Iran’s Nuclear March Approaching Success

I remember back in the 70s, when Iran first officially declared war on the United States. It was a bit of a joke back then, considering that there really wasn’t much they could do to us. They didn’t have the naval might to attack us, didn’t have missiles that could reach us and didn’t have any nuclear capacity to threaten us with.

All that may be changing. Iran has been the biggest threat in the Middle East for quite some time now. Seeing themselves as the guardians of “true” Islam, they have been a danger to their neighboring Islamic countries as well, not just to those of us in the “infidel west.”

In the first Middle East war, Saudi Arabia insisted that we stop at the Iraq border and not depose Saddam Husain. That wasn’t any act of benevolence towards Iraq on their parts, but rather enlightened self-interest. They wanted Iraq intact, to act as a buffer between them and Iran.

Yet Iran continues to move. They ignore any pressure that is placed on them by other countries and do what they want. This includes putting pressure on other Islamic countries, developing their military and even developing a nuclear program.

One of the actually useful things that the United Nations is trying to do is to prevent the proliferation of nuclear arms. They have put pressure on countries like North Korea, Iraq and Iran, all of whom have been trying to develop their own nuclear programs.

Mostly, that pressure means trade embargos, but for countries that can’t grow enough food to feed themselves, that can be pretty effective pressure.

At least, it can be pretty effective pressure until our pro-Muslim president gets into the picture. Everyone knows how he caved to the Iranians, lifting restrictions and allowing them to continue with their nuclear program, accepting their word that it would not be used for military purposes.

This has shown how inept Obama is at the foreign relations part of his job. Trusting any country, let alone a rogue country like Iran, to withhold from developing nuclear weapons, just because they say they will, is naive at best and outright suicidal at worst. Nobody seems to believe that Iran won’t develop a nuclear bomb, except the current occupant of the Oval Office.

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There’s also the possibility that Obama realizes that Iran is going to go ahead with developing nuclear bombs and is might try to help them out. We’ve all seen how he has pampered radical Islamic terrorist organizations.

We’ve also seen how he has given billions of dollars of financial aid to countries and organizations that funnel that money to terrorists. At the same time, he has been putting Muslims with ties to terrorist organizations into sensitive positions in our government and trying to get those terrorist organizations taken off the list of recognized terrorist organizations.

But Iran’s nuclear program isn’t the whole picture. Last year, Iran sent warships into the Atlantic Ocean, trailing down the Eastern Seaboard. While they stayed in international waters, there’s no question that they did this to thumb their nose at the United States. Perhaps that was nothing more than kicking the tiger in the tail, but it could have been a practice run for something much more sinister.

If Iran continues sending their ships off of the Eastern shores, it will eventually become something we’re accustomed to. Even worse, it will become something our military is accustomed to. The “normality” of the event could lead to relaxed diligence when Iranian ships are off our shores, opening the door for those ships to take more direct action, catching our military by surprise.

Now, Iran has added something new to the mix. Israel’s news media has just released footage taken from satellites, which proves that Iran has developed and deployed Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles. The footage shows missile silos outside the Iranian capital of Tehran, which contain ICBMs that can reach Israel, Europe and maybe even the United States.

Compared to developing a nuclear bomb, developing a working ICBM is child’s play. The technology has existed for decades and it hasn’t been kept anywhere near as much of a secret as that for building nuclear bombs. Of course, you can find that information on the Internet, so we’re dealing with areas here which really aren’t military secrets anymore.

When Iran finishes developing their first nuclear bombs, which could happen in the next couple of years, all they have to do is couple them with their ICBMs and they can hold the world hostage. Considering they are the most militant Islamic nation, that’s not a very good combination. The question then becomes not if Iran will use their nuclear tipped ICBMs, but when.

Even if those ICBMs can’t reach the United States, all Iran has to do is build a warship that is capable of launching them. Considering that they are building a 3/4 scale copy of one of our aircraft carriers, I doubt that building an ICBM capable warship will be a challenge to them. That would make them the biggest threat to the United States.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the single dangers to the United States aren’t Russia or even China. They are Iran, North Korea and the radical Islamic terrorists. They may even have to compete with each other, in order to be the one who gets to deliver the first blow.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • The most accurate depiction of the “last days” as represented through scripture will last 42 months, 1,280 days, or 3.5 years (Dan. 12, and Rev. 12) would result from an HEMP or a Geo. EMP. The start would of course be the EMP of any source, but the effect on the public would be most catastrophic. Along with that is what the above movies are about, that is the changes that are wrecking havoc all over the world. Why? because the God of this world is not pleased with our lack of obedience to His Commandments (all as foretold).
    Now which inturpritation of the Gospel is “true”. Or Which Church is true (if any of the 35,000+ Christian Churches are true) Or are they all false together?
    Well I think it is obvious the ‘True Church of Jesus Christ’ is hidden right under our noses in plain sight. If you are looking for the true church of Jesus Christ in our time the “Last days”, look for it by its name first. It would be called the Church of Jesus Christ in the last days, and the closest I can find is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and then see if it doesn’t fit all other criteria. It has to have a prophet, it has to have modern revelation they do, or it couldn’t have authority to even baptize or know the interpretations of scriptures. Take an honest look, and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Steve, thank you for you insightful commentary. You approach a difficult subject with tact and dignity.

