The EMP In The Hand Of Our Enemies… What To Expect?


While some might see the EMP threat as being a bit far-fetched, it is a very real threat; real enough that our government has spend a considerable amount of money studying the potential effects of it.

According to those studies, 9 out of 10 Americans would die due to the destruction of our infrastructure by EMP. Those hit the hardest would be people living in major metropolises, as people living in rural areas are generally better able to survive without conveniences.

From a mission cost point of view, an EMP is a cheap way to win a war. War is an expensive undertaking, and any country which decides to undertake one either needs to have deep pockets or plan on ruining their economy. By comparison, detonating one or two nuclear devices at high altitude is very inexpensive.

Considering that the United States is still the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth and that we have many enemies, we are the most likely target of such an attack. In aircraft carriers alone, we have the entire rest of the world outgunned.

Starting any sort of conventional war against us would be suicidal. An EMP attack is really the only practical way in which enemies might go to war with our country and expect to win.


The good news for any enemies that may be considering attacking the United States is that an EMP attack is most likely to be highly effective. While our government has been studying the potential effect of an EMP attack, very little has been done to prepare for it.

A few government and military computers and offices are hardened to protect them from EMP, but the vast majority aren’t. Commercial computers, such as those which run our power grid, have no protection against EMP.

This raises the question of why nobody has tried an EMP attack yet. The answer probably has a lot to do with technical hurdles and a little to do with political will. We know that at least some of our enemies around the world would love nothing more than to see our destruction. Fortunately for us, those enemies don’t quite have the technological ability… yet.

Who Is the Enemy?

There are only a total of nine countries who currently own nuclear weapons, with another five in Europe who hold some stocks of American nuclear weapons under a sharing agreement.

Iran is working to make themselves the tenth country which owns nuclear weapons, but as of yet, they have not been successful. Of the countries that own nuclear weapons, only North Korea is a true enemy. When Iran becomes successful, they will become the second enemy country to have nuclear weapons at their disposal.

To counter this, the United States still has a sizeable nuclear arsenal, controlled from under Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Anyone who attacks the United States with nukes could expect to be on the receiving end of a much more serious attack; especially considering that the United States has seven times the number of nuclear weapons on our arsenal of all other countries together except Russia. They alone have more nuclear weapons than the United States does.

A conventional nuclear war is unlikely to happen with Russia and any other country which would try to start one with us would be committing suicide. However, using an EMP or even several overlapping EMP attacks to blanket the United States would be a very winnable war. Even if we survived, government figures state that it would take four years to recover, if we could.

Of course, there are always terrorist organizations which are ready and willing to die in order to bring down their enemies. Considering that Muslim terrorists consider the United States to be the “Great Satan” we can be sure that they would be quick to try and find ways of using any nuclear weapons which came into their hands.

Pakistan and India both have large Muslim populations. While countries take serious precautions to protect nuclear devices, I won’t go so far as to say that they can’t be stolen. There’s always the possibility of someone getting into the right government position to make that a reality.

Currently, only North Korea qualifies as both having the necessary weapons and the political hatred to launch an EMP against the United States. So why hasn’t Kim Jong-un already attacked the United States?

While it is clear that he wants to, he is limited by his technical ability. As best we know, the latest missile they have developed falls far short of being able to be used as an ICBM; in fact, it failed when they test fired it.

So, while Kim Jong-un might be mad enough at the United States for allowing Seth Rogen to create a comedy movie about assassinating him, it looks like he’s a bit impotent to act. He can threaten and bluster all he wants, but as far as using it as an excuse for an all-out attack, he just can’t follow through.

That’s not to say that there is no threat whatsoever from North Korea or even from Iran. A nuclear explosion to create an EMP could be accomplished by high altitude balloon. It would also be possible to hide a nuclear weapon in a satellite and then detonate it when it flew over the United States. While this would require a lot of subterfuge, it isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

how emp occurs

Although our relations with China and Russia are currently fairly good, they may not stay that way. Putin seems to be trying to make Russia back into a superpower and might see the weakness of our president as an opening. While China is greedy for American dollars, they aren’t really friends. Given the right circumstances, either of these countries could turn against us.

Both of them have the capability of launching an EMP attack on us now, with minimal preparation. Considering that both have already experimented with cyber-attacks against the United States, we can’t say that they are truly friends.

Regardless of what happens, this is a very real threat. Both Iran and North Korea would like nothing more than to shut out country down with an EMP. Russian and China are waiting in the wings. Eliminating the United States as a world power would be advantageous to all four of these countries, allowing them to go forth with their agendas. An EMP would give them just that.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • I am far more concerned with some false flag operation, perpetrated by own own government, in order to declare martial law and implement their insidious agenda, than I am a foreign attack.
    These goons did not create a massive militant police force for nothing. Some thing is brewing.

    • I agree with you, our government leadership is planning something significant. I also believe we cannot underestimate our enemies. The fact is they often foment unrest and assist those to bring about the unrest and then they, the enemy, step in and take over. Perhaps this is the case in our own country. If you read anything on the communist take-over of other countries, this is there pattern. Therefore, everyone needs to be prepared. I also believe both our leaders in this country and our enemies underestimate the spirit of liberty alive in the citizens of the United States.

      • Amen Linda! Well said.
        This Nation is overflowing with combat veterans. We kicked Victor Charlies ass all over his own rice paddies and jungles in that war they now say we lost. It wouldn’t take that much to get us going again for the sake of our Nation.

