What Are The Russians Doing So Close To US?


Russian aviation patrol Obama and PutinYou don’t hear much about it anymore, but the Russians are still in the Ukraine. Their annexation of the Crimea is now a foregone conclusion and Ukraine is forced to accept it. Obama’s light slap on Vladimir Putin’s wrist wasn’t even noticed, let alone slowing down any Russian military action. If anything, Russian activities in the Ukraine have increased.

Last month Russia has moved more troops, more artillery and more tanks into the Crimea, making moves that appear to be a threat to take over all of Ukraine. This seems to be part of a greater strategy, one in which Russian will regain many of the countries who were part of Eastern Europe.

There have been overtures on Putin’s part, showing that he has greater plans than just taking over the Crimea. In a conversation with Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Putin said, “no matter what you do during the wedding night, you’ll be fucked anyway”.

While he said that it was a joke, and a rather crude one at that, it could very easily be taken as a threat against Germany. Russia and Germany are longstanding enemies, going back to before World War II and Germany’s attack on Russia. Could Putin be planning retaliation for that war?

Video first seen on WorldBreakingNewsChannel.

With Russia’s recent military actions, East/West relations have reached new heights of tension, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the end of the Cold War. After the financial collapse of the old Soviet Union and Russia throwing off her communist ties, East/West relations have been rather amicable. But since the rise of President Obama to power in the United States and President Putin in Russia, things are going downhill again.

Small Steps to the New Soviet

Vladimir Putin is a strong leader, who appears to look back longingly at the days of Russia’s power as the center of the Soviet Union. Ever since Stalin’s time, the only thing that has kept Russia in check to any extent has been American military might. Yet, you can’t count on yesterday’s might to fight today’s battles and Obama is busy dismantling our military and culturally changing it into a politically correct, neutered social experiment.

{adinserter emp}Putin has even reminded the world that Russia has the world’s largest supply of nuclear weapons. Yes, they surpass us in this strategic category, thanks to liberal politicians who are convinced that nukes in the hands of our military are a threat to world stability, but in the hands of the Russian military are tools for world peace.

They gave away the strategic superiority we held during the height of the Cold War, in order to reduce the “overall risk to the world.” Looks like Putin has shown the lie in those beliefs.

Recently, Russia has announced that they will begin reconnaissance (read that “spy”) flights into the Gulf of Mexico. This didn’t even happen during the Cold War. Since I seriously doubt that they have any true interest in Mexico’s military might, these flights are clearly a political/military statement directed at the United States.

This is an old game. During the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union sent ships and planes around the world, making a “show of force” and spying on each other’s military capability. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, that effort has largely been a unilateral one on the U.S. part. But now, once again, the Russian fleet and Russian Air Force is showing their might off to the world, letting the world see that they should fear the Russian Bear once more.

While our “official stance” on such activity has always been that the seas are free for the passage of all, we held that stance for our own benefit, more than that of other countries. When other countries sent ships and planes close to U.S. shores, you can be sure that they were shadowed, with our military forces watching their every action.

Video first seen on SignsofThyComing.

So, where does that leave us now? Perhaps in one of the most dangerous positions in world history since the end of World War II. At the very time when the United States, who has acted as the world’s police and maintainer of the peace, is backing down militarily, Russia is kicking their worldwide military operations up a notch.

At the least, it appears that they are filling the power vacuum that Obama has created. At the worst, it could be the signs of a new Cold War, one in which they hold the upper hand.

Liberals probably don’t see this as a problem, and I’m sure that Obama doesn’t. After all, it seems like his goal is to destroy America as a world power. What better way than to allow Russia and China to become more powerful than we are?

For some reason, the liberal mind sees out military as evil, attributing their every action to being an attempt at world takeover. Yet history has shown that the United States is the only country that frees and rebuilds countries that it conquers. Since World War I, the best thing that could happen to most impoverished countries is to lose a war with the United States. That would bring them billions of dollars of aid.

