Russian And The US In Syria… What’s Up With That?


We’re all familiar with Obama’s infamous “line in the sand” in Syria. You know, the one that everyone ignored and it didn’t make a difference. The one that Obama created, without realizing that he might have to back up his words with actions. The one that proved to the world that Obama doesn’t have the guts to be the Commander in Chief of the world’s largest military.

But perhaps you don’t know that Obama’s administration has been holding back the efforts of the Air Force against ISIS. While we have planes in the air, supposedly supporting the fighting on the ground, those planes are only allowed to make a couple of sorties per day. Apparently they are there more for show, than for go.

Actually, the coalition is somewhat of a joke. Few of the countries who are supposedly part of it have sent any troops or military equipment to the Middle East.

Most of the fighting that’s being done is being done by the locals, protecting themselves from the onslaught of ISIS. The participation of these coalition nations has been mostly limited to humanitarian aid and speaking out against ISIS. Sorry Barry, that’s not going to win the war.

Now we’ve got a new wrinkle in the war in Syria. Vladimir Putin has sent in Russian forces to support president Assad of Syria. He did this unilaterally, totally separate of any action by the coalition that the United States has put together to battle ISIS. If anything, they are making it clear that they aren’t part of that coalition. Of course, most of the countries that are part of the coalition aren’t part of it either, so that’s no problem.

Reports have it that a Russian three-star general made an appointment with the U.S. Ambassador, in which he bluntly stated that Russian bombers would be taking action and telling the United States to stay out of the way. While he was polite enough to say “please” there was no question in the ambassador’s mind that the general was making a statement, not a request.

This is a first. Not that Russia is supporting some smaller country, but that they are defying the United States so blatantly in the process. The first Russian air strikes happened on Wednesday, September 30th and were aimed at targets in the city of Homs. It is germane to note that Homs is not occupied by ISIS, but by another group that opposes Assad.

That makes it seem that Russia isn’t there to help in the war against ISIS, but rather to support President Assad. Considering that Syria is a client state of Russia, that’s actually not surprising. What is surprising is that Russia is pushing American aside in their efforts to support him.

Who’s Fighting Who in the Middle East?

The fighting going on in the Middle East is complex. We tend to focus on what’s going on with ISIS, but that’s not the whole fight. There’s a four-sided struggle going on, between Assad’s government, groups that oppose Assad’s government, ISIS and those who are trying to defeat ISIS.

Russia has apparently joined the side of supporting Assad, not the side that is trying to defeat ISIS. This can be seen as a slap in the face to the US and to President Obama personally.

Adding to the confusion, it seems that both ISIS and some of the other groups have been provided with arms and munitions by the Obama administration. If that’s the case, then it’s clear that a lot of the mess is actually the fault of the U.S. Department of State, perhaps assisted by the CIA. Or, to make it simpler, it can be placed on Obama’s desk.

Video first seen on TRUTH Stream Media

So, Russia is helping Assad’s embattled government to fight against “freedom fighters” who want to overthrow his government. That actually makes them the only country that is there at the request of the legitimate government. Leaving out the issue of whether Assad should be in power or not, that gives Russia the moral high ground.

This makes for a very interesting situation. Throughout the Cold War, the Soviet Union was arming and training insurgent groups in Africa and South America, while the United States tried to prop up the government.

Now it seems like we have a role reversal, where the United States is helping the insurgents, while the Russians are supporting the existing government. How did we ever get to this point?

A lot of this can be laid directly at the feet of President Obama. It is clear to the world, that while he is perfectly capable of standing up to his own Congress and make demands of them, shutting down the U.S. government and blaming it on the Republicans, he doesn’t have what it takes to stand up to world leaders.

His rush to get out of Iraq left a power vacuum, which ISIS is filling. His line in the sand showed everyone that his word meant nothing. The world has grown to distrust the word of Obama, which reflects directly on the United States.

On top of that, Obama has been gutting the military, stopping programs to upgrade military equipment, demanding that working systems be taken off line, parking aircraft carriers to avoid the cost of running them, reducing the size of our forces worldwide and turning the military into a social experiment on homosexuality. The once-feared American military might is becoming a joke to the nations of the world.

It has often been said that nature abhors a vacuum and Obama seems to be working overtime to create one. Rather than allow the United States to be the world’s police, a position we’ve held since the end of World War II, he is abdicating that responsibility and leaving the world without any police.

