False Flags: Government’s Schemes For Gun Control

Ever since President Obama took office, he has made it clear that one of his goals is to disarm the American public. Like most progressive liberals, he is apparently scared of an armed citizenry and what they can do. As all conservatives know, the whole gun control issue is about controlling the population, not really about guns. But as long as we have guns, their ability to control us is limited.

Historically, there are many examples of law-abiding citizens being mistreated, imprisoned and even killed by their government, when they allow the government to take away their guns. Probably the most infamous of these examples was the Holocaust, where Hitler and the NAZIs killed eight million people, starting almost immediately after bragging about creating the first “modern society” in which guns weren’t needed.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that a political party which is trying in every way they can to control every aspect of our lives is trying to take our guns away for our benefit. While they prance about the stage talking about their high ideals and “protecting the children,” the actions they propose will make nobody any safer. In fact, they will only put honest citizens in greater peril.

Fighting Crime with More Crimes

There are a number of troubling things about how the current administration and their cronies in Congress are going about trying to make “common sense” changes to gun laws. It’s amazing how their ideas are always considered “common sense” even though they are based upon nothing more than emotion.

{adinserter aliveafteramerika}But the more important aspect of this is that none of the actions they propose would stop the crimes that supposedly trigger those proposals. In every case, they are attacking specific weapons and capacities, not from a logical viewpoint, but from an idealistic motive.

We keep hearing the same things over and over again. Specifically, we hear about making military-style “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” illegal. Of course, their terminology is wrong, but we’ll leave that aside for the moment. They are selecting that terminology to fool the ignorant masses.

The thing is, the people who are committing these crimes aren’t using the weapons that are being attacked. There has not been one single case of a mass murderer using an AR-15 rifle to kill a bunch of people in a gun free zone. Nor has the issue of magazine capacity slowed them down. In the Charleston shooting, the assailant changed magazines several times.

Why are they after these particular firearms? Because those are the weapons that would most likely be used in the case of a second American Revolution. The liberals in government want to take away our ability to rise up against them and overthrow their corrupt government.

RioterEven more troubling than that, it appears clear that government instigators have been behind at least some of the actions which they are using to push for greater gun control. Even without any evidence of things going on in the background, we can see from Obama’s speeches that he is helping to rile up violence in every one of the riots that have been instigated because of a white police officer killing a black hoodlum.

On top of that, some of the participants in those riots have come forward stating that Eric Holder, Obama’s previous Attorney General, paid them to start those riots. If that isn’t a smoking gun, I don’t know what is.

Then there’s Sandy Hook, the event that was the trigger for the gun control push that has marked Obama’s presidency. There have been a number of people who have come out with videos and other evidence, showing that Sandy Hook was all false. We even see many of the same people, who are apparently actors hired to play the part of grieving families, showing up in videos from other events. Why are the same people showing up over and over again, if it’s not staged?

While we’re asking questions about Sandy Hook, let me ask a few more. If Sandy Hook was what it was reported to be, then why weren’t there any ambulances at the school? Why haven’t any of the family members sued the school, as happens after every other such incident? Why were there web pages created “in memory” of the victims, which were uploaded to the internet before the event happened? Why was the school torn down? Where are the graves of the victims?

There are just too many questions left unanswered from that event. It seems fairly clear that what has been presented to us isn’t truthful or even factual. It is quite possibly a staged event, which may not have included a single child being killed.

Yet, this event has been used to prompt a push for greater gun control measures. While none have gone through yet, the left hasn’t stopped trying.

Our Veterans Stripped Off Their Rights

Since Obama hasn’t been able to get his gun control agenda through Congress, he’s been doing everything he can to take guns away from citizens under the existing laws. Of course, that requires some effort in interpreting the laws in such a way as to allow him to get away with it. But until now, he has succeeded.

The first group of people he went after are military veterans. I would have to say that if there is anyone in this country who has a right to own firearms, it’s our veterans. But Obama’s administration is denying that right to any veterans who can be identified as mentally unstable or unable to take care of their own business. So, if a veteran even mentions that they are depressed, their Second Amendment Rights are stripped from them.

