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In the quest for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, the spotlight has fallen upon a seemingly unassuming plant: Aloe vera.

In today’s article, you will discover the hidden uses of diatomaceous earth, a remarkable and versatile product that will transform your homestead, small farm,

Exploring the vast landscapes of North America unveils a bountiful array of wild fruits waiting to be discovered, regardless of your whereabouts. Nature's hidden

Being frugal is about making the most of available resources and minimizing wastefulness, allowing us to optimize our preparedness efforts while being mindful of

The world's eyes are currently fixated on the unprecedented spectacle of a former U.S. president, Donald Trump, under arrest. Trump stands accused of an

I see and read a lot about gardening in the prepping and survival community. There’s no question that we should all be growing as

The dandelion, one of the most common weeds across the globe, is a fascinating plant with several noteworthy characteristics. Found in abundance, its distinctive

As a forager, I’ve always been fascinated to discover that certain herbs can not only prevent various health problems but also aid in their

Initially, when I began gardening, I dedicated a significant amount of time to understanding how various predators, such as flies, wasps, spiders, and others,

Some of the most dangerous pests you'll run into are also some of the most common. Unfortunately, while there may not be a surefire

In 2016, I was introduced to the concept of occultation, also known as tarping, during a visit to a friend's farm in Oregon. My

My wife is one of those people obsessed with cleanness, and she wants everything inside our home to be clean and spotless. After a

Seed saving is a valuable skill for preppers and gardeners, and it helps us keep our gardens thriving no matter what the future may

Worms are the unknown heroes of traditional agriculture, and they have made the soil of many gardens fertile with their hard work. These small

In this video, Jason's out and about and talks a bit about plants that look alike but with wildly different effects on you if