Who’s Hiding the Ace?

So, what happens? Vladimir Putin, a strong leader, steps in. I don’t believe for a minute that Russian bombers have been sent to Syria just to support President Assad, that’s merely the cover for the true purpose. No, Putin is taking the opportunity that Obama has given him and is stepping in to fill the power vacuum that Obama has left.

Vladimir Putin is a strong, bold leader who has already made clear his imperial ambitions. He wants to restore Russia to the greatness of her days as the center of the Soviet Union.

Because of this, he has invaded Ukraine, taken back the Crimea, threatened his neighbors and even threatened the European Union with financial destruction, by the simple expedient of shutting off their natural gas, should they give him any trouble.

Now he’s moved into the Middle East, propping up the Assad regime. Why would he do that? What does he hope to gain by such a military move? Is it pure altruism or does he have a greater goal in mind?

Regardless of Putin’s motive, he’s sending a very strong message to Middle Eastern countries and the world at large. At a time when confidence in the United States is the lowest it has been in a century, he’s stepping onto the world’s stage and saying “We are here.

We are no longer just working on recovering from the breakup of the Soviet Union; we are back on the world’s stage.” Such a move at a time like this, could easily change the balance of power in the Middle East.

Russia’s first moves, attacking groups other than ISIS, makes it clear that they are not there to support the coalition. Their demands (regardless of how politely they were worded) made to our ambassador make it clear that they are operating  from a position of strength. They see themselves as the new power broker in the Middle East and they are declaring that message to the world.

This is an unprecedented move and one that could be the foretelling of the end of American power in the Middle East. Our power, like that of any country, is based on the might of our military, the strength of our economy and the fortitude of our leadership.

At a time when our economy is weak, Obama has worked to weaken our military and shown the world that he, the man who represents our nation’s will, has no fortitude. No wonder Putin is stepping up to bat.

Who knows how far this will go or the ultimate impact that it will make. With our allies in the Middle East no longer able to count on U.S. support, we will lose our influence with them as well. Israel already feels abandoned, as dose Egypt, and it won’t be long until our other allies feel the same.

Someone has said that we could be looking at the opening moves of World War III. If so, I can guarantee you that our president won’t take part. It will be up to the next president to pick up the pieces and try to put things back together again, much as Franklin Roosevelt had to do, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • My take on the whole situation is first of all, I think Obama’s plan from day one was to lower the U.S.A. to be equal to all other countries of the world. His dream is to be the leader of the world, which by the way I think will never happen! What I can’t understand is, why does our Congress let him by with all his illegal and treasonous acts. Can anyone answer that for me? Is it really going to have to come down to civil war and ” We The People” !

  • Of course Russians want to be a great country again, but they don’t want to rule the world. Only Washington wants to rule the world. All the other countries are reacting to the US commercial or military aggression. If the USA stopped its aggression, the very next day, all that military nonsense would stop.

    How can you complain about cuts in US military expenditures, when that one country alone already spends more than all the other countries together? And Washington does so mostly with the money it has robbed from the other countries one way or another, which is the primary reason why it USA needs to spend so much money to defend itself against everybody else in the first place.

    Peace will be achieved with less violence, not with more violence. And the first place to stop violence is in our own heads.

    • Serge, well put, but a bit off the mark. Washington does not want to ‘Rule’ the world. too much of a headache. That’s why we gave all those WWII territory conquests back to their indigenous occupants.

      The U.S. government only wants to ‘control’ the wealth of the world through advanced New World Order Capitalistic manipulation, to keep their ‘crony’ power elite’s status quo.

      Islam–and other theocracies- however, DO want to ‘Rule’ the world absolutely according to their delusional belief systems.

      • Who authorized the invasion of Iraq thereby creating the vacuum that led this chaos?

        • OLA, is your question rhetorical for a point emphasis, or do you really not know?

    • Serge:
      Thats complete BS.
      Your so called plan, is exactly the same as obozo’s.

      • wouldnt’ it be great if we lived in a world where facts matter.

        Fredrick great opinion:

        Doesn’t seem to square:

        Obama continues the Bush policy and spends $1T yearly on military. Please take me to class. this money is wasted? not going where it should.

        Obama set a record for special forces ops. the Bush peak? about 60 countries a year. this year 130 countries. Seems like an increase.

        Yes, some programs such as slealth bomber, designed to carry nukes to Russia, have been curtailed. There is not unlimited funds. I guess.

