Even if you don't own a computer or use the internet, your personal information is more than likely in the hands of people, businesses,

You need to mentally prepare your kids for such a traumatic event because when panic sets in, the odds of survival are greatly reduced

Recent events have once again brought to light the fact that the government is spying on us, just as Snowden reported when he left

One of the good things about President Trump, is that he does what he thinks is best for the country. He’s not trying to

Rather than putting all your information in one storage form, diversify, and also remember as much as possible so that you don’t to rely

You may relate to the situations here, and having a security officer in the vicinity will protect you from physical danger and will also

Use of force does not start out at lethal levels and if all you have trained to do is use your firearm, you may

Body armor is a useful piece of equipment to have in general, but in hostile situations it is absolutely necessary to ensure your survival.

Will your escape plan be successful? It's one of the most elementary principles of survival. Having the right escape kit will pay of when

Active shooters are intent on murdering as many people as they can before someone takes them out, but there are things we can do,

Artificial neural networks will duplicate the way the human brain functions, which may soon translate into self improving AI. The next logical step is

The lack of unfettered access to guns by civilians and absolute parity with military and police forces make our society far more dangerous and

It has happened again. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Another deranged young man has entered a school, with the intent of

Some things are as bleak as the media wants you to think and some things are much worse… Like how we’re being scared by

Operation Security is essential for every prepper and it basically means you must keep your stockpile secure from privy eyes.  The first rule of