Baltimore Burns. Martial Law Next?

The recent case of Freddie Gray adds one more mark against America’s police, as the nation tries to come to grips with what has happened in this case.

The facts are still unclear, but according to the family’s lawyer, 80% of Gray’s spinal column was severed, by the time he received medical attention. As he was in police custody at the time, it’s clear the police are at least somewhat at fault.

Like other such cases, we won’t truly know what happened until the dust settles and the investigators find all the facts. But it appears that the Baltimore police department expects that there was at least some foul play, as they have temporarily suspended six officers, pending the results of the investigation.

At a minimum, it appears clear that Grey needed medical attention when he was captured by the police. Eyewitness reports say that when he was apprehended, he had trouble walking. Other reports say that he was screaming in agony.

By the time he arrived at the police station a half-hour later, he couldn’t breathe or talk. It was at that time that paramedics were called to the scene, even though it appears that he might have been injured earlier.

There are reports from the police union that some police officers are driving transport vehicles in such a manner as to injure the prisoners held inside. As Freddie’s seat belt wasn’t fastened, he would have had no protection, if that was the case.

Like other cases, this could be another sad situation of the police brutality that has been gaining widespread press in recent times. But it could also be a simple mistake. I’d have to say though, this one doesn’t appear like a simple mistake to me.

Police are regularly charged with the safety of prisoners as they transport them and have rules and regulations to ensure their safety. At an absolute minimum, it seems like those were totally ignored.

This case leaves many unanswered questions, some of which won’t be answered for months. Nevertheless, like many other high-profile cases involving the death of black youth, some have already made up their minds, playing judge, jury and wanting to play executioner.

The Protests

In the little more than a week that has passed since Grey’s death, there have been numerous protests and the usual suspects have been beating the race-baiting drum once again. However, it seems like the beating of that drum might be a little quieter in this case than in others. But the story, like usual, is in the protests that are being carried out.

More than 2,000 local Afro-Americans turned out to march on the police station, alongside family members. There was nothing wrong with that, as the Constitution gives us the right to peaceably protest.

But those friends and neighbors weren’t the only ones who turned out. Hidden amongst them, there were at least 100 imported protesters. Like Ferguson and New York, I think these were brought in to turn a sad situation, into a violent one. On Saturday evening, as the protest march passed near the baseball stadium, this group went into action. They started attacking people and cars, damaging a number of cars and putting a few people into the hospital.

One car that was attacked was a station wagon driven by a white family on their way to the ball game. Protesters broke their windows, beat on the car, denting it and stuck their hands through the broken windows, either to steal from the family or to drag them out of the car. Seeing what was happening, the driver put his car in reverse, backing out of the bottleneck he found himself in. That seemed to be enough to get the protesters to abandon their attack and move on to other things.

This seems suspicious to me, as the only motivation for them to stop that attack was the driver moving his car. In doing so, he pulled it out and away from the peaceful protesters. That seems to be what stopped the attack. It could be that they stopped their attack, simply because not enough people could see them?

It’s clear that the group that was attacking people and damaging cars was separate from the rest of the protesters, as the main body of protesters are the ones who eventually caused them to stop. The police didn’t, although they took several suspects into custody.

Video first seen on CNN

The Surprising Reaction of the Mayor

Before the protests, Mayor Rawlings-Blake, who happens to be an Afro-American woman, clearly stated that the city would allow peaceful demonstrations, but that there was no place for lawlessness or violence. That’s the type of statement we would expect any mayor to have, allowing people to exercise their First Amendment rights, while maintaining law and order.

But on Sunday night, things seem to have changed. Eyewitness reports, on the scene, said that police stood by, allowing the violent protesters to have their way. “Their way” included breaking out the windows of a police cruiser, as well as the car I mentioned earlier and other cars. A burning trash can was thrown at police, as an improvised Molotov Cocktail, but they did nothing. Even when the peaceful protesters asked them to intervene, they did nothing, simply standing and watching.

Later, in a second press conference, the mayor is quoted as saying, “While we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

What? The mayor the city and the police department allowed people to destroy private and city property? That’s unheard of. Giving space for peaceful demonstration is part of our nation’s fabric, giving space for intentional, violent destruction isn’t.

Is this what America is coming to? Are the honest citizens now at the non-existent mercy of the hooligans?

Are our liberal politicians so enthralled with their ideology that they will allow criminals to hurt law-abiding citizens, just so that their political platform can go forward?

If so, our nation is in grave danger.

Video first seen on You Latest News

Where Are We Going?

I have to wonder where this country is going. In the last six years, we’ve seen so many things happen that I can truly say that Obama’s “fundamental change” is going on all around us. From pandering the enemies to allowing violent mobs to have their way, the rule of law and order seems to be falling apart all around us.

Our racial relations have gone backwards by a good 50 years. This isn’t by accident, but has been promulgated by people who have made a distinct effort to make it happen. It appears that they are trying to drive this country to a racial civil war. If they succeed, it may make the blood of our first civil war seem slight.

