The Villainization Of Conservatism

Is it just me, or is the news starting to get repetitive? Some shooting happens, the media immediately blames it on conservatives and the NRA, before they even know the name of the perpetrator and then Obama has a speech where he does the same thing.

The same message over and over, with never a retraction when the truth is found out.

Many of these shooters are turning out to be Muslims, but that is never admitted in the liberal mainstream media. After all, admitting that would cause them two problems. It would make it look like the Muslims are something other than innocent victims and it would eliminate liberals’ ability to blame everything on conservatives. After all, as every liberal knows, all gun-toting conservatives are murderers.

At first glance, it would seem that our news media is highly incompetent. After all, consistently blaming the violence on the wrong group of people sure doesn’t make them seem competent. But there’s something deeper going on here; as if it is intentional.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that the news media is fully in bed with the progressive liberal agenda is either a liberal themselves or asleep. While the media has clearly leaned to the left for a couple of decades at least, it hasn’t been until the last few years that they have so clearly become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the progressive liberal movement.

There have been a number of rather troubling accusations come out against the news media lately. For one thing, several of the news agencies have been caught dramatizing events to get the footage they needed for their nightly reports. Then there has been revelation of how much money top news executives have donated to the Democrat Party and Democrat Candidates.

Several reporters have come forward, saying that the White House has threatened them if they tell the truth, and now, there’s a whistleblower who is saying that the news media receives money from the U.S. government and other countries, for putting the news in a favorable light.

With all this going on, it’s hard to believe anything that’s coming out of the mainstream media, yet millions of low information voters still do. Perhaps that’s simply because as long as they are taken care of, they don’t care what else the government does. This leaves the door wide open for the government to get away with a lot of things; some of which might be immoral, if not illegal. The media is supposed to be self-policing, but it’s clear that they aren’t doing that very well either.

There has been a fair amount of information come out; pointing to the fact that Sandy Hook was phony. The whole event was a planned exercise in reacting to an active shooter situation.

When the time came, they brought in the media and the actors, making it seem like an actual shooting event. There’s just one thing… there were no ambulances to take away the kids who had been shot. If kids had been hurt or killed, why weren’t there any ambulances?

Sandy Hook wasn’t the only event that people are saying was staged. There are rumors that 9-11 was, that the Boston bombing was and that several other events which have gripped the country’s attention were staged for political reasons. While I don’t know that any of those rumors are true, I do know that the news media is quick to blame conservatives, regardless of what actually happened.

Time after time, conservatives are being blamed for things that they didn’t do. Take the mass shootings that have been happening in schools and other gun free zones.


Almost without exception, the shooters in those incidents have either been registered as Democrats or in the case of perpetrators who are too young to be registered voters, they are from families which are registered as Democrats. But if you ask the average person on the street, they’ll tell you that those are all conservatives.

Why is that happening? Because they are hearing what the news says and there are never any retractions of those statements. When the investigations are concluded and the information comes out that they are liberals, the news media doesn’t report it. They let their initial false narrative stand. Obama is helping this along too, refusing to label killings by radial Muslims acts of domestic terrorism and pushing the narrative that there are more people killed in the United States by right-wing extremism than there are by radical Islam. Uh, what people killed by right-wing extremism? Other than the killing in the black AME church in Charleston, I don’t know of any.

But the facts apparently don’t matter when you’re trying to swing public opinion. As Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister once said, “If you tell al lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Could it be that what we’re seeing is nothing more than a propaganda campaign against conservatives?

The truth of the matter is that conservatives are probably the biggest danger that Obama and his followers can see, to their socialist utopia vision of the United States. In their minds, anyone who stands against them is a terrorist. By that definition, you and I, not those who are out there raping, killing and beheading people, are the terrorists of today.

Yes, this is a ridiculous point of view, but the scary one is that it is the point of view that is being sold to the general public. While the population of the country is roughly equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, the number of true conservatives is lower than the total number of Republicans. The number of conservatives who are truly willing to take a stand for what they believe in, even if it will cost them, is lower than that. All it would take to silence them is a threat by those in power.

