Is This The Beginning Of The End?

I’m going to say something that I don’t normally say; that is, I don’t think the United States is going to be around a whole lot longer.

I regret having come to that conclusion, but I can’t ignore the fact of it. When I look around at what is happening in our country today, I have to ask myself if I’m seeing the beginning of the end.

But my conclusion that the United States isn’t going to make it doesn’t come from what I see going on around me; it comes from the Bible. I know that might seem a little bit strange, but I feel that I have solid biblical standing on what I’m saying.

For you see, when I look at End Time prophecy, I don’t see the United States mentioned in any way, not even symbolically. Considering that the United States is the one-world superpower and that nothing happens in the world without our involvement in some way or another, I can’t see how the events foretold for the End Times can occur, without US involvement, if the US remains as a superpower.

Therefore, I am forced to conclude that the United States of America must not be able to intervene in world events when the events mentioned in the Bible come to pass. That, in turn, means that either the United States ceases to be as a political entity or has been weakened so much by internal problems, that we are unable to make an impact on the world stage. Neither option is very attractive.


With that as a foundation, I see a lot of corroborating evidence in what’s happening in the country today. More than anything, what I see is division. We no longer have any one thing that holds us together. In fact, we have a lot of people who are working hard to drive us apart.

That’s what identity politics is all about. It’s an “us versus them” way of looking at life, which is fostered by some for political gain. They want to divide the American people, denying us anything that holds us together, so as to have an excuse for taking our liberty and exercising more control over us. It is a near-perfect application of the concept to “divide and conquer” and most of us don’t even see it happening all around us.

Nowhere do we see this division more than in politics. Our country’s political system was intentionally created in a way to cause people of different views to come together and seek out the middle ground. Yet today we have a system where political parties are demanding that things be their way, without any willingness to make concessions to give anything to the other side in return.

Sadly, this division isn’t just happening in the halls of Congress, it has infected our society at every level. We have reached a point where people are breaking off relationships with others based upon political affiliation. Sadly, most of that is based upon a misunderstanding of the other side’s ideology, listening to what those working to cause the division are saying, rather than listening to what people say for themselves or looking to see whether their actions line up with what they are saying.

Where is it Taking Us?

As I look at what’s happening in our country today, I see a serious marked increase in violence. The amount of death and destruction following Floyd George has been much greater than that which followed the killings of Michael Brown or Eric Garner. More cities have held protests and there have been more riots which have broken out of those protests, than for any of the killings before.

Please allow me to reiterate something I said last week; I don’t believe the peaceful protesters are the ones who are starting the riots. From everything I’ve been able to see; those peaceful protests have been hijacked by bad actors, most likely paid agitators sent in to bring about the very violence they created. There are those working behind the scenes who are intentionally trying to bring about social unrest and destruction, under the cover of a legitimate protest.

The sad thing about that is that the legitimate protesters are being blamed for what the paid agitators are doing. That doesn’t help anything, and in fact pushes us closer to the possibility of a racial civil war; something that may be the actual goal of those working behind the scenes

Should this turn into racial civil war, we’ll see a bloodbath the likes of which this nation has never seen before. The killings that were done by the KKK will be nothing, in comparison to what we might see in the future. It will go in both directions, but it is the minorities who will end up suffering the most.

The creating of CHAZ, now renamed CHOP, is a very scary portent in this ongoing struggle. The creation of an “autonomous zone” that is not subject to US laws, smack dab in the midst of an American city, is not something that can or even should be ignored by authorities. Yet that is exactly what is happening. The mayor of Seattle and the governor of the state of Washington are allowing these people to thumb their noses at government authority, without any repercussions in sight.

Make no mistake, CHAZ or CHOP isn’t just an “autonomous zone,” it’s a zone of anarchy; and like other places where anarchy reigns in the world, a warlord has risen up to take over. The only questions that yet remain are in regard to how violent things will get.

Fortunately, CHAZ hasn’t succeeded in exporting their particular brand of hate to the rest of the country yet. A similar group tried to rise up in Portland, making camp outside the mayor’s house. But that one lasted mere minutes, as the mayor, who I understand had previously been supportive of CHAZ, called the police to disband the “disturbance” in front of his house.

Should the actions of those in Seattle take hold in other parts of the nation, we could see a gradual destruction of our social fabric, as more and more parts of the country fall under the control of warlords. Anarchy will gradually become the norm, rather than an oddity. The rule of law will mean nothing and we will see these warlords begin fighting amongst themselves, as they try to take over more and more land.

That’s what has happened elsewhere and if our government officials don’t get a handle on things, that could very well happen here. But it’s hard to put a stop to actions that half of the nation’s politicians support because they are ultimately about tearing the nation apart.

On the International Stage

There are three things that give America legitimacy as both the world’s number one superpower and as the world’s police, on the international stage. They are:

  • The size and might of our military
  • The size and strength of our economy
  • Domestic stability

The current situation actually has the potential of undermining all three of these. Should insurrection within our borders reach a point where the president feels he is forced to use military forces to quell those disturbances, it will draw away military force from their many overseas missions. This is something our military hasn’t had to do in the past, unlike some other countries, whose militaries spend more time acting as national police, than as a military force.

Our economy has already taken a huge hit from the COVID-19 pandemic and our government’s actions in regard to it. Rioters destroying millions of dollars of businesses and preventing businesses to operate as normal is just adding another hit on top of the one we’ve already taken. Sadly, it is the small businesses in those communities who are suffering the greatest from this, as it is their livelihoods that are being destroyed.