It’s even worse than that. Of course, we can expect liberals to lie in order to get their way and they are. The Obama administration is paying VA doctors a bonus for every veteran that they can “certify” as having PTSD. I say certify in quotes because they don’t have to be able to prove it, nor is there any means for the veteran to contest the decision. If the doctor says they have it, then that’s enough.

veteranWhy would Obama go after veterans? That’s obvious. If there is ever a need for a revolution, those veterans would become the backbone of the citizen’s army. So, by denying them their rights, the government is reducing our ability to control them.

The liberals sell this idea to the sheeple by telling horror stories of veterans with PTSD going on rampages and killing others. I’m not going to try and claim that doesn’t happen, because sadly it does; but it is extremely rare. Veterans are highly disciplined people and unless something happens to trigger a flashback, there is no way that they are going to kill an innocent. But by saying that they will, those who are afraid of guns anyway think the government is protecting them.

It’s not stopping with veteran’s either. The latest such action is being taken against senior citizens. Now, Obama has signed an executive order stating that seniors on Social Security who are unable to handle their own affairs have to give up their guns, or they can’t receive Social Security.

So, he’s going to take guns out of the hands of the people who most need to be able to protect themselves. Way to go Obama; let’s give the criminals a goodly pool of victims who can’t even try and fight back. That way, the criminals can earn a living. If the old people get hurt… well… that’s just the cost of furthering our ideological agenda.

This is madness. Gun laws should take guns out of the hands of the criminals, not out of the hands of law abiding citizens; especially not out of the hands of those who need a means of defending themselves. But the liberals don’t see it that way. They just see an opportunity to take guns away from people; and like Pavlov’s dogs, they start salivating.

No law is going to take guns out of the hands of criminals. That’s because criminals, by definition, don’t obey the law. So, as long as criminals are going to have guns, the only thing that makes sense is for the honest people to have guns too.

Of course, to the liberals, there is no such thing as an honest gun owner. They have stated repeatedly that we are all murderers. I guess that’s why there are no liberals left; we’ve killed them all… oh wait, there are still liberals.

I guess we’re not all murderers after all. No, if we were all murderers, liberalism wouldn’t exist. In fact, if you look at all those mass murderers, you find that they are liberals too. I guess that’s why liberals think that all gun owners are murderers, because that’s what liberals do with guns.

But the fact that conservatives don’t go around murdering people in a gun free zone is just another inconvenient fact. As we know, liberals don’t worry about those. That’s for “small minded” people who aren’t as smart as they are. They can see the bigger picture. They know what’s best. After all, they are smarter than we are… at least, in their eyes.


 This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • I know the problem . Tell me the cure !

    • The cure is the ‘Jeffersonian Revolution’ of firing this corrupt Fascist regime in its entirety in Nov. 2016. Then repeal ALL gun laws beginning with the ones that allow them to disarm us just by making MORE anti-Constitutional laws, because the punishment is always ‘permanant prohibition of possession’. Starting with the highly illegal and Totalitarian 1968 Gun Control Act, which was nothing more than a corrupt ploy to disarm dissenting anti-war hippies and blacks who were fomenting a political bloc against the power elite ‘establishment’.

      That’s how.

  • I guess I “resent” everything being blamed on “liberals” because that is just too easy. It is a “mindset” that can’t be labeled in this situation. We are “fed” the information so that we divide ourselves into “us” and “them” groups and it becomes a political war. Both liberals and conservatives have their many faults because of “mindsets” but calling names and blaming accomplishes nothing. It just feeds the animosity and we don’t need that right now. We need to be united to protect this country. We are the “United States”! I read the book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” and I can see what is going on without the name calling. I firmly believe he is following in his father’s footsteps in wanting to “take down the Colonists” and is in a perfect position to do so. As long as we have people in our government authority positions who are looking out for only themselves this is going to keep happening. He was in a perfect time situation to become president. He promised “change”. Boy, did we get it. We hoped for “better”. He didn’t say it would be “better” – just “change”. I truly wish we had people in Congress who were actually looking out for our Country and our Constitution. We don’t seem to have that now!
    Everyone was more concerned with “sexual misconduct” of a president then what is going on right now.