      Frankly, I think you are onto something.

      So does Billy Graham, the famous Evangelist.

      In the last election, Rev Graham gave a personal endorsement to an LDS candidate, Mitt Romney.

      Mr. Graham urged Christians to determine their choice by religious means. He removed derogatory and mean-spirited comments directed at the LDS church, including allegations LDS was a cult!

      Although I feel using religion to decipher candidates is the same as reading tea leaves, the vast majority of Americans and Religious people have a new regard to LDS via a champion, Rev. Graham.

  • The problem of nukes is that the country that launches one will get hammered, so the attacker will have to make it hard to determine whence the damage came. It will most certainly come from a ship offshore with undetermined origin. I expect that our satellite surveillance will be able to protect from this somewhat but if that ship was on a long complicated trip it would obfuscate enough.
    The solution is to move to a secluded place in northeast Florida where I also live, not downwind from anything really important. Ask me.

  • Since there are already some dozen or so “nuclear” armed powers, what difference does one more make?. It’s not as though anyone plans to use them . (Possibly excepting N. K.)
    While on this subject, for all those who think that it is just dreadful that Iran should have nukes, we all passed up an excellent chance of “Calling their Bluff”, when we utterly failed to suggest to them that if they concentrated their efforts on re-starting the Cold War Thorium nuclear fission project, which can deliver nuclear power without Uranium (Thus power, but no bombs), we could have resolved this “Threat” with a win-win situation, since Thorium Liquid Fueled Reactors (LFTR) gives the whole world a chance for cheap , safe nuclear power without all the downsides of the Uranium route.

    • Building Thorium Liquid Fueled Reactors (LFTR) should be widely published as an alternative to the current uranium nuclear reactors for generating electrical power. LFTR is a proven technology that was up and running in the USA in 1960s. It was discontinued because it did not generate fissionable materials needed to build nuclear weapons. For a quick read, see I do not know if this link works but it gave a quick history, pros and cons.

  • the only threat in the middle east is Israel , the word states that ” when Israel makes its ways please JEHOVAH GOD , that GOD will make all Israel enemies live in peace with Israel.” AND the reason that Iran made threats against America is because America involved itself in a religious war with Iraq by giving Iraq weapons to use against Iran. that is why Komaene called “the great satan” you should check out Ron Paul and find out the truth.

  • The Iranian nuclear bomb in the present situation is the best guarantee against the Khazarian predators* WWIII.

  • Who cares Iran is just as much allowed nuclear weapons as Israel or any other country for that fact,who are we to say what they can and cant do.the U.S.A. and Israel are the most corrupt country’s on earth and are more of a threat than anyone else. You reap what you sow my friends always remember that!!!

    • If that is truly how you feel, you are just as bad as Iran in your views. If you truly believe what you say, may I suggest you move the since you consider them more riotous than us. Just let me know how you like living under radical Islam and shiria law.
      If your married I’d be interested in knowing how your wife would enjoy living there where she would be just a tad above the importance of a piece of ransit meat!
      Remember that Iran has vowed to kill every Jew on the face of the earth, with the hope of bringing on Armageddon as profiicide in the bible.
      Frankly, people with your viewpoint will result in the death of this country. It clearly is a blatant expression of your historical ignorance. I’m not your teacher, nor is it my responsibility to educate your uninformed mind, but may I suggest you study up on european history during the period from 600 AD – 1200 AD and the impact Muslims and more significantly Islam had on Europe as well as North Africa!
      As you will agree, in that time period AMERICA did not exist evern in the most remote fanticy….. Given that fact anyone who believes that America and the west are remotely responsible for the conditions in the Middle East is grossly ignorant of historical facts, and needs to refraign from posting comments here or elsewhere, as your contributions are mere dung!
      May I also suggest you read the Quran, and if you don’t that word, in Lyman’s terms it’s referred to as the Koran! Once you have done these things, then and only then will you be worthy of contributing to this form….
      Wake the f*** up and educate yourself.

