5 Real Solutions To Gun Violence

It is more than fair to say that the loudest anti-gunners don’t really want to solve any problems.

All they want to do is pass a bunch of laws so that people think they can get things done.

As we have seen in other countries that were swayed by similar people, destruction and terrorism are sure to follow.

That all being said, each and every person reading this has a chance to actually help stop gun violence by reaching out and doing something useful. It does not matter if you are for or against gun rights, all that matters is that you have a sincere wish to stop a killing in a neighborhood or family near you.

Teach Children Gun Safety

Not so long ago, gun owners in this country passed hunting and other traditions down from one generation to another. While this is still true for many parts of the country, there are also many people that do not have the advantage of a robust upbringing on gun safety and use.

This factor combined with the fact that respect and gun safety are not taught in schools means that children have insufficient guidance on how to behave around guns.

When it comes to teaching children about guns, let’s start off by drawing an analogy to other important things that are learned around the same age when gun safety training should begin. As a parent, you probably used a very different approach when teaching your child to avoid a hot stove and how to handle matches.

In the former instance, you may have warned the child that certain things were not safe to touch. If they did not listen and touched a hot pot or pan, they learned quickly enough to pay attention to what you said and what to be wary of.

On the other hand, your parents probably took a different approach to teaching you how to handle matches. You may have been told to stay away from them until you were taught how to use them, and may have been punished if caught playing with them.

It is sad to say that many children today learn “gun safety” through violent cartoons, movies, video games, and even songs. If we truly want to stop gun violence and instill a sense that life is sacred, gun safety needs to be taught in a responsible way. Children that are not old enough to handle a gun or stay away from them as directed should not be allowed near them.

Any child that is not old enough or responsible enough to handle a gun should also not be allowed to read, view, or listen to media or entertainment venues that promote the wrong or careless use of guns.

Equalize Gun Ownership Across All Social Classes

As we have already seen, gun owners are some of the wealthiest in our nation, while those who need protection from guns are some of the poorest. If we are to have a safe and equal society, then everyone must be able to own guns regardless of income status.

From homeless people right on up to billionaires, each person should have a gun and sufficient ammo to use for personal needs. Training and practice areas should also be offered at taxpayer expense for anyone that cannot afford these services.

Consider that if we can spend millions to billions of dollars each year on crime and crime prevention, it is truly much better and cost effective to put the power of self-defense directly back into the hands of the people.

Putting guns in the hands of every citizen also has two other important functions:

  • Right now our society is heavily divided along many different lines. Our language is changing in ways that make us think we know what others are saying, when in fact we have no clue. Gun ownership and maintenance comes with a set of very precise terms and procedures that can act as point of agreement among diverse people. Since guns also symbolize respect, there is also a chance that people will be less inclined to lie, cheat, and behave in other ways that serve to undermine the fabric of our nation.
  • Right now we have an unknown number of people in this country that did not come in legally. While we may think many of them are from Mexico and South America, it is no secret that many people from the Middle East may be making their way through the same porous border to our south. Because of the nature of terrorism and the conditions in these countries, it is entirely possible that millions of sleeper cell terrorists and “lone wolves” may already be here. Our homeless citizens and poorest citizens are likely to be the first attacked. Those attacks will be successful and overwhelming if we do not make gun ownership equal and unfettered across all income brackets.

Reach Out to People at Risk

One of the saddest consequences of all these discussions aimed at pushing gun control is that over half of all gun deaths are actually suicides.

When people are lost in pain, illness, or other types of distress, it does no good to tell them that you want to take their guns away. This only makes people in need more inclined to hide the fact that they need help and also makes them feel less confident of their ability to manage their daily lives.

Instead of punishing people for being sick and threatening them with gun confiscation, it is time to reach out to these people and actively work to gain their trust. Anyone can hold a gun and lock it up for someone that feels like they are on the edge.

Anyone can be a friend, listen, and help another person in need get back on their feet mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, the way gun control laws are written these days, the very people that may be trusted to hold a gun are the very ones prohibited from doing so.

This only leads to more deaths, more massacres and more fodder for anti-gunners hell bent on getting their way.

In some traditional gun owner families, including mine and my husband’s, it was not uncommon to hold a gun for a family member or close friend until they demonstrated that it was safe for them to have the guns back. This is distinctly different from making a law in which the guns are held by a stranger, or a whole host of red tape must be gone through to regain access to a gun.

People that know you best and trust are the ones you will go to instinctively; and they are also the ones that are best able to determine if it is the right time to give your guns back.