The question we have to look at now is what’s going to be the result of all this. Obama has two more years in office, assuming he obeys the law enough to get out when he’s supposed to (a doubtful proposition). I’m sure that Putin knows the date Obama leaves office as well as any conservative who is counting the days.

The difference is, Putin probably sees that as the amount of time that he has left to act, before the United States gets a president who will stand against him. He must act in those two years.

Of course, if Hillary wins the 2016 presidential election, which is a very real possibility, Putin will have at least another four years to rampage through the world, throwing his weight around. That could be disastrous. Given that much time, he might be able to largely rebuild the old Soviet Union, and by then, we wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it.



This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • One might ask why did USI (US/Israel corporation) overthrow Ukraine’s legitimate government and put a puppet in, controlled by the EU/USI?

    Russia has let the USI know that Russia technology can beat USI’s.

    The American People had better WAKE UP to the fact that the Republican/Democrat puppet-master cares not for them.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It’s time for a NEW AMERICAN ANTHEM, until the LAST MAN STANDING is awake, aware, and defending his Rights.

  • It sure seems a good time to further cut back our military, doesn’t it? We’re gonna be in a shooting war and Obama will scratch his head and ask for his phone and his pen to “Executive Order” it away. Now is the time for Republicans and sensible democrats to take back some of the power they handed over freely and start setting things straight, or we’re going to REALLY regret it. Pray for our Country, people!

    • Sorry pastor but you are buying the party line. Either Russia is just protecting herself from american/corporate elite imperialism, or obummer is in cahoots with Putin and it’s staged. Either way, the powers that be want ww3 for their greed. It’s time to stop buying the propaganda and feeding the war machine.

    • Putin & Obama, what a comblination!!!! Putin is pure Russian and pure Anti-American, he just wants more power and control over the Russian Masses!!!
      Obama & Kerry have no clue about World Politics and Hillary wants us to have empathy for our enemies. God Bless and keep America safe from these World Leaders… Throw in North Korea, the Islamic Terrorists, Illegal Aliens, and eliminate the U.S. Military Personnel… The United States of America is in great danger!!!

      • Comrade Obama and Herr Holder understand perfectly that the priority enemy is domestic bitter clingers. der Homeland Securitat is being strengthened, there is no need for the military to be concerned, there will always be UN missions for them. The USA is dead; the USSA is the extant authority.
        “Know yourself, Know your enemy” SunTzu
        Now deal with it or not, but please no more “Hope” or wishful thinking of the “past glories” of long dead patriots.
        We lost control of the country to the ProgreSSive Elitists, both Repub and DemocRat,…….now what?

  • It seems our Nobel Prize winning President has managed to create more unrest and tension around the world than any President before him. He sure has brought us lot of change and a lot of us hoping that he will leave at the end of his term.

    • Maybe he’ll leave BEFORE the end of his term… One can hope, right?

  • Who can we believe?!?! The news sources that I deem the most credible seem to be showing the global elite, Vatican Babylonian evil, cabalistic royal 13 families, or whatever label suits you, as beginning to lose their tortuous control over all of us. Putin, in spite of his history, currently looks & sounds more believable, “godly”, etc. than the corporate US CEO Obamination that we’re cursed with! I cannot continue to put up with the lies, corruption, etc. I want to believe that our Creator is indeed behind our newly restored Republic (as of 12/12/14?!), the demise of the evil controllers (that Yahushua dealt with millennia ago), & that justice, peace, freedom & prosperity will prevail.

  • Your warning that the US need be wary of a possible nuclear strike is very valid however, but it will not be because of Russian expansionism. It will be because of US/UK-led NATO expansionism. Since the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 NATO has moved its nuclear capabilities closer and closer to Russia’s borders. There are US and NATO military bases completely surrounding Russia and China and more and more are being built. Crimea happened because of a US-backed-and-paid-for coup against the legally elected government of Ukraine. NATO wanted the Russian Naval base at Sevastapol denying Russia her only warm water port (Which they have owned for hundreds of years). Russia, under Putin, has faced down the US attempts to undermine and destroy her and will continue to do so.