Conspiracy or Not?

Don’t believe me? Look at the vast number of people who refuse to speak out against anything PC. If being labeled racist is enough to silence people, how easy will it be to silence them when the alternative is being sent to a concentration camp?

There has been a lot of talk amongst conspiracy theorists on the right, talking about the DHS list of people to arrest and FEMA internment camps. I tend to ignore that. It’s not that I don’t believe that such things are possible, it’s that I’ve heard so many things through the years that I wait until I can see something tangible happening. Even if those things do exist, my talking about them or worrying about them isn’t going to change a thing. That has to wait until the other side takes action first.

But just for a moment, let’s suppose that the conspiracy theorists are right and that Obama’s government is working towards capturing all true conservatives and putting them in those camps. Wouldn’t they need an excuse to take that action? They would have to tell everyone else something. They couldn’t just let it go that X million people have disappeared or that X million people have been arrested. There has to be a reason behind it.

Swiss guns

Before Hitler started rounding up Jews and sending them to the extermination camps, he put them in ghettos. But before that, he turned the people of Germany against them. The opening salvo in his war against the Jews was propaganda. He had to get the people behind him first.

I could show you other examples as well. Hitler wasn’t the only one. Mao did it in China. Stalin did it in Russia. Castro did it in Cuba. Obama is doing nothing more than following a well-documented pattern. Turn the people against the group you want to get rid of, then when you give an excuse for rounding them all up, the people will buy it.

What’s the excuse to lock up conservatives? How about the overwhelming preponderance of evidence that every gun owner is a murderer? What, you don’t think they are? You’re right. But all those liberals out there are convinced of it. Just look at the things they post on social media if you don’t believe me.

Okay, enough of conspiracy theory. Let’s get our feet back on the ground. Look around you, can you tell me any logical reason for the villainization of the right, that Barack Obama, his political cronies and the liberal media are propagating? I can’t either. There seem to be only two options; the conspiracy theorists are right or there is something much more sinister and secretive going on, than even they have imagined.

Obama only has 15 more months to act. He either has to do something in that time period, or he has to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution so that he can remain in office. The match is set to the fuse, all that remains to see is when and how it will blow.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Thank you for your Alert of what is happening. I am very concerned, but I do not think anyone can stop this attact by the Left. I hate a lie and am sad to see this Country go down because of many lies and ungodly actions by our government supposedly Leaders. The book of revelations in the Holy Bible tells us Things will only get worse. Come Lord Jesus, Sincerely, Michael Blackmon

  • No, it’s not just you, Mr. White. We see this just as clearly and, yes, there really is a concerted effort to neutralize the power of the people to interfere in the global plans of the communists who are now in charge, thanks to the global corporate oligarchy’s great strides in putting their people in high places and bribing congress to put their personal interests ahead of their oaths and duties to the people they no longer represent. The devastating effects of well-planned global agendas, with of course, the help of their “Man in Havana,” so to speak, are to silence those who speak out and criminalize all activities of those who have the wherewithal to do something about it – gun owners, patriots, investigative journalists, bloggers, whistleblowers, people’s militias, appeals court judges, teachers and preachers, and now, even constitutionalists. There are several well-informed constitutional attorneys who cannot even get their information into print, the only alternative to broadcasting which now, as this article points out, exists only as a propaganda machine for the government. Even King George would be impressed and our founding fathers would be shocked. The demonic souls of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Marx,Mussolini, et al, have been resurrected. So yes, things are definitely much, much more sinister and secretive than any covert operation has ever been, since these traitors now occupy every seat in government, government agencies and on the bench. To minimize any resistance whatsoever, psy-ops are used to keep the people so divided among themselves, that no voice can be heard above the others. Mass surveillance infects every public forum. We the people are hanging on by a thread with only our guns to protect us from the tyranny of our government and our complete destruction, but not for long. Just in case some of us still have the desire to fight back and the delusion that we might prevail. foreign forces have been brought in, terrorists roam the streets apparently under the radar, illegal invaders without a clue as to the meaning of our rule of law and willing to destroy the hands that feed them, and the most seditious treaties that cede our sovereignty to the UN and its global puppetmasters. No matter how far we stretch our imagination of how bad things might be, it is without a doubt, not even close to how bad it will become, once the finishing touches of the Agendas of the NWO have been put in place.

