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Efficiency is a key to any good survival strategy. Running an energy-efficient household minimizes the amount of fuel you’ll burn and can maximize your

electricity and heating bills got you down? Put up some windbreaks in the form of trees and shrubs to lower your utility expenses. But

In case you haven’t noticed, winter is here. It might not officially be here, but winter weather is. It’s even hit South Texas, where

The idea of breaking free from the electric company, the water company, and all the others who expect a piece of the pie every

Survival gear is important, but many survivalists are overly focus on things. In order to survive, we need the problem-solving skills that make some

If you live in a highly regulated community, you'll never find a way to generate enough electricity but fortunately, there are ways to cut

With the winter almost here and record-low temperatures, you should know a few things about attic and roof insulation. Here's the guide to do

Along with the cold winter months, you'll suffer from the winter blues too, courtesy of your energy bill.

These fuels can help you prepare for a crisis and lower your heating bills at the same time.

The key to keeping heating costs down during winter is not wearing extra clothes. Take this step to stay warm without sucking your wallet

Putting a green roof on a home saves energy for your home, and makes a great medium for your veggies. See how to do

Basically, all the things we consume cost money. The less we consume, the less money we spend. How do you reduce your consumption?

One of the most important things in the winter season is mastering the art of preserving the heat inside your home, without turning up

As temperatures are getting lower and lower, we might feel the urge to turn on the heat sky-high. But we are getting depressed when