McKinney Incident: America’s Racial War Spreading

Well, it seems the police are at it again; or at least as far as the race baiters are concerned. Once more we have reports of police brutality and once more we have people up in arms. Only this time, thank God, there was nobody killed.

This latest incident took place in McKinney Texas at a party in a gated community. Apparently there were a few trouble makers at the party, getting a little rowdy. When the police arrived, the trouble makers didn’t cooperate and the police had to get a little rough with them.

As usual, someone caught it on their camera phone and it went viral. That’s all it took.

What started out as a normal police call to take care of a few teens that were going a little off the reservation, has turned into another national spectacle. The scary part is that we haven’t even gotten over Baltimore yet and the race baiters are already raising up a new battle cry, getting their minions to run to Texas and stir up trouble.

Now we’ve got the New Black Panthers showing up in Texas, as well as the Sons of Islam. Al Sharpton is supposed to be on his way, along with any other race baiters they can dig up. While Al just has a big mouth, he’s been none to call for the killing of police in the past.

The police officer who was caught on video is now on administrative leave and hiding out with his family. That’s not because he’s afraid, but rather that threats have already been made against not only him, but his family as well.

Many strong, brave man will quail when the lives of their wives and children are at risk. If they are mad at him, that’s one thing, but there’s no call to threaten his family.

The Disturbing Facts of This Situation

First of all, I can understand people getting worked up about the police killing someone, especially when the victim’s true character is hidden and they are made out to be a saint.

Granted, none of the previous victims have been saints and it appears that the police have been justified in all cases. But with the false testimony and the propaganda that the mainstream media is putting out, I can see how people have gotten upset.

But that doesn’t make what’s happening right. Being upset is one thing; rioting and destruction is another.

Nowhere, in any law, in any country, can you find a right to vandalize, commit arson and loot, just because you don’t like something that happened. That’s the action of criminals and they deserve to get locked up.

Secondly, the race baiters are painting a picture that anytime the police deal with Afro-Americans, there is racism involved. The only racism in most cases is the screaming that the race baiters themselves are doing. Criminals are criminals, regardless of their color.

There is a growing attitude amongst blacks that they don’t have to obey the police because they’re all racist. This, of course, is being fostered by the race baiters. But how does that racist argument work with black police officers though?

Thirdly, we keep seeing the same bad actors show up over and over again. I’m not talking about Al Sharpton, although he is definitely a bad actor, I’m talking about the protesters. What we have are professional protesters, going from place to place, as they are directed by their leadership.

The same people who were creating havoc in Ferguson, have also been seen in New York, Baltimore and now in McKinney. Someone is paying them to destroy, as one of the leaders of the New Black Panthers stated.

This is definitely getting out of hand. It is clear that none of this is spontaneous anymore. When the same violent protesters show up in place after place, stirring the crowd up to commit vandalism, destruction and theft, it’s a clearly planned event.

We’re Taking a Stand… But at What Cost?

The one thing different in this case is that the event is in Texas. I’m not sure, but after what happened at the art exhibit where the two Muslim gunmen were killed, I doubt that Texans are going to put up with the type of garbage that has been going on in other cities. There’s a good chance that we’re going to see law abiding citizens fighting back this time.

I remember seeing pictures when Ferguson happened of some local business owners who stood guard at their businesses, while the rioting and destruction was going on. Their businesses didn’t suffer damage. That may very well be what happens in Texas, as armed citizens take to the streets to protect their city. Considering the groups that are descending on McKinney and their history of violence, we could see the opening shots of the next civil war.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but this is looking more and more like events are being driven towards a foregone conclusion. That conclusion seems to be armed racial warfare here in the United States. If that happens, countless innocent people, both black and white, will be killed.

This is so ironic, considering that it has been the United States who has stood against such things in the past. Yet, the race baiter in chief and his ambassador to race baiting have been working overtime to bring it about. What gain can come is impossible to see. All I can see is death and destruction coming out of all this violence.

It has come to the point where I’m asking myself: “Where is the next violent protest going to happen? How many people will be injured or killed? How soon will it happen? How many businesses will be burnt out, destroyed, never to be reopened again?”

