Another Shooting – And The Predictable Response

Once again the news is filled with the story of a senseless shooting; this time in a church in Charleston. This one is a bit different than the other shootings that have happened, in that it looks like this one may actually be racially motivated, at least to some extent.

If the reports are correct, a young white man walked into a historic black church and joined them for a Bible study. An hour later, he pulled a gun and started shooting, killing nine people. According to one relative of a victim, the shooter reloaded three times, although I have to wonder how they know that for sure. If their relative died in the attack, who told them that little detail?

Little is known about this young man, but from patches on the shooter’s jacket and posts on his Facebook account, as well as comments he supposedly made during the shooting (also reported by the same individual with the dead relative) this event appears to have been racially motivated.

But… and again I say but… every time there is a white on black shooting, there are people who claim it’s racially motivated. So, I think it’s best to reserve judgment on that score until all the information is in.

Cavalry to the Rescue

It’s interesting that this was a church this time. These mass shooters always pick places that are gun free zones. Apparently the shooter thought that churches fell into that category. After all, who, besides me, carries a gun in church?

If there was a concealed carry holder there in the church, he or she eventually would have lead into the shooter, convincing him that his game was over. His response, as with so many others in the same circumstance, would have been to turn his guns on himself and turn out the lights. Of course, you would nevre hear about such a thing. Carrying a gun in the church doesn’t fit in.

Video first seen on Fox News 

Later, the shooter was caught thanks to a brave florist who spotted and tailed him until the authorities arrived. Sadly, while the woman who helped stopping the shooter may only be lauded locally, the killer will be lauded nationwide.

This will help to fuel the fire, encouraging other unstable individuals to seek out their moment in the limelight and see what kind of body count they can rack up. Everyone ignores it, but all the media attention these demented individuals receive helps to encourage the next one.

The Reaction

Less than 12 hours after the shooting, Obama was calling for stricter gun control. As Chicago’s mayor Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Considering that Obama was raised in the Chicago political machine, it’s not surprising that he has once again chosen to put politics before humanity and speak about the “bad guns” rather than console the families.

{adinserter aliveafteramerika}In fact, Obama has reacted in the exact same way in every shooting that’s received national attention, since he took office. It’s almost become comical in its predictability; kind of like a prophet prophesying their own will as that of God.

It doesn’t matter what the truth truly is, the answer is what the progressive liberal movement wants… to take away the gun rights of law-abiding citizens.

Forget the fact that most of these shootings are done with guns that are acquired illegally. Their actions somehow manage to prove that law-abiding, conservative patriots are all murderers who tote guns around, looking for an opportunity to kill someone. Of course, if their narrative were true, there would no longer be a debate about gun control. The conservatives would have killed off all the liberals, ending the debate. But that isn’t true, except in their minds.

Once the dust settles and the truth comes out, we’ll probably find that the shooter got his guns illegally, just like in the other cases. He’s acted as a criminal and that’s what criminals usually do… get their weapons illegally. We shouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

I will also have to say that there were a few things in the president’s address that I agree with. He said, “I’ve had to make statements like this too many times.” That’s true. Each one is a tragedy that we don’t need. But rather than use the tragedy to find some true solutions, he’s using it for political gamesmanship.

He also said, “There is something particularly heartbreaking about a death happening in a place where we seek solace and peace.” I don’t think anyone could disagree with this and I thank the president for this rare positive comment on Christianity.

Once again, Obama showed his sensitivity to the feelings of the victims and their families by jetting off to a fundraiser for the DNC, right after his announcement. I’m not sure how he thinks that’s leading; but there’s more to leadership in a crisis than just taking a moment out to turn it to your political benefit.

Sadly, Obama and his cronies can’t see how they are contributing to this sort of event. Taking away gun rights won’t solve the problem, unless you can undo the physics that makes guns possible. I honestly think that’s what gun control advocates want; but it can’t be done. As long as physics is physics, guns will be guns. Outlawing them won’t make them go away.

