East Union, African Union etc)
    Each financial union will then compete against each other with the weaker ones being devoured by the others (hence beast; also a beast has no conscience)
    The emerging beasts dont scare me. What scares me is if we abandon the dollar;
    not in favor of a gold backed Amero (I have gold) but instead go straight to a cashless society where all trade can be monitored. Should that happen… Then there very well may be no where to run to.
    NOTE: I am not a financial guru; just an average joe watching things transpire and the above is just my personal observations and (right or wrong) deductions.

    • Comparing Germany to America in this talk is insane. We have no need to pay a heavy price to be re-unified with South America or Mexico. We may have taken land from Mexico that you feel we should pay to give back or re-unify but we never took anything from South America so why should we pay a heavy price to be re-unified with 50,000 children from there who will soon be joined with their parents and you can do the math on that number. You say; I always wondered how (like Germany) will we be able to patriate these Mexicans (and Canadians) ‘financially’ into our economy. You don’t re-repatriate people back into your country when they weren’t from your country to begin with. And you can’t put them financially into our economy when it is failing to begin with. If you are scared of losing our dollar than you sure should be scared of all those immigrants illegally coming into the country with our few remaining dollars being spent to bring the across the border and then lodge them in fine hotels and feed, medicate and house them and then along come their parents and they get added to the list of expenses for a country that can’t feed it’s real citizens, old people or pay for medical treatment. NAFTA was to enable free trade between the countries not to make them all into one nation paid for by the USA.

      • Excellent comment!

    • The difference is that Germany still has some intelligent people hidden away in it’s government, despite the treaties that ended WW2. Unlike Germany, the USA isn’t being forced by treaties to take in just whatever comes along wanting a handout. So THAT’S why I can’t understand why this lunacy is being allowed to continue here. This is a far greater threat to America than the old Soviet “Bugaboo” ever could have hoped to be. This is nothing more than a gang of subversives pushing the agenda of their International Zionist Banker MASTERS to destroy America, so they will have a much easier time setting up their global dictatorship. With America destroyed, and Germany effectively neutered, who else could stop them?

  • Here’s how I see it….What do you do when you want a military that will fire on the citizens of their own country? Especially after you’ve made it clear that you despise their very existence and have been working to downsize it to the point of ineffectiveness. Well, you just import a young pool of foreigners who have no loyalties or ties to the aforementioned citizens, offer them more “benefits” than they’ve ever known, and then brainwash and indoctrinate them to believe in your way of thinking and VOILA….there’s Obama’s own tailor-made Army, ready and willing to do anything he tells them to do. Obama is NOT looking for votes, because he has no intention of listening to the will of “the People”…at least not the AMERICAN people!

  • Obama was and is a trojan horse. Any white that voted for him is a traitor to his race.

  • Thanks for telling it like it REALLY is. Obama is one key player in tearing down the America we know. He is but 1 player in this game. These players need to be exposed and taken down. The Left needs to quit believing in their pipe dream. They need to come back to real world reality. America is falling. A Rebellion IS brewing. Washington politicians seems to think that they’re untouchable. They are not. Votes and keeping the pressure on using media such as this along with other types of media. It does go up the pipe line. Americans get mad and we are eventually heard. It takes time but, we need to be patient and keep the pressure on. In this case…….we are NOT their care takers and they need to be returned and pressure REALLY put on their home country government. Threatened if need be. Take your people and fix your own problems.

  • I grew up in New Jersey between 1945 and 1963. We lived in a town that gave us a pretty good view of Teterboro Airport. It was a big enough facility to accommodate prop driven cargo aircraft like the old DC 3’s and DC 6’s which were widely used up through the 1960’s for passenger travel. Now to my point. My parents were amazed by a sudden increase in night air traffic landing at the airport. My Dad said somethings going on. Look at all the buses. These people are all landing getting on the bus and they head right out onto route 46 toward the bridge. For those not from this area route 46 was the state highway that went to the George Washington Bridge, that went right into New York.
    The mayoral candidate John Lindsey was flying people in from Puerto Rico. They were taken to the housing authority given addresses and right back to the voting poles to pull the lever and then on to the wellfare department.
    What our mighty leader is pulling is nothing new. They’re just seeding the well with future voters. By the way Lindsey became the mayor of New York for many years.

  • why are these children and there parents being put up in hotels? Where are the interment camps that the HomeLand Security(there is a Nazi-ism for you) is supposed to have ready to accept those of us who are deemed not socially acceptable to live amongst the rest of humanity that has been beaten down by this administration. Not saying, just saying.

  • I am just curious to know if all these immigrant-loving folks will have any of them in their own neighborhoods, or do they want to send them to everyone else’s neighborhood, while they still live in all-white or all-jew communities. Hmmm…

  • Please read UN Agenda 21 available in its entirety on the UN website. Events have been proceeding just as they hoped for and predicted. These are very scarey people and make the Communist Manifesto look like a cakewalk.