Do you have a plan to communicate securely over insecure methods? Low-tech methods can be used to relay and receive messages without them being

On a moonless night, the human eye can barely distinguish shapes and everything is mostly a different shade of black, but they can also

I have used prepaid cellphones exclusively for about 6-7 years now. There are many reasons why I switched but, for me, it started with

It’s natural for many preppers to be more isolated and independent, but you may still want to get on social media. You should at

Life would be a lot easier if emergencies appeared with more attention. There would be no need to plan in advance for them. Unfortunately,

The world of communication and information sharing has seen significant advancement, thanks to technology. This improvement has led to easy access and dissemination of

Before cell phones and internet people were able to communicate with varying levels of speed and efficiency. In times of need, we can use

People think of ham radio as just a way to talk to people in far-away lands, but it provides a means for preppers to

Using a kite for signalling might sound strange but don’t give up on this.  There are environments where traditional ‘last mile’ signal devices are

The whole propaganda campaign associated with Net Neutrality was to protect the little guys on the internet from the big guys. But is this

How many time have you ever wondered what you need to communicate in a disaster situation or what skill you need to have?

Do you know what is the first think to do if you get lost in the wilderness? Stop, observe, and get into action. Here

Don’t want FEMA to kick your door in in the aftermath of a major disaster? Here is how to correctly flag and tag your

Trump’s first days in the office mark the beginning of a new era in our history. Four executive orders have already been signed. What’s

Are there universal words or gestures that transcend language barriers so that you can survive no matter where you are? Sort of. Let's see