So, we’re probably going to see some liberal push for new gun control laws and perhaps some illegal new executive orders. But we’re not going to see anything meaningful done. That would require Democrats paying attention to facts for a change, rather than emotions, inflammatory rhetoric and their  political agenda.

What Needs to Be Done?

It is clear that guns themselves aren’t the problem. People kill people all the time with things other than guns. It’s also clear that making more restrictive gun control laws won’t stop gun violence. All it will do is make a larger pool of victims for the criminals to go after.

Contrary to what Obama said about the U.S. being the only industrialized nation where mass shootings happen, we aren’t. We’re number seven on that list and the top five all have restrictive gun control laws. That didn’t stop them from having gun violence.

It’s time to seek out the root of these killings. What do they have in common? It’s also time to take an honest look at the mental health of the shooters and find out what that had to do with their actions. The information I’ve seen shows that a number of these shooters are being medicated for mental and emotional disorders. If that’s the case, the root of the problem isn’t the guns, it’s their medications.

Movies and video games have also been mentioned as potentially playing a part in these crimes. While most of us can differentiate between real life and what we see on a screen, small children can’t. What if there are some people who have trouble outgrowing that and never really see the difference? Even worse, what if these shooters see what they are doing as a big video game that they are playing out in real life? Could that be their motivation? If so, that’s scary.

The problem won’t get solved by playing politics, but rather by seeking out its roots. In the mean time, we need to look at what will help protect the innocent from becoming victims. There are ample statistics that show that an armed population reduces crime, but there are still too many people who won’t even listen to those statistics, let alone use them to eliminate gun free zones and encourage law-abiding citizens to carry concealed.

What About You?

So, what are you doing about it? Are you carrying? Are you ready to protect society from people like this? If not, may I be so bold as to say that you are helping to perpetuate the problem. If armed citizens reduce crime and you aren’t an armed citizen, then you might not be helping reduce crime.

I made the decision several years ago to get my concealed carry license. Since then, about the only places where I don’t carry are in the shower and in the gymnasium. Although, looking at some of the gang members in our gym, I’d rather be carrying there, if I could conceal it.

Why do I carry? Because I might end up being the one who is able to stop a mass killing. Granted, odds of that are extremely slim. But the odds are non-existent if I’m not armed.

How can I, in good conscience, allow others to become victims, when I could do something about it? I can’t. So, I carry. Hopefully, I’ll never have to use it. But if someone comes in my church and decides to shoot it up, I’ll be ready.

What about you?


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • I thank Obama is the main reason for all of these shootings have u noticed most of these have just started in the LAST FEW YEARS

  • I have yet to see the liberal media or any other gun control advocate explain how any new gun law would have stopped the shooters in question. Their arguments just don’t make sense. Another “the fork made me fat” argument.

    • I agree. The “fork made me fat” mentality of the left is the mentality that makes them so wrong. They simply cannot imagine taking responsibility for their own actions. When something bad happens to them, the immediate conclusion is “I am not responsible for my actions, someone else is and that someone now owes me”. The someone that “owes” is either a conservative, a white person, or anyone who dares to disagree with their view.

  • just because a deranged idiot shot some wonderful people IS NOT A REASON to ban guns in America. A deranged person is going to get a gun even if they are legal or not. We can’t stop these idiots by punishing law abiding persons.

  • It really makes me mad that the CIC will use this against those who are law abiding citizens, who have the right to carry a bad name… When will people understand that the government has no intentions protecting the USA.. The government is more concerned about illegals and foreigners…. As a law abiding citizen, we have the rights to carry without being attacked by those who wants to destroy this country……. The government wants us to be a gun free zone all across the country so the CIC can unleash his private military against us.

  • Hillary cartoon sure jumped on O’butts bandwargon fast.

