5 Reasons You Should Join Our Survival Community

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. – Ronald Reagan

Since the very beginning of our blog, over 5 years ago, we wished to form a community whose members will help, support and enlighten those around them. Nevertheless, if you’re anything like me, and you’re a bit of a lone wolf who likes to surround themselves predominantly with your friends and family members, walking alone in the woods and, spending most of your day with your own thoughts and work, then this article is here to remind all of you why we need more people in our lives.

That’s because we all know that prepping is not a project you simply can finish in a week or a month. It’s a process. A way of living. And we also know that time flies in a manner that doesn’t allow us to do everything we want.

This leads me to the main idea I want to express here: why it is worth surrounding yourself with likeminded people who share the same principles as you?

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First of all, finding an online group or community you can fully agree with is hard. We all know that people are different and there’s no such thing as being perfect. But, with the tiniest compromise, we can all discover people from which we can learn, or, if not, we can help.

We are thrilled to have found many such characters on our Facebook Page and our blog. Together, we have formed a Facebook group in which everyone is welcome to join, share knowledge or ask for advice. This has been intensely rewarding. Our community is extremely friendly and shockingly knowledgeable, and although it’s no older than 2 months, this group with over 1.5k active members is growing rapidly, sharing its ideas and bringing readers together in a way that’s never been done before. And because all our feedback has been so positive, we felt we’d be giving you a raw deal if we didn’t extend the invite to yourself, and ask you to join.

Feedback like: “I’d like to continue expanding my knowledge of how to be more self-sustainable” or “I’m looking forward to some great exchanges of ideas here.”

People have always felt the itch to expand their knowledge, but in today’s media climate, people’s approaches or attitudes towards newbies may have changed perceptions over different types of groups. If you hear someone saying that an individual from a community is bad, you’re likely to think that the whole community that accepted that individual is the same…

That’s why we’ve put together 5 reasons why being part of our Facebook Survival Community is worth your time:


I can’t remember how many times life have put me or family to test. Whether it was hurricanes, floods, looters, or disease… every once in a while, something bad would happen, something that would make me and my loved ones wonder: why us? But because we had each other, we overcame any obstacle together, emerging stronger as a result. Remembering our true potential therefore may not always be the first thing to pop into our minds when SHTF, but seeing that others need our strength and knowledge will definitely awake our full force.

community friendsSupport

Due to the above-mentioned fact that time doesn’t allow us to fully accomplish EVERYTHING we wish, there’s clearly no one who knows it all. Maybe you’re into guns or other survival gear, or homesteading… But you can’t really be expert in more than 2 activities during a lifetime. That’s why whenever you need something, asking the right person their opinion will pay off. Of course, you can always go online, type in what you need to know and… millions of answers will pop up. But which one is the correct one? As I previously said, people are different, their background is different, and their advice might not suit you. However talking to people you already know, even from a Facebook group, is way better than listening to online ‘gurus’. Because you can ask them directly, you can tell them exactly what your situation is, and you can discuss the available options.


As many of you might have already seen, our content often gives our community the possibility to try useful things at home: from a backyard garden with plants that can cure common diseases, to how to protect your house from cold, floods, fire or looters. Moreover, having an involved community gave all of us the possibility to share our work and maybe even challenge others to finally start the work they might have postponed, now that there’s someone who can give them guidance if needed.


As our readers are spread worldwide, there is a huge chance for each one of us to meet someone close to our area. In this way, we can form small groups in real life, so we can better help each other. In addition, people from different places can teach us valuable lessons about their own specialist interests.


I’ve left what I consider to be the most important part of this article to the end. Being thankful for the small things in life, for the people you have met and helped, and for the experiences you have encountered is priceless. Giving back to the community is always a win-win: feeding your soul and influencing other’s lives for the better.

Moreover, a community is a place you can discover how others feel about topics, how to approach different types of individuals and to exchange ideas. Of course, such discussions could lead to arguments, but here’s a perk of being part of an online community: we at www.Survivopedia.com, as admins of the group, take care of filtering the content that gets to every one of our readers so that only the relevant, not-offending content is delivered. You can see us as the referees who want all parties to gain some knowledge, play fair, and finally win.

