In the self-defense world, your goal is to not only put rounds accurately on the target but do so while preventing getting shot

Buying a handgun can become a challenge, and your reasoning for picking one should be governed by the "why?" question. Why do you need

Handling multiple assailants at once during a gunfight is a sensitive topic among gun owners, and most of them decide to blindly follow the

Each firearm has advantages and disadvantages in your home environment, and we should look into this before you decide what gun you'll get.

Make sure you're working in a spacious area to fit your rifle cleaning kit and have room to run the cleaning rod along the

Also, keep in mind that if you convert a rifle or shotgun to an SBR or an SBS, you still have to go through

The Winchester .243 is perfect for animals like deer. It is on the smaller end of calibers used to hunt deer, so it will

The cleanup job for your gun is very easy; you just have to make sure you do so every few months. I hope now

A good takedown rifle provides personal defense, the ability to hunt and take meat, it’s compact and typically lightweight, and it conceals when not

If you want to test gun control, just put a sign in front of your house that reads Gun Free Zone, and see if

Heavy barreled rifles provide more stability and accuracy. You can outfit them with range finders which will calculate the range you’re aiming at in

The AR-10s are the beasts that can fire a thousand rounds of ammunition per minute and are able to tear apart a human being

If you are a shooter, then you know the importance of being able to reload your weapon properly, and it’s no different when it

From all sorts of the gun to lasers that could take a whole city out, cinema is all about watching a good old movie

Guns are a huge investment both financially and physically. Today I’m going to cover everything you need to know about firearm storage. Let’s dive