E. Garner and M. Brown – What’s Happening?

Right on the heels of the Grand Jury announcing that there would be no indictment of the police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we have another grand jury deciding that it would not indict a police officer for the killing of Eric Garner in New York. To many the two cases are almost the same, but there’s a lot that’s different about them.

What’s the same is that in both cases a white police officer killed a young black man in the execution of their duty. In both cases, the respective Grand Juries decided that the police officers hadn’t used excessive force; but had, in fact, followed the guidelines laid out by their police departments for the use of force in apprehending suspected criminals.

However, what’s happening in the court of public opinion and the press, as compared to what has already happened in the Grand Juries, seems quite different. It seems that parts of the nation have already decided that both police officers are guilty of killing innocent young black men and that they should be tried and convicted of that.

We have to realize that in both cases, the facts of the case are immaterial to those who are trying it in the court of public opinion. They have already passed judgment that America’s white police forces are out to kill black youth. It doesn’t matter other things the police actually does, nor the fact that police actually kill more whites than blacks.

You never see those things being talked about by the mainstream media. So, what’s really happening here? Why are people ignoring the facts and the decisions made by the two Grand Juries?

What’s The Catch?

You might be wondering, as I’ve wondered, who can possibly benefit from such a war? That’s a good question and one I’m not sure that any of us can really answer; but there are a few possibilities that I’d like to mention.

First of all, there are race baiters in our country who are working hard at raising racial tensions. And I see Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson among them. Those aren’t the only ones, by far, but those are the ones who get the most press. While those four don’t confide in me with their plans, their actions are easy to see and to read.

It seems rather clear that they, and others who work with them, are taking every act of racial violence and injustice against the black community that they can and using it to increase racial tension.

Widespread rioting and fighting would give President Obama the excuse that he needs in order to declare martial law. Once he did that, he could suspend the Constitution and pretty much do whatever he wants to with the country. There would be nobody with the authority to stop him.

Another, slightly less drastic possibility is that ongoing racial tension could justify the ongoing militarization of our police forces and federal government agencies.

The president has already named a commission to review police work here in the United States and has put one of his cronies in charge. It’s not all that unrealistic to think that he’s already told his buddy what sort of recommendations to make; that of federalizing all police, concentrating power in the president’s hands.

There’s also the possibility that riots and violence play into Obama’s plans to destroy the country. The more damage they can cause, the greater a strain it puts on the country overall. If enough damage is created in one area, the looters and rioters may move out into other areas, burning down more businesses and further damaging the economy of those communities.

Then there’s the possibility that all of this is nothing more than a means for the aforementioned race baiters to enrich themselves, at the expense of the country. It’s clear that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are making money off of it. Even their own people have complained about it.

One thing is clear, the demonstrations and violence we’re seeing today are being intentionally fueled by those who want that violence for their own agenda. For some reason, the mainstream media is part of the plan. Everything that can be done to inflame the situation is being done and nothing is being done to diffuse it. In fact, the people who should be working to diffuse it are some of the very ones who are working to increase it.

You can be sure that this violence isn’t going to end soon. If another situation doesn’t come along naturally to fuel the fire, one will be created. There have been too many people who have “conveniently died” on Obama’s watch for anyone to call it coincidence. While I won’t accuse him of ordering their deaths directly, I will accuse whoever is the puppet master that he answers to.

As I said, the violence isn’t going to end. In fact, I’m fairly certain that it’s going to increase. There’s a very good chance that 2015 is going to be known as the year of the Second American Civil War. This one will be a race war and it will be just as cruel and bloody as the race baiters can make it.

Be ready when it comes, because the only one who can protect you… is you.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • I have for a long time suspected that intention of Obama was to find a way to declare martial law and thus not have to leave the presidency. Numerous events have transpired that could have led to that, but all have not so far, gone far enough to justify him making such a declaration. He might just do it this time. He likes the trappings of the office too much, he likes being a dictator and will do everything he can to keep that power, no matter to what expense or to whose expense, that end will take him.