  • I tend to agree with Don … a “false flag” (create-a-crisis) event would kick-start a second American Revolution, but “We the People” will have a say in the outcome. However, an EMP would totally devastate critical infrastructure for all power, food, water, sanitation, manufacturing, transportation, communication, etc. and America would cease to function as an economy, civilized society and nation … IMO, either one would bring an end to the world. and America, as we know it today …

  • I agree with Linda. The single bad decision that has always been made by our enemies is underestimating the spirit of liberty in the American people. In fact I believe it is stronger today than ever. I pray that we don’t have to find out, but I believe the test is in our near future. Our strongest ally, our mightiest companion, our secret weapon will be our Creator who has always aided us in time of trouble when called on in humble prayer. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, can not understand this strength or this principle because it is not IN them. Our Father loves freedom. After this next victory, those that survive, peace and freedom will be the reward for a very long time. Stay true to the laws and principles that He adheres to, and that all of us should. We will need to carefully and in secure ways, aid those that we can. We should ask for inspiration in coming to understand methods of safely assisting others. Strength and power will come from that.

  • You lost creditability when you said our nukes are controlled from under Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. That facility was closed fifteen years ago and all stuff moved to a base east of Colorado Springs. I was living in the US Air Force community at the time and we all thought that was a stupid move. But it happened. My ex-husband worked in Cheyenne Mountain. He was a TV tech and knew what what was going on. He had great stories about the giant springs under buildings.

  • This article about EMP’s is very good and kind of goes along the book “Nine Days To Anarchy” by Farrell Kingsley. I learned so much from that book and I highly recommend it to any prepper out there. I got that book the day it came out and couldn’t put it down. He has another good book called “Anonymous Vengenace” that is the same. They are kind of educational thrillers. But teach you allot about what an EMP can do and outlines what you need to survive.

    • Nine Days To Anarchy was an awesome book. I think if more people read that book they would be more prepared and ready for what lies ahead. 9 out of 10 people is a lot but then again who saves four years of food?

      • Where can I find the book?

        • I got it on Amazon. I met the author at a show in Portland Oregon. I just got done reading his book Anonymous Vengeance as well. It was good to.

  • where can I view the studies of the emp attacks?

  • Mr. White –
    Several areas you need to re-visit and update your intel AND facts:
    As Trish mentioned above, Cheyenne Mountain NO LONGER is part of NORAD; the entire mountain was emptied out and relocated to Peterson AFB, out on the prairie near Colorado Springs. The entire mountain has been refurbished as a Disaster Shelter for “The Elite”, and stocked to the gills with every possible modern convenience and luxury.
    Next: Russia and China are NOT “friendlies” as you asserted; they are merely toying in the background, biding their time… Russia currently has over 30,000 Spetznaz troops in the continental US, unaccounted for. China’s mechanations toward weakening the US are legion, including the provisioning their super tankers and super cargo ships as aircraft carriers and troop ships.
    Also: You have totally dismissed the possibility/probability of an enemy submarine, of ANY nation, or barge or container ship, sailing into the Gulf of Mexico and launching up and over Kansas City – exploding it a hundred miles up would do the trick nicely…. and we literally have NO defense, thanks to Obummer’s mechanations.
    One last fact: A near-simultaneous attack, similar to the one just mentioned, one on each coast, would have the same effect… and “We” would be toast.
    The only thing stopping that right now is the fact that, apparently, the leaders of the New World Order don’t have that in mind…..yet.

    • I agree that neither China nor Russia are “friendlies”, however they are also not stupid. No one would benefit from an attack on the U.S. Whether the World likes it or not, we are the economic driver of the World. The U.S. dollar is still the World trade currency and if our economy goes down, every other country’s economy goes down. China, Russia and other developed countries will not risk destroying their own economic prosperity. Now, that does not mean that 3rd World countries aren’t stupid enough to launch an attack and try to destroy the U.S. They have nothing to lose. Their economies are already fragile at best and most are in shambles. However, I also agree that it is unlikely as they do not have the technology to accomplish such a feat…yet. Our biggest enemy right now is our own socialist government. obama and his socialist cronies are hell-bent on doing as much damage as possible to this country’s economy and social system. Our best defense against them is to vote them out. Get out and vote and convince all of your family and friends to vote for staunch, conservative, Constitutionalist candidates. This is the only way we will take back our country and restore it’s greatness.

      • This remains true only so long as the dollar is the world’s “reserve currency.” Given that Russia and China recently signed a pact allowing them to make purchases from each other using their own currencies this position is beginning to rapidly weaken. Given that our “leaders”, with the connivance of the Federal Reserve, do nothing to rein in our nation’s deficit and strengthen the dollar’s position on the international currency markets we are headed for a tremendous economic crash that will make the housing debacle of 2008 look like a walk in the park. Once that happens, and the rest of the world is thrown into economic chaos as a result there will be little to restrain those of our enemies who do possess the technical means of making an EMP strike a reality. I truly fear for the future of my country – the “zombie” hoards will become a reality; with the “zombies” being those who have closed their eyes to reality and failed to prepare for what is coming.

        Just my $.02,

  • Actually, the author is wrong – DEAD wrong. The government has spent unbelievable sums of money preparing for EMP attacks… For themselves. These facilities span the globe, and they are continually updated as technologies improve. But all of this is being done to ensure that they, along with their facilities, will survive unimpeded in any way. There are no plans to save the masses.

    I have first hand knowledge of this. That is why I consistently say that there will be no revolution.

    Dig. Dig as deep as you can. That’s what they have done.