  • We need a very brave investigator to actually go find and seek out all the “murdered” children and expose what really happened. If they take away our guns based on lie after lie, that needs exposing too. So much treason has been brought against WE the People and must stop. If we are all scared sh#tless that “they” will come for us, what does that say about a “free” society? I’ve watched this administration destroy the constitution at every turn and it must be stopped. Treason — the penalty is death and that sounds really good right now. We must all take a stand before we can stand no more. Its so sad to watch this sinister plot against the people, the environment, the food supply, the water, the animals and our property rights. It is sinister and the devil surely has the reigns now. May God bless those whom are worthy, and for the rest– let the devil have his full dues. !!!

  • I’m fully aware of these illegal government moves. As my Representative to DC stated at our Tea Party meeting, It will get worse. They will throw everything they can at us in the last 2 years of Obama. This congress should have done everything it could before now to stop the ‘executive orders’ that are devastating our Constitution.

  • Good article! Even though you’re “Preaching to the Choir” in THIS forum, what you bring up STILL has to be said OVER and OVER, at EVERY OPPORTUNITY to ANYONE who’ll take the time to listen. Besides the use of Semantics and Ridicule as a weapon, Denial and outright Ignoring are the “Tools of the Trade” of the PROPAGANDA MINISTRY which, by the way to use one of “Their” own weapons AGAINST “Them”, is what we should ALL be calling the combined, SO-CALLED Media and Entertainment Industry in this Country. There is NOTHING written OR said by ANYONE or any ENTITY of the “Establishment Media” that is not an Outright Blatant LIE or Subliminal Message of some sort or another. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not so much, but it IS there. As for the one “Conservative” outlet known as Fox, DO NOT trust them implicitly either, in the end you’ll find the SAME BUNCH pulling THOSE strings. Pay PARTICULAR attention to what they DON’T say or where they DON’T go with their “Reporting” as evidence of this. They are just the attempt to control BOTH horses in a two horse race.
    Having said all that I’d like to point out two things that are important. First, if we agree that the “Stockton Massacre” was the kick off for the, “if there is no ATROCITY to point to then MAKE ONE” philosophy, we can see how “They” have evolved and refined their methods. Used to be that they needed a trigger. In Stockton as well as with Hinckley and Chapman, they all were found to have a copy of “The Catcher in the Rye” on them. Todays underlying common denominator is Psychotropic Drugs. “They” no longer need something physical to be left behind to explain or not. The second thing I’d like to point out is the fact that if you go onto the Official FBI website right now and find the statistics page for crimes committed in 2012 by State, find Connecticut, and scroll down to Newtown, you’ll AMAZINGLY see that the figure for Murders is listed as “0”! That’s ZERO as in NONE. HOW “They” let THAT slip through is beyond me but I can only hope that some Patriot within the organization caused it to be there, for ALL Americans to see if they look for it.
    The “Proof” is all around us, we just have to look for it and point to it when we see it and CONTINUE to educate each other, as YOU are so adeptly doing. We need MORE Patriots like you to publish the fact that the “Emperor has NO Clothes” wherever an whenever we can. No matter WHAT the outcome!

    • Fox is the media front for the Vatican. The Pope is a strong proponent of gun control. And you hardly ever see O’reilly being clearly pro Constitution and a supporter of the 2nd/A. He does try to mitigate all the bad police shootings in favor of the police, and not the unarmed citizens.