Also, regarding relevant and clean content, a good community is about its members. All of them. Therefore, to avoid turning our community into a market place is also essential. We understand that a lot of us need gear together with knowledge but sharing info about what type of gear one may need is more important than an actual item. Different people have different needs, remember? That’s why we’ve put mission above money.

And as one of our readers said, “The real test of any community when trouble comes your way is who will stand beside you, rather than behind you.” It’s a pity many learn this lesson only when it’s too late.

That being said, we are more than thankful for having found over 1600 like-minded people that are investing their time in order to share their knowledge, to help others and to create a bond with people who have the same purpose: namely, how to survive. Join us HERE.

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  • The first thing that popped into my head was that Facebook is not a secure site. Next, thank you for offering to moniter content..

    • Hello, Diane!
      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll take into consideration a safe online platform so that people would trust it more 🙂
      Until then, we’re here, ready to respond to any of your concerns.
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • I wish you had a different venue I don’t do face book, twitter or anythin like that

    • Hello, Rick!
      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll take into consideration a safe online platform so that people would trust it more 🙂
      Until then, we’re here, ready to deliver quality, helpful content.
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

    • Good for you, Rick. Check out HighImpactFlixs or Highimpactvlogs? With Brian. He has been hammered as have other owners of blogs that don’t fit within the parameters of our ‘jailers’… You will like this dude great information! Wonderfully made videos, I am so serious!

      • Oh how funny. I sent you information from my own email…please be a real person? Alex should this comment be erased for my protection?

  • I agree with the concern about facebutt. You could create a forum They are all over, for every conceivable topic or interest. Public can view them, but to post requires you be approved by the moderators.

    • Hello Dak!

      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll consider setting up a forum so that people would trust it more 🙂
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • Why Facebook? Their position in our society is contrary to what this site represents. Please consider alternatives to Facebook like for example Diaspora.

    • Hello Blauer.
      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll consider safer alternatives in the near future.
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • Hmm. I don’t do Facelook either. Or any of the others. A forum, as mentioned above, would work good for a lot of people. I do enjoy the articles and replies. Thanks.

    • Hello, Dave!
      Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you being here and we’ll consider an alternative.
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • Hello,
    I would also recommend a forum other than facebook.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Ed!
      Thank you for your presence and for your feedback.
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • Dito with previously mentioned concerns, no facebook, twitter, etc.etc.. Thanks much for the offer and keep-up the good work!

    • Hello Mike.
      Thank you for your feedback.
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • So this is not so much about joining a survival community, but rather about joining a FACEBOOK survival community. And the people that have commented on this page must be highly unusual. And I don’t mean that in any kind of a bad way but rather as a kind of badge of honour. So don’t throw me under the bus please. I always try and mean everything in the best possible way. For whatever reason and I don’t exactly know why but it could be that I’m a crazy person. A lunatic. Paranoid or just a plain nutbar. But I have absolutely zero interest in posting on a “social media” site like facebook, or twitter or twatter or swatter or swiffer or whatever else they’re called. It could just be part of our contrarian nature because I think to want to be a “prepper” (for want of a better word) there has to be at least a little bit of contrarian in our nature. We march to the beat of a different drum and don’t follow the rest of the lemmings over the precipice. We see things a little differently. Maybe view this reality with eyes wide open as opposed to through rose-coloured glasses. We’re a little better at critical thinking. We question EVERYTHING. Have not been completely overwhelmed by all the daily media overload and keep asking questions. We want to know things and aren’t satisfied with stock answers. On a practical level sites like facebook are MUCH too easy to hack and I’m sure all the alphabet agencies troll these sites on a regular basis. These bastards don’t need to know more about me than they already do and if they want to learn more about me then they can bloody well work for it. I’ll make it as difficult as I can for these (insert nasty word of choice). LOL! I’m fine with exchanging information and having discussions on pages like this with like-minded people. As for the different points in the article they’re all fine and well as far as they go. For me the most important quality is gratitude. As crappy as I think my life is I realize I am truly blessed and grateful for all that I have and that I am. I give thanks every day. There’s always someone worse off than myself. I’ve been through enough in this life to realize that life can change in an instant for either better or worse and if you’re not grateful for everything you have, then it just might be taken away from you. Take nothing for granted and believe nothing that can’t be confirmed in some way. Too many liars on this planet and too many willing to disseminate misinformation and disinformation. So to all my fellow contrarians on this page I’m very glad that this kind of venue has been provided for us so that we can discuss things of mutual interest and exchange information. Only one thing I’d like to add and that is that I do try and be as polite and respectful to others as I can. But every once in a while a real jerk does show up on these pages and likes to put others down in a very crass manner, including women. A mature man does not have the need to put women down and I have no problems taking these individuals to task in a most uncivil and rude manner. I have no time for those that feel they have the right to be ignorant and rude to others from behind the anonymity of a keyboard. And for those people, they can be sure that DOES push my buttons in the wrong way and I will let them know in no uncertain terms exactly what I think of them. There is no such thing as a bad or wrong question and we’re all at a different level in our preparations and knowledge in our journey to distance ourselves from the worst of present day society. On this page we should all be here to support and help each other as much as we can and I like a lively debate as much as the next person as long as it remains civil. Arguing with others makes me feel really crappy and hurts my stomach. LOL! There’s already too much incivility, mayhem and chaos in the world as it is. We don’t need more of it here. I love the free exchange of information. No person is an island. Live in hope. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. A good night to all of you. God bless. 🙂

