I’ve been rather concerned about the state of the economy for some time now. I just can’t see how we can keep going the

There’s a tendency in the prepping and survival community to focus on the big disasters. You know, the ones that get everyone excited, because

Ever since the 2008/2009 housing crash, I’ve been hearing one financial guru after another talk about how the United States was heading into another

Over the past ten years, I’ve managed to gather a lot of survival gear and various items that I consider useful for my survival

Survivalists consider themselves prepared for anything, but remaining ready takes some skill. Read the fundamental rules of resource management to manage your essential supplies

With the rising cost of living and a looming economic collapse, an emergency fund is a must-have right now. An illness, injury or natural

I’ve always lived above my means, mostly by doing things myself. You can save a lot of money by repairing your own car, making

While inflation isn't as dramatic a survival scenario as many talk about, it seriously impacts our lives.

Each investment property has its own set of risks and rewards, and this is especially true if your property already has rent-paying tenants, allowing

While there may be some promising signs that our nation is becoming more productive, there are also some very troubling signs that simply making

Keeping a positive mind when the budget is tight isn’t a walk in the park especially at these times when everything literally costs money.

For the last several years, the official inflation rate has been hovering around one percent or less. But that's come to an end.

Do you wish you had a little extra money coming in to help fund your prepping? To help you think of possibilities, here are

We’re several days past the elections and no clear winner has legally been declared for the presidential race, although the media has made up

The pandemic has slapped the world with a truth bomb: no matter who you are or where you are from, you cannot escape the