  • I am so glad that you mentioned the mental health aspect of the shooters. Not enough is being addressed on this issue. I do not pretend to be an expert in this field, as I am just beginning to research and learn about the DNA and gene defects that affect most of us. One area of research expounds upon the effects of folate and it’s supporting biochemical interactions. In the 1940’s scientists discovered that a lack of enough folate caused various birth defects, i.e. cleft lip, cleft palate, club feet, scoliosis, etc… The government agencies decided that they could help prevent those defects by adding the folate to our foods, like cereals and breads. The only problem was that it was difficult to obtain that much folate, since it came from dark green leafy vegetables. So they created a synthetic formula to match folate called folic acid. From 1943 until present day most of our foods have been “fortified” with folic acid and various other “nutrients”. There was no research to support what the effects of the folic acid would do over the long term. What we are finding out now is that our cells membranes will not recognize the synthetic folic acid especially in some gene mutations, and the membranes pores will not open to let the folic acid inside the cell to do it’s repair work. It’s like the cell is saying “you have the wrong Key for the door, go away”. The folic acid then backs up into the hallway, i.e. the blood stream and begins to accumulate. As the folic acid builds up higher and higher in the blood stream, it affects the neurotransmitters and causes mood disorders. Now, the person is depressed, or angry, or having panic attacks and goes to the doctor. The doctor prescribes an anti-depressant, SSRI, Serotonin Selective Re-uptake Inhibitor. Initially the person may feel better, but that is the eye before the storm. The accumulated folic acid in the blood stream meets up with the SSRI and it’s like lighting the fuse to TNT. The chemical reaction causes the person to emotionally explode.
    So what does that have to do with the story at hand, “Gun Control”? If, you will note that all of the mass shooting perpetrators have been noted to be on SSRI’s. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on control of SSRI usage, a little DNA testing for the abhorrent genes that cause the folate defect and restriction of guns only for those reasons, like they do with felony charges? Wouldn’t it be better to stop fortifying our foods ?

    • What an interesting supposition! I am glad you’re delving into the research on this subject and I would be very interested to hear more about what you are learning. I think what you said makes a lot of sense and underscores the fact that the government has done a lot of “additions” to our diets and water through the years and there is just now a beginning of enlightenment as to these actions and the harm, rather than the good, they have done.

    • Interesting information, C. Parke. I’ve heard about contraindicating drugs causing extreme mood swings and violence. especially a certain one used commonly in depression or anxiety disorders.

      But you missed the point. That would be good to investigate as a genuine physiological behavioral concern, but the issue of ‘extreme crime prevention’ methodology is never a cure for the end behavioral breakdown. the actual slippery slope and despotic means to an end, not entirely withstanding for the liberty atrocities associated with the imaginary ‘cure’?

      Banning firearms for felony charges have already demonstrated their ‘slippery slope’ tendencies because now you can lose your inalienable right to have a firearm for a domestic violence arrest, even if there was no gun or weapon used! Now you can lose your inalienable right to have a firearm if you are a combat Vet with PTSD who has somebody else handling your business and financial affairs because of your emotional distractions and occasional cognitive disorientation (you know, like about one out of EVERY four people can be ‘legally’ diagnosed with when they go through some bad emotional content days not even nearly as bad as too many of these poor abused combat vets had to endure–which causes you to drink too much and miss your car or credit card payments, or get angry and act out.

      Now you can slip even further down the slope of tyranny in certain states which have an Extreme ‘public safety law’ like New York. So if your friendly neighbor doesn’t like your outburst of anger when her constantly barking dog shits on your driveway and you step in it and calls he cops saying you threatened her and they now can then just come over and search and seize your guns Without a warrant just for ‘safety’, you wanna bet what’s next?! Especially with GENE FREAKING ANALYSIS and PROFILING? HAhahahah–NO, Please don’t even suggest anything like that.

      Or let us put it another way. If anybody by now can’t smell the gunpowder yet and understand that it never was, and never will be about any ‘crime prevention ‘ or public safety, but only about the mass disarmament of the populate, then i won’t be so critical as to say that you are part of the problem and not the solution, as many would, but i can only think that you are not doing what’s necessary to prevent totalitarianism in this country.

