Power outages are a frequent occurrence in our country, and it’s no wonder, given that the power grid is outdated and poorly maintained.

There’s a bit of a tendency in the prepping and survival community to think big, when we think of survival. We’d much rather talk

For a generation and a half, young people have lived their lives free from the specter of nuclear attack. People were not compelled to

In this article, we will discuss how one can prepare now to make sure they can handle any real-life situation that leads to an

When planning for power outages, we need to plan for every possible scenario. As the head of your household, being prepared is your number

Here’s what you need to know about EMPs and how to protect your digital assets from being completely erased in the event of an

If there was one event in the course of our relations with China that made us all vulnerable to an EMP attack, it was

Our embrace and adoption of technology has helped us maintain our lead as the richest nation on the planet, but it has also given

The ugly specter of an EMP attack has raised its head again, with the release of a new report by the Air Force’s Electromagnetic

An EMP taking out our electrical grid would turn the clock back 150 years or so. Starting one of these off-grid businesses would help

The North Korean dictator clearly declared war on the United States. We could very well find ourselves living in the aftermath of an EMP,

The sun causes us lots of problems too, between the ultraviolet light it emits and the frequent solar storms. The latest warnings confirm it.

The success of the missile test made on our Independence Day has suddenly made the threat from North Korea much more real. What's next?

In a crisis situation, you’ll have to know how to use natural resources to produce your own electricity. Here is how to use mud!

Humankind is working hard to make an EMP possible, just take a look at North Korea. Yes, a North Korean EMP IS possible, and