Finally, anyone looking at the international news coverage of what’s happening in the United States is seeing the amount of unrest that we are experiencing. They are being fed a very carefully crafted narrative, making the United States out to be the most racist nation on the face of the Earth, where blacks are hunted and killed by the police. In other words, they’re being told that we are actively practicing genocide, something universally considered to be a crime against humanity.

It doesn’t matter that our military is still strong, as is our economy and the genocide that is supposedly occurring is a media myth; it is the perception of these things that is important. As long as the world sees the United States in this light, our power and influence overseas are diminished. Other nations will stop looking to the USA for help and turn instead to the United Nations.

While that might sound good, the UN has become one of the world’s leading proponents of a one-world government. When nations look to the USA for help and guidance, it is looking at a source of help that historically promotes self-determination. When they look to the UN, it is looking to an organization that is bent on bringing them under subjugation. There’s a huge difference.

What About You and Me?

So where does this leave you and me? To start with, we need to go back to where I started this article. That is, the United States, as we know it, is probably going to go down. It may not happen this year or next year. It may not even happen in this decade. But I think it’s fairly certain that it is going to happen eventually. Whether that is due to being torn apart internally or by some rogue nation hitting us with an EMP, the probability of it happening is too high to ignore.

Without the national cohesiveness and unity needed to hold us together, any such conflict will surely tear us apart. As former President John F. Kennedy famously said, quoting Abraham Lincoln “A house divided against itself cannot prevail.” Unless we find a way to bring this house back together, we are that house and we cannot prevail.

That’s the scenario we need to be prepared for, a total collapse of our country. It may happen in stages or looking in the light of what’s been happening lately, we may see it happen as the accumulation of many separate things, all piling on top of each other. But either way, it is likely to come.

Believe it or not, that’s not as hopeless a message as it may sound. While I fully expect that our nation is going to go through hard times, I still have hope. This nation was the only nation in the history of the Earth that was actually founded to be a Christian nation. While we have not necessarily fulfilled that call as well as we should have, it is still built into our foundation. Many of us may have forsaken God, but I don’t yet believe that He has forsaken us.

For myself, I will endeavor to take no sides, other than that of the Lord. Yet, at the same time, I will defend the lives of those I love. That will probably be seen to be taking one side or another by whoever tries to attack us. For when whatever civil war comes, there will be many who will take the stand “if you’re not with me, you’re against me.”

In reality, that war probably won’t be the sweeping war that our country endured in the 1860s, but rather a thousand smaller battles fought out on a local level. But it will be devastating nevertheless. It will distract the energies of this country from other important things and it will force you and me to focus on protecting those who are close to us, perhaps at the cost of our businesses, our jobs, and even our homes.

Should the United States go down, it will rise again; perhaps not as the United States of America, but as something else. It might even be several different nations. I can’t see that far. But it is up to you and me to survive whatever might befall us so that we can be those counted as having hands that build-up, rather than hands that break down. We will become an important part of putting our communities and our nation back together; but only if we survive.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Everything you have said in this article makes perfect sense, the things you are writing about is happening now, My husband and I have prepared for disasters and the like to be able to take care of ourselves. But I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime, this was not really a natural disaster, well maybe the virus was, maybe not, Now I feel off on our preps, what should be the next step to take for a couple of 60 year olds? We live in central Florida, we are working toward moving out of Florida into the western states, but we can’t do it right away. How can we prepare now for what is to come, because I truly believe you are right about the United States, we are coming apart from within. Very scary. Any suggestions on the steps we should be taking?

    • Pamela this site has a ton of books on those concerns and topics check them out. However, there are five things to never do:
      1) NEVER think you know it all
      2) NEVER allow yourself to be disarmed (physically or spiritually)
      3) NEVER get on the bus (it is not going anywhere you want to go)
      4) NEVER stop improving your situation
      5) NEVER quit
      and finally, ALWAYS seek His face, hear His voice and obey His will and all will work out.

      • Phantom30 Thank you so much for the encouraging and useful knowledge, I have never thought about Mystery Babylon being the United States, but it makes sense, looking at the things going on today, It just makes sense.We will never Quit, we will never stop improving our situation, We won’t get on that Bus, and we will not be disarmed, physically or spiritually. And I know we don’t know it all, and we will always believe in Jesus and the fact that He will win in the end.

      • Phantom30 speaks the truth, So you would do well to listen up.
        Especially no. 5

  • Yes and the true enemies are the demonic forces which manipulate the “useful Idiots” that have no idea that they are just the tools of our human destruction. The failing has been the churches that focus on religion and not the Truth. Those who know the Truth have been less than stellar in fulfilling their callings to spread the Word and develop that personal relationship with our Creator. We have allowed the family to be marginalized under political correctness and sexual diversity. The percentages of single parent homes is ridiculous. Then there is the sovereignty of the nation. Democrats, RINOs, and Communists are all destructive entities being manipulated. Citizenship needs restoration and knowing what it means to take our oath of office must be restored with appropriate penalties for breaching it. The destruction of our hope, culture and liberty are totally at steak. As Tucker Carlson said last night it is no longer about Trump or Biden it is about the survival of our nation and the only hope is for everybody to elect a Republican candidate to office. Not that Republicans are all that but they are not the fools we face on the left.

    • I believe Revelation 17 & 18 reveal that the US is the biblical Whore of Babylon. We will eventually be completely turned against the One who raised us up and blessed us. His Divine judgement will come upon us through China and allies.

      • I was thinking the great harlot was commercialism, false gods or idols “things”.
        And Babylon was the world system, as much now as it was back then.
        Yes, allies will be enemies in a split second if they are not treated fairly.

        U.S. hope lies in prayer. A born again believer can change the future by praying
        to the Almighty.