You see, there’s no longer a question of “if,” it’s become when. This has gained momentum. We have a movement for destruction right in our midst. The organizers and participants won’t be happy with anything less than more destruction.

But a desire for destruction can’t be satisfied. There won’t be a time when they will say “Enough.” Rather, it is going to continue to intensify. Someone will have to stop them or we will end up in that racial war. It may not be fought in all places and at all times, but it will be fought.

Violent clashes and destruction of property won’t stop until one side is defeated. Considering the demographics of our country, that doesn’t look good for the blacks. Someone is using them, and that someone apparently doesn’t care how many of their lives are destroyed.

So, where does this leave you and I? That’s a bit hard to tell.

We are clearly living in times of transition and danger. I doubt the transition will be very good, nor will it be very peaceful. We are likely to see that civil war break out at any time. All that’s stopping it is that it hasn’t yet developed enough momentum.

But from the looks of things, that momentum is building.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • #1 Problem; Too many laws for the Gov’t to collect tax money from. Just because the Lawyers that we elect attempt to substantiate their existence by creating new laws. Too many males in this country think it is ok to be a sissy and/or gay (pusified) and those are the ones that need the police to, as you say above ” there were a few trouble makers at a party that were getting a little rowdy.”
    Believe it or not, the Gov’t wants this type of male in this country because they are easy to control. People are relying on the police now because someone called them a name. Let’s get this country back into real men’s hands. Watch TV for 10 minutes and if you don’t agree, you are part of the problem. Women have more spirit than most of today’s “men”.

    • Check out the stories coming from Alex Jones website. Billionaire George Soros paid 31 million dollars for people to riot at Ferguson. Remember how they said that complete strangers were rioting and destroying things and they weren’t even from the place? George Soros paid $5,000 to each person to add to the riots at Ferguson. If you want inside stories of what’s really going on behind all the events in and out of politics watch Alex Jones on YouTube.

  • Its nice to know someone else out there is seeing what’s going on in the background with these protests. The colored population are being used to invoke pure chaos in cities and to cause the police to turn a blind eye. This opens the door for more colored Muslims to walk around freely and plan whatever they’re planning without the worry of the long arm of the law. Basically HE’S crippling the United States so it can’t defend itself against anything. Everyone knows to face us like men is stupid, they’d all loose. So they will go after our politics and livelihoods instead and cause chaos from within destroying the very fabric of our nation which in turn changes us completely. Does that not conquer a nation?

    • I think there are enough good men of all colors that would come to the aid of their neighbors and/or police. They all have families to keep safe from the lowlife troublemakers looking to cause trouble. When Martin Luther King was shot, I was working at a bank in Delaware. You could see the smoke coming up from Maryland due to fires being started by angry folks. The bank sent us home at 2pm, and we had to have National Guard soldiers escort us to our cars (back then and there in Wilmington, we didn’t have any fancy parking structures). Any ole way, a lot of people, both black and white were milling around on the main street thru Wilmington. I talked briefly with one older black man and he told me he was really scared and was going home. Next day on the front page of the local newspaper was a (true) story of how a crowd of blacks were in the process of pulling 2 white women and their 2 children out of a Volkswagen. A crowded bus pulled up next to this horrible scene. The bus driver stopped, then got up and turned to his passengers and said “Are we gonna sit here and let this happen?!”. The people all yelled “NO!!” and started piling off and running towards the family caught in their Volkswagen. The group of blacks scattered and took off. So the bus driver made sure this family was ok to drive, and the bus followed them out of the bad neighborhood. The city was under an 8pm curfew for several days.
      Yes, I was scared. Things were just spiraling out of control in some areas. All it takes is a few bad apples to get others worked into a frenzy, and all hell breaks loose. Sociopaths and pyscho’s, they love this kind if activities. Mob mentality takes hold. Best to hide in the shadows till you can make a break for it. I did not have a car at the time. I was in a car pool, and since I didn’t have wheels, I paid for the “toll” fees.

  • It’s obvious this is being deliberately orchestrated in order to bring in martial law!! All planned for the purpose of controlling every citizen and completely destroying this once-great nation! Then we will have a dictator or king or whatever Barry wants to call himself. Our Constitution will be no more! Freedoms will be no more. Voting will be no more! And the end will be here!! Best line in the article: “Criminals are criminals regardless of their color.” My advice? Get out of cities now, while you still can!!