        US has 19 aircrafts. Really modern good ones. The rest of the world combined including those not actually seaworthy? 11. According to Janes.

        The US maintains its Nukes, three systems, you know? to bomb the USSR.

        Your opinion is okay. Your insults aren’t even good ones. You don’t seem to address facts or help others, such as myself, see you as an informed person. Maybe you watch alot of TV? Idk.

        thanks tim

      • From Montreal,Quebec,Canada our canadian dollar 62 cents.Is the Prime minister,Justin Trudeau a freemason illuminati to crash Canada or create new jobs for all Canadians with infrastructures still waiting for the promises in Switzerland.Who should we trust King Jesus or corrupted governmental officials? Brothers and sisters be self-sufficient , do not trust the mean stream media,they are lying with their demons from the pit of HELL. Cease not to pray the Lord prayer.Amen Allelujah .

  • Bill, I thank you for really looking into this and not just repeating propaganda talking pints from our corrupt government. You talk about the morality switch that started taking place around the cold war. If you dig back in history just a little you will see the transition in Russia going from a Bolshevik controlled nation to a self controlled nation around that same time. The same people that had a strangle hold on Russia for many years, and killed many Christians in that country, over 65 million, transferred their control model to the USA using the lessons learned in Russia. The table has turned and now we are the ones that evil has chosen to use.. Keep spreading the truth, as hard as it might be at times, and i will support you. Start pushing the BS propaganda, and i will erase you and your site from my future. God bless and good luck.

  • People tend to forget that Obama is under direct orders from his international banker masters to wreck America. The downfall of America is the only way to usher in the new world order because Americans would violently oppose a global dictatorship. American civilians are the only people who have the means to oppose it…… but that’s what gun control is all about.

  • First, let me state that I have been an active student of American history and the constitution for most of my life.
    Please don’t get me wrong, as I am not in any way an apologist for Barack Obama or the mess he’s made since in office. That said, making the statement “it’s clear that a lot of the mess is actually the fault of the U.S. Department of State, perhaps assisted by the CIA” and then laying the whole mess at Obama’s feet, while true, is a red herring. The U.S. Department of State, assisted by the CIA and it’s predecessors, by the DIA and lately by Homeland Security, has been interfering in other countries’ affairs since Teddy Roosevelt invaded Tripoli. The only times we have actually been justified were the two World Wars, especially the second, since we were actually invaded. The U.S. Constitution, which both gives and at the same time limits the Federal Government’s authority, only speaks of “defense”. Sending troops outside our boundaries when we are not being directly attacked is an unconstitutional overreach by the government.
    That makes no difference to a ruling oligarchy made up of corporate interests who think they have the right to take our tax dollars and put our military’s lives on the line in pursuit of more profits. The steady stream of propaganda issuing forth from both parties, if you listen closely and observe the actions actually taking place, shows that there is really no difference between the parties and it makes no difference who we, the people, elect. The oligarchy actually running the country will continue to take us where they want and we really have NO say in the matter. The only way this is going to change is if there is a large and serious new revolution, as Thomas Jefferson advocated should take place on a fairly regular basis.
    Unfortunately, the propaganda machine called the Department of Education (again a department that is unconstitutionally in existence) has messed with the heads of many generations, to the point were they are totally uninterested in regaining their freedom. I don’t have an answer for how to get people to pull their heads out of the sand and do something to change this country back to a democracy instead of the sham we now have.
    As far as “allow the United States to be the world’s police, a position we’ve held since the end of World War II”, that is EXACTLY the position we should never have assumed. That is an egregious and unconstitutional usurpation of power by the Federal Government (or the corporate oligarchy that controls it) and it has cost the citizens of this country untold amounts of money and many thousands of lives. Not once has our interference in the affairs of other countries actually benefited or protected the American people, but it has put a lot of our tax dollars in the pockets of corporations and killed a lot of our young men and women. In fact, taking that position is the very reason we have the vast number of enemies we have. Time after time, we have backed the wrong horse and created situations where we could not win. We would have been far better off, and a lot safer, if we had just stayed home and kept our noses out of other countries’ business.

    • Well said, William. I agree that once any particular political ‘party’ gets in power, despite what they said during campaigns, it seems that not much really changes in terms of honest and fruitful liberty and justice for all. Proprietary Corporatist interests inevitably feeds the avarice of the political oligarchies and bedfellows reminiscent of the good old days when the Kings and Popes shared the same women (and boys) are still the status quo.