        • I disagree with you that the US is a whore. Did you read all of revelation 13 from the beginning? It describes who the beast is the leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon. In Daniel 7 also describes the beast. You have to go back to the time of those writings to find the countries it describes. Tradition says the lion, bear, and leopard of Daniel 7 are Babylon, Media/Persia, and Greece. This is based on old theology and commentaries that tried to make sense of the world as they saw it then. Daniel 7 is something we need to understand for today because we are living in the days of the lion, bear, and leopard. We need to understand that the bear, Russia, is on the move! Daniel verses 7, 8, the Kingdom of the Antichrist is described. AFTER the Antichrist Kingdom is destroyed by God, which we know to be at the Coming of Jesus at Armageddon, we see this verse: Daniel 7:12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away: yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time.

          Therefore, the lion, bear, and leopard kingdoms must still exist during the reign of the Antichrist. This is what makes us look at modern nations to be considered rather than ancient Babylon, ancient Media/Persia, and ancient Greece. Babylon and Media/Persia no longer exists nations. Greece exists but it is in an economic down spiral. If being prolonged “for a season and time” applied to ancient Babylon, Media/Persia, and Greece, then all three would be prolonged for the same time, but two are gone thousands of years ago, and one remains. Therefore, this verse cannot apply to these ancient nations. It must apply to nations that exist during the time of the Antichrist’s Kingdom all the way until the Coming of Jesus.

          Someone may object and say ancient Babylon is the people of modern-day Iraq and Ancient Media/Persia are the people of modern-day Iran. But Daniel describes the beasts as kingdoms, not peoples. Then you also have the problem of explaining why thousands of years of existence for the peoples of Iraq and Iran is explained as only “prolonged for a season and time,” an obvious reference to a short duration.

          Daniel 7:17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which SHALL arise out of the earth. Notice the lion, bear, and leopard “shall arise”. Therefore, this proves that the first beast mentioned is NOT ancient Babylon, because it was already risen and at the height of its power during Daniel’s time. But Daniel 7:17 says all the kingdoms are yet in the future relative to Daniel’s time.

          Notice our beasts are again mentioned in Revelation 13, modern end times. Especially notice that these beasts are ONE BEAST this time, implying they somehow together make up the final Kingdom of the Antichrist, yet one head in particular will the rule all of the others – known as the dreadful beast. When you count the heads of Daniel’s beasts you get 7 (1 – lion, 1- bear, 4 – leopard, 1 – dreadful beast). Revelation 13 shows the same 7 heads. There are seven heads yet one beast. This one beast has all of these kingdoms, the lion, bear, and leopard, within it in the end times. Revelation primarily deals with the time of Christ’s Second Coming and these beasts are, therefore, all present at Christ’s Second Coming, unlike ancient Babylon, ancient Media/Persia, and ancient Greece. Not to mention, a single beast kingdom consisting of Iraq (sunnis), Iran (shia), and Greece just sounds untenable no matter how you look at it.

          Because these beasts are symbols and the Bible did not give us the names of these kingdoms like it did in Daniel 2, the interpretation of these symbols is open. Therefore, one cannot say with absolute certainty what these symbols mean. However, as more of the end time scenario comes to pass, we will be able to the interpret the symbols more clearly. I believe we have enough of the end time players on the board to make the following conclusions.

          The first is the lion, which is Great Britain. The modern-day symbol of Great Britain is a lion. The United States separated from Great Britain in 1776.

          The bear is the second beast, which arises after the lion. A bear is a modern-day symbol of Russia.

          The leopard is the next beast mentioned in Daniel 7. A leopard is not the official symbol of Germany. An eagle is the modern-day symbol of Germany. However, the eagle symbol in these prophetic passages has already been used almost certainly to describe the United States. So how can one learn, who the leopard is? We have to look more closely at the passage. It says this leopard has four heads. So there must be four distinct kingdoms within this one kingdom. It also says it has the wings of a fowl. Therefore, another kingdom is associated with it.

          Germany seems to fit best as being the leopard because of their ferociousness at war like a leopard on the hunt. Interestingly, Germany has a modern tank is called the Leopard. The four heads are the four reichs (German for “empires”) of Germany. The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire first ruled by a Frankish king Charlemagne (800 – 1806). The Second Reich was the German Empire under Otto Van Bismark (1870 – 1919). The Third Reich was Adolf Hitler’s rule (1933 – 1945). The Fourth Reich seems to be the European Union (1958 – present), an entity almost entirely held up and controlled by Germany and France. The Germans have a strong alliance with the French as the key players of the European Union. France’s national symbol is a rooster, hence the wings of the foul prophecy is fulfilled when these two nations come together.

          Germany seems to fit best as being the leopard because of their ferociousness at war like a leopard on the hunt. The four heads are the four reichs (German for “empires”) of Germany. The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire first ruled by a Frankish king Charlemagne. The Second Reich was the German Empire under Otto Van Bismark. The Third Reich was Adolf Hitler’s rule. The Fourth Reich seems to be the European Union (1958 – present), an entity almost entirely held up and controlled by Germany and France. The Germans have a strong alliance with the French as the key players of the European Union. France’s national symbol is a rooster, hence the wings of the foul prophecy is fulfilled when these two nations come together.

          All of the reichs were/are attempting to unite Europe under one government and religion. Rev 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Germany was mortally wounded as a nation and was thought to never recover after WWII, uniting East and West Germany. But we know that it did happen which created the New World Order.

          The New World Order, when fully grown, I believe will unite the West (Europe in particular) with the East (Russia in particular) under the banner of Socialism for “forty and two months” (Revelation 13:5) through the United Nations. This is the final dreadful beast that the Antichrist will rule.

