The truth is that we don't know what sorts of problems we're going to encounter when we go out our front door.Being prepared could

Some of the best shooters I have met over the years were leg amputees, paraplegics, or individuals using wheelchairs or walking aids.

While we may be able to survive a few months or even a few years by ourselves, for society to continue, we need to

A small shelter shed will make it much easier to adapt to a post-catastrophic world and increase your survival chances.

If you are or will be in a moving process, in this article I will give you are some pointers on how to stay

Survival is also going to require us to push harder and longer than we're used to. The physical strain of survival is likely to

The perfect hideout won't look the same for everyone, but they'll have the same purpose. Your primary goal is to keep you and your

Even if you're not the world's best handyman, make sure you've got some basic tools, hardware, wire, duct tape, and superglue.

Looking for a binocular? Read on to know why you need one and how you can find the right binocular for you.

I'll share what I've learned about feeding my flock. I'll also discuss some ways to maintain chickens in a self-sufficient manner and feed your

There are many different answers to survival questions, but having a bag packed and ready if staying home isn't an option is an excellent

Do the best you can to make your shelters, storage areas, and common buildings like a bank vault, defeating them before they even try.

There's a greater need for apartment dwellers to prepare. They don't have the resource advantage that someone living in suburbia has.

Access to a stocked survival shelter means the difference between life and death in an emergency. Unfortunately, your safe spot is only as good

Our understanding of disasters and the risks we face have expanded. We now have a whole plethora of disaster scenarios we study, seeking out