As the years go by, we hear more about the dangers of eating the food sold at the store. Many products are pushed close

If you are the type of person willing to give mushroom foraging a try, you will be rewarded with a tasty, nutritional reward. In

Whether they look like they came out of the movies First Blood and The Hunted, or more like something you may have seen in a museum used

Hunting is an important skill for preppers to ensure subsistence when the supply chain breaks. Being a crucial skill to one’s survival, it makes

If you want to know what the most efficient type of firearm to use for the most common types of game is, then keep

Hey, this is Tyler with Survivopedia. I'm here with Chris. We're gonna talk to you about guns and, specifically, if I can say it,

Hey, this is Tyler with Survivopedia. I'm gonna knock out a quick video on how to do a snare. Got one in my pocket

Squirrels can be a great start for beginners since they will help to perfect your marksman abilities and offer satisfactory hunting opportunities before graduating

Biologists estimate that the current wild pig population has reached epidemic proportions, with as many as five million wild hogs now roaming the U.S.

We have put together this article to walk you through fishing requirements in the US, from fishing licenses to the rules and regulations regarding

Buying a bushcraft knife is an important investment, and you shouldn't cheap out since your life may one day depend on the knife you

Find a lake or stream and celebrate the Go Fishing Day in a fun way with our unique ideas and tips with your friends

Survival bows are easy to transport, have a wide variety of use, are cheap, and an excellent choice for hunting deer, coyote, mule, and

When it comes to your survival, porcupines will provide a good amount of meat, and they will keep you, and yours fed when the

Surviving out in the wild without food can be exhausting. But with the help of this article, now you know how to fish and