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Back in 2017, Hurricane Harvey stalled over Southeast Houston, causing widespread flooding. At the time, I lived a few hundred miles away, well outside

You can plan the perfect picnic, but you can’t predict the weather. However, experts have enough information to foresee trends for next year.

Without a doubt, significant advancements in fire detection and suppression technologies have been made in the last decades, which have contributed to a steady

Regardless of one's political stance on global warming, it's undeniable that it is taking place right now, and it is impacting our daily lives.

There are always TEOTWAWKI survival scenarios that capture the survival community’s imagination. For a number of years that’s been an EMP, although back around

It is truly amazing how much force nature can muster to throw at our efforts at taming our planet. Hurricanes and other natural disasters

When people think about survival groups, they have all sorts of expectations and get their ideas from movies or TV shows. They want to

It seems like just yesterday was Christmas, but Summer is fast on its way. That means kids will be out of school, allowing families

These days, I’ve heard a lot of friends complaining about not having enough time to prepare or test their survival skills. They say there’s

Jason has years of experience as a professional strength and conditioning coach, working with everyone from college athletes to Naval Special Operations. He's also

If you have access to waterways or if you can reach such fluid highways in a decent amount of time, I recommend considering a

While you may be used to some natural disasters in your hometown, others could still pose a threat you haven't yet encountered.

None of us can control the weather or what others do in inclement weather. But we have complete control over what we do about

Make sure you're ready for anything — and that includes stocking up on the often-overlooked supplies that could make all the difference.

Earthquakes are hardly being discussed, even if such natural disasters can bring destruction and death. We still believe such calamities always happen somewhere else