Home security is an important issue, even for those who are not preppers. Nobody wants to have their home broken into and especially not

Although it isn’t considered one of our top survival priorities, self-defense should be right at the top of the list. The reason it isn’t,

In the realm of self-defense, it’s imperative for the mind to remain alert and active, constantly seeking opportunities or strategies to navigate a potentially

In today’s dynamic world, unexpected situations can arise, challenging us to think on our feet and respond appropriately.

Security is at the top of the list of needs in a SHTF situation and while your first thought is gun as it is

When the SHTF, people become desperate real fast and your prepping efforts will make you a target if you're either not careful or just

I have used prepaid cellphones exclusively for about 6-7 years now. There are many reasons why I switched but, for me, it started with

Law enforcement officers and emergency service providers are intimately familiar with the enigmatic force known as adrenaline. It floods their lives to a significant

Defending home and family is an important part of survival strategy. We talk about hardening our homes to make them harder to break into,

It’s natural for many preppers to be more isolated and independent, but you may still want to get on social media. You should at

Back in 1972, the science fiction author, Isaac Asimov, wrote what has come to be known as “the Three Laws of Robotics.” It was

The United States is fighting a losing war, and the American people are kept in the dark about it. No, I’m not talking about

One of the big questions in the prepping and survival community is that of building a bunker as a survival shelter. People go back

Unmanned warfare has revolutionized how the military conducts operations in hostile territories, with drones playing a vital role in scouting out locations, observing enemy

In the event of a dangerous situation where one needs to protect himself, a firearm is often seen as the most effective defense. Handguns,