  • What is needed is for all conservative witnesses to post accounts of what really happened. videos would be very effective and so would sound if you have that capability. If the liberal media won’t promote the truth, then it is up to the people who are there when it happens, to report the truth on social media. It is the only way we can make the viewers see what is really happening. And if any liberal witnesses want to join in the “TRUE STORY” postings, feel free.

  • Pretty much right on. I don’t know about all the conspiracy stuff, but for sure there is a war on conservatives brought on by the obummer admin. I know for sure the two biggest problems in this country are the total corruption and political correctness in DC. The lame stream media is a huge problem but there is not much we can do about it except to totally ignore it as I do. I watch no television at all and read no lame stream newspapers.

    • Marty, how do you know the lame stream media is corrupt and a huge problem…or anything else for that matter…if you don’t pay attention to any news or what’s going on in the world, and totally ignore it?

      • While listening to talk radio, the news comes on the hour. This occurs on every station, so I either listen or shut off the radio.

  • It appears that Fox News does not fit what you describe as media. As I see it they put out the straight skinny more than others.

    • At one time they were the most accurate, less and less now a days.

    • Yes, FOX News can be trusted as a conservative news source. Just like its founder and owner Rupert Murdock, right? No, he was a savvy business man who saw a market niche and addressed it. The lamestream media is entirely left leaning. The people are predominantly conservative but don’t have a voice in the media. The left doesn’t want to leave behind conservatives as a group, they want to entice them along the leftward shift they are part of creating. FOX news is intended to reach back to the conservatives left behind in the leftward shift and bring them along too. It is conservative “lite” or pseudo conservative. Rupert Murdock is a dedicated progressive and a globalist.

  • First, this article is too sweeping, too vague, too general.

    Assumptions are made, but not explicitly stated.

    For example, an underlying assumption is that Obama is “trying to take our guns away.” if so, he’s been exceedingly ineffective! My gun is where it’s been for years, and I’m beside myself with non-fear that the mean ol’ government is coming for it.

    Sandy Point was a staged event so the government can take our guns away?

    Tell that to the parents of the murdered kids! I’m sure they’d love to find out their child is actually living.

    911? Yes, it WAS a false flag operation, and the buildings were clearly brought down via some kind of controlled implosions. Skyscrapers with asymmetrical damage don’t come down symmetrically.

    liberal media? Yes, and no. Most journalists lean Left, but they work for corporations which lean Right, and that relationship prevents journalists who wish to keep their jobs from seeking seriously the full story. Thus, we actually agree that the MSM is vapid and waaaaay too PC.

    The reason conservatives are vilified (or just mocked) is because of too much crazy ideation. For example, you’re not going to get very many sane supporters by intimating Obama is INTENTIONALLY seeking the ruination of the country, or claiming that Sandy Hook was a staged event to further enable complete gun confiscation (how’s that working out?), or that Obama is the anti-Christ and a Muslim besides.

    People with a healthy sense of skepticism refrain from buying those kind of ideas, ideas associated with conservatives.

    No, not all conservatives are dumb. I hold a lot conservative views myself and I know some smart conservatives. But, unfortunately, a lot of un-astute people lean conservative, which is unfortunate.

    Assuming there is some kind of a Communist conspiracy is crazy talk from the John Birch Society. Even William F. Buckley didn’t buy that. He took a lot of his fellow conservatives to task for failing to make intellectual and moral distinctions between progressive and Communism.

    My position is that there’s a lot of truth on BOTH the Left and Right. One does well to embrace the truths both sides promote. Be an independent. Pick and choose among the possibilities those which make the most sense AND are supported by facts and logic.

    Again, this article was too vague, too sweeping.

    I’d stick with giving advice to survivalists and drop the dubious political philosophizing. Such crazy talk tends to lower your credibility.