Of course, there’s a second possibility as well. That is to drive us to the point of that war, so that the president would have sufficient reason to declare nationwide martial law. While that would stop the war, it would do so at the cost of taking away our freedom. That’s a price that I’m sure Obama is more than willing to pay.

There is little you and I can do to change the course that our country is embarked upon. We still have to wait another year and a half for the next elections. Even then, the media has more control over the outcome of those elections than we do. Still, at that time, we can make our voice heard by voting in true conservative politicians, not RINOs. Then, and only then, is there a chance of changing the country’s political direction.

But we need to start before that. We need to build bridges between the various races that live and work around us.

We need to extend the hand of friendship to them, before someone else changes that hand of friendship into a fist of anger and violence. We won’t win them all, but we can win some.

On top of that, our number one responsibility is to protect our families. I will never go out and attack someone because of their race, color, creed or religion; but I won’t allow them to catch me off-guard, should they try to attack me for the same.

Like any true soldier, I prefer peace to war. But I understand that to have peace, I need to be ready for war.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Hell yes martial law. our President sent every race baiter he could find to stir the hatred there so he could declare it there so he can take control by force ! May be the first martial law but ‘t be the last ! Look out it’s starting

    • Agree,before end of his first term up to present,he is looking a way and means to keep his post and convert america like africa.i read this some article showing obama wants the democrat and him be in their post forever.People of America are u going and allowing this to happen,.loss all freedom and be under anarchy. I pray this wont happen,God bless A merica!!!!

    • watta f*? Like they say in south Philly. This country has been ruled by the military for years already.

    • marshal law is exactly what oboma wants so he can be king of u.s.a.& never leave office

      • And what exactly is ” marshal law”?…


    • One good sniper could have stopped this whole thing in ten minutes. All he would have to do is take out the leader of the mob and the rest would have run.They know this had nothing to do with the man that died after being arrested. They just want an excuse to loot. If i owned a business there I can guarantee you I would not stand by and let a bunch of idiots destroy my business.

  • Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Sets the Stage for the Burning of Baltimore

  • “…the nation tries to come to grips with what happened in this case.”
    No, the nation should try and come to grips with what to do about
    the hatred and poison being dispensed by this lawless, Negro infestation.

  • I’ve been expecting something like this to happen. Has it occurred to anyone that ISIS or another outfit like it has had a hand in stirring up these riots? This is another wonderful way to destroy our country. There are a lot of ISIS believers in this country and what better way to destroy it from within. We have been on a downhill spiral since 9/11. I voted for Obama even though I am a Republican and I have never been more sorry in my life. I thought he actually would help race relations, but it appears he has done everything he can to cause bad race relations. I agree race relations has taken a huge stepbackwards. If there are no jobs for young blacks, why is he allowing all these illegal aliens to stay in our country? What was Immigration doing while all of these illegals were establishing themselves in this country? How do they work with no Social Security number? Are they using a number from someone who died? Why are employers hiring them when they know they are illegal? Are they paying taxes? They certainly taking all the give-aways in our country. One young lady was even going to college on our tax money. Now he wants to keep them here and reward them with tax refunds for breaking the law!!! How does he expect Americans to swallow this? I say impeach now!!! And hope the Vice President has more sense. I doubt it, but you can only hope. I think our country is doomed as I don’t anything can fix it. Not allowing the Police to defend themselves, putting National Guard on the streets without bullets in their guns (as they usually do. Even it they allow them guns they won’t be allowed to use them. I don’t approve of killing but I don’t see any control of this situation (that is rapidly spreading) to ever happen unless they do fire on them. Even if they are kids. Aren’t kids trying to get to ISIS to join up now? They will grow up, you know. GOD HELP US!

    • Your comments are dead on and the apology for the voting error is humble of you. I sincerely hope you were not among the second wave that kept him there. He would be gone by now if not for that.

    • Yeah, One of the best insurgent attack methodologies is to garnish the support of the indigenous youth for your agenda. Kids can be easily ‘brainwashed’. Did you notice the 16 year old punk-whose Mama was bitch slapping him– so hard that she knocked off his Black ISIS terrorist beheading mask?!

  • Obama is successful in the transformation of America into a Liberal and Progressive Hell. Capitalism is replaced by Crony Capitalism, which is a corrupt system, and the education system has deteriorated into an indoctrination system to such a degree that the people are too uneducated to see and understand the basic principles of the founding of our once great country. The greatness of America comes from WE the People individually being the best they can be, but liberalism, progressiveism, socialism etc. based on lies, are in direct opposition to individual success. The way back is in strong solid individuals and families rooted in the values of education, respect, individual responsibility, belief in God and the rule of law. Plus take civil responsibility seriously and never vote for a democrat.

  • This is only going to complicate the situation even more. The leadership of this administration has done everything within their power to keep citizens in fear and in confusion. President Obama’s silence on the situation says volumes. Please pray for our nation and for this administration that we all return to God Almighty through HIS SON Jesus Christ so he will forgive us and heal our land. God Bless.

