Is Ferguson Going To Rip The Nation Apart?

It happened: the Grand Jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, dubbed a “gentle giant” by the media. Now, I’m no supporter of police brutality, but from what I see of the evidence, there is ample proof that Officer Wilson was well within his rights to shoot and even kill Brown.

I’m not even talking about doing so as a part of his official duties, this looks like a case of self-defense.

While the initial sensationalized reports out of Ferguson at the time of the shooting made it sound like Wilson was a racist using his position to wage a personal war against the blacks, more and more evidence has come forth to show otherwise.

Probably the most compelling piece of evidence was the autopsy report, which backs up Wilson’s testimony that Brown tried to take his gun.

But the story is really no longer about Officer Wilson and Michael Brown. What started out as a tragic shooting of one of America’s youth has turned into a racial circus, complete with the ringmaster,

Al Sharpton. As far as the race baiters in our country are concerned Wilson is guilty just because he is a white man who shot an Afro-American.

The Real Deal Behind the Story

These race baiters don’t care about the circumstances or whether the shooting was justified. Just as in the Trayvon Martin case, they have already tried the shooter in the court of their own opinion and found him guilty. Facts don’t bear on the case; all that matters is skin color.

The reaction in Ferguson, Missouri to this shooting has been rather extreme. Protesters have turned into a rioting mob on more than one occasion. Businesses have been looted and destroyed. Threats have flown around like they were confetti on New Year’s Eve. A lot of anger has been expressed, some of it in a healthy way, but much of it in illegal, destructive ways.

It appears rather clear that out of state organizers have gone to Ferguson and to St. Louis in general, to orchestrate the actions. While locals may feel a need to protest peacefully to the killing of Brown, these outsiders are after much more. It appears that they are trying to fan the flames of anger, turning this into a full-blown racial war.

A map and list has somehow managed to get out from the organizers, showing targets that are to be attacked during the next wave of demonstrations. These include businesses like Boeing, Anheuser Busch and the Ritz Carlton Hotel, as well as landmarks like the Ferguson City Hall and the County Courthouse.

Some targets, such as the Monsanto Headquarters, indicate the possibility of other political motivations besides just anger over a racially charged shooting. On top of that we must note that they have specifically stated that they are not ruling out violence or looting.

It doesn’t stop there though; Al Sharpton has organized demonstrations in 25 cities with large Afro-American populations. And he’s not the only race baiter doing so. In all, there are 83 cities where “demonstrations” are scheduled. While there are a few where local organizers are asking for a peaceful protest, it appears that in most cases, protest is merely a euphemism for “riot.”

The Unpredictable End

In Ferguson, one police officer posted a note to social media stating that there was no way that the police could protect people and that they should be ready to defend themselves. This has led to a surge in firearm sales, with one store reporting six times their normal level of sales.

The question before us all now, is where is this going? There are several possible scenarios and unfortunately the only good scenario looks like the least likely. Should there be nothing more than a peaceful demonstration, it would be wonderful. But I would say that the chances of that are somewhere between slim and none; especially in all 83 cities.

The most likely possibility is violence. The FBI has already arrested two New Black Panthers members who were involved in making bombs for use in Ferguson. That makes it pretty clear that at least some want the protests to turn violent. How many are working to push things that way is anybody’s guess.

The Ku Klux Klan has weighed in as well, saying that they won’t put up with violent protests. So it appears that there is at least one white group that plans on fighting back. Many others may end up trapped in the fighting, simply out of self-defense.

I would not be quick to blame anyone who shot to defend themselves or their families. But if things get out of control, how will those cases ever be sorted out? Each one will have the potential to escalate the matter even more.

Video first seen on Fox News.

Sadly, this could turn into a racial war, spreading throughout the country and into other cities. Like the feuds of old, killings and counter-killings in retaliation could continue for years, breaking out from time to time in full-blown battles. If inter-racial violence starts in this country, there will be no winners, only losers… and everyone will be a loser.

Should things get to that point, it will give President Obama a clear, justifiable reason to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution. He has that power. The laws and executive orders have already been created.