    OR, if you’re going to advance dubious ideas, at least prove them with good ol’ facts and logic, instead of just stating that, for example “there were no ambulances at Sandy Hook,” as if this was a staged event in which the perpetrators were so stupid they forgot to include ambulances.

    I come here for practical advice relating to surviving extreme circumstances, despite the politics.

    But I wonder if others will be so willing to tolerate the questionable philosophizing!

    • You may not have seen several different video clips of the burial of the Sandy Hook kids. The group of adults sitting, chatting, joking at the gravesite. Then the cameras go “live” and the weeping sad faces come on cue. I didn’t see any other kids, what would be the sibblings of the murdered kindergarteners. A little odd, a whole class of only children? Or the school building had practically no electrical usage for the entire year previous? Like it was an already abandoned school building or something. I myself saw what looked like actors hired to play the part of grieving parents on two different occasions. I don’t know what happened at Sandy Hook but the official story just doesn’t add up.

      Don’t get me started on 9-11. How many airplanes does it take to bring down three buildings? Answer: two if the fuel burns hot enough. Don’t forget that the CEO of the demolition company that did the clean up bragged publicly in a gathering of that trade that they pulled off the most spectacular skyscraper demolition in history. Yes, with thousands of people inside them, unlike other lesser building demolitions. Again, I don’t know exactly what happened on 9-11 but the official version requires bending too many laws of physics to even be possible. Apparently this is not a unique opinion. According to a poll, there are more people who believe in aliens flying UFO’s than believe the official version of 9-11. But only conspiracy nuts believe anything contrary to the official story, right?
      That illustrates another Pavlovian response that we have been brainwashed with. Any talk of the “C” word and we must think the speaker is nuts or paranoid. Pay no attention to the facts, override your own observations and intellect, he must be a conspiracy nut.

      • The only thing I thought strange about Sandy Hook was one of the weapons used was an AR-15. Never saw one in any of the reports. All I heard was from the police chief who got mad when people asked that question. A horribly liberal community, and probably the chief as well. It sounded to me like it was politically correct to blame the AR-15, but as far as I know, never a photo of the evil weapon. Could be wrong since I’m not a fan of lame stream media, but I’ve never heard of one in the media blitz.

  • Whats with Obma and tirning his money into another form of currency and hillary and bill durning his admonstration sleeping with Canada to make a deal with putin to by unuraim rights in gellette Wyoming with both Bill and Holary present at the signing of thos deal

    • You can bet anything bill and killery are involved with, is criminal in one way or another.

  • I understand what you are saying and could see these theory’s being true. Except one thing, you state no proof. I wonder why if it’s true that most of the shooters are Dems why don’t you state your source. If they are Muslim, how do you know this? The kid in GA was a racist, absolutely from what I have seen. If the people in that church were armed they may still be alive. Does the Confederate flag waving make you a racist, no! I can see the one sided reporting by news people. It does exist. It is full of half truths and non statements. I am Conservative about 50% of the time, Libertarian 35% and Liberal the last 15%. I don’t live in MO but I still like what they say. Show me, please show me so I can distribute the facts to other people that want and need to know. Just making a statement saying its “so” is no better that the Progressives!

    • Mickey, he has given you the facts. I’ve seen them several times. If you are interested, it wouldn’t be hard to search them out yourself. When I get the time, I’ll find them again and submit them here. The one place you won’t find them is lame stream media.

  • This article was about conservatives being vilified by progresssives in government and their propaganda ministry, the lame stream media. They do have the majority of us brainwashed. Did anyone else notice the slip up in the article indicating some of this brainwashing has even affected the author? Obama tries to convince us that there is more violence from right-wing extremists… “other than the AME church in Charleston”. That was clearly a racially motivated crime against his fellow Americans who are black. How is that even remotely a “right-wing extremist” crime? It is not unless you have been unknowingly brainwashed by the media to assume racist=right-wing. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid of the mind!

    • Andi,you are right on. I don’t even remember anything abut the racist shooter. For all I know, h could have been a racist liberal. They absolutely exist, I knw at least one.

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