    Once again it is the US government that threatens the people of America, not Russians or aliens, or monsters, or zombies, or any one of a dozen phoney threats the government tries to blind the people with. America’s greatest enemy is in Washington and no, I’m not just talking about Obama but the whole crooked corporate regime. Democrats and Republicans are but two cheeks of the same ass!

    NB. Make no mistake. If nuclear war breaks out America WILL LOSE!! the continental USA will be completely devastated and all the survival techniques and skills inn the world will count for nothing.

    • The Potus Putz “O” will surrender quickly as pre-arranged with Putin. Then the Chinese and Russians will collect war repatriations from the US(SA). And we live happily in the NWO thereafter……..
      OR…….just cut to the surrender, and avoid the whole war thingy……

      • GENEARLY:

        What DAMION says is entirely correct.

        However, there is something that you and all must understand. There is no such thing as “living happily ever” after under the NWO. WE MUST NEVER SURRENDER. It is always better to die standing on your own two feet than to live on your knees. A brave man (or woman) dies only once, but a coward dies a thousand deaths.

        As a people (not government), there is nothing that can be done against any outside enemy, but there is much to do against the REAL enemies in Washington and Wall Street, and we had better get cracking somehow, because time has officially almost run out.

        Those nukes are getting prepared for launch. Once those nukes fly, it’s game over.

  • I enjoyed Bill White’s article . Too bad for us a man like Mr.White is not at 1600 Pa avenue ; instead of the racist clown who listened to the phony ” reverend”Wright ; telling obama how wicked and evil the U.S.Of A is- what a shame!

  • Frankly, I think all of this relaxed attitude towards Putin’s aggression has to do with the fact that they intend to integrate us into the collectivist model of Communism. It serves the self appointed elites to take down America on all levels, driven by the Federal Reserve cartel’s firm control over our economic system. The end game is a new world order with the UN as the template for government and a Communist styled model as the ideological driving force.

  • Don’t make too much of the number of nukes each side has; we both have more than enough to annihilate the world many times over, and the specter of Mutually Assured Destruction is as valid as ever. Nobody can ever win a nuclear war, period. Chemical and biological weapons…of Mass DEATH, without destruction…are a bigger threat. Prepping to survive that kind of attack is more realistic. The questions Americans should be asking are: What is our government doing to help protect us from such a threat? and Why are our “leaders” so intent on disarming us when threatened with possible invasion? Is “no more America/Americans” not merely the agenda of Putin, North Korea, and the Taliban, but of people on “our” side?

    • The ‘Russians” are coming!!!! OMG !!!!! ………..after being prodded and poked in Ukraine and Syria by the Comoonity Organizer in Chief. Then $anctioned by the Elitist Banksters, and the manipulated oil price war…….
      I might sound like an apologist for the Russian Bear, but I’m not. Just by observing the Obamanation, it is evident by ther ProgreSSive domestic homeland policies that they are evil. Our first priority is domestic restoration of the former Constitutional Republic…….otherwise “what” do we fight “for”?
      A NWO USSA? not me. And that is part of the “O” strategy also, decay any remaining American pride in country to resist internal or “external” enemies.
      I am not convinced that Comrade Obama and Comrade Putin are not “on the same page”.

  • Just curious–what is a cross-cultural missionary??? G

    • A Neocon “Community Organizer”? AKA CIA Operative? Fast & Furious? Who knows… It does sound ominous though.

  • Although this latest statement by Russian Forces is one that allows the World to See Their Seriousness, I Highly Doubt the American BabyBoomer Generaton And ESPICALLY Generation X would even add 2+2=¿ together in an all out invasion occurs or may I say “WHEN” it occurs.
    President Kennedy Literally Spoke of This in a speech given about Secret Societies and the Threat of Invasion and Espionage Only Days Before the Coupe Occurred in Dallas Texas that November we can all remember (Except For George H.W. Bush according to George HW Bush…think about it!)


    We Have Been Infiltrated…FACT!

    When Will The FULL Take Over Occur?


  • Putin is not Gadaffi. The US won’t get away with its bullying tactics as easily with him. The US will reap what it has sown.