He has armed just about every branch of government, so that he has an army of willing, obedient federal slaves to obey his every command. He could use this as an opportunity to take full control of the country, the government and every citizen’s life.

There are many possible outcomes to martial law, none of them good. In theory, martial law is done to protect the people, but in reality it is usually done by governments who want to protect themselves from the people. With martial law in effect, Obama could truly be a dictator.

The recent elections would become meaningless, as our newly elected representatives may never step into office. Our freedom would be stripped from us, especially our guns and our freedom of speech. America would truly become a police state.

Sadly, the answer doesn’t lie with you and I; it lies in the hands of others. It lies in the hands of people who don’t care about the consequences of their actions, because they are sure than anything would be better than the status quo. It doesn’t matter that they’re wrong. They control our national destiny.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Ferguson won’t rip our country apart but it sure has ripped Ferguson apart. If I were a business owner there that had their business destroyed, I would not rebuild and move elsewhere. I noticed that one was a laundromat and it would be fitting to make their residents have to go to the next town to do their laundry. That’s what happened in south-central LA when they looted supermarkets and the companies moved out. Now the residents must travel to shop for food which is great as far as I’m concerned. Karma is a bitch.

  • For anyone who is not black, focusing on race is not something we have time for. We have our own problems with the police, govt, and banks. Namely that they are becoming consistently more crooked. Also the police are about to round up guns which the way things are going, will be badly needed in the future.

    • FYI, It is the police that want the government to follow the constitution which includes the Second Amendment. You have no idea of what you’re talking about. You’ve gotta stop watching MSNBC that lie like your messiah in the White House (the communist).

      • No one has mentioned an autopsy report. It sounds like that kid was on crack. Everyone needs the officers court testimony. The jury believed him and ruled in his favor in the face of the riots.

      • Ms. McCoy prefers to think as she is instructed. I agree with raptor555 that most law enforcement (and military) support the Constitution, but they find that much of their direction and funding comes from bureaucracies that seek to shed the restraints of that document. This will only get worse until we decide to tear down those bureaucracies, or until they collapse on top of us.

    • I give great respect for every policeman or women out there .When things are bad who do you call!!!!!!!!!!! and **** if you think they are not fast as you think they should be. what a chump get real, wake up.

  • The bottom line is: TOO MANY people crammed together in cities with imported
    race baiter agitators sent in to take advantage of tensions to provide an incident
    for the imposition of martial law…..and too many of the uneducated sheeple won’t
    follow the simple creedo……MYOB….mind your own business….leave other people

    As one of my colleagues often says: we SO deserve what we’re about to get!

  • Seem like since we stop acknowledging God, the creator of this universe, people have done their own thing their way. Thus the mess. I strongly believe bringing God back into the picture will greatly improve All our lives.
    God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, onto the world so those that believe on Him would have eternal life.
    God loves u

    • Allen
      Thank you for bringing Yahweh into the picture…He just seems to be forgotten by the masses of people of all colors! The only race of people that there is, is the Human Race! So we go about hating and killing our brothers and sisters all because of corrupt government officials, corrupt mainstream media and greedy and ignorant people of all stripes!
      I use the nickname Unit Ed because it really is the word: United! Thanks!

    • Th farther we move away from God the less he will give us the protection we need. Not to mention the many blessings this country has.

      • if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. — 2 Chronicles 7:14.

    • AhMen I agree with you Gary,if We will return to the principles of our forfathers We can Save Our Nation.

  • If you notice all of these people doing the rioting are young poor jobless people that have nothing else to do but break windows out and steel things out of the stores. This is great we get to riot and get all the new things we can’t have because we don’t have any money. What a shame that they get away with this. Burning buildings down how stupid. They didn’t care what the verdict was they were hoping to be able to riot so they can have something exciting to do.

    • Yes. Thank you, Don.
      We cannot dismiss the notion that many people get involved in such crap simply as a form of entertainment. Some unruly punks just find that rioting is a lot of fun. There are not really worried that they will be hurt or suffer consequences.

    • looters are of little intelligence proven by their re-actions, anyone with a MODECUM of intelligence would protest in a peaceful way, like what Martin Luther King advocated. Sorry to say but the human gene pool is FAR too POLLUTED.