  • While I can agree the country is in sad shape, and divided this constant claiming we need God and the Truth only divides us more. When you look back at history, America was founded on Christian ideals but with freedom of religion and Christians are only about a third of the worlds religions. So all the others are wrong or maybe even evil? I am an Atheist, as Combat Veteran, a father as well as an American that is tired of this religious talk that only separates us more. I have close friends of all faiths and we judge each other as people not our faith. I am sure I will get flack for this but a big part of this article was us divided. Stop trying to divide us with religion. Instead focus on excepting everyone that is not evil. If I need to explain that, you are a lost cause. .

    • Yes religion is a problem, its full of the traditions of men and not the truths of God. Often people wear labels but have no understanding of their meanings. But the Truth will set you free and the Truth is a person, you should meet Him. He will surely accept you. I served the Dept of Defense for over 50 years, included extensive combat. This is not flack just Truth.

      • That is exactly my issue with people like you. Your idea of truth just has to be the right one as well as the only one. People like you will not except others that don’t believe as you do, you have to try and convince them you’re right and we are lost and need to be saved. That only drives people further apart. My best friend is a Christian, yet knows I am not but doesn’t try to convert me. Our friendship , works because we know each other as people, not a fellow Christian , Jew, Wiccan, take your pick. You seemed to have missed my point.

        • Hello Ric, Phantom30 didn’t miss your point. He was right on the money on his June 23rd note. On June 24th, he spoke of the truth. He understands what you are saying very well. He was just trying to explain that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He didn’t make that up, it was given to us by Jesus Christ, who’s life on earth was based on Love, and sharing that love with everyone, especially unbelievers or the uninformed who were never told about the love of God. In the old Testament, people sinned, and those who wanted to be forgiven for those sins, were told that they had to sacrifice an unblemished lamb to God, and there were probably a ton of sacrifices right? Maybe God knew those people were missing the point so He made it easier. We know that Adam and Eve sinned and God cursed them and banished them from the Garden of Eden. That original sin is passed down from generation to generation. We are all born with that sin. We also know that God will not let any form of sin enter the kingdom of Heaven, so God set forth a plan. He sent part of himself, his son, Jesus Christ, through an immaculate conception with Mary Magdalene because regular reproduction between a man and woman produces a baby with that inherent sin, so Mary became pregnant without an earthly father, through the spirit of God. Jesus Christ, therefore, was born without sin and in Gods eyes, represented an unblemished lamb. Thereafter, Jesus spread the Word, that he again, was the way, the truth and the life, and the only way to get to heaven was through him. He knew he was the son of God. His message was that of peace and love, especially to the poor, the slaves, sinners, and those who were rejected and felt alone and unloved and unwanted. He knew he was to die a horrific death, but he still spoke of loving our fellow man and to forgive those who do us wrong. He told the Apostles that he was to become that sacrificial lamb, in order for God to forgive us of our sins, all we have to do is believe in him as the Son of God, born of a virgin and was without sin and that he sacrificed himself for us, died, and as he told the Apostles, he rose after three days and after a brief visit with the Apostles, rose up into heaven where he is alive today as part of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said if you believe in him, that he did what he did, then all of your sins will be forgiven. That’s it, it’s that simple. Jesus gives all of us a choice. He also knows that there will be people who will refuse to believe but to be fair, he told us in the book of Revelation what will happen to those people at the White Thrown Judgement, but Jesus doesn’t want anyone to suffer because he loves all of us so he instructed those who do believe, to pass the Word of Truth to those who have not yet heard it to be saved from eternal death. That’s what Phantom30 was trying to say. It’s not Phantom30’s truth, it’s THE Truth that Jesus gave us. So Ric, my brother, thank you for your service and I pray that you will come to know Jesus Christ some day soon so we can all meet again in heaven and maybe go fishing together.

  • America is in the bible. They didn’t know the name so they called it Mystery Babylon !

  • Bill White, I have been trying to tell people the same thing for years. You’re spot on. Phantom 30, I could not have said it better. You are absolutely right. It’s sad, very sad. and I’m hoping that most people think the same and are tired of seeing the Dems trying to destroy the nation just to get rid of our President. God help us all. Bill, It’s funny that you mention that we can’t find any mention of our country in the bible. I’ve been wondering the same. The only positive note I can think of is maybe these are the signs of the beginning of sorrows that Jesus warned us about and the rapture will happen soon. I for one am looking forward to it. Oh, Christ said we will be hated for his name’s sake. The demonstrators are pulling down statues of religious figures now, saying they are symbols of white supremacy, and soon they will be destroying churches with the blessing of democrats and we as Christians will be targeted. I really believe we are living the book of Revelation. War and rumor of war, disease in diverse places, earthquakes everywhere, brother turning against brother, children against parents, all as in the days of Noah.

  • You are using the Bible to suggest that the US will not be a major player in the End Times, yet you source Kennedy’s quote about “a house divided against itself” as being from Lincoln. Don’t you know that Lincoln was quoting the Bible when he said that? Makes me wonder if you’ve read more than Revelation recently.

  • For more than 40 years, I’ve been telling people this is coming. But, all I got for my efforts was the horse-laugh. Now it’s happening, and to those I’ve tried to warn about it, I’m not even going to remind them I told them so. I have no desire whatsoever to harm another person. But, I will ruthlessly protect me & mine from the lunatic leftists by whatever means I deem necessary.
    The only Biblical reference I can find possibly referring to America is the one lamenting the fall of “Babylon”, in which “Babylon” is described as having fallen within a single hour, with her cities burning. Sound familiar?

