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Disaster Scenarios

Whether you stay in your home or you leave when SHTF, the decision you make at this point is based upon two things: the

Most readers will find this article entertaining since a volcano is not a concern for them, and they are unaware of the aftermath a

Bugging out is the ultimate survival strategy, reserved for those times when your home becomes untenable and you are forced to leave for your

Global warming or climate change is an old enemy we keep fighting without entirely aware of its whole existence.

If you live in an environment/region that is prone to wildfires, you should plan to protect your home from fires as best as you

Whether you boat for work, transportation, or play, boating is an inherently dangerous environment, so I hope you find a pointer or two here

The arctic blast that blanketed the United States has hit Texas particularly hard. Being a warm state, Texas doesn't see much cold weather.

Our understanding of disasters and the risks we face have expanded. We now have a whole plethora of disaster scenarios we study, seeking out

There are a many disasters that can cause terrible damage and break down the distribution of community resources, wreak havoc on commerce, and crush

During disasters we learned what survivalists had predicted for decades: emergency responders will respond after they and their household are squared away.

One of the biggest problems that can possibly face us in a TEOTWAWKI world, especially one in which the grid has gone down is

There are more than 6 million car accidents in the United States every year, resulting in 3 million injuries annually and more than 90

If you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, you probably don’t want your cache on the other side of a river, with

When a natural disaster occurs, bugging out may be the only logical and proper decision you can make since it is the only thing

2020 has taught us that disasters don’t come in neat little packages, totally isolated and presented to us one at a time so that