Situation Awareness and Common Sense

Anti-gunners are very fond of saying that gun rights advocates are paranoid for thinking there is a criminal or terrorist hiding under every rock. Nevertheless, the numbers prove them wrong. Have a look at your risk of being the victim of a violent crime, even without concerns of terrorism:

  • 1 out of every 10 women will be the victim of a rape. If you are a woman, remember that the next time you go shopping and stand on line with 9 other women. One of you may have, or will be the victim of rape. When you go to vote this year, remember that the Democrat rape crisis platform consists mainly of telling women to urinate on rapists in order to deter them, and then toddle on off to the hospital for a rape kit and an abortion.
  • 7 out of every 10 people will be the victim of home burglary. Anti-gunners run around saying that you should not need more than 10 bullets to protect your home and family. Nevertheless, in a panic situation, you may in fact need a magazine that holds 30 rounds, or more. Quite frankly, unless anti-gunners have actively been involved in home robberies and can prove they can do better than the police or the average home owner, they have no place judging what is, and what is not a “personal use” sized magazine. Bullet size, gun type, and many other factors make it unreasonable and dangerous to limit magazine size.
  • 4 out of every 10 people will be robbed. Elderly people, the disabled, and the homeless all run a greater risk of being robbed. Isn’t it better to empower these people with guns instead of leave them at the mercy of criminals that are probably using the black market to get what they want?

Aside from carrying a gun, it is also very important to be aware of everything going on around you. Without accurate assessment of the people around you, it becomes difficult to avoid crimes, and also increases the likelihood that you will need to use a gun to defend yourself or someone else.

Together with that, situation awareness is also very important in a nation where terrorists are actively planning and carrying out their disgusting acts.

When you start paying attention to what people are doing, and learn how to spot suspicious behavior, then you become empowered and able to help the society around you.

From active shooters to suicide bombers, having a gun will give you the chance to take action to resolve immediate threats, and quite possibly reduce the number of lives lost. As it stands, anti-gunners refuse to admit that armed people are harder to commit acts of terror and crime upon.

Terrorists and criminals, however, live in the real world and aren’t about to take the risk of trying to overcome armed citizens. They know they will lose, and for every victory they gain, the price will be far higher than they are willing to pay.

Repeal All Gun Control Laws

Gun free zones, background checks, and other gun control laws all look good on paper. All they have done here, and around the world is increase victimization against poor people and ensure that children are easier to kill in large numbers.

As getting rid of Prohibition normalized the use of alcohol in our society, getting rid of gun control will also restore guns to the level of normalcy they had at the time the Constitution was written.

Repealing gun laws in this country is only the beginning of what must be a global revolution. This revolution includes:

  • study the arguments used in favor of gun control. Understand how people are being brainwashed into going along with it. Educate about gun rights in a civil and polite way that does not cause brainwashed responses to take control of your audience.
  • refusing to vote for any leader that supports gun control
  • investigate all proponents of gun control to see who they get their money from. You may just uncover a massive scandal or some hidden criminal action that will get them removed from office.
  • recalling all leaders that attempt to impose gun control
  • immediately petition and seek to overturn gun control laws through legal challenges
  • form networks with pro-gun advocates throughout the world to ensure gun control is appealed in all nations
  • Learn about gun control in world governing organizations. Investigate and expose proponents of gun control and find out how to get them voted out.
  • Continue to educate people in the United States and in foreign countries about the benefits of unfettered gun ownership. Never forget that there are some people in this world that have been heavily brainwashed, have never been around guns, and do not know better than what they were taught. Be a patient teacher and a role model for all the best that is in our American gun culture.

There is no question that there is too much crime and terrorism in this world. Focusing on gun control as a “cure all” or “beginning point” is not a viable answer.

As we learned with alcohol, and continue to learn with drugs, actually resolving issues around material objects cannot be done by limiting those objects. Rather, we must sit down and look for ways to work among people in such a way that a major crisis can be averted.

For those at risk of committing suicide or killing others because of personal problems, we must build very personal and very tangible bonds of trust that can be used in time of need. For terrorists and criminals who may be beyond our mental and emotional reach, situational awareness combined with arms for every citizen remains the best and safest answer.

We, as a nation and world do not need ham handed, lame brained gun control laws to get in our way. We can do a better job without having to put aside a single gun.

Written by

Carmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. She is currently working on combining vertical container gardening with hydroponics. Tyrrell is also exploring ways to integrate magnetic and solar power generation methods. On any given day, her husband and six cats give thanks that she has not yet blown up the house. You can send Carmela a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

Latest comments
  • Pass common sense mandatory criminal control!