  • The truth is none of us know how this country’s future will play out.
    But we do know where we are today.
    I have seen men shaken to their core as uncertainty abounds. Some say it is “good vs evil”, some say it is “embracing facism” and some are preparing to preach “doomsday is coming” from the street corners.
    Those of us who truly believe God is in control and have some understanding of human nature may see it as a natural part of Gods will being enacted in front of us.
    If you know who you are spiritually, keep your bearing. The same God that created the earth from nothing is in control. Is there anything He can not do?
    Shake off the doubts that come from fear of the unknown. You know what you believe. Understand that God knows the outcome of this situation and that He can make a way where humans can not.
    Plant your feet, remember your beliefs and live your life as a person of good character. Make those who went before us proud. And remember that ALL things work together for the glory of God.

  • Clay,
    If that belief works for you, great. Another point people ignore is the bible was written before Christians knew the world was round and there was land to the west and east. If God has a Master plan he, she, it needs another hobby. Innocent people, men, women and children suffer as well as animals but seemingly rational people still except this as god’s will and master plan? Not meaning to start a fight, just trying to point out things that don’t add up and maybe get some Christians to at least understand why many people don’t believe their views.

  • Ric, you make the same mistake that many Christians make . . . They feed into the idea that all of the ills in the world are God’s fault and part of His “plan.” God gave humanity free will. If people use that free will to f**k the world up and to preach the hatred of white supremacy, that is not on God. It’s on humanity. Rose Marie is correct. America is “the harlot of Babylon.” As the Book Of The Revelation of John prophesies, the harlot will fall. What is destroying America? What has created so many divisions? Why is there so much discord in America, now? It all comes back to white supremacy. Jesus teaches us to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” He tells us that “Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, you do unto Me.” Do the white supremacists believe this? Do they practice this? No. They want a “race war,” so they can go out with their AR-15s and kill every black person they get in their sights! They cheer when racist cops murder innocent, unarmed blacks. The white supremacists do not serve God. God is love. Where is the white supremacists’ love? They have turned their backs on God, because they have turned their backs on love. They harbor hatred in their hearts for their fellow man, because those fellow men have skin that is a different color than theirs. Does Jesus approve of this? I think not. Don’t try to blame the Democrats. Don’t try to blame the liberals. Don’t try to blame gay marriage, or anything else. The philosophy of white supremacy is destroying America because it is the philosophy of hatred, nothing more.. As long as America embraces it, America is doomed, as the Bible predicts. As for me, I shall serve God all the days of my life. I will embrace love for my fellow humans regardless of the color of their skin, as Jesus commands.

    • Dale, take a deep breath and practice some introspection. Ric did not make a mistake. The logic fallacy that Christians like you put forth to cover up your inability to explain how a so-called almighty all-good, and all-forgiving and all-loving –(that’s contradicted right in the first couple pages of the bible in Genesis by the way) –can allow so much of the unnecessary hatred, evil, and destruction in ‘his’ creation of the world? Why would a sane and all-powerful ‘god’ even need to do that in the first place? Why didn’t he create humans with the proper ‘goodness’ in the first place? Unless he was playing a super cosmic Spiritual video game or something to amuse himself? Otherwise, he’d be bored? But aren’t gods supposed to be advanced of such banal, inferior human traits? Since He is ‘god’, it seems to be illogical that he would fuck-up his human experiment, wouldn’t it? Unless maybe we, the puny humans erroneously perceive the ‘almighty god to be a bit more perfect than he really was? Notwithstanding that ‘free-will bullshit! Why didn’t god create mankind with a free will that was above doing evil things? Was god a closet sadist?

      Don’t feel bad if thinking about the reality of the origins of life, god, and humanity in your brief existential time period therein, My Master’s thesis was on this subject..

      But think about this concept to assuage your counter-racist racism. How could their be ‘white supremacy’ if minorities never allowed it to begin with? Or conversely, how could there be black supremacy in Africa if whites didn’t allow it? If nobody ‘allowed’ such behavior, or tolerated the perception of Race Supremacy, which is an erroneous interpretation of reality, Any kind of pernicious behavior based on ethnic or cultural physical differences could exist and would simply…disappear.

  • If I follow your comment then my Hunt Group FD12 with 20 round magazine of 000 buck should do a real good job, even better than and HK MP5A3

  • Okay, I see this is where God trumps logic no pun meant. Many Christian fail to consider other nations thrived before they were introduced to the concept of one God. Look at countries like India for example, they are not a Christian based country yet are doing well or were before Covid19. We Americans think our technology and Christian based ideals are right for everyone, even people that live across the street from us and forget, in general to except or even understand why America has worked for the most part. We are a mix of every nation on Earth. Christians forced their ways on many peaceful countries through out history. If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.
    Dalai Lama. Pretty simple straight forward message.

  • I agree with you, Ric, 100%. Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That same message occurs in virtually every religion, the world over. That can’t be a coincidence. I believe it is God, speaking directly to humanity. One does not have to be a Christian in order to be a good person. My problem is with people who call themselves “Christians” but, in reality, are not. If they do not follow the teachings of Christ — “Love your neighbor as yourself” — they are not truly Christians. Such self-identifying “Christians” have been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes against humanity including slavery, genocide, the theft of land from indigenous peoples, the destruction of indigenous cultures, etc., etc. And, white supremacists fall into that category because most of them call themselves “Christians” while ignoring Christ’s teachings and violating His laws.

    • Quit with the labeling rhetoric. There is only one authorized label for people who legally live in this country and it is “We the People”. As a citizen of the United States of America “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Right, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. “We are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all”. For We the People “support this Declaration with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” Get onboard or pack your bags!