      • I watch O’Reilly and he does not claim to be a Conservative. I am not an O’Reilly apologist and make this reply only because your last sentence is factually untrue. He did not take the side of the Texas police officer and you used the leftist terminology, which is intended to assume that “unarmed citizens” are incapable of being a physical threat to life or serious injury. In all but the Texas shooting the so called “unarmed citizens” were hoodlums and law breakers actively resisting arrest with force. Where is the outrage when a police officer is overpowered, looses his weapon to the thug and is severely beaten and possibly murdered or left to live out his life with a brain injury or as a quadriplegic. These are actual examples and not some “what ifs”.

      • I don’t know about all the Fox news anchors, but Bill O’Reilly has let it be known that he is a Roman Catholic; therefore he adopts any lie the Pope pronounces

    • Nick, some good points but lets always insert reasonable objectiveness before letting our confirmation biases distort the reality.

      Or put another way, there’s evidence, and there’s ‘other kinds’ of ‘evidence’ in every investigation.

      Just because the FBI or any other government agency omits something in their statistical reporting, doesn’t mean it was intentional or otherwise.

      Usually it’s the simplest of answers. Like they just made a typo, or the document data entry person just didn’t get to that yet for the annual updating?

      In my county if you want to look at a plat book map of a property owner update you’ll never know who new owners are because it takes anywhere from two to four years to update the book due to budget concerns and funds availability.

      I’ll bet if you go down to the Newtown coroners office there’s a full list record of the deaths? Or the detective in charge of the investigation’s files? That’s all public record.

      • mahatma, that’s ALL Blue Pill talk. And SERIOUSLY, you’re quoting “Public Records” as if THEY are SACROSANCT? GIVE me a BREAK!!! I don’t care WHERE you served “as someone who professionally investigated things like this for payment and who worked in “LET’S SAY” related fields, as if you have some “Secret” inside knowledge, You’re FULL of S–T!!! You’re just “Towing the Party Line” like east and HIS kind only in a MYSTERIOUS sort of way in order to lend “extra” credibility to your BULLS–T! I CERTAINLY do NOT need, nor did I ASK FOR yours’ or anyone else’s “Critique” of what I said which, by the way, STANDS! The “Proof” is in the fact that, as you skip around this forum, injecting your particular brand of “Reason”, YOU ALSO are quoting from “Their” Playbook when you use the RIDICULE CARD to put down “delusional conspiracy theorists” and calling it a “bs conspiracy theory” and attempting to bring me back to reality by suggesting I “always insert reasonable objectiveness before letting my confirmation biases distort the reality”. What a bunch of PSYCHOBABBLE , newspeak BULLS–T THAT is. You’re as BIG an IGNORANT FOOL as the rest of them only you like to sound “intelligent” and ABOVE the Fray as if you’re condescendingly lowering yourself for a moment and “Getting Dirty” to “Help” me and MY kind to See the Light. Thanks but NO thanks! I’ll wear the “Conspriacy Nut” badge Proudly because of WHERE the label came from in the first place. And ALSO call me a “Gun Nut” if you like. I don’t give a RAT’S A$$ WHAT you think because you are either WITH them or you REFUSE to look at ALL the facts and are NOT nor will you EVER be, with us. Either way YOU’RE doomed too. Being “Reasonable” is what has gotten us into the position we are now in. “They” have used that innate DESIRE to be Reasonable AGAINST us since “They” started this WAR. And by the way, it’s been going on ALOT longer than the “web” has been around. The web has just made it easier for “Them” to reach Armchair FOOLS like you. I came online with this back in the late 60s and can tell you after a lifetime of study it’s REAL and HERE and getting WORSE for us everyday. You are TOTALLY clueless about the BREADTH and DEPTH of “Their” capabilities AND “Their” resolve to DESTROY Us and our Families and our Freedoms AND our WAY OF LIFE. You CAN’T comprehend how much “They” HATE and DESPISE us and our ability to tell them to go EFF themselves. “They” are taking us down with “Extreme Predjudice” as an Example to ANYONE in the future that would think to propose that “The Unwashed Masses” and “Worthless Eaters” could EVER run their OWN affairs without EFFing everything up. Anyway, be “Reasonable” all you want and maybe you’ll get a tent close to the gate in the FEMA camp you end up in so you can convince the New Ones coming in what a Great Place “They” have “Provided” for you all. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum!