      But there are serious party ‘agenda’ differences in terms of the ‘usage’ of the people, their assets, and immediate destruction of certain Constitutional liberties to achieve their nefarious social goals, that do, indeed, make one or another party much more deleterious over the other..

      If Obama’s Cartel gets in for a ‘third’ therm…well, It will be far worse for this country in critical policy and illegal anti-Constitutional applications. True American Patriots cannot let that happen to their future progeny and ever look at themselves in the mirror again.

      I don’t know about having a pure ‘democracy’, however. The term Democracy is never applied correctly. No government controlled social operation can function in harmony with 51% of the populate controlling the 49%. That’s why the Founders set it up as a Representative Republic. The main difference between a ‘Republic’ and ‘Democracy’ which both adhere strictly to the definition of a People Controlled Government (The people hire and fire the government officials and tell them what to do…instead of the other way around as in most other countries).

      Also, in an Egalitarian Republic must have a Majority Rule much more expanded than the pure Democracy 51% margin to be fair for ‘most’ Otherwise you could have virtually HALF the population in dissent and conflict with each other. As it is becoming now, with the leftists against the righ wingers.

      T And the Islamists would love to see a pure Democracy in America because they would take control without exploding even a firecracker in about another 10 years after flooding in and having multiple voting age children by then.

      But the Framers hedged the voting manipulation by creating a system where something called the ‘Electoral College’ to prevent something like a specific group interest controlling all of the country by only a fractional margin. It’s complicated, so i won’t elaborate in this comment, but suffice to say it was ‘better’ than a pure democracy voting system. So most, if not all of the people were supposed to get what they want in their lifestyles and social integrations.
      They new that ‘everybody’ would not always be pleased with the outcome but the system would still treat them fairly AND protect inalienable rights and freedoms. And the Constitution was set up to protect these liberties and restrict government power and authority abuse above all else.

      So what went wrong here?

      In the beginning We have Representatives who were supposed to keep the people informed of important issues of the day and ‘represent’ the people’s viewpoints and mandates on these matters in making laws and policy after discussing these issues in public forum, town meetings, etc. Then they would vote/pass laws that are agreeable with what The People ACTUALLY wanted.

      All that has changed now. Special proprietary collusion, corruption, and other forces of human nature turned most of these representatives into something else. The end result is what we see now. They ignore us and do what they want.

      And to ‘continue’ doing what they want, They make anti-Constitutional ‘laws’ to take away our liberties, instead of protecting and preserving them. Yes, this ‘high Treason’ by any way you measure it.

      Having been there and done that in various combat replications of the ‘Jeffersonian Solution’ if that were to come… I will never encourage it as a primary solution. The Framers set it up as a ”last Resort’.

      At this point in time such a ‘revolution’ would literally destroy the country physically and mentally, and the soul of the American Spirit would be dead.

      Instead we should look to the primary solution the visionary Framers provided. Take back the ‘System’ again and use it the way it was intended.

      Having ‘Representatives’ may have been the one weak point in the system. First because they are corruptible by human nature, and two, we all become lazy and apathetic when others do things for us.

      So now, if you want your liberty, you can keep it. But Freedom, as we all know by now, is Never Free. You have to work at it constantly, or you’ll lose it. Just like if you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll lose them.

      Don’t fall for what ‘They’ want you to do like say things like…”aw, my vote doesn’t matter anyway so why bother, or they don’t listen anyway so why waste time bugging my Reps.”

      Okay, if you feel like that, you have the ‘right’ to do what you want…for the time being. I, personally, would like to enjoy doing ‘what i want’, in a continuum of Liberty.

      So since i always get pumped after reading these articles I’m going to finish my coffee and call my Rep’s office and schedule a ‘Teeth Cleaning’ appointment. I have a couple of serious ‘questions’ about latest tyranny that i want to write about shortly and want to know what she’s going to do about it.