  • Dale,
    That is my issue with Christian’s, no 2 are alike yet claim they know or at least follow the truth. They won’t even consider the’re wrong. I believe the root problem is arrogance. Consider how many people complain and arm chair warrior who is wrong yet do they offer a solution? A human solution not God has a plan. I have come to understand I don’t have enough information to solve say the rioting. Nor do I want that burden. A lot of my coworkers for example bash Trump but don’t offer an alternative way to deal with say Covid19.
    Still interested in Christian views of other religious views, and sorry tired of christianity hijacking older religions views, saying like you did, God speaks through humans. Really? Got waited 148,000 years or so to send us his son?
    Anyways, as long as you can expect others peacefull views if there are more like you we might as a country have a chance. If people keep not expecting others that are peaceful we are doomed.
    One final example from today, shopping with my 12 year old daughter at Walmart, half the shoppers ignored the one way shopping signs. If people can’t care enough about each other to simply play the game, even if they don’t agree with it, how can we survive more serious issues?

  • Bill White, you concerns are right on. I,m retired and also retired military. The problems we are seeing starts with the Democratic Party dating all the way back to the civil war and the playbook they use. Search out on the internet, “The Inconvenient Truth About The Democratic Party by Carol Swain. The Democratic Party and George Soros wants America to fall. They are using the same tactics that Hitler used against his people. History repeats itself! It is not BLM, its about power over everyone. See what they have done and fighting for…. take religion out of our schools, sports, etc., and making our military weak. While in the military, I seen very little pay increase and funding for our military when they were in control. The only time I seen a reversal was when the Republican Party was in control.

  • I am a Christian and I believe what the bible says. One of the things that our Lord taught is to forgive. Here is some important verse on forgiveness in the bible
    Luke 11:1-4 – Jesus taught the deciples and us to pray (The Lord’s Prayer). In the prayer it ask for our sin be forgiven and for us to forgive everyone.
    Luke 23:34 – Jesus ask his Father to forgive all of us.
    Luke 23:42 – One of the malefactors that was hanged ask Jesus to remember him when he enter into the kingdom of heaven.
    Luke 23:43 – Jesus forgave him and told him the he would be with him in paradise.
    Mathews 18:21-22 – Jesus instructs us to forgive all others, not once but seventy times seven.
    Mathews 18:35 – Jesus tells us that his Father do the same for you.
    Mark 11:26 – Jesus tells us that if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive you.

    2. Do not deny the Lord

    Matthew 10:33 – If you deny the Lord he will deny you before his Father.

    3. What ever you do to another you also do unto the Lord.

    Matthew 25:40 – Do unto others as you would do unto the Lord.

    Conclusion And Thoughts To These Verses

    The word “forgive“ or some variation of the word is mentioned 119 times.

    Therefore, through out the bible forgiveness is thought to us. To Love is to forgive. Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross so that our sins are forgiven in heaven.

    If you cannot forgive, how can the Lord forgive you before his farther?

    The people causing our the nation,s don’t believe in this. They are being taught by the devil and that is hatred.

  • USA in the Bible? Revelation 13: 11-18

  • So what is the bottom line in all of this chatter?

    The Creator has given us a life with a lifetime to endure a pass fail test. Most all of us will die and once dead we will awaken in a resurrected body around 20xx to go on to better things. Some will awaken in 30xx and they will find themselves in a new body shivering on a cold marble like floor before a great white throne. While there those will see people like the Prophet Daniel and John the Baptist receive there just rewards and go off to the right to be with those who awoke in 20xx. But others will be brought forward when the book of their lives is examined by the Creator and those found wanting will ushered out the door on the left and throw into the lake of fire where they will be tormented forever in their new eternal bodies. Purpose of this Life is to pass the test, the choice is yours, but note your actions have consequences.

    • Ric, you can’t really discuss religion logic with religionists who consider themselves to be ‘True Believers’–an oxymoron of sorts– In their troubled intransigent minds. They simply don’t accept reasonable objective conclusions based infactual reality and will not accept anything but your willingness to change your mind to satisfy their abject confirmation bias..

      Some of the more worldly and intelligent ‘followers ‘of the word of God’ usually eventually realize that their religion is part of the greatest mind control of the masses fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. As a religious historian by academic credentials, every time I point out that I can prove with actuaries and irrefutable historic record that religion was the cause of, but never the cure of the most horrific and evil warfare and inhumanity throughout all history, they invariably fall back to a state of denial which implies that YOU are the one that has a cognitive disorder, not someone who lets an unprovable notion dictate every single part of their entire lives.. And if you really nail them to the cross with passages directly from the bible which refutes much of what their cherry-picked hand-out verses cover for most occasions, they claim that it’s a demonic spiritual power play that ‘you just won’t understand until you submit to the religious cult brainwashing that encourages their purpose..

      The bible does allude to the basic ancient ‘history’ of their belief in god system, notwithstanding the ancillary manuscripts that were left out like the Book of Enoch and others, and besides the several ‘editions of the bible that were redacted and interpolated from the original fabrication by Constantine and his bishopric around 300 -330 AD, because there definatley were ‘gods’ over humans way back when and this system carried itself through the ages in various representations of that past epoch. But today, legitimate unbiased scholars KNOW, ‘not just believe and have faith that the evolution of religion had some major behind the scenes reality revelations that make every thing taught in the bible today–pardon my heathenism, –but I’m a true KNOWER– who the god of the bible was.

      So I don’t live every moment of my life under the thumb of some priest or cleric claiming that i have to do what he says with my life because god came to him in a dream with the message!. JEEsus, you gotta be a little nuts to go for that? Yet somehow far too many sheeple joined the stampede over the cliff of life with this nonsense. Well, at least it’s declining now, as peoplo become awakened to the truth.

