Exploring the realm of handguns is often driven by diverse motivations such as self-defense, security, or even the sheer enjoyment of the experience.

In this era of rapidly growing interest in concealed carry, a multitude of individuals find themselves intrigued by the concept but are unsure of

Firearms are fun and handy tools until something goes wrong. Maybe your magazine has malfunctioned or there’s something wrong with your firing pin. One

Looking back over the things I’ve written in the last several years, I’m surprised that I haven’t written more about self-defense and shooting in

Perhaps the worst possible self-defense situation any of us could encounter is to wake up in the middle of the night, hearing an invader

Women could be at home, work or practically anywhere in public and quickly need a way to defend themselves. With so many firearms on

You won’t be able to get any better with your gun if you don’t practice at the range. You won’t know if the ammo

Back a couple of presidents ago, there was a lot of concern amongst preppers and others, driven by that president’s rhetoric against the Second

Being armed and able is a challenge for those with physical limitations, but that doesn’t mean their limitation can stop them from learning proper

Camouflage works by breaking the outlines of recognizable objects, allowing them to blend in with their background. As firearms are some of the most

One of the biggest hurtles that I believe America faces today is the fact that, we as a collective believe that we are impervious

Jason Salyer discusses how the versatile shotgun can be used in a number of roles and why that makes it a great option

In the self-defense world, your goal is to not only put rounds accurately on the target but do so while preventing getting shot

Buying a handgun can become a challenge, and your reasoning for picking one should be governed by the "why?" question. Why do you need

Handling multiple assailants at once during a gunfight is a sensitive topic among gun owners, and most of them decide to blindly follow the