Iran Nukes Erase Obama’s Majority In Congress

Iran nukes erase obama's majorityPresident Obama has announced that he has nearly succeeded in completing a deal with Iran over their nuclear program. The deal would lift sanctions against the Muslim controlled country, allowing them greater access to trade with other countries. What we and the rest of the world receive in exchange for this is yet to be seen.

To be honest with you, I’d say there’s not much hope of Iran capitulating on their nuclear program in any meaningful way. Iran has been on the forefront of supporting terrorism for years and is a very vocal opponent of the United States of America. While Obama has been praising Iran for their “cooperation” in the negotiations, Iran’s spiritual leader has been on national television, shouting “Death to America.”

Few in Congress trust Obama on this deal, as historically he has been supporting Islam, even to the harm of the United States. It is likely that the pending deal follows that pattern, giving Iran what they want, while putting America and our allies at greater risk.

And the Majority Said NO

{adinserter emp}Forty-seven Senators sent a letter to Iran, without the President’s approval, warning that they would not accept any deal with Iran that allowed them to continue with their nuclear program.

The intent was obviously to derail the nuclear talks and any deal that Obama was offering them. Since the Senate has to approve of any treaty, 47 of them standing against a possible treaty is something that a thinking person has to take notice of.

What was Obama’s response to that? According to him, those 47 Senators are nothing more than traitors. Apparently he’s trying to redefine the word traitor to refer to anyone who opposes him, rather than those who go against the interests of the United States, as he has done.

Well, the stakes in this game have just gone up another notch. 367 members of the House of Representatives have signed an open letter to Obama. In it, they remind the President that it is they that have the power to lift sanctions and that they don’t have to do so, even if Obama negotiates a deal which says that those sanctions will be lifted.

Congress is concerned about Iran building a nuclear bomb, and with good reason. Their letter states that as their reason for opposing the president on this and they clearly state that they must be convinced that the deal preclude any pathway to Iran creating a bomb, or they will not lift the sanctions.

What Is Left to Come?

One critical thing about this is the number 367. That’s 84 percent of the House, much more than they need to override any presidential veto. Clearly, a number of the Democrats in the House have abandoned Obama on the Iran issue and sided with the Republicans, as there are only 247 Republicans in the House.

With such a strong majority, the President doesn’t have any legal recourse left.

But… and I again say but… what makes any of us think that the president is going to follow the law on this? He has blatantly ignored the Constitution on every turn, doing things as he wishes. There is a very good chance he will do so on this issue as well.

As I see it, there are only three possibilities:

1. The President and Secretary of State actually broker a deal which blocks Iran from developing nuclear weapons. That would allow Congress to agree to it, ratify the agreement and lift the sanctions. However, that requires that Iran give up their nuclear program, something I doubt they are willing to do.

2. A deal is brokered that Congress cannot accept, but by political maneuvering and manipulations, the President manages to get them to sign off on it. We’ve seen this time and time again, where Obama has said “my way or the highway” and Congress has capitulated. Usually they capitulate because of a combination of public pressure caused by misreporting the facts and Obama making something else contingent on his will being passed. That’s what happened with his executive amnesty. He is much better at these sorts of manipulations than Congress is, having been trained in the capital of such politics, Chicago.

3. A deal is brokered and is not acceptable to Congress and they refuse to go along with it. That would mean that the Senate doesn’t ratify the agreement and the House doesn’t lift the trade sanctions. The President is then faced with deciding whether he will go along with Congress’ decision, or play King Obama the dictator again. Based on that decision, we have two options:

  • If Obama capitulates to what Congress says, then he will have to go back to Iran and broker a new deal. That would be the first time that he ever capitulated to Congress.
  • If Obama disagrees with Congress and goes along and implements the deal, without the approval of Congress, he would be taking the next step along the road to becoming a dictator. He would have once again proven that Congress has no power, especially over his actions.

This puts the nation in a very precarious situation. Our Constitution, our liberty and our very country are sitting in balance. Congress has finally faced off against the President, taking a stand on an issue and telling him that there are limits to his authority.

The question is… how will it end?


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.



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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Can’t say exactly how it WILL end because with this POTUS there is a clear ‘track record’ that does not facilitate the best intentions for our country. So all i can tell you is how it will NOT end.

    It will not end good for us.

  • 1. Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in 70 years. The US has been the aggressor in over 100 military actions since then.
    2. Iran wants to use its abundant resource, Uranium, to make FUEL RODS, not nuclear weapons (they already have a couple of those and HAVEN’T USED THEM, although Israel has nuked Syria 3 times in the last year.
    3. It’s about time to get the US head out of ISRAEL’s arse.

    • Mediamike,
      Exactly when did Israel nuke Syria?