      The true history of god and religion is no longer secret holy ‘mystery’ like they tried to keep it. Modern science and forensic historic research have revealed the truth and it’s out there no matter how much the religionists ‘demonize’ it.

  • Phantom 30,
    So every other religion on the planet is wrong? All roughly 5.46 billion of us?

    • Of course every religion wrong. Including phantom’s personal preference. They are wrong because they based in a wrong interpretation of the reality of our human development, Ric, and Phantom’s is also included. Religions were invented to control the dumb masses of asses. After the original ‘creation’ of our species, You seem to have your foot in the door to the room of truth, keep studying and learning alternative scholarship from the latest ‘revelations’ from historic archeology. The failing Church powers can no longer suppress the truth from coming out. They used to own universities to fund archeological expeditions because they had proprietary documented ancient knowledge that could prove many things in the Bible just didn’t match up with what was written. When they found things that didn’t match and proved what was said in the bible was absolutely wrong (because the church evolved into a ‘kingdom’ on Earth all-powerful for its own corrupted agenda), they simply hid it from the rest of the world. In this modern world of massive instantly available information and fact-finding and integrated analysis, , it’s way more difficult to do that anymore.. But they still get away with a lot of shit…too much for their own good. And the good of the ‘flocks’. That’s why we must continue our fight to keep the Flocks with Glocks. Once this precious right is taken from us, the end is not near, it’s here. And never forget, the ‘official church canon law is pro-gun control. Yes, I know that many priests and even nuns have guns. But the official stance of all Totalitarian governments is disarmament of their peons, and the Vatican is no different from the rest.

      One of my favorite Church all-time cover-up atrocities throughout history was recently virully revealed and collated in the book by renowned Emmy award-winning film documentary Journalist Richard J. Dewhurst: ‘The Ancient Giants Who Ruled Amerca: The missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-up” There’s also a you tube 25 minute stab at this subject that’s pretty entertaining and will wake you up to how much of history we were always prevented from ‘Knowing’ for agenda based purposes. The ttitle doesn’t let on that it was the Vatican, in cahoots with one of its subsidy enterprises, The famous Smithsonian Institute. Although this is not news to some of us historians, the vastness of the ‘cover-u[ was such a well kept secret, even thought virtually every newspaper throughout the country in the 1800’s had some reference to the amount of indian mouind burial sites that were dug up. Along with the fact that these were not standard size humans, but actual giants. An entire American Population Race of Giants! These skeletons were bought or stolen by the Smithsonian institute before any civilian scientists could do a thorough examination, and the nothing further than the original small news paper articles–which soon were old uninteresting news–ever came of it. But the really interesting question was WHY the Vatican controlled Smithsonian wanted to hide this Race of Giants from the world? I won’t tell you here. But if you research it, here’s the hint: It goes way, way back, to the ‘creation’ of intelligent self-awareness humans by ‘god’. So why would the Church want to keep that a ‘secret’?

  • I said all religion is wrong because they follow the traditions of men. Only Truth matters. Its your choice.

    • Phantom30,
      Seriously people like you scare me more than any threat we may face. Logic has gone out the window. You truly believe your God choose only to tell and explain his way to people in the Middle East some 2000 years ago yet failed to share this with the rest of the world? Not only that some how a land people had no idea even existed is his chosen.

      How did you serve in the DOD for 50 years with people of all faiths and work together if you only know the truth? I served in combat as well and it did not change my view of the world, except looking back what the hell was the point? I still 30 years later do not know why I was in combat, at least the reason America was, I know why I was, I volunteered.

      Anyways I have had this debate for decades and not once has some zealot ever considered they might be wrong. Most try to convert me, twist words around saying things like Buddha was speaking for God for example. Buddha teaches self understanding, not worship of some being.

      Just hope when the end comes I find people that are excepting and not arrogant to believe they are the only right one.

  • Our society is already in a state of decay and partial collapse much like the Roman Empire in the second decade of the 400’s. This election could trigger a total breakdown of society and lots of violence started by the losing side. If we survive this election, we may even be in more jeopardy in 2024. There are several external forces the may push us over the edge.
    1. A series of natural disasters (storms, earthquakes, etc.) could further erode our economy and devastate parts of the country, weakening the power grid.
    2. China, Russia, or more likely Iran or N. Korea could destroy the power grid with a cyber attack or EMP attack.
    3. Another wave of the Covid virus could cause the government to do another lock-down.
    4. A series of mass shootings or continued rioting and looting could trigger some sort of martial law and firearm confiscation leading to a violent conservative backlash.
    5. A further breakdown of global supply chains or the withholding of certain products by unfriendly governments could further erode the economy and lead to food shortages.
    6. A series of terrorist attacks on US cities could destabilize regions of the country and lead to a further loss of freedoms for Americans.
    At least two of these things happening in the state that our country is in now could accelerate our collapse and lead to further chaos in American cities. I agree that one very plausible outcome will be an eventual breakup of the USA into two or three separate entities. Think about the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia/Kosovo, Syria, Yemen, or Somalia and picture this happening here. There is just too much difference in the way people in the coastal cities and states, think and believe; and the way rural Southern and Midwesterners think and believe. There is too much of a divide between the lifestyles and beliefs of rural and urban people. We are no longer one unified people. We are divided by differing values, education levels, economics, and religious beliefs. These differences become more divisive every election cycle and, like a rubber band stretching, will eventually reach the breaking point. I do not see how America will ever recover from this, and believe that other unforeseen crises will occur in the near future that will push us beyond that breaking point. I will be surprised if America, as it now exists, is here in its present form a decade from now. We must prepare the best we can for chaos, violence, political upheaval and societal collapse. Being prepared will give us a better chance of surviving the next decade in a world that is dramatically changing around us.

