At one time or another, you will likely need the services of an architect or a civil engineer to create one or more extensions

We all need to know what to do to prepare for floods, regardless if it's a flash flood we're dealing with or a spring

There's a tendency in the prepping and survival community to focus on the big disasters, those things we refer to as TEOTWAWKI events.

Prepping your car to go through long stretches of empty highway flanked by abandoned cars or to plow through hordes of bloodthirsty zombies questing

A realistic plan for defending our homes is a necessity. I'm talking about something detailed, something thought out ahead of time.

Getting into the prepping world and transitioning to an emergency preparedness "lifestyle" challenge some folks and is downright confusing for others.

The storage and management of your survival supplies are just as important as all your other combined efforts to obtain said supplies.

Your reasons for staying camouflaged and concealing your presence may vary, and an escape and evasion scenario is entirely different from a hunting scenario

Keeping a positive mind when the budget is tight isn’t a walk in the park especially at these times when everything literally costs money.

Whether setting up a permanent survival retreat or just setting up camp for the night, choosing the suitable terrain can have a significant impact

The idea of bugging out in the case of a disaster isn't new. There have been many times when people left their homes throughout

Raising children who know how to handle challenges and emergencies is not something that you can teach in one sit-down lesson around the table.

You can face an emergency condition where you might have to survive out in the wild. What are the essential steps that will help

Our ancestors have used the plants and trees that exude a sweet sap for centuries, and they can still be used by the modern

There's a lot to be learned about survival by looking at those who went before us. I'm not talking about people who lived in