    • To understand what is happening today, you need to read the ten(10) planks of the commnist party and the forty five(45) goals the communist party has published for the destruction of America as we know it. Then, study your history all the way back to the latter part of the 1700’s. It would help to remember a famous quote I once heard. “Nothing in Politics happens by accident”

      • INDEED! I read that document 2 weeks ago and recommend all to do so. Those who can’t see the writing on the wall already should be awakened from their slumber. Those who are too comatose to be aroused, are part of the problem.

    • There is no doubt that Obama and his cronies would like nothing more than being able to declare martial law, making him ruler for as long as he wants. Once this is done, Obama will be finished with those he used to get there. He will no longer have a need for the racial unrest. Those of the black race will be the most surprised by his ruthless rule over them. Believe me, there will be no special attention to any race, we will all be his slave.
      Obama will, at first, be able to make the minorities and the liberals believe what he does is for their best interest but when the realization of his dictatorship hits it will be too late to do anything about it.

      • Interesting view point, kind of like the Pharaoh… But I don’t think Obama is in control like that. He may be made to seem to have this kind of absolute power, but he serves a more powerful group.

        • You’re absolutely right. Check out my links for the proof.

  • This is the “thesis, antithesis, synthesis” that have been in place for centuries by the secret societies. Their goal is the One World Govt. Controlling all facets of life. Political, military, economic, scientific,cultural, and one world religion. Its Lucifer’s plan from Gen;3. Total enslavement of mankind.

  • Where can we find statistics to support the statement that the police kill more whites than blacks?

    • Google it.

      • http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=2228

        There are some statistics from 2003 to 2009. Among reported arrest-related deaths, 42% of persons were white, 32% were black, and 20% were Hispanic.

        • Search a little further.

  • Like this administration has said , NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE>

  • I remember reading somewhere that Ubama gave a speech before he was president in which he mentioned replacing our law enforcement and national guard with a civil army such as the black panthers and similar gangs.

  • I can’t help but think they are trying to get us to mistrust our local police. There is some bad police and some great police and the rest are just trying to get thru their day safely and get home to their families, just like in most professions. I do not believe it is a racial thing in either of these circumstances. But I do believe they want us to not trust our local police maybe because they are a defense from them or so we turn to the feds for our local issues.

    • That’s exactly what Obama and the liberals want, more federal government. Making all law enforcement federal police, gives him full authority over all. Check the communist/Socialist nations who have government over police.

      • A number of years ago I had a lot of contact with a woman who called herself a ‘white witch’ with some supernatural powers. She related that her ‘guides’ had told her that the day was coming when everyone would be working for the government in some capacity. At the time I let it go in one ear and out the other, but our exploding government agencies with their fat payrolls, it coming to pass pretty much as she said it would. There have been dark forces at work for many years determined to destroy this nation. We as a nation no longer have the degree of patriotic love of country that once held the nation together. Our government is no longer a body of sacrificing statesmen, but a conglomerate of self-seeking politicians out to get rich from the taxpayer coffers. As long as this attitude prevails, this country is slated for destruction. They are too blind to see that when the nation falls, they will fall right along with it. Their ill-gotten wealth won’t protect them.

  • True these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are in for great turmoil, but we do have the option of Satanic rule or GOD ALMIGHTY rule. Its up to the CITIZENS! Which do you want? Dearborn Michigan chose Sheriah Law (sp). Is that what you want? Islims to rule? Having lived in several foreign countries. It was always a JOY and I do mean J O Y to come back to these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • While the race of the particular participants are important, there is a greater challenge that needs to be addressed. It is the inherent conflict of interest that Prosecutors who run the Grand Juries have with Police Officers who are involved with cases involving Police who have killed someone. The Grand Jury is on the same “team” as the Police. There needs to be something different than the current system of Police officers being judged by the very people they work with every day.

