Regardless if it's a natural or artificial disaster, you must do everything possible to procure, treat and use water as efficiently as possible

The idea of gardening as a means of extending our food stockpile and have enough food to eat during a long-term survival situation has

Fortunately, most of the survival skills needed to survive a worst-case scenario can be practiced right in your backyard. Let's look at how

Living off the grid means getting out of the consumerism race and making a personal commitment to a frugal yet fulfilling lifestyle.

Learning how to build a fire in the wilderness is an essential survival skill, and you need to be able and pick the right

Dogs are good for more than just companionship. Most were first bred to serve a distinct purpose, whether hunting, guarding, or herding.

Buying a bushcraft knife is an important investment, and you shouldn't cheap out since your life may one day depend on the knife you

The terrorist threat has diminished somewhat in the last few years, ever since the collapse of the Islamic State. While we had a severe

Anyone traveling abroad must consider the risks associated not only with going to that destination country but in every country in-between, just in case

There are many homesteading activities you can do just as well in the city, and you have to figure out what your limitations are.

This isn't another article about bug-out vehicles (BOVs), but rather about something we could refer to as "bug-in vehicles."

Having something to do while outdoors can make you feel more comfortable and less out of place. There are so many different hobbies you

My survival plan might not work for your family's needs, and your survival plan might not work in my situation. So we all try

At one time or another, you will likely need the services of an architect or a civil engineer to create one or more extensions

We all need to know what to do to prepare for floods, regardless if it's a flash flood we're dealing with or a spring