  • I first of all think we’ve all forgotten that, that poor boy was unarmed. He had nothing but his fists to protect himself. Yes he was wrong in doing what he did but that officer of the law was trained to handle unruly kids. The officer also could and should have called for backup. We see things happening like this all over our United States, it’s not just in Ferguson misouri. Am I saying that it is appropriate to destroy properties and hurt others for this reason, no, what I’m saying is that if we let our governmental system continue the way it is then we asked for it. We the people must stand together peacefully and say enough is enough. We started by our votes the first of November, now let us go the rest of the way and get Obama out of the white house now by impeachment.

    • We need to first, remember HOW this incident actually started: Michael Brown committed a strong-arm robbery, stealing Swisher-Sweet cigars.(the video of him assaulting the store owner is widely seen on you tube. Second, Officer Wilson was the area, because he was called to the scene of a infant not breathing, after helping to resuscitate that infant, he then resumed patrol. As he turned onto the street Brown was on, he noticed at Brown (all 6’4″, 292 lbs. of him) was walking in the middle of the street with his thug friend, who also stole from the same store. At that ti, Wilson DID NOT know the suspect description and stopped to tell Brown and friend to get to the sidewalk, instead of the middle of the road. Brown responded with profanity and threats to Officer Wilson. This is hardly a “kid”, he’s a lowlife thug who used violence to initiate the incident that eventually led to his death. Forensic evidence at the scene, and inside the officer’s patrol car-according to the DA and the Grand Jury, belonged to Brown(his DNA) was found ON the officer’s clothing, inside the officer’s patrol car, as well as on the outside of the patrol car. This is hardly the actions of an “innocent kid” as you have so erroneously stated. This kind of drivel merely adds t the false narrative being spun up by the marxist/anarchists seeking an excuse or rationalization
      to commit violence. Even Brown’s stepfather was video recorded lat night on CNN yelling to the crowd to “Burn this b*tch down” meaning Ferguson self. How would such an action prove anything or bring him back? Perhaps the Brown family should have done a far better job of parenting , instead of enabling even perhaps encouraging Brown to become the true thug he is documented to have become. Trying to minimize Brown’s own contribution to this whole mess is not only a flat out lie, it feeds into the false narrative of racial animus in this case. Get real, stick to the facts Terry, and try and educate yourself about this case and it’s well documented timeline before pontificating on what Wilson should have done. This incident NEVER would have happened, if Brown, a legal adult, would have acted LIKE an adult, instead of the thug he was.

    • Ask the spouses of any dead policeman or woman whose guns were seized and used against them by thugs armed with “nothing but their fists” how much they wish their spouses had used deadly force instead of hesitating. If you feel so strongly that law enforcement should sacrifice themselves instead of making necessary split-second life and death decisions, please go join a law enforcement body and demonstrate to us how it should be done. MusingsbyMarian do tc om

  • Anyone else notice the ‘trend’ here? Thugs get taken out every day all across the US. Only when 0bama’s lapdog media deliberately choose one to MAKE an incident out of does this kind of thing happen. Also, with every event chosen, the media splash of lies and sensationalism, along with the usual race pimps adding their fuel to the fire, gets bigger and bigger. This one almost made the nationwide, coordinated ‘protests’ work. The next events coming over the next 2 years will each be bigger and better organized, until it ‘clicks’ with enough violence and destruction to give the martial law excuse credibility. Then, king for life, 0bama will pull the mask off and we’ll see what kind of ‘remaking’ he had in mind.

