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Disaster Scenarios

The plane chartered by the Old Christians rugby club to fly from Montevideo Uruguay to Santiago, Chile after a stopover in Mendoza, Argentina.

In 1981, Steven Callahan was a boat builder attempting to cross back across the Atlantic by himself in Napoleon Solo, a 21’ wooden sailboat.

For most of us, our homes are a key part of our survival strategy. Our “Plan A” is to bug in, staying home through

What’s the difference between foraging, scavenging, and looting and why does it matter? When might someone need to scavenge?

In the event of a significant and prolonged grid-down scenario, the need to adopt extraordinary measures to ensure personal safety becomes paramount.

We preppers are good at thinking of and thinking about TEOTWAWKI scenarios where there’s a breakdown in society.

In an era marked by an increasing fascination with doomsday scenarios and the allure of self-sufficiency, survivalism has found a place in the public

The majority of us preppers tend to be rather self-reliant individuals equipped with various skills and training to navigate the wilderness with confidence.

There’s a bit of a tendency in the prepping and survival community to think big, when we think of survival. We’d much rather talk

This article of part 2 of a 2-part series based on the book: The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch by Lewis

This subject has been pondered by many thinkers, survivalists, and writers of post-apocalyptic fiction and the subject of the book The Knowledge: How to

Imagine this: You’re cozily nestled at home, wrapped up in blankets, and enjoying a TV show while a blizzard rages outside. Then, out of

In our modern world, we’ve become increasingly reliant on the conveniences provided by the grid – the intricate network of electricity, water, and communication

In today’s dynamic world, unexpected situations can arise, challenging us to think on our feet and respond appropriately.

If there’s anything that certain, it’s that nothing is permanent. When we look back through history, we find that many great societies succumbed to