    • that’s absolute B.S. You obviously don’t know how the system works. Have you ever served on a jury or a grand jury??

  • I agree that this is being used towards the orchestrated plan of martial law. I agree that there are race baiters put there, and that some people are profiting from this personally, and that there are those in majority who don’t like the fact that that’s what’s going on with these so called “leaders”.

    I would also agree that the one issuing certain orders is being controlled by the strings and idealisms of another, and that they also need to be held accountable. But I would pose one question to the author: what if the person pulling the strings is a white man somewhere (probably just like you), having everything go his way for a certain purpose? I mean, come on. Let’s be clear – blacks have NO power or control over anything in this country. So why would any of them purposely race-bait in order to start a race war they would lose (even the ones in positions of high esteem)?

    Those that held weight as the spiritual and political voice of blacks have already Ben assassinated; and they stood for a peaceful movement in which they were to be left to police and uplift their own. But those we have now are saying much, and really have nothing concrete to say or do for the people they supposedly represent. So who’s really race-baiting? Is it the public figures who are saying much but doing nothing, or the white men who pull their strings?


  • Great article. Out govt is now terrorists to other countries and now our own people.
    They are trying to make this about race to avoid too many people getting involved. Whites who wanted to join in the demonstrations were told they couldnt participate so that the demonstration would be about race like the govt wanted.
    It is the DHS paying off cops from the top on down, wining, dining, an flattering them, plus gifting them militiary equipment and survillance equipment they shouldnt have that is creating the police state.

  • The end of the article was just as deliberately self-fulfilling as the baiters and perpeturators. you’re selling something so you ended the article with fear mongering. if this author really wants to the very many questions asked in this article, go to nexusnow.info/forum/showthread.php?10738 for the agenda of the global elite puppetmasters. Watch this short 19 second video: http://stg.do/mfuh for obama’s agenda in his own words. And read: http://www.thenewamerican.com Alex Newman’s 9/30/14 article: “With Obama’s Support, Interpol to Lead ‘Terror War’ Scheme” for obama’s actions already taken to further his agenda

  • If a criminal is hurt or killed during a crime or while resisting arrest and if he is black he can now sue-with the blessing of Holder&Obama-who are fanning the flames-and are in actuality the biggest racists along with Jackson & Sharpton- our laws are for all Americans-if my son is told by a policeman to put out his hands to be cuffed-then he must obey or else the policeman must use compelling force-

    • The problem, Harold, is much simpler than everybody thinks, but none the less serious. It’s not about police using ‘compelling’ or necessary force to gain compliance. That is a integral tool of the job description. It’s about reckless EXCESSIVE force, particularly of the ‘deadly’ kind, that police so casually resort to in far too many cases lately, where they really didn’t have to.


  • Those of you who blame the grand juries for not passing a true bill in the two recent events now in the forefront of the news,appear to have a misunderstanding of the process. The grand jury is not owned by the prosecutor or the police. The system as designed is to have a group of citizens of a community judge whether or not a person is indicted for a given offense. The prosecutor is charged with the responsibility to present enough evidence within his possession to the GJ (Usually people selected at random from a pool of citizens of the community) and ask them to decided if the “State” (The State is the residents of the jurisdiction where the alleged crime was committed, and is represented by the prosecutor who was elected by those same people) has sufficient evidence to take the suspect/accused/ to a full trial. It does not determine the guilt of a person brought before the grand jury. The relative law is presented to the GJ and members are allowed to ask questions of all witnesses who are called to testify to the GJ. The GJ process can be a “test” by the prosecutor to see if they have a chance for a conviction of the suspect on the charge alleged. I’ve testified numerous times before a GJ and more than once the GJ failed to indict the suspect given the evidence presented. A policeman may think he has a clear case, but a GJ decides for itself if there are grounds to file charges. The prosecutor wants to learn if he has a good case or does he need to have additional investigation done before proceeding to charge a suspect and proceed to trial. If the GJ refuses to indict, the prosecutor has to make a decision whether to continue working the case or drop it. I just wish people understood that the vast majority of those performing as Grand Jurors are the same people we live and work with everyday and sincerely try to meet their civic duty to make very serious decisions honestly and without bias. Only they know whether they vote honestly to their true belief.
    The BS that is being conducted by demonstrators daily, is disgusting and openly disregards properly gathered, confirmed and presented evidence of the events that took place. Their demonstrations are for self-serving political purposes, not justice.