    • Hello Armin.
      Thank you for reading our articles and for your feedback.
      We are constantly trying to deliver the best content for you and we’ll consider any feedback we get.
      Stay safe!
      Alex, from Survivopedia 🙂

  • Thank you, Alex. Always. You also. Keep up the great work and thank you for all the great info and providing us with this wonderful venue where we are able to come together with like-minded folk. I really do believe some kind of a societal collapse will happen. Just don’t know when or how it will play out. I suspect it will be more economic in nature as opposed to a shooting war. All we have left is fiat currency which is worth next to nothing and sooner or later “they” will be forced to initiate some kind of a world wide “reset”. It may sound negative but in many ways I’m glad I only have 20 or so years left. Even up here in Canada life seems to be getting more violent all the time and that is very atypical for Canada. We are having too many gun related crimes happening up here this year and that is VERY unusual for Canada especially as it’s extremely difficult to acquire a hand gun up here. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping the criminal element. I guess the truth of the matter is it never does. Take care and all the best. Armin

    • I agree with your assessment of Facebook, and I would like to add that apart from ugly censorship, Facebook also hosts one of the largest pedophile communities anywhere. I am only to happy to share my near 50 years of aquaculture experience which includes algae, crustaceans, mollusk, and fish with anyone. When you look for easy cost effective protein sources you really can do no better than aquaculture. Especially when you consider that the majority of sourced fish meal goes to chicken feed. A final word about gun control. The political prostitutes who want to disarm the public are only interested in moving more to totalitarian rule with no challenge, and they will never disarm the people who have guns illegally.

  • WILL NOT join a facebook forum; please email when you have a “closed,” secure, member-only forum… would be happy to engage!

  • Alex, first thank you for all the information you’ve provided us. I’ve followed you for years and always like to see your emails show up in my inbox. I’ll keep doing the same, but like these others, I’m not on FB and don’t intend to go back. Like Armin, I’m glad I probably don’t have too many years left, but I hope the knowledge I’ve acquired will help any of my descendants survive, if S doesn’t HTF in my lifetime. I would join a secure Survivopedia forum also. God bless.

  • i do not know why you even have the tweeker and snitch book tabs to the left for people to share through. i would rather die of ignorance than be a part of snitch book or tweeker!

  • Will watch and see if you get another platform I would love to engage in post to share survial methods I am sure everybody know a little about something they can share.

  • Would be interested in others to talk to re surviving the ” Surveillance state”. What and how those in England, with oversight CIA exploit the US

    Public for information warfare and not limited to cyber terrorism. This could be the construction of Signals jammers etc.

    Note recent article US State Diplomats Cuba/ china. These people, who think they are unaccountable,

    are threats to safety and security of the public.

    21 year subject Abuse of power. Attempts at control of people get worse every day people.

  • Well, I was just sold on the group as a whole – my first question was going to be about Facebook and why is that the communication tool that is being used? My trust in them is 0. I am very interested in more information about what you do, however if SHTF, I do not trust Facebook to care about this group, other than to possibly let the authorities know where everyone is located!!

    Thank you,