  • The best defense against American/European/Western/Israeli military offense is for one’s nation to have a nuke. If Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria had nukes, the US would never have touched them (although Israel did “pre-emptively” strike Iraq allegedly to prevent it from developing a nuke).

    The West’s leaders tell us they’re just trying to bring “democracy” to the citizens of these beleaguered nations…of course because most people are naive & ignorant, so they will buy this lie. But what about helping the citizens of N. Korea…or China…or Russia by freeing them of their despotic governments/system? Of course we know why…they have nukes and/or they made deals with the West. Nations we haven’t invaded that don’t have nukes have either made secret trade deals with the West or have nothing (yet) to offer in terms of natural resources and/or strategic location. But who will save Americans from their own government…or themselves? What wonderful nation will invade us and help us oust our despotic government…or our delusional pride? haha

  • Bill, I am sure the Bible and Bookstore support your world view Obama is personally able to do the devil’s work.

    Would you mind offering a legal justification for why Iran can be prevented from having Nuclear power?

    I know all the talking heads and TV Bible personalities agree. And Bill I am stupid.

    So stupid that I think you don’t have a legal basis (political, sure. opinionated “bible-based” sure). I am so stupid I will donate $1000 to the charity of your choice if you can present a legal justification for you claims.

    If you can’t, well, I’m going to put your head on my pole, here at my office.

  • Few Americans have any knowledge of nuclear war civil defense. I highly do
    recommend “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson Kearny. Its’ an in-depth manual on improvised shelter, and all other aspects of the subject. With proper
    education millions of lives could be saved in our populated regions and the cost
    minimal. Thank You for your post.

  • We have worthless leadership , why can,t congress do something about 0-obama,s lack of it . Certainly him going around our Constitution is somehow impeachable . Hard to believe the direction USA is being lead .

  • I have two questions (well, really, lots of them ).
    1. Why don’t people realize that what is happening here in the US is with the Muslim communities to assimilate into our culture and demand we change for them and allow the Sharia law rather than our legal system – is colonization – look at the British did in India and other countries – they want to colonize and dominate the US and make us a colony of a giant Muslim Caliphate??
    2. Why is President Obama having semi-secret meetings this coming with “US Muslim leaders (including the Muslim Brotherhood) and all media have been barred from the secret meetings – so we as citizens will have no idea what they are planning for our country??
    I find all of this very frightening for us as Americans and Christians. Thank-you for you courage in espousing freedom!!

  • Get ready for ww3, that’s all I have to say.

  • Write FCNL in Washington, DC & ask for their comments re Iran.

  • If you knew your history, you’d know Iran elected a leader in the 50s that nationalized the oil BP and Britain were getting rich off of while Iranians lived in poverty. The US and Britain got rid of that democratically elected leader and installed the Shah of Iran, a horrible, abusive leader, who later had to come to the US for sanctuary because Iran finally got rid of the a-hoe. The US sheltered their murderous leader, protecting him from prosecution in Iran. Our government messes with other nations all over the world, installing despot leaders to suck resources out of their lands. Those nations that don’t go along with the global takeover of the world by our corporations are painted as “enemies,” while those like Saudi Arabia, every bit as evil as they claim Iran to be, remain our best buds, despite their abysmal human rights abuses. (Four people have already been beheaded since the new king took over.) Look into the relationship with the Islamic Kingdom, where 16 of the 19 alleged hijackers came from. The leaders of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the US are all in cahoots to take over globally. That’s Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, rolled into one big money bag that’s taking over the world. Obama may be a small part of it, but the puppeteers of the global financial world run the show. The lust for money and power are taking over the world, and all three patriarchal religions are at the head of the line together, doing what they do in the name of righteousness, all the while pitting the ordinary people of those religions against each other. “It’s the evil Muslims!” “It’s the evil Jews!” “It’s the evil Christians!” STOP!! You’re ALL RIGHT! It’s the lust for money and total global domination by ALL THE ABOVE patriarchal religions, that’s the REAL scourge of the earth.

  • Are you Serious? your worried about Iran? The biggest threat that we americans are facing is the government and Israel. Isreal has taken over the America, the united states under the authority of the Zionist and there allies have created this beast in the middles east called isis, giving them money,food ammunition where does Isis get there weapons? Santa Clause we created the destabilization in the middle east so don’t start blaming Iran and Muslims do some research, the goal here is to eventually take the Americans way of life in the name of security and to have the arabs fighting each other in the for the protection of Israel, you Zionist Christians are pathetic. we funded the terrorist to start with. the borders are wide open and you guys need to start waking up here, there main enemies are the Abrahamic religions of Christianity,Islam and Judaism and you guys are too brainwashed to look at the truth.