        • Well, Nick, all your credibility just went out the window. I know you don’t care, because you think you know me. Your first post aired some good comments. Your second just reduced you to name calling. Too bad.

          • Since NO ONE named Samantha was involved in anything I said, I can only assume that, for whatever the reason, you dropped mahatma and went with that instead. And you finish with ANOTHER tactic used by “Them” to try to minimize the “Message” by shifting the focus onto the Messenger in a NEGATIVE way by accusing them of the EXACT THING you were doing. Those were YOUR words up there in quotes, NOT mine. Read em and WEEP. YOU chose those words NOT me. EVERY War begins with Propaganda which is NOTHING more than the MANIPULATION of words and events which are the “Bullets” and “Bombs” “They” use against us. Because YOUR choice of words was EXACTLY what “They” would say to make people telling the truth look like ” Conspiracy Nuts” etc, then YOU are either a FOOL REPEATING “Their” PROPAGANDA that’s been IMPLANTED in your head or ONE of them who just got “Outed”. You think you’re gonna call me an “Unreasonable Conspiracy Nut” and I’m gonna run away? WRONG! My assessment STANDS and how I came to my conclusions is there for anyone to see. Don’t be pissed at ME for stating FACTS! THIS War will shake the Planet. “They” should have listened to Yamamoto’s thoughts about “Waking a GIANT”. There will be NO Neutrals. You will be either the “Problem” or a part of the “Solution”. NOW is the time to choose whose side you’re on and to CAREFULLY WEIGH anything you write or say. THAT may sound harsh but this IS war and we are ALL involved, like it or not.


    Come try to take my guns.

  • I agree with the main point of the argument but we need correct facts. It was not the Nazis who established massive gun control in Germany. It was the Weimer Republic. The Nazis took advantage of laws already in place.

    AR-15s have been used in mass shootings. (Rarely, but check Sandy Hook and the DC sniper) (Technically, I guess the Sandy Hook statement is true because the weapon was a Bushmaster XM15 and AR-15 is a registered trademark of Colt’s Industry. Still the Colt and Bushmaster look alike, function alike, use the same mags, and have interchangeable parts. If most shooters were to look at the gun from across the room they would say AR-15.) The DC sniper(s) could have used a bolt action because they only took one shot at each scene, but the weapon was an AR-15.)

    It is important that we have our facts correct, because if the facts aren’t right, people will discount the article as “wrong”, and they stop reading because “the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Twenty years ago, conservatives were factual and logical. Now we act as irrationally and as emotionally as the antis (who have never paid attention of facts or logic). Too many on our side have fallen to the lowest common denominator of “style” and anyone who is undecided has not more reason to listen to “our” side than “theirs.”

    • God Bless you there east but I gotta say that for YOUR argument to be based on the IMPORTANCE of FACTS, and then to repeat a LIE as if it were fact, doesn’t say TOO much for your knowledge on the subject OR your motives. And I’m being KIND here because I COULD say that your REPEATING of this LIE as if it’s true could be by design and NOT rooted in simple Ignorance. First and Foremost, not ONLY was the weapon that was “Supposedly used at the NON-Event known as Sandy Hook” CERTAINLY NOT an AR Style rifle of ANY MANUFACTURE, there was NOT even an AR Style rifle PRESENT. THAT particular LIE stemmed from the fact that it was “Reported” by the “Media” almost simultaneously as the event was taking place BEFORE “Their” Agent had a chance to “PLANT” one. Everyone ran with it not knowing THAT part of the “Conspiracy” failed. There are STILL to this day “Reports” that repeat it as if it were true. The PROBLEM with you and people like you is the fact that you get all your “Information” from the very same Propaganda Ministry I was alluding to in my previous post and you do NOT investigate the facts for yourselves or you would have KNOWN that. Get up out of your chair, turn OFF the TV, and look into what’s going on for yourself. STOP relying on someone ELSE to “Feed” you. Otherwise, have a nice day!

