None of us can control the weather or what others do in inclement weather. But we have complete control over what we do about

I think one major lesson we can take from what’s happened is that major disasters don’t always look how we expect them to.

Although this is a difficult topic for many, we will all have to deal with the burial of a loved one at some point

In one sense, many of the problems associated with being directionally challenged come from both your perception and those of the people around you.

Camping this winter for the first time? Here is your ultimate guide to greet the new year in the wild nature surrounded by freshly

Make sure you're ready for anything — and that includes stocking up on the often-overlooked supplies that could make all the difference.

Preppers spend a lot of time and money building bug-out bags, making a bug-out vehicle, and even making a yurt or other shelter to

Keeping an indoor winter herb garden is not complicated as long as you take care of your plants' lighting and watering needs.

As we all know, travel can be dangerous. Not only that, but many dangers can happen while we are away from home

Winter survival doesn't just mean dealing with the cold, although that is an essential part of it; it also means dealing with a lack

Luckily, there are many ways to store your survival supplies, so they're out of sight, out of reach, and inaccessible to your childre

A buried treasure containing everything necessary to your survival is a backup plan that will help you reach your safe haven when every other

In a survival situation, the risk of contracting a disease dramatically increases if you ignore your hygiene. It would help if you used any

Regardless if it's a natural or artificial disaster, you must do everything possible to procure, treat and use water as efficiently as possible

The idea of gardening as a means of extending our food stockpile and have enough food to eat during a long-term survival situation has