      • ISis RA amen EL the Saturn god, and their psychopath leader “bebe” have pulled the wool over everyones eyes, that support Zionists. Iran has done nothing, it is no threat. It is interesting to note that first responders of 911 are coming down with forms of cancer related to radiation. The same radiation signature has been traced to nukes stolen from the USA, during the Clinton regime, by guess who, yessssss Israel. Do the research!!
        Wow, how about that, yet the sheeple want to believe that Iran is a threat, whilst izzzrael won’t allow any to see their arsenal of nukes. the same nukes they continue to threaten {see the Sampson option]anyone with who refuses to follow their agenda. Lets face it, they have us by the you know whats. So Bill, quit worrying about little Iran, and worry about that 900 pound guerilla, that’s bought off a majority of our elected officials. Yes the Khazars/neocons/dual citizenship/Zionists.

    • Israel did not nuke Syria ever. Iran Iraq war caused millions of deaths on both sides. Iran attacked Kuwait in the 80’s so get a history lesson.

    • I agree that what we are fed about Iran may not all be true. I do not support the POTUS in his one man show of running the country and conducting negotiations with other countries, but
      much, if not most, of what mediamike states is true, even if many of you do not agree.
      The USA is the aggressor and attacks other countries at the direction of the Power Elite! We do their bidding under the passion of Patriotism! Be not deluded, the truth is not always in front of your face!

    • Israel did not aunch any nukes . They bombed Syria out from building a nuclear reactor. Their intent was to attack Israel. Israel does not have to wait for it to hapen. That would be too late.

    • Mediamike, Makwah,

      Its a good thing that many states have legalized Pot to make it easier for you to get your weed.
      If you really believe that Iran has good intentions I have a bridge in San Francisco to sell you.

      A few things –

      1st – Iran got all of its Nuclear Technology from A. Q. Khan – the father of the Pakistani Nuclear Bomb. If your brain was in your heads instead of your aszes that should tell you all you need to know about what Iran’s intentions are for their Nuclear Program. (HINT – Iran has no intentions to build Nuclear Power Stations – you idiots).

      2nd – Iran has spent billions dollars and many years building their Nuclear Program in hardened underground military fortresses. No country on this planet has spent so much money and time to do for a “Peaceful Nuclear Program”.

      3rd – No country in the Middle East has spent more money and time causing chaos than Iran. Hezbollah much?

      • Watch much fox news…….lol….When you start calling people names, its a typical troll response, when they have only the bs facts spouted by the corporations that own the media. You have no facts, just hyperbole. Very typical for a sheeple TT. Keep watching the controlled media, and keep spouting their bullshit, they love you moronic, fluoride drinking, gmo eating, head in the sand types, who seem to be afraid of the truth, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Actually, MediaMike, Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in 200 years. In its war with Iraq, it was Iraq that was the aggressor; the Iranians were only defending themselves from the Iraqi invasion of their Khuzestan province. You’re right that their nuclear program is the peaceful pursuit of atomic energy to produce electricity; the UN commission headed by El Baradei found as much. The U.S. government lies about it as it does about everything else.


    • Another WTC?? 9.11

    • @Robert Ross: The last president was impeached over lying about sex. Perhaps you need to focus on Mr. Obama’s sexual conquests? Just trying to be helpful. The Presidents Bush/Cheney committed crimes against humanity with torture. The people on this list don’t seem to be concerned of that. Better stick with sex.

  • the only thing their good at is spending tax payer money . Every move Potus makes is against our constitution . I have no family or friends that don’t feel the same way . Impeachment could’nt come soon enough.

  • I have said this before, Obama should be forced to have a psychological examination, he is clearly in denial about ISIS. He is clearly delusional about Israel, making policy based on his personal muslim religion siding with terrorists over tried and true allies in the Middle East, the only bastion of democracy in the region.

  • A crazed or a terrorist pilot has proved that it takes only one person to cause so much havoc. If Iran threatens to nuke and wipe Israel off the map, and America agrees to allow them the path to this goal, who will prevent a single crazy man from a nation full of Israel and America haters from pushing the nuke button?
    Shame on us sitting around while he ruins and sets the world on fire.

  • Bill White, the cross cultural missionary, and many of the commentary here all rant about Obama.

    Today, this post, will be recorded on government computers. It will be routed to the “appropriate” government agency for storage and possible evaluation.

    This isn’t the result of Obama. George Bush, McCain, Romney and possibly President Cruz have made the US citizen “subject”.

    That you resist the one, Obama, to give fealty to another, who you will love and cling to, just makes you look silly.

    Idk, how else to say it. Perhaps you are paid by the government itself: to distract us with anti-Obama?