      • I may be naïve but I fly no false flags. The state prosecutor’s report on Sandy Hook says that all victims died as a result of rounds fired from the Bushmaster. Lanza took his own life with a handgun which was fired only once, at himself. There was a Saiga shotgun found in the trunk of his car. His mother was killed with a .22 LR bolt action according to the report.

        The idea that the incident never happened is absolutely foreign to me. Do you really believe that is possible– that all the news media, including FOX would join in a conspiracy and pretend that it never happened– that all of the televised funerals were staged? Yes, I found reports on Infowars where the event was questioned as a great conspiracy but that has pretty much been debunked. Much of it was based on the fact that the deaths were not reported on the FBI statistics for Newtown. The case was handled by the State Police and the deaths were reported under their FBI report. I really feel sorry for people who buy into conspiracy theories and don’t check out the facts (as best we can). Some of them are real, but just because somebody says something on the internet doesn’t make it true.

        • east, pay attention now. “I may be naïve but I fly no false flags” is meaningless drivel. The State Prosecutor is a LIAR. Just as the Coroner who claimed the bodies were lying around inside the building, many with the bullets still in them. If a 6 year old child OR an Adult were shot at room distances with an AR15 the bullets would go SCREAMING RIGHT THROGH THEM. There would be NO bullets still in the bodies. Just ONE TINY example. I’m CERTAINLY NOT gonna give you an education or EXPLAIN to you ALL the discrepancies in an effort to convince you. I don’t care WHAT you choose to believe. You and your ilk are lost until the day you see something firsthand that directly affects you or your families THEN and ONLY then will you question the difference between what your eyes see and what your ears hear. What you believe or DON’T believe is inconsequential in the scheme of things. You will go down in the first volley they fire. What’s TRULY going on and what is GOING to go on is so FAR OUT of the REALM of your comprehension there is NO reason to waste the energy trying to save you. Your entire rebuttal was nothing more than DIRECT QUOTES from “Their” playbook. Which proves exactly what I said before. There is NOTHING in your head that wasn’t PUT there or that you investigated for yourself and came to your OWN conclusions. Good Luck to you, you’re gonna NEED it.

          • I agree with you that what you believe or don’t believe doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things. What’s your M4 loaded with? My go to mags have 40 gr. frangible in them. I would never plan to use them outside or for general purpose, but they (generally) will not penetrate a torso.

            Clint Smith said at Thunder Ranch said, “I believe most of what I hear and some of what I see. I saw Forrest Gump shake JFK’s hand and I know that didn’t happen.”

            The question is what source of info you trust? I’ve been at events that infowars reported. I’ve watch two segments being filmed live. They were sensationalized and did not reflect the reality that I lived.

            I have also been in the public eye and have given interviews and had them twisted every way but towards the truth.

            Friend, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. You are entitled to your opinions, but that means that you (and I) are entitled to be wrong.

            I don’t trust any media source, but I expect the truth will come out in time. Guess the next few years will tell.

    • Bull****! No AR 15 could be used at Sandy Hook, because all that was a hoax! The building which they pretend was a school, and after ” incident” they rush to demolished, didn’t used ONE kilowatt hour of electricity in two years before “incident”! … Talking about being kept on the dark… Do you realize how much power a school building uses this days?…

    • Hey East, how’s it going?! Actually The Weimer regime only established registration documentation. But anybody could own almost any kind of gun, at that point, which really wasn’t much to brag about back then. And since not many could afford them anyway, there wasn’t any particular intense effort to ‘control’ any guns or usage at that point. Most of everything was ‘paper trailed’ as much as possible back then in Germany coming up off WWI and they kept meticulous records on as much as they could more for ‘economic’ reasons. But the Nazis came in and used the ‘registration’ lists to do more efficiently the ultimate gun control that the Obama Marxists have wet dreams over these days. Stasi jackbooted house to house unwarranted searches and confiscations, along with necessary summary executions to make a point occasionally.

