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Disaster Scenarios

We pride ourselves on being ready for anything. We stockpile food and other critical supplies; learn first-aid, fire starting and have a plan for

While the devastation of a city is bad, the larger asteroids (over 2 km in diameter) would have a worldwide impact. But what sort

Climate Change is the concern that too much of an increase in the world’s overall temperature will have drastic effects on the climate, serious

Projects constructed with sandbags are for short term use because modern sandbags are made of polypropylene and sunlight causes them to start falling apart.

When SHTF, such as getting stuck in a cave, in an unfamiliar and not very friendly environment, the number 1 thing to worry about

See, there aren’t many situations in “the current year”, at least in the “first world”, where you can contemplate the possibility of mass casualties.

The post SHTF effects can last from 72 hours to a few months. It is impossible to establish how much a crisis can last

If we have learned first-aid anyway, doesn’t it make sense to use those skills to take care of the injured, while waiting for the

Our environment continues to change, so you can expect more massive fires in areas where they may not have happened before. That’s why you need

If there is a fire, flood, or the building is struck by a bomb, then you have to get out before the building collapses.

Whether an enemy succeeds in setting fire to structures or it is set alight by accident, fuel stored above ground guarantees you will be

Stay away from big cities, roads, military bases, FEMA camps, hospitals, or choke-points. The biggest threat when SHTF is other people.

As we enter into the new year, it’s time to look back at where we’ve come from and look ahead to where we are

One of the main focus points in the prepping community has been the risk of an EMP, specifically from North Korea. While we have

Our lives are a multifaceted compendium of exponentially evolving technology, social media, and food ingredients. These daily parts of our lives are changing every