    • Marilyn, you are absolutely correct. This is exactly what obummer has planned for. He has destroyed this once great nation, and has no intention of leaving DC in 2017. Just think about it. Reports are these protesters are being paid up to $5000 per month. The money has been shown to come from obummer’s buddy soros. Why would soros want to cause race riots? His goal, just like obummers, is martial law. We lose all of our Constitutional rights, Communism takes a stronger hold and One World Gov’t is that much closer. This has been obummers goal from the beginning. People really need to wake up.

  • You are right about everything except The Baltimore incident. The police had no reason to arrest Freddy Gray! They had no probable cause! Now they are trying to use the knife he was carrying but they did not know or suspect he had it ! The Baltimore police murdered him and Race had nothing to do with it ! !

    • How wrong you are. The police were ordered to increase enforcement in precisely that intersection. Who made that order? Why, the prosecutor herself, Mosely. Why you ask. Because of the increase in drug dealing. So, you have a high drug problem at this precise intersection, and the police see a person who has multiple convictions for drug dealing at this precise intersection. They had all the probable cause in the world to stop him. Now, I’m guessing you don’t know Freddi boy had just had spinal surgery just prior to this incident. His surgeon reportedly told Fred he was to stay in bed following the surgery. And what was Fred doing? Out drug dealing, of course.

  • There is not much more to add, your article explained the issue very well. America does have their race baiters, as you have mentioned, I just want to add this, it has been said that organizations that are funded by George Soros are starting much of the violence, meaning there is an agenda to this madness, and what to do about it is, either fight back, or wait until we get a President in office that will Not put up with the nonsense.

    • Speaking of Soros, did y’all know that he has been buying up all the farmland with silos all across the USA? I wonder why? Is it because he wants to control the food so as to control the masses. Yes, I read this in the Daily Crap of San Diego, a few years back. I also read that Soros arranged with some of his phoney commies friends to instigate the Wall Street BS. Any news on that lately?

  • The race baiter in chief and his Cadre of lieutenants are responsible for how near the cliff we are.
    The use of martial law to ” stabilize” society has been used in the past to quell “unrest”.
    The race baiter in chief is waiting for the opportunity to arise to disarm the population.
    God help us all if and when the opportunity arise. This will be outright war.

    • Are we talking about the “martial law” as part of the Jade Helm 15 Summer Fun? Most of the population is not aware of this forthcoming event? At least those I talk to don’t have any idea. Totally clueless. Morons. I try to warn folks but THEY DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! They get angry at me! My own brother too! He even hangs up on me. Well, I’m NOT giving him any of my toilet tissue when the Shtf! CRIMINY! I have a yrs. supply, plus gloves, and cleansing spray. And by the way, has anyone bought the solar generator as advertised on the “Blaze”? I was checking it out, it seems kind of pricey. Is it a good deal? I’m still stocking up on all manner of things. I like to be clean so I’m loaded with all kinds of soaps, plus h20 hidden all over the property to water my veggies. Let me know folks. My husband passed away 3 yrs. ago, so I’ve been doing all this prepping myself. He was a liberal, didn’t believe in prepping.

  • I’ve heard the conclusion of racial civil war in other sites and frankly I don’t see it. There are too many blacks who DO NOT like Al, Jessie, the Black Panther or the Sons of Islam for the same reason any sane person doesn’t. This is a small group of anarchists, thieves, and tax evaders (Al owes how much? and no one has touched him) who want power for themselves and know they would never get it through the rule of law. So like Lenin, they take baaing sheep to the streets, wherever the action is. The natives of Fergusson, mostly black, will tell any reporter who listens that they didn’t know any of the rioters and didn’t appreciate them destroying their town. But is that in mainstream media. No, because they are a bunch of morons who think they are smart (which is more dangerous). The people in Baltimore are also suffering for what Al and his cronies have done there. The murder rate has doubled, the police is not responding. If anyone wonders why, they are morons as well. If people want to take back their towns they need to do a) support the police with their own protests, b) protect their police and community. If the police are smart, they will have community organizers that will encourage citizens to work with them and prevent abusive outlanders from destroying their neighborhoods.