    • America can hardly be the policeman as before. Since the I’ll conceived Iraqi invasion, things have never been the same. Those who think that America can wage any war now are deceiving themselves… Not with trillions of dollar debts and a general population unprepared for headship, who whine even when the power supply or public transport is interrupted for a few seconds . all empires eventually crumbles . the us empire seems to be short lived

  • Obama is being shown up by Putin because he doesn’t have the cajones’ to carry out/back up what he said he was going to do, instead, he’s backing and arming the enemy….McCaine is just one of many in this govt who supports ISIS, but helped create them as well, along with many, if not all of the alphabet agencies. It’s all part and parcel to the bigger plan by the financial Oligarch’s who are hell bent and intent on establishing the NWO & OWG…..we are just the last remaining obstacle in the way, which is why O is in the oval room……on a prophecy side of things, this country/nation is reaping what it has sown over many generations, maybe just decades, at least two centuries from this countries inception……corruption was entwined in the early govt, deals were made with dark forces, and allowed to fester and become a malignant cancer that has grown to out of control proportions…..greed, power, corruption, idolatry, adultery, and a major failure to follow all of our Abba Yahuah’s commands, ordinances, statutes, covenant, easts, Festivals, and most importantly, His True Sabbaths.

    As Yisra’el of old failed, rebelled in the wilderness after being delivered from Mitsrayim/Egypt, and at the time of Moshe/Moses being up on Mt. Sinai receiving the 10 Commandments and he Covenant Torah (Shemot/Ex 19-24:11), the children rebelled at the golden calf incident….they whored after other mighty one’s/gods… which over a period of time, Yahuah destroyed over 3000 of them in one day…Ex 32….we are bound by the same Royal Covenant Torah today, and because of gross rebellion, fornication, adultery, idolatry, whoring, homosexuality, and just in all ways, breaking all of Yahuah’s commands that He set before us….this country is now under judgment.

    As a nation, there is no redemption, but still a little remaining hope for individuals who realize their sin/lawlessness of Torah, they have the opportunity to repent and turn around, seek Yahuah through Messiah, asking forgiveness, that one might be saved, but if there is no repentance, there is no salvation and further judgment awaits…

  • Obama is a ball less want a be piece of crap, the only thing this clown has ever done is smoke dope and visit bathhouses.
    Vladimir Putin on the other hand is a X KGB agent with a set of steel balls, do I really need to say more.
    Sad but true the majority of this country is turned into a bunch of liberal progressive douche bags and the time is coming very rapidly when they are gonna find out there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  • Bill is a Christian missionary to Mexico.

    Likely he gives them all Bibles.

    Somewhere it is written: do your best to live in peace with all men.
    I’m sure Bill believes the once feared US military special forces opts in 130 countries so far this year are missions of peace.

    The US bombs on Doctors without Borders Hospital? mission of peace.

    Bill should return to the US and apply to be a US ARMY Chaplin. There is no reason a man of Bill’s insights could not go with the Army to some of these 130 countries.

    As Obama guts the military and mothballs our 19 glorious aircraft carriers, Bill can spread the gospel of peace. Why, he would be like an angel of love and mercy.

  • I believe that Obama and Putin are actors and that Obama has submitted to the will of Putin and they made agreement behind closed doors. It is clear that Obama is protecting ISIS by making excuses for muslim violent acts in the name of Allah our own country and refusing to stand strong against them in the Middle East.

    • @betty: ISIS is Sunni. Same as our ally, Saudi Arabia. Do you think it is possible that in very complex situation, allowing ISIS to fight in the mid-east, is seen to accomplish US goals?

      Many people believe ISIS originated from US trained and equipped Iraqi Sunnis.

      These trained fighters were rejected by the Shiite government?

      If true, I don’t think any goverment official, Christian or Muslim, will come out and say that publicly.

      It would require honestly, that alone would make it tough. But, it would require admitting the USA screwed the pooch (use your own expression there).

      the US, no matter who is in charge, is going to tell you things are OK. Don’t worry, we have it under control.

      Isn’t more likely, your government is completely out of control? Not just Obama?

  • Putin is the only one capable of putting an EMP over the USA without trouble. Has he been poking at our perimeter defences almost daily? Gee I wonder why? Is there an election coming up that can’t happen if the is an EMP exploded over the USA? Would we then have a self declared Muslim president that won’t respond to the EMP attack? Is Putin setting up his military in Muslim country (Syria) to see to it that his part for the delivery is paid for, and he gets his share of the Obama deal? Will this then leave him and his military in the drivers seat for dominance anywhere but China? Don’t worry though Obama just stated that kooks who are spreading such rumors, are dead wrong because he wants to be through with his job at the end of his term, and of course he is the president and would never lie to the good people who elected him.