      • I think much of what you are saying is very true. I agree with you about the slippery slope of tyranny. My point is that the “powers that be” have been feeding us the chemicals to dominate mind control for the past 50 years. And you may be right about the Gene Profiling issues. But if we don’t recognize the artificially manufactured virus that has created the disease, then we will never understand how to cure it. Chasing or blocking gun control is a symptom, racial issues are a symptom. You can’t win the battle with cancer without changing the life style.

        • Good ‘cancer’ analogy. And correct as well. But that’s also part of the problem. Banning, restricting, prohibiting historically never worked for any behavioral modification concerning extreme emotional content. The human mind will always become adequately resourceful when compulsively obsessed to a point of determined focus. I know you know this b but it must be constantly driven home to finally confront the true issue of changing the core substance of human emotional content, as ‘band-aid’ social fixes fade away into obsolescence.

          Gun control never worked even in the short term. And in some cases, such as the Obama effort at gun control, it actually created the opposite affect. This administration’s obvious dedication to unconstitutionally disarming the populate doubled the sales of AR-15. The American 2/A People’s potential Militia as described is now the largest standing reserve army in the world.

          Where we part on methodology is that gun prohibition is taking an agenda based government priority over other more efficient and much more potentially successful means of controlling violence.

          Meanwhile, we have numerous ways to better spend anti-gun effort and money to curb and eventually cure the violent tendencies of people without punitive prohibition of Constitutionally guaranteed liberties…for Life.

          Modern science has come a long way. If an individual is extremely out of control to a consensus of obvious potential for self destruction or serious violence to others, then there are innumerable laws already in place to temporary incarcerate and treat them. And eventually cure them. But not degrade their ‘recovery’ by a constant stigma of prohibitions to even include restricting voting rights, not to mention making it almost impossible to ever find a job and constructively return to society as a value producing ‘rehabilitated’ citizen.

          What few people know, but will be my ongoing Patriot duty to get them to realize is that the ‘powers-that-be’ are not interested in social stability or rehabilitation, or even reasonable crime prevention.

          They have but one purpose. To disarm the entire American people so that they can enslave them.

          If anyone still can’t figure out why, then let me know and i’ll attempt to ‘enlighten you’. (hint: it’s why the Framers set the 2/A in the first place)

  • My church has some armed ushers and a number of concealed carriers in the pews (and the choir.) Anyone who tried to shoot up this church would be lucky to get off more than a shot or two before being stopped. Criminals love “gun-free” places. Let’s make sure there are fewer of them by carrying wherever possible.

  • As usual, libs spout their mindless garbage which is not effective, anyway. If their brains and their mouths are not disengaged, they left their brains in the birth canal.

  • I wrote in immediately after the shooting and Obama’s comment. I would like to address H. Clinton’s gun comments. I would like to put a sign in my yard or a bumper sticker that states ” Congress should outlaw pant suits not guns” head this idiot off at the pass before it gets started. As for Obama I think you already said it. Thanks God speed(or that’s illegal)

  • Murder of 121 Americans laid at Obama’s feet
    Before President Obama uses the tragic murder of nine people in a Charleston church to sell the idea of changing the Second Amendment, he should address the preventable murders of these 121 Americans.

    All are dead because of something he refused to do — obey a law already on the books.

    Finally, a few Republicans have found the backbone to call him out …
    Read the latest now on

  • These are not Civil rights as the e-mail statement stated, these are Constitutional rights endowed to us by our CREATOR, self defensive and the right to determine our destiny is a choice mechanism handed to us by our CREATOR, not by some human who thinks y know what best for us . Tryanny and the Monsters that sponsor this kind of thinking only want to absolutely control the people .