    Step one.

    If charged with having/using a firearm unlawfully….

    No reduced bail, Subject to an automatic dangerousness hearing, No plea bargains, No reduced sentences, No early release from prison, and minimum state sentencing laws for assaults and/or robberies committed with a firearm.

    No need for step two.

    If you believe jails are overcrowded and think most criminals should receive community service, go for it. But, when a criminal gets to the point of carrying a gun, a different and more serious ball game and mandated rules needed.

  • Excellent article. Facts well presented.
    EVERY child should receive gun safety training at an early age. This could be taught in a public school environment using firearms that are disabled by removing the firing pin and instructional/demo videos that are readily available on YouTube. This would eliminate any “fear” of firearms.
    As a young boy, at age 5 (1946), I received a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for my birthday and intense schooling in gun safety by my father. Because I demonstrated an ability to safely handle the BB gun, I received a single-shot .22 rifle for my 7th birthday and have owned firearms ever since. Not one of them has ever left the house and gone out and shot anyone.

    • Yes- this is similar to how we learned as well. Remember your first hunting trip?

  • While all this makes sense and I am a supporter of gun ownership as provided in the 2nd amendment, and we need to be able to protect ourselves, I believe we are missing the root cause leading to gun violence. Until we ALL look deep into our hearts and minds and acknowledge that violence comes from within ourselves as hatred, greed, fear, insecurity, etc. and we learn to love one another as God loves us, we will never end this violence and will always have this battle. I pray for all victims of gun violence (whatever the reason) and their families and the day when guns will only be needed for hunting food and friendly target practice.

    • I agree – human violence is the problem. Until we solve that, guns are still necessary to protect the innocent.

  • Great start article for solutions instead of feeding the Totalitarian 666 Beast with agenda based nonsense and seriously dangerous gun control laws..

    Everybody should copy and send this article to their legislators, on a weekly basis until the election, underscoring the part of “recalling any reps or leaders attempting to impose more illegal anti-2nd or 4/a laws, or refusing to make a serious effort to repeal all gun controls to start with a completely new paradigm.

    Something REALLY Effective Like Carmela also mentioned here…like making sure your kids don’t turn out to be government mindcontrolled Federal Robots and learn safety, responsibility, and common sense!

    They did it in Colorado, it Worked!

    • Mahatma,

      Thankyou for the endorsement and kind words!! I believe it is up to those who have grown up in a gun culture and have traditions passed down for generations to reframe the conversation on guns so that we can have a healthier society moving forward.

  • “GUN” control is ALL about “PEOPLE” control. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT! ETC, ETC, ETC. If you render a population DEPENDANT ON YOU for their SAFETY and SECURITY, YOU win and can get away with ANYTHING YOU WANT. It’s NOT Ignorance, or Stupidity, or Mistakes committed in the name of “Common Sense”. It IS a GANG of “CREATURES” that do NOT give a RAT’$ A$$ for YOU, your FAMILY, your LAWS, your COUNTRY or ANYTHING else you hold NEAR and DEAR. YOU, as a GOOD, GOD FEARING CHRISTIAN AMERICAN CANNOT EVEN COMPREHEND the SICK, TWISTED BULLSHIT that is CIRCULATING inside their heads and OWE IT TO HUMANITY to RESIST “Them” to the LAST BULLET and the LAST MAN!!!! Make NO MISTAKE, Time is SHORT and YOUR MIND had BETTER BE MADE UP IN ADVANCE WHICHEVER way you decide to go because when the S hits the F, it’s gonna be in an INSTANT and require IMMEDIATE ACTION! Take THAT to the INTERNATIONAL BANK!

  • Often I hear, “I’ll teach my kids about guns when they’re older.”

    The day their kid kills them-self or some one else, they wish they had started sooner.

    My son was taught safe firearms handling sitting on my lap with a scoped Ruger 10-22 carbine at 18 months of age! Yep, a year and a half.

    Did it work? Well, he never shot anyone, until he was 21 years old, then by doing something he had been taught never to do, accidentally shot a friend in the leg with a .380 pistol. The flat spot on his forehead testified to how many times he slapped himself silly over that one.

    It is a good idea to start children out VERY young about safe firearms training.

    A. You won’t need to lock up your guns.
    B. You can have them loaded in condition one without worrying about your kids.
    C. Your children can’t be brainwashed by anti-gunners. Even teachers.
    D. They will teach your grand kids the same things.
    E. If they go into military service, they will have an advantage over others who have had no such training.