  • All of the points you make and the possibilities you describe are valid, Fr. Bob. But, what is the one, underlying, reason for all of the division that is tearing America apart? It is what I pointed out in my comments, above: White supremacy. I find it very revealing that I am the only person in this thread who has mentioned it. Why is that? Simple. It is because America is, indeed, the most racist country that has ever existed in the history of the world. America is predominantly white. Whether anyone wants to admit it, or not, the majority of white Americans are racists. Many of them won’t admit it. Many of them are proud of it and boast of it. Some of them are unaware of it, because the entire economic, cultural and political system of America has been built upon the lie that whites are superior to every other race of man. The people who have grown up in America’s racist system simply accept it as fact, when in truth, it is a lie.. What we are witnessing, now, is the fact that people are finally sick and tired of America’s racism and the inherent inequality that is built into that system. America has NEVER lived up to its high-sounding words of “We, the People” and that “All men are created equal.” White Americans have always believed that all WHITE men are created, equal, and the hell with everyone else. People are finally sick of that sh*t. And, thank God, some white people have finally faced up to the truth and have decided that America’s system of white supremacy must go. Unfortunately, the majority of whites remain racist and are fighting, tooth and nail, to hold on to white supremacy. That includes the red states and the Republican Party. They have the notion that “All men are created equal” means that someone is trying to take something away from them. They believe in white privilege and that whites are entitled to the best of EVERYTHING while non-whites should have NOTHING. This is in total violation of the Christian beliefs that they claim to hold dear. Jesus taught us that all people are equal in the eyes of God, because we are all children of God, but the white supremacists don’t accept this. For them, white people are special. They believe that white people are better than everyone else. They believe that white people are entitled to kill and discriminate against, and imprison and mistreat all other people. White supremacy is the source of all of America’s troubles, and maybe . . . just maybe, the coronavirus is proof that God is sick and tired of America’s white supremacy. Doesn’t it seem curious that America — the richest and most powerful country that the world has ever known — has the highest rate of coronavirus infections and deaths on the planet? Doesn’t it seem odd that America, with the most advanced medical system in the world, is suffering from the coronavirus worse than any other country on Earth? Why is that? Maybe God is trying to send America a message. Maybe the coronavirus is God’s way of giving the whites one last chance to obey His laws and live up to their Christian ideals. Maybe God is telling the whites that America’s racist system of white supremacy must be destroyed, or He will destroy America.

    • Dale,
      I am not sure where you live or your back ground but claiming any party is more racist than another is just sully. How did we end up with a half black president and many top military officers are black, as well as government officials supreme court justices, etc. Until we as a country find a common ground to agree on we will continue to keep ourselves divided. Back during the Revolutionary War, we fought over tax increase and to be free to govern ourselves. .Now people fight for gay rights, anti abortion, PETA views, black lives, Illegal alien rights, just to name a few. There isn’t one group getting most people together for one common cause.

  • You make some valid points, Ric, but things have changed. Abraham Lincoln, the president who freed the slaves, was a Republican. In Lincoln’s time, the Republicans were abolitionists and the Democrats were in favor of slavery. During the first part of the 20th Century, the Democrats were nicknamed “the Dixiecrats’ because of their racist views. All of that changed with George Wallace and, suddenly, the Republicans became the party of white supremacy and racism, and the Democrats became the party of Civil Rights. As for how we got a bi-racial (“black,” as far as most whites are concerned) president in Obama . . . That was mainly because people were so disgusted with the Republicans after eight years of George W. Bush. McCain campaigned on the promise that he wasn’t going to change anything that Bush was doing, so people took a chance on Obama. Now, Trump and the Republicans, who were driven into a racist frenzy by the election of Obama, are doing everything they can to dismantle Obama’s legacy by repealing everything he did that was good. A lot of what Trump and the Republicans are doing is hurting the American people, like repealing the Clean Water Act and Obama’s air pollution standards. But, the Republicans are okay with harming and killing the American people, including whites, if it means they can erase the first black president’s legacy. Right this very moment, Trump is trying to get the Supreme Court to dismantle Obamacare when we are in the midst of this coronavirus crisis. How crazy is that?! It’s evil, is what it is. People need healthcare more than ever, and Trump and the Republicans are trying to take it away, because they are so racist that they want to get rid of everything that Obama did.

    • Okay here is another issue I have with the American people , even here, this 2 party system. You honestly believe the 2 party sysis 2 are separate groups? If Americans keep believing in the system and voting harder will change things we are doomed.

  • Oh, I HATE the two-party system! I’ve been saying that America needs a third, or a fourth or a fifth viable political party since I was in high school! Even the Founders were against a two-party system. Do you ever watch “Patriot Act” with Hasan Minhaj on Netflix? If you don’t, you should. He did a great episode on why our Democratic system sucks, and the reason is the two-party system and the way we vote. What we need is to use “preferred rank” voting. That means that, instead of voting for one candidate, you vote for ALL of the candidates, but you rank them in order of your preference. Your first choice is #1, your second is #2, and so on. If one of the candidates drops out or doesn’t have enough votes to move on to the next round, all of his/her votes go to the next candidate above them. It’s a really sweet system and the end result is that the candidate that the most people want, ends up winning. So far, Maine is the only state to use a “preferred rank” voting system. I think the whole country should go that way. We should add more political parties, and get rid of the Electoral College. That would solve a lot of what’s wrong with America!