  • Whether looking for the excuse for martial law or furthering of the militarization of the police, there’s a definite malice in the 0bama lapdog media, going out of their way to find and inflate sad events to push the racial divide, fan the flames of hate and synchronize bigger and bigger events with each new circus. Trevon Martin got a few cities stirred up. Brown’s circus had 170 coordinated ‘demonstrations’. The next mess will be inflated even bigger, and perhaps 500 cities in coordinated rioting. The cycle will go on until there’s enough nation wide mischief to give him the excuse to do it, and make himself king for life. THEN, things will get very interesting, because I have no doubt that this clown, the most rabid anti-gun rights member of the state of Illinois government (when he did show up) will pull a ‘Katrina’ and try a nationwide gun confiscation….to keep us ‘safe’, of course.

  • While ALL points made are spot on true, FIRST we must ADMIT and TOTALLY ACCEPT a basic FACT, WAR is being waged against us. We are in the midst of a knockdown, drag out, to the DEATH, STREET fight of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS designed to DESTROY America AND Americans once and for ALL time with EXTREME PREDJUDICE. We are being ATTACKED on ALL fronts, from EVERY direction, EVERY minute of EVERY day. The REASON for this is because our very EXISTENCE upsets the historical relationship that has ALWAYS existed on this planet until we came along. We are to be made an EXAMPLE of what the “Average Man” will bring himself to if left to his own ruler ship. The Holy Grail of FREEDOM and PRIVATE PROPERTY is to be shut off from us and the rest of the world’s peoples so they will accept that there is NOWHERE to go and NO ONE to help them and NOTHING to ASPIRE to except what is ALLOWED. WHATEVER term is used to define that relationship, SLAVE and SLAVEMASTER comes to mind, it all boils down to one thing, there are “Creatures” on this planet that consider us their “PROPERTY” and they are trying ANY way they can to re-establish their control over us. With the help of GOD and due to the limitations of the logistical capabilities of 18th century man, we were able to wrest control of our destiny from them for, what is historically, a miniscule amount of time. Because of the fact that since the minute George Washington signed off they have been using EVERY MEANS at their disposal to “get us back”, we NOW find ourselves at this point in our history. You have to remember they HATE us like you and I can’t even BEGIN to comprehend. They consider our lives and freedoms and treasure and possessions as STOLEN PROPERTY that by BIRTHRIGHT belongs to them. They have NO MORE consideration for us as Human Beings than you and I have for the “Common” Roach.
    Once we accept this we can apply a few basic principles from “The Art of WAR” that they utilize almost verbatim. The one we are witnessing being used in THIS aspect of the conflict is Divide and Conquer. The MAIN problem they have had with the uprising that created America over others was the fact that we, as Americans, came together as one to defeat them. We put aside our differences and were UNITED in our efforts. This is the ONLY thing that has kept them from moving in the “Heavy Equipment” on us up to now. The fact that our Soldiers and Police were our friends and neighbors who would NEVER raise arms against us had to be circumvented somehow. They have already Broken the Family, Stolen the minds of our Children, and turned MANY of us into DEBT SLAVES, DEMONIZED White men and driven a wedge between them and many Women, the Black population, and the Latinos. The “Target Du Jour” is now the Military and Law Enforcement community. They are trying to create an US and THEM mentality that can be EXPOITED through MANUFACTURED CIVIL UNREST. They have been Militarizing our Police in order to blur the lines between them and our Soldiers and to cause us to accept troops on our own soil being used against us. They are ATTACKING the Police in order to put us on opposing sides. They are using the PROPAGANDA MINISTRY full force towards this end. They are ALSO choreographing ALL of the “Demonstrations and Protests” of which either is fast becoming NEITHER. AND they are filling them up with “SHILLS”. The one good thing is the fact they are using self-hating Whites for the “Marches” and THAT is starting to cause a Newfound, coming together of the races again so look for something to happen to upset THAT. We MUST resist this latest attack on our Law Enforcement community though to the best of our abilities. 99% of them are Good, God-Fearing, Righteous individuals worthy of your trust and respect. For our Fellow Americans in Law Enforcement and the Military, keep up the GOOD work you are doing and KNOW there are MANY MORE who know the TRUTH and SUPPORT you than are being portrayed on TV. Boy, this comment got Waaaaay out of hand better END it.

