In the first part of this article, we listed some common plants that can be turned into flour, accessible to virtually everyone.

Flour, rice, and beans are among the staples that most preppers consider when discussing long-term food storage.

In a survival situation, ensuring you get enough protein will make a big difference. But you can’t always depend on electricity to be there.

Securing your food supply should be among your top priorities as a survivalist. National emergencies like the pandemic, or natural ones such as wildfires

Food fermentation is a way to keep bacteria, fungi (like yeasts), and other tiny organisms from ruining our food. Enzymes, the main culprits behind

When venturing into the wild, regardless of the reasons behind your journey, the need to cook becomes essential. Cooking in the wilderness presents its

Yogurt, a simple food with ancient origins, has undergone countless transformations throughout history. It is a staple in the Middle East and Asia and

Cooking is one of the activities I enjoy doing, regardless if I'm at home or camping in the wilderness. After years of experimenting with

Becoming and being frugal is the right way of living for many preppers, and learning how to recycle and reuse stuff is the way

To make your kitchen life more accessible and organized, you need to buy and arrange every important kitchen item in your cupboard. Kitchen items

In today’s survival movies and TV shows, you often see how the protagonist is foraging wild edibles in the wilderness just so he or

Mead is a hearty addition to any home brewing arsenal, and I recommend you give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

With the apparition of modern appliances, the process of making jerky has been made "safer," and the proper handling of meat and other food

Tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, and pineapple plants are just some of the healthy foods that you can rise in your own home.

We saw dried vegetable packets and all sorts of “fitness” food like shriveled up banana slices, apple chips, and other dehydrated meals gaining popularity.