  • Why are we arming a country by supplying millions of dollars worth of weapons to a bunch of panty waists who run at the first sign of trouble. In this Country we are willing to pay for our own weapons, defend ourselves, and our Country. We are law abiding citizens who run into roadblocks such as our inept police chiefs who decide whom can carry or not. Some day we will need a militia, Isis is alive and well in the USA according to the FBI. but not one that is unarmed and useless.

  • Mr. Roof legally bought his glock on his 21st birthday. Another fact you mis represent/misadvise on is concealed carry at church. Soufh Carolina Concealed Carry Law prohibits civilians from carrying in a church or other place of worship. Therefore any person carrying in a church would also be a criminal.

    • You need to READ the actual South Carolina Law on concealed carry in a place of worship AGAIN. You are incorrect in your post. It IS actually the decision of each LOCAL pastor in his/her place of worship to make that call. So, NO, anyone legally carrying is NOT an “automatic criminal” as well.

      • Your’re exactly right. I’m in Charleston and have spoken to Law Enforcement on the incident. Just to clear things up.
        First, the weapon inolved was a full sized 45 cal Glock with extended magazines. He reloaded 6 times, a total of nearly 80 shot holes in the basement which didn’t hit anybody. (Bad shot) The 5 yr old that lived smeared blood on herself and laid still according to her dead mother’s direction as she went down. The other woman he left alive to tell the tale.
        He bought the gun in Charleston with his birthday money , NICS check didn’t pick up any felonies.
        His father and two sisters called the FBI upon seeing the pics of him on Fox news and and his uncle said he wasn’t worth anything and would pull the switch on the day of his execution.

  • Another tragedy perpetrated by a disturbed individual against defenseless
    citizens. A few years ago another shooting occured at a church in Texas with
    fatalaties. The same gunman traveled to Utah and attacked a second church.
    A female church member shot the assailant who then killed himself. Proof that
    you can defend from these rogue individuals. Police would never have responded
    quickly enough to alter the outcome.

  • As long as good decent people are trying to exercise their First Amendment rights as guaranteed by and delineate in the US Constitution , evil will continue to prey upon those same good decent people, who NEED their Second Amendment rights to defend their First Amendment rights.
    Law enforcement ca only RESPOND/REACT to a 911 call-for-service, they cannot be and are not legally required to be “proactive” in having an active presence on site at various religious places of worship. Mr Benton’s post above, (the last line) is absolutely correct. Law enforcement cannot ever arrive on scene to prevent an attack anywhere. Evil is real and must be confronted by overwhelming and immediate force. Nothing else will work, nor has it “worked” in the history of the world.

    • AMEN!!!

  • There is 34 million of us deist and we will turn back the pages of time to 1778 with the original deist of the constitution, and bring back liberty it is such a simple thing, if there was a god he created religion for religious people and liberty and freedom for the rest of us. A little Thomas Paine mmmm.

  • I have seen more than a few folks carrying in church…In todays’ times when I go in church I plan ahead for something I hope will not happen…yet if it does… that person will be in the right place to start his journey to where he/she/they will be heading! … a jump ahead of many others!

  • I used to be anti-gun but I have wised up, I now know that it is the people not the guns. Messing with the gun laws is not going to help . Not only are we having more killings, mostly by young people, but look at the suicide rate going so high among young people! Something is wrong with our youth, they have no regard for human life, no values, no morals, no religious values, and I could go on and on….Look at the drugs, the TV shows, the music, the video games and again I could go on and on…I believe we have failed these children, the parents are failing, our society as a whole is failing! We cannot change this by changing and messing with gun laws every time something happens. We need to change how we raise and what we teach our children. We need to teach them these values from the get go. I am afraid this young generation has only grief to look forward to and it is not their fault, it is ours for letting this get out of hand. It is the parents fault. What are we gonna do about it? Obama is not gonna do anything about it. We have seen our religious values deteriorate along with our country. America needs to get back to basics for our children’s sake! (and yes I do now own a gun)

  • I would conceal carry at church but Virginia is one state where it is illegal . We do however have a couple local sheriffs who go to our church and hopefully they are carrying.