  • Ok, I had heard what putin was doing to Sweden, Eastern europe,,,of course the Ukraine and the smaller areas. I haven’t watched your vids yet, figured I’d get way too upset right now. I’m even familiar with the Russian sub in Sweden’s waters (playing cat and mouse).

    Your article was excellent. ..every bit of it. The historical perspective should be taught in schools. But hasn’t been for years and years. Obama has ruined America in so many ways it’s a lot more than just criminal. I remember the real America growing up.
    In addition to the above, I feel sad, sickened, disappointed, and depressed (angry too). My daughter was in the NSA 9/11, Ft.Hood the last crazed shooting, Iraq (in between) as a combat medic and in their hospitals trying to keep our guys alive. We had hoped like so many others that America would/could snap back and be able to protect ourselves and the other nations ,European as well as Israel. Fat chance now. We had obligations!!!
    How many of you others feel this way? I mean you “kids” too, the ones who maybe didn’t have the chance to be taught the real history of the world? If you don’t know history you are apt to repeat it.
    BTW didn’t know about the Russians in the Gulf. We were planning to return to the mountains anyway. .. Florida sucks.

    • Pam, I feel the same way, and also duped to a degree too. The past years since 9/11 have turned out to be a disaster, irregardless of intentions, the results are spreading tyranny for everyone.
      LOL, I left Foriduh this year for the mountains! Take a look, prepare, cya.
      All the best…

  • Do you remember the unplanned open mike at a meeting with Obama and the Russian Ambassador just before the 2012. That was where Obama made a promise to the Ambassador and told him to relay that “he” (Obama) would assist in a more real way “after” the election because since he would not be running for office again, he could do pretty much what he wanted to do?
    Do you see this situation with Putin as fulfilment of that promise? i.e. to stay aloof with military might (as if we were allies and not adversaries?) What in the world is happening here right before our very eyes? It is the playbook of Hitler’s rise second song, second verse!

  • I have read most of the comments following this article and the only thing I have to add is this: All of you are preaching to the choir! The majority of us are basically in agreement, but are we getting this information out to the uninformed masses? What are we doing to wake up “We The People”?

  • This is why, in the past, the United States had such a powerful military force. It wasn’t so we could go around starting wars, but so that others would be afraid to start a war with us. The U.S. was prepared to handle any situation that any other country might throw at us, but now, because our leaders feel we need to be politically correct and not offend anyone, they have stripped us of our military strength and allowed others to take advantage of us where they would never have before. Our great America has been crippled by our own so-called leaders and the only way to make it right is to have a President with enough guts to do what is necessary to build, once again, the strongest military force anywhere in the world, and to return to the values of our forefathers.

  • Most of you need to read about Russia’s history. For over a thousand years, Russia was supported by Europe as a defense line against the then maruading hordes from Asia. That defense line was sacrificed to socialism in the last century, beginning with WWI and then forgotten completely afterWII.

    The USA was in bed with the anglo-american penchant for empire for over 150 years and the game play was revealed in the first Crimean War when England went to war with Czarist Russia and lost it. England had fallen in love wth Mohammed’s great invention…make your contract or lose your hands, limbs and heads and went to work to romanticize Islam through its explosion of literature marketted mainly in the USA re the greatness of Araby and its Bedouin princes and sheiks. The clacque for this included Lowell Thomas and the entire radio groups including Edward Murrow and almost the whole WWII reporting media staff. Yale University was active in this promotion since its elite secret society, Skull and Bones, was really a promotion of Mohammed since it flew the “pirate’s emblem” designed by him for his enforcement raids which cleared the Silk Road for the re-establishment of international commerce Asia to Europe This commerce became more important than Christian Europe to those initiated in it and its possibilities for global governance.. Today international law as practiced by the UN, Thanks to the Rockefellers, taken from maritime law initiated from Mohammed’s draconian contracts is now it for our world and it is pure sharia!