    • KG, I agree with most of what you say. But you are missing one really important thing The problem is it will be the criminal element, not the law abiding Blacks which obummer will base his reasons for declaring martial law. Just like all the recent disturbances/riots, they were not caused by the law abiding folks. They were caused by the soros paid rioters. Lame stream media has been mostly quiet about these ‘professional rioters’. That’s how obummer wants it. He doesn’t care that law abiding Blacks are going to lose their property and possibly their lives. As long as it brings about his ultimate goal…Martial Law.

      • Well, I think there are two many God fearin’ and law abiding citizens both left and right, white and of color, who will stop any kind of take over BY this asinine gov’t. We need to worry about the Chinese invading via Mexico and the Russkies attacking on the east coast.

        By the way, in was in the newspaper in 2001 about how a shipping container coming in thru Long Beach, was found to be full of ak-47’s.
        So, if only 2 % of all these containers are checked at all, how many others have come thru, and WHERE ARE THEY? Have they been carted off to some hidden destination? And with all the so called “Economy Centers” that the Red Chinese are supposed to build throughout the USA, perhaps that’s where we will find them? See “Utah to be first Communist State”. Google it.

  • One or both of 2 things is happening:
    1-Obama is trying to stir things up to facilitate nationalization of the various police forces.
    2- Muslims within the Black population are trying to foment anarchy.
    or3-Both of the above

    • Maybe our Black Hitler found an Ebonics translation of “mein kampf”

    • I do believe obama is intentionally stirring the pot in order to cause the impending race war, which will come to a head not long before he is “supposed” to leave office, which will result in him declaring Martial Law, which will result in the suspension of ALL elections and the suspension of the Constitution itself. Then the attempted confiscation of firearms will begin…as well as the 2nd American Revolution/Civil War. If this comes to pass I would not want to be a politician that even had a negative thought about America because you will be found out and justice will be served…

  • Think George Soros.

  • I completely agree with Bill White, it’s not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” this race riot/civil war will break out…all spurred on by our inglorious mudslime in chief Baracaca Oblowme and his cast of race baiting stooges. What I don’t understand though is why Sharpton and Jackson and their ilk are still sucking air. And no, that’s not a threat by me, it’s just a statement/question. With as much trouble as they have caused people of ALL colors, destroying families and the livelihood of countless thousands with their inciting riots, looting and destruction of property. WHEN the race war does break out, and I have no doubt that it will break out and soon, I would not want to be in any of their shoes…Just my two cents worth.

    • Long before this POTUS, there began the NAACP, which is by default, racist. And for some God-Only-Knows reason, these black people are continually allowed to presume ALL whites have an ancestry of slave-ownership, which is absolute BS !!! Their thug RAP music is constantly spewing racial crap, and all the way back to Jimmi Hendrix singing: ‘move over Rover, let Jimmi take over’, THEIR ‘works of art’ have included racist overtones. My ancestors knew nothing of blacks and I learned nothing about blacks from them or anyone else from my Northern Michigan mining and logging community – I learned it from BLACKS – just as soon as I moved to Milwaukee in 1984 – just as soon as I encountered them – there was an immediate change in my knowledge and opinion of THEM – all because of THEM, not any white person.

  • Say what you will…we are entering into an era of the New World Order…Social injustice… espoused by Democratic Socialism…we are being encompassed by a National Police State as described by George Orwell in his book 1984…peaceful citizens are made to look like criminals…Yet few people (deniers & liberal Democrats) will admit to it…not believing that law enforcement need not follow the rule of law…nor “to protect & serve”…as such a fabrication of Orwellian “double speak” language…The New World Order is abjective to the American Bill of Rights…the first 10 amendments of our Constitution…with which the leadership of the Democratic Party have done much disserviced in their efforts to dismantle our Bill of Rights and or to include the lessening of our civil liberties and the removal of freedoms we have far too long taken for granted…
    Not forgetting “Freedom is not Free”…whereas civil disobediance becomes a necessity to address wrongs imposed upon “we the people” by the government and or the police…It is not a matter of race, color, or nationality…It is our American right given to us by our founding fathers…as Benjamin Franklin once warned…”if you can keep it”.