  • I agree that if “We The People” do not Step Up and Mandate that Our Federal, State and Local Governments and Their Agencies Must Put A Stop To All the Perversion, Anarchy, Chaos and Tyranny Pervading America !! Our States Governors Must Demand all State and Local Policing Agencies be Retrained To Be Brought Under Control To “Protect & Serve” Their Community !! However, the Chaotic Public Reaction as demonstrated in Ferguson, Missouri and Now In Baltimore Is Outrageous and Totally Inexcusable !!! There is a Place For Peaceful Demonstration in Both Cases, But Not Destruction of Property or Violence Toward Others !! Further, I Agree With Those Placing Blame On the Obomer Tyrannical Agenda and Commitment to His “Fundamental Change” Of Our America, Our Constitution , Our Freedoms, Our Personal and National Security, Our Economy and as Stated “The liberal politicians so enthralled with their ideology that they will allow criminals to destroy property and hurt law-abiding citizens, just so that their political platform can go forward?!”




  • Police motto: To Protect & Serve. The logical question to ask then is whom? Whom do they protect & serve? Well really? Obviously it isn’t the taxpayers so that leaves the government entities by whose pleasure they have jobs. Follow the $$ people it isn’t racial at all. Look objectively at the FBI statistics on who diesin police custody & you’ll see what the numbers tell. Its socio-economic.

  • The entire situation is staged. First, get a few thugs with badges to murder someone. Then, get Agent Provocateurs of a different race to come in and stir the pot while allowing them to steal the town blind as well as have them burn and vandalize. Next, have the “news agencies” twist the story.
    Have this all happen in multiple cities. This gives the dictator-wannabe his excuse……..
    It’s all following a set plan, long in the making.

    • PLEASE CALL 1-855-827-2351 And Contact Any Or All Elected representatives and speaker Boehner at 202-225-0600, Tell Them To Step Up And Aggressively Fight Against The Obomer Regime, Agenda And Tyranny Or Get Out Of Town !!!! Join The Judicial Watch at,The Freedom Watch at and Convention Of States (COS) at



  • Under the Patriot Acts I and II, Baltimore could have had the cells in the “affected areas” shut down, thus preventing the “youths” from communicating with each other, and; how was it pout by the Chief of Police….oh yes, “they outnumbered us and outflanked us, but we knew what they wee doing and were ready for them”.
    Um, no you weren’t and your Congressional representatives all voted for the Patriot Act, so why didn’t you use the tools you have at your disposal? Too incompetent, too lazy, waiting for “someone else to make a decision”?
    This Baltimore “riot” s wholly owned by the Democratic Party controlled machine that for decades has controlled ALL facts of Baltimore City, including their police department. This IS all on Baltimore and heir electorate that put and has kept returning these ProgressivePlantationMassas, to public office. No one else is “responsible” except for the People of Baltimore.

    • For some of you to say it’s like this because of Obama is a racist interpretation of this whole situation.this has been a plan long before Obama George Bush Sr. Said it years ago that “there will be a NWO ” it’s approaching us now.Obama is just a puppet, *** etc. There are so many unanswered questions about things our government has done and are doing.

  • The police are faced with a true dilemma in Baltimore. If they do anything, they will be blamed. If they do nothing, they will be blamed. Officers will have to take off the gloves to handle the criminal gangster types who are on a mission to destroy, loot, kill and maim. This same group will not give up without a fight. If officers have to use force, they will receive the blunt end of judgement from the public which they are trying to protect. Baltimore has asked for assistance from law enforcement throughout the state. At one time I would have felt duty bound to assist in such situations. Now, in Baltimore, I would be the last to volunteer. The officers will face arrest and/or disgrace for trying to do their job. Maybe this is what the Obama administration wants. If officers are leary of what action to take, Obama can enact marshal law and remain president and/or ruler of the United States.

  • The mayor clarified her “space to destroy” comments. If you think carefully about the context and tenor of the conversation you can clearly see it was a misunderstanding to begin with. Far too few people anymore are willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

    P.S. I am very much anti-Democrat, but I am also pro-truth.

  • I lived in Baltimore before and back then, It was a segregated city…that is, Blacks could not go to certain bars and other places there. I was rather shocked to see that. So, it comes to no surprise to me that the Blacks there demonstrated and may have used excessive behaviour. Martial Law is a reality there should it get more out of hand. I also lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots there and it was much worse than what happened in Baltimore, but NO Martial Law was enacted. Quite a contrast. However, those two places treated Blacks differently and that made the difference. California has been totally open to the Blacks whereas Baltimore has been segregated and the Blacks discriminated against until recent times. That’s what is making the difference for the Baltimore Police in there treatment of how they will react to any Black activities which they perceive as inappropriate. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Police seem to have short fuses and that is always a bad indication on how they will handle future demos by the Blacks there. It will be not be gentle I’m sure, and the Black reaction will also not be gentle. I pray that they keep it low key and orderly to prevent Martial Law from being forced down their throats…..and so many innocent citizens there will be impacted negatively…..