    Therein lies our problem. The American people have voted into leadership the men who have transformed our nation into a new world order and there is no turning back for us. But in Europe people still exist who remember their battles,the towers of skulls left behind by Islam in their towns and cities when they rose up and defeated Islam three times in the last thousand years! This cadre is centered in Central Europe and that is what Putin wants to ally with for a new battle against Islam.

    The American putsch against Iran, Syria comes because we have a contract with the Sunni Islamites headed by the Keepers of the Holy Relics, the Saudis who allowed us to exploit the great wealth that Allah bestowed upon them, their oil. That contract must be kept or we sacrifice all.We gave them our dollar because their oilis sold only for dollars and that made it the world currency and even though it passed through CitiBank, the profits amassed not to the USA but to Saudi, growing the power of Mohammed and his “last religion”.

    Russia, under the Soviets, lost Russia to Islam because Islam flooded in to its border “republics” and took the land just as ISIS is doing now in Egypt,Syria,Lebanon, remnants of French empire. The Soviets woke up one day and discovered that most of its republis (states) were Islamic and christian Russia had no control over them and so the USSR fell. Reagan and the USA had nothing to do with that debacle. It was a religious coup d’etat like what is going on now again on Russia”s southern flank, this time openly aided by the USA and its anglo american secret services, contracted and appointed!

    Google Putin and his travel since his ascent. He has tried to meet with the remnants of the christian organizations still extant in Europe and has been blocked at every turn. He did meet with the last Pope and that Pope resigned for the first time in Vatican history. Benedict was moved by Putin’s plea for a cohesive defense against Islam. NATO leaders decided Benedict had to go and Putin must begone too.

    Putin turned to China and India. Both countries have suffered terribly from Islam. India is still beset with Islam since the British allowed Islam to take over half of India. The British Raj used Islam to take India in the first place. its Rajahs and their troops and rewarded it with what they wanted. The Brits also introduced Islam to Germany afterWWII because Germans were not to work in their own country as punishment and so Turks were imported to serve the occupying troops left behind, Brits and Americans. The Russians would have none of the Turks! The Brits and Americans allowed Turks freedom to travel and so they spread all over Europe but not where the Russians were!

    The affiliation of the angloamericans with Islam was hidden from view until the UN was made an actuality and international law was signed into being. NATO openly embraced it and Europe found out when Billy Clinton went toJugoslavia and awarded the greater part of that nation to Islam because the Serbians had been so mean to the poor muslims. The Serbians had the most skull towers in Europe because in each of the times Islam mounted an attack, they were the first to be invaded and they hated those barbarians. Serbia disappeared and Kosovo was born!

    An so we come to the War on Terror. It was manufactured by The Bushes,the Skull and Bones Boys, sons to Prescott Bush who also gave us the petrodollar which serves Saudi not the USA. The Bushes went to Texas from Connecticut to shut down the America oil wells and they did so that Saudi could drain our treasury even more for the war on their Islamic heretics to their North! The rest is history still being written.

    The USA is toast. Petrodollars have bought our Congress and what money does not control, extortion does. That is why we have so many secret service agencies. They get the lowdown on everyone in any position of power and its aenjoy what we can give you or lose everything for virtue!

    Today Jeb Bush announced he will run for President. It is a Fait Accompli! You see Obama’s selection was planned for and executed magnificently for the purpose of getting Americans used to an Islamite as leader, attract to him a following that can be made into Mohammed’s enforcers and he has them in black and brown legions in almost every city.

    That Obamacare architect professor from MIT was correct. Americans are a stupid people and at 90, I am ashamed to be one of them!

    Welcome to the New World Order

    • Yep, you got it. Putin’s counterattack on the USSA Banksters is imminent. Thanks for being an American. God Bless.

  • Times like these , I sure do miss Reagan

    • Obama-McCain both ProgreSSives started the “Ukraine” flare up then civil war.
      they also started the Syrian, Libyan, Egyptian flare ups. Now the Banksters have attacked Russia with sanctions, that weren’t initially working, until matched with the oil price plunge. Now Russia and Putin are under severe financial stress, which ill not be tolerated without a counterattack on the US fiat Feral Reserve Dollar. CYA, what goes around is coming around….fast!