    • The problem with the philosophy of Franklin and Jefferson, etc., is that they presume the DNA of all men is the same – it is not. Some men want to be in a socialist civilization, some don’t. And generally, the Black Man’s soul is not the same as the White Man’s. The Black Man IS a different being, they are Tribal Socialists rather than Adventuring Individualists. That is why God put them on a different continent. Not even Franklin is smarter than God. If they were never brought here as slaves, how many of them would come here by choice? Few if any, but few would. There it is, as simple as that.

      • You are painting with a mighty broad brush. I know many Blacks who will be on the front lines with all the other Patriots defending this once great nation. Patriots come in all colors and I would rather have most of those Blacks I’ve known, fighting next to me then some of the white trash I’ve known.

  • There are only 2 parts of this artical i agree with Yes all the Ractial hipe is just that! its hipe!! what ll this is Really about is the Police state in the united states! its not just black hell i have seen cops grab old men i mean men in there 60’s and throw hem to the ground for no apparent reason other than thy wanted to feel in control!! tats bullshit!!
    The law says and i have had some honest good cops tell me the same a police officer is never suppose to put there hands on you unless you are being placed under arrest i have had cops do the shit to me when i was younger and then wind up telling me to go! that’s bullshit yes i can see it if a person as a gun in there hand or a weapon of some sort and refuse’s to put it down but a old man with a walking stick he use’s to stay standing up? come on give me a friggin break! the damn cops just think they have the authority to do there jobs anyway they see fit and that just isn’t the case!
    The second thing i agree with is yes the American people tired of all this shit and yes good citizen myself included are going to arm themselves and stand up for there rights when it comes to them!

    • Old men in their 60’s? I resent that comment. I know many “old men” in there 60’s and beyond who could wipe up the street with the much younger crowd.

  • From my understanding of what happened in McKinney, the initial premise for this article is incorrect. White adults slandered some Afro-American teens, even slapped one; thereby starting a rucus -and then called the cops on them! These white adults were the rowdy ones, not the teens. And there is indeed a nation-wide problem with police brutality, which mostly folks of color have to take the brunt of. In protest to that, there are also many peaceful marches, aimed to bring attention to the vast scope of injustice and lack of accountability in law enforcement. People want to be heard and there are protesters joining in different cities out of solidarity and shared sentiment. All of these elements are missing in the article, and although well written, it seems slanted, even biased to the point of exacerbating differences and already existing tensions and misunderstandings, thereby adding to the ‘racial war’, even if unintentionally.
    What if ALL people who want fairness, justice, decency, safety, freedom, etc. etc. stood together? If one is looking for ‘enemies’, they will be easy to find. They come in all shapes and sizes, depending on who’s doing the looking. But making ‘friends’, coming together, reaching out, finding common values with others on a broader scale, forming a united front in peace – that demands effort. And maybe, just maybe, THAT is precisely what it will take to avoid martial law.

  • It’s the Alinsky model in action. Protesting for protestation’s sake War for war’s sake. It doesn’t matter to Alinsky’s pupil, Obama, what causes the war, who’s right or who’s wrong. All that matters is that a war gets started so that he can put his martial law plan into effect, making him dictator for life.

  • Seems to me I read where these little darlings were trespassing on private property, which was controlled by a neighborhood HOA..When the only cop got there, most of the underage teens were either drunk or on pot..Also one of the few mothers who were there, was selling tickets for admission, stating that she had permission to access the park area, which was never substantiated.. This was all second hand, and the MSM has to date not followed up to get what REALLY happened..All this supposedly came from a resident of the housing project..
    Take it for what it is worth..fact or fiction?? who knows..


  • I am quietly waiting for all hell to break loose…Cleaning weapons stockpiling ammo,food,meds…

  • When the next economic downturn (or collapse) occurs, this problem will explode. The cities of America will be in serious trouble, and each group will be looking for someone to blame. The result will not be pretty.

  • Texas Rangers have a habit of going to riots and shooting the leaders until no one is willing to do it anymore. The saying “Don’t mess with Texas” has alot more to do with that than with littering. Anyone who starts a riot in Texas had better have their affairs in order. The saying among the Rangers is “One riot, one Ranger.” You can bet that they mean it too.