  • There was a book written in the 1990’s entitled Civil War II, The Coming Breakup of America. The author is Thomas Chittum. I find it interesting that he projects these ideas so long ago. If you read the book and replace the Asian power with China instead of Japan, it still seem relevant. Mostly, as a Christian, I think he misses the fact that people who have Christian values can make a difference in the race equation. Faith in Christ changes people. But the scripture teaches in Matthew 24 that nation will turn against nation and kingdom against kingdom. The original languages indicate people groups against people groups and political entities or governments against governments. So we see the fulfillment of the prophecies of Jesus in these last days. Even with the Sunni’s and the Shia’s we see that their religious ideology does not keep them from being divided though they all claim to be Islamic. The most important thing, then, is be on the right side in these times. The devil will win a lot of temporary battles, even being allowed to overcome the Saints. But the same Bible that people both reject as authoritative and yet abuse to justify their sins, says who won the victory at the cross and who will be victorious in the end. Jesus! This Jesus said in John 3 that every person must have a new birth if they plan to go to heaven. This new birth comes from believing in Jesus for who He claimed to be. He is the savior, and the Son of God. Islam says that God has no Son. At the baptism of Jesus the Spirit of God came down in the form of a dove and a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, listen to Him”.

    • “nation will turn against nation and kingdom against kingdom”
      So,what else is new? Most of recorded history is filled with this very thing.

      • Actually there is nothing new about that kind of conflict. Jesus was referring to an escalation of the issues world wide. The problems are escalating in the end times period of history as Jesus illustrates in Luke 21 by referring to developing crisis as ‘birth pangs’. The process of birth has contractions coming closer and harder until the birth. The birth Jesus is referring to is His visible return to earth at the end of a great tribulation as the conclusion to the final Battle of Armageddon. Two world wars and conflicts all over the planet are not the same old things we have experienced World War I was bad but World War II was much worse. Now imagine with the current technology what World War III might be like? That is coming because there will rise a world leader who is charismatic enough to bring the world into a treaty with Israel. The Book of Daniel tells us that this will be a seven year treaty that the new world leader will violate himself by declaring himself to be god in the new temple that the Jews will build during this temporary period of ‘peace and safety’. It is during that first three and one half years that the world will reject everything that the prophets of doom have forewarned, but they will see their peace and safety disappear suddenly in the midst of the most horrific time of trouble that the world will ever see. If you are prone to reject these biblical warnings, nothing I tell you will cause you to believe. If you are interested and need the Bible verses that support these guaranteed by God events, let me know.

  • This is what “O” has been waiting for, to declare martial law. He wants to be a dictator. He thinks he knows what is best for everybody. I believe he is involved in this scheme for total control of our AMERICA. He wants total control to get our only means of self defense, OUR GUNS !! Now we are going to be helpless. We will have no rights as our CONSTITUTION will be suspended. Did “O” help in the orchestrate this situation for his political benefit ?? “O”s lawlessness prevails !!!

  • The constant complaint about the white over black ratio of Ferguson police officers confounds me. The laws to assist minorities attain employment are not new nor non-existant. How many black citizens of Ferguson have applied for a position with the Ferguson police dept over the years? There must not be many since if there had been the aCLU would have been a simple contact and would have had a field day with litigation against the city. Many in the black communities brainwash their family members and especially their kids to feel like “victims” and blame “Honky”. Then they scream “Racist” at every white person they see. How many black people are fearful to be in a white community or business? How many whites can feel comfortable in a black community? Not only do they “feel” incomfortable, they may be actually approached and physically threatened.

  • Stay calm, do not allow yourselves to be used as pawns by this race baiting administration.
    Talk to your neighbors, be prepared to stand together. Have a way to communicate, like via the neighborhood watch.

  • Nothing against the black people, but they really need to take responsibility for how they raise their kids. The kid was a bully…a thug. Since when it is right to go into a store to steal, then threaten the store worker, then disrespect a police officer? How can blacks justify that behavior and say he is ‘innocent’? The police officer did the right thing! If you don’t want to get shot; then stay off the streets at night, act in a respectful manner to police officers and everyone else. While we are at it—PULL YOUR PANTS UP! Have respect for yourself in how you look–It’s no wonder there is a racial problem—you all bring it onto yourselves. It is sad to lose any life in violence, but HE provoked it on himself. Don’t blame the police officer for this. Besides, why isn’t there more blacks getting into law enforcement if you are so worried about the white to black ratios in the police departments? Think about it.

  • Something that I have wondered about for some time and have never read anything on the subject. If or when SHTF does anyone know what the plan is for the prison system. Do they just open the doors or what?