    Family days on the range teach children especially the amount of damage a firearm can cause. Getting everyone in the family involved in safe firearms training not only protects your entire family, it is also another source of fun the entire family can enjoy. The practice will do everyone a good turn. You will be able to sleep better at night because everyone in the house knows how to handle a gun.

    Semper Fi!

  • Are you seriously proposing everyone have guns including convicted rapist JEROME NMN McCORRY Registration #: 32198, who leads a gun control group in Ohio? Crime causes poverty, IQ influences wealth even with affirmative action the kids of the most successful black families in the nations earning over $200,000/year have an average SAT score of 981 while the poorest whites from families earning under $20,000/year have an average SAT of 978. That fact is even on the journal of blacks in higher education web page.

    • Hey Steve? The 2nd/A DOES NOT qualify your right to have a gun. Rlemember? It was ‘Shall not be fucking Infringed, Period! I’m still amazed at how many Watter’s World nitwits still can’t get that?

      Criminal behavior in addition to that uninfringeable right is coincidental to any deleterious anti-social acts. Which have plenty of consequence in punishment, regardless of the weapon used, or not.

      Also mental disorders or abnormal emotional dispositions are NOT a crime! And cannot be used as a criteria for disarming anyone. (At least not until The Hellbitch gets in.)

      So Yeah, Steve, The Constitution says that everybody can have guns until they are convicted of a serious enough crime to where they are put behind bars and can no longer possess much of anything, certainly not any weapons. until they have paid their penalty.

      Common Sense, reasonably objective and honest justice. Just like the visionary Framers ‘envisioned’.

      Otherwise you have Totalitarians or moral authoritarians infringing upon your rights on a slippery slope to social slavery by saying shit like, “I don’t want people with mental problems (or other bad issues) having a gun, And potentially violent people should not be allowed to have guns’, and so on, stupidly.

      When someone tells me something like that, I say, But it’s none of your fucking business who has a gun, and nobody gives a step in dog shit about what YOU want!

      Because that is one slippery slope that there’s no getting off of until you crash and burn when you hit bottom.

      Because I could then get away with sayng…Steve’s disjointed and totally specious comment content indicates to any basic psychologist that he has some serious mental issues that should preclude him from having a gun?

      And as far as the Leftist Libtard bullshit stats in your cognitive departure from realism,, there are verified indisputable statistics that any and all gun control FAILS in any capacity to prevent ANY crimes? PERIOD! None of these so-called ‘massacres’ were prevented-or could have been prevented- by any kind of ridiculous Fascist agenda background, checks, or gun control laws.

      But just the simple fact but dirty little secret the Totalitarian Leftists and skeered shitless of their shadow sheeple are in a state of denial about is the fact that over 90% of daily attempted violent attacks on citizens by miscreants, predators, and habitual criminals are actually PREVENTED merely by the potential victim displaying or fearlessly threatening self defense action with a firearm?!

      This alone proves that Gun Control Laws are the REAL Criminal!

      The state of abject ‘Denial’ of that is part of the problem, and is actually preventing any viable solutions.

    • Steve,

      I am, in fact, advocating that all people have guns. I would not want my worst enemy or the most illiterate person on Earth left to face ISIS without a gun (preferably a machine gun).

      Insofar as SAT scores – they are absolutely NO measure of intelligence, let alone moral fiber. I’ve seen people that were kicked out of school or never learned to read that could take an engine part and fix it, shoot better, and have more sense about how to live in this world than geniuses that got high grades on their SAT. I’ve also seen the horrors that geniuses can unleash on this world because they do not know God or believe they are superior.

      Low grades start when kids don’t feel safe, and have not been taught the kind of respect that children learn as part of the traditional gun culture. When these kids in poor homes where guns aren’t allowed grow up -they turn to crime because it may be the only way they can feel safe. If they were taught respect for life – including their own from the start – their grades would be much higher, and so would the bar they set for using guns.

  • I disagree with one of the solutions to provide everyone a gun. More people are dying a day from gun violence than probably the statistics you provided in the passage of a number of people at being in danger of a situation such as rape. People are shooting one another in the streets for no reason. If everyone had a gun even when being trained to use it could make the wrong decision to take vengeance on someone for what they did by shooting them. This increases the number of deaths from gun violence. It is definitely not a good idea to provide everyone a guns. So many possibilities can impact the society in a negative way. Unsecured guns can be left in homes for children to play causing unintentional situations where a child accidentally shoots their sibling..