  • Bill, thank you for your thoughtful contributions to the survivalists movement — the more each individual takes responsibility for themselves, the better off we all are. However, I was struck by misguided railing against those angered by the recent shooting deaths at the hands of white police officers.

    First, according to some statistics, blacks are TWENTY TIMES more likely to be shot by cops than whites. If you look closely, Riley’s quoted source (this is a common ploy for him, unfortunately) has very little bearing on the question at hand — it’s downright misleading. A more nuanced discussion is available here: http://www.propublica.org/article/deadly-force-in-black-and-white

    But most of all, I wanted to express to you, as someone who you might think of as a ‘progressive’ and a liberal — I live in NYC and I don’t own any firearms — that I absolutely support your right to have firearms of all kinds, and I applaud the broader survivalist moment. When the time comes that I have a family, I’ll certainly take measures to protect them. However, the criticism of the racially-charged activism and protests you’re seeing right now is misguided. Wouldn’t you be angry if your grandfather was killed in broad daylight by a police officer with their bear hands with an illegal choke hold and wasn’t prosecuted?

    Nobody is calling for the this cop to get the chair. He made a big mistake. But he needs to take off his badge and sit down. And, overall, the conservative contingent of the survivalist moment needs to realize that it is not activists that want to deprive you of life and liberty.

    Look to history — when someone came to take away your home, your weapons, your freedom — they came in uniform, not waiving flags of justice.

  • Dear Bill–

    Thank you for bearing with me. I hope you accept one more comment. I know our traditional political narratives are somewhat at odds!


    I wanted to share one more article with you which compares the frequency of deadly police shootings in the USA with Germany and Canada. The results are shocking. Roughly (and we only can estimate) our cops kill over 1000 people each year. In Canada, a few dozen. In the UK, even less — in many countries, zero.

    I bring this up because it really says a lot about the power that we entrust our government with. It wasn’t so long ago that UK police offers didn’t even carry firearms. “Peace Officers” they were called. I’m absolutely OK with cops carrying weapons to enforce the law, but if you look at what’s happened, we now have bonfade paramilitary units in most major cities. Look at their weapons, their trucks, their drones, their armor.

    My point is, an old black guy on the street selling loose cigarettes for pocket change is not your problem. Nor is the outrage over his murder.

    The hippies that are marching, who believe in justice and the fair treatment of human beings are not your problem.

    You are right to be prepared. You are right to be armed. But please remember that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that with this blog you are reaching a great many people — folks who may have no other source of news than, say, conservative cable TV and blogs like yours.

    You are clearly capable of synthesizing a great deal of information and presenting it clearly. Would it hurt you to read The Nation or Mother Jones?

    At some point, those of us who are most interested in building sustainable culture and environment (i.e., me) must ally with those who understand how quickly a collapsing system can turn to violence (i.e., you).

    My hope is that your blog can begin to cultivate the broader appeal so that all survivalists can come here to learn.