      But I agree with you about the hyperbole of Sandy Hook. It was certainly reeked of something very ‘Stanky’ in terms of the media hush up and re-direction of investigative efforts, but something physical definitely had happened Happened. You can’t just raze an entire school and ‘disappear’ all those people, ESPECIALLY SCHOOL KIDS, with a ‘computer simulation’ hoax? I wouldn’t put it passed them to ‘cook the investigation and arrest books a bit for ‘effect” Cops do that in all kinds of investigations. Just like the one now in Colorado(?) with the shooting of the unarmed kid in the car dealership. They are refusing to release the body-cam until they can figure out a way to ‘accidentally’ destroy it! I knew an amazing homicide dick back in the day who could turn a murder into an act of self defense (or conversely) by waving his magic pen and writing a couple sentences on the case report. Depending upon whether or not he liked the perpetrator!

      Except for those who only rely on web conspiracies, there were some OathKeepers, or such, with some real detectives who went down to Sandy Hook and checked it out. Believe me if there wasn’t even a sniff of ‘False Flag’ hoak they’d be all over the talk show circuit making beucoup bucks getting it out there. False Flags do exist, but highly unlikely in the case of Sandy Hook. They just lost no time exploiting a sad tragedy for their agenda, that’s all. And by the way, Didn’t the Recruiting office killings also involve an AR?

      JESUS, People! The biggest false flag is the ‘conspiracy that will be conspired upon the delusional conspiracy theorists! Keep It all in focus, or we’ll never see what’s REALLY coming. Which is not just a conspiracy, it’s a current crime against We, The People! Which they don’t even try to hide anymore, because everyone gets distracted from the real problem with all their bs conspiracy fantasies.

      • It’s not highly unlikely in the case of Sandy Hook. I encourage everyone to please watch Sofia Smallstorm’s documentary on Sandy Hook. She does a much better job uncovering the truth than Infowars.

  • Bill, in the area of “false flags”, could you speak to the fact that so very many (all?) of the perps in these mass shootings, massacres and ambushes are male? AND that almost all either fatally shoot themselves are are shot by the police who respond to their escapades! AND that so many of these “active shooters” are wild-eyed nut cases – or are later so described by “the authorities.” Haven’t seen anyone discuss this. Or have I missed that post somehow?

    • James, that’s been discussed quite a lot in certain ‘conspiracy’ venues. I’ll put it this way, as someone who has actually professionally investigated things like this for payment and who worked in lets say ‘related’ fields.

      A mentally ill person is often easily susceptible to hypnosis, especially if certain drugs can be administered without arousing suspicion.

      The CIA is not a virgin in this tactic/strategy/methodology.

      But you’ll never prove it. The Batman Movie theatre psycho was just convicted was supposedly seeing a psychiatrist for his emotional content issues. I seem to recall there was some problem with the psychiatrist in the evidentiary discovery process of the trial? Didn’t want to cough up her client-patient privileged treatment info, or something? And I think she was a former military employee?

      Not many really understand how powerful hypnosis is.

      That’s the whole reason for the couch in the psychiatrist’s office.


  • “Common sense” gun control? Who goves the liberals a monopoly on “common sense”? Was Obama exercising “common sense” when he put guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels that are still turning up in murders on both sides of the border? If he wasn’t lying to Mexican officials and the American people when he denied any involvement, why did he hide behind “executive privilege” when the heat started coming down and the investigators started probing into the records? Fine example of “common sense” he demonstrated there by acting as the ultimate straw purchaser which is a felony. Add up all of the multiple counts committed under Fast and Furious for just the straw purchases alone, excluding the additional crime of being accessories to murder that followed those illegal gun transfers, and anyone else would have so many consecutive prison terms stacked upon them they’d never get out in five lifetimes, yet no one connected spent even one night in jail.

  • I agree with the plan of disarming the public because we believe we must have guns for self protection but sometimes we end up committing crimes with those guns or even committing suicide. Let the trained staff carry the guns because as our emotions can control us and we end up doing things that we later regret.

    • Unoziba, please know that some of us carry a gun, because a cop is too heavy.

      • Frederick, that was funny. But you have to know that was satire. If he really believed that I doubt he would be subscribed to this web site. Still, yours was funnier.

  • There has not been one single case of a mass murderer using an AR-15 rifle to kill a bunch of people in a gun free zone.

    In 2005, so too did James Holmes, along with an AR-15 assault rifle, when blasting away at his victims in a darkened movie theater. In Newtown, Connecticut, Adam Lanza wielded a .223 Bushmaster semi-automatic assault rifle as he massacred 20 school children and six adults.

    Maybe you better check your facts.

  • What is really astounding is our active duty military people are not allowed to carry their weapons in their own country. What the #>%¥£?

  • We cannot allow our guns to be taken away from us. The constitution gave us the right to bear arms to prevent our own government from taking control over us. Part of the problem is that many of our citizens just don’t care as the are receiving assistance from we taxpayers in some form or another and their apathy is obvious. There is going to be a revelation if things do not change in the White House and many of us are preparing for this as we must be prepared. Bullets, batteries and beans people—Just what it take to keep us going. Whatever happened to the country our servicemen and women fought to save??? GOD help us all!!!!

  • Gun control laws not only disarm honest citizens by denying them gun purchases and/ or CC permits, they also make said citizens criminals if they use a gun they already own in self defense (think New Jersey). In addition, these laws create a lucrative market for supplying illegal guns to criminals. If there’s money to be made, illegal gun trafficking can and will flourish just like illegal liquor sales during prohibition and encourage the growth of gangs and further expansion of organized crime.

    • So let’s do something about it. Start with REPEAL and Nullification of all Anti-Constitutional 2nd/A attacking illegal agenda based laws that these lying ‘lawmakers’. After all, The Framers set it up so that ‘We, The People’ should decide what laws we want or don’t want by Egalitarian majority rule, NOT Fascist government tyranny!

      Why are we not all uniting and doing just that, instead of mewling and whining and talking suicidal Molan Labe ****, and letting the Leftist Despots have their ‘way’ with us?

      • The “situation” has progressed WAAAAAAY beyond phone calls and emails and rallies and marches. We’re dealing with “Creatures” that do NOT give a RAT’S ***for Public Opinion OR the Laws of our Land and LAUGH at THOSE things. And BECAUSE of “Their” VERY SUCCESSFUL use of “Divide and Conquer”, we will NEVER be able to organize into a Cohesive Force unless and until the BIG ONE finally happens. And it WILL happen. MUCH sooner that you think or believe it will. They’ve Bankrupted and Enslaved us and our Children and Grandchildren. It’s now Written in STONE and there is NO turning back. You’ll KNOW it when you SEE it. Prepare or DON’T, it’s up to you. “Molan Labe” ****. LoL. You’re a FUNNY GUY!

  • most important thing is fighting with crime and have self control.

  • I agree completely with Adonna. We know Obama is bad for our country. We don’t need to keep having it pushed on us. Gun control means hitting what you are shooting at. Even our police have trouble with that. Actually, as a Viet Nam veteran, I dislike guns. I wouldn’t be depressed if every gun was melted down. But that is EVERY gun. I fear very little. One of the things I do is someone with a gun (or an army) telling me I can’t have one.

  • The problem we have is criminals have more right, than the ones who follow the laws! Back in the 50’s and 60’s you got caught with a firearm committing a crime you got the death .
    They the goody two shoes or dem’s changed the laws. Ever sent the problem has gotten bigger an more rights for the thugs . Instead of removing the problem we warehouse them! It is there college were to learn how do it better and not get caught next time and get contacts when they get out to get weapons.
    It is time for people stand up for them selves an say no f###en more we tried of spending 2 trillion dollars to warehouse criminals. It is time to remove them the murders, rapist, child molester, drive by shooters, drug dealers and terrorist !! You commit the crime you die end of story!