The Potential Collapse of American Society

If there’s anything that certain, it’s that nothing is permanent. When we look back through history, we find that many great societies succumbed to societal collapse. Some have been conquered by outside forces, while others have decayed from within. In either case, the society or civilization has ceased to exist as it was once known. To think that the same can’t or won’t happen to us, is to deny one of the most important lessons of history.

The big question for you and I to consider, is whether it will be internal or external forces that ultimately bring about the demise of the Untied States of America. Currently there are no nation-states with a large enough or powerful enough a military to defeat us. Even if Russia and China were to join together to attack us, it is unlikely that they could mount a big enough amphibious force to guarantee success in invading our shores. The two nations together don’t have anywhere near the amphibious capability that was required to invade Europe on D-day, during World War II.

About the only way that a foreign nation could successfully attack the United States and defeat it would be via an attack by high-altitude EMP. That’s a very real possibility, which has been discussed elsewhere; so, I’m not going to bother spending time on it here.

But it may not be necessary for any foreign power to attack the United States, as we may very well tear ourselves apart, without their help. The political divide that is so prevalent in the US today is tearing this country apart, without any other help. The big question now, is whether it will continue or whether we will find some common ground again, where we can continue functioning as a nation.

We were treated to a sample of how this country could be torn apart a couple of years ago with all the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, a fair number of which turned into riots. I have nothing against demonstrations and believe that our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech includes the right to peacefully protest. But that’s not the same as having a riot, especially a riot that is identified by theft, destruction and arson.

Unfortunately, we have those in the political system who see it as their duty to use their position to encourage unstable people in their following to engage in these sorts of activities. Not only that, but they are protecting those followers from paying the price for their crimes, while at the same time calling the January 6th incursion in the Capital building an “insurrection,” even though it was unarmed and the only person who was killed was a veteran woman, shot by the police. Justice in this country, at least when it is connected to politics, has become a two-tiered system, with the enforcement of the law being based on one’s political affiliation.

With that being the case, there are more and more people saying that we are headed towards another civil war. Should that war break out, it will be much nastier than the previous one, simply because the battle lines won’t be as obvious. Rather than the north verses the south, it will be the political left verses the political right and while there is some territorial division between the two, it isn’t as clear as it was in the last Civil War.

That lack of clearcut battle lines is what’s going to cause the biggest problem with the next civil war. Battles will break out in random places, as the opposing sides bump up against each other. Little of it will be cohesive warfare, fought by organized troops. Rather, it will be more on the order of ongoing riots, like what we saw with Black Lives Matter.

Should such a war start, it will not only take many lives, but destroy American society as we know it today. Law and order would be largely out the window, not only from the fighting, but from bureaucrats who try and use their position to further the cause of their side. We can pretty much forget about being able to count on the government for anything.

When Might This Happen?

The truth of the matter is that we have no way of knowing when such a breakdown might happen. From what we’ve seen in the last several years, there are plenty of people on both sides of the political divide who are more than ready to turn to violence when things don’t go their party’s way. While almost all of the rioting that has happened can be attributed to one side of that divide, most of the guns belong to the other.

One likely scenario is for the riot side to start tearing things up, due to something happening in the country which they don’t believe in. Interestingly enough, they only seem to do that in cities which are controlled by politicians who are agreeable to their cause. You don’t find such riots happening in cities where law-and-order politicians are in control, because they know that the price of their rioting will be a trip to jail.

If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened in Washington, DC on January 6th and the Congressional hearings that followed. The DC city government is in the hands of Democrats, as was Congress at that time. So the same politicians who winked at the riots which sprung out of the Black Lives Matter protests, were quick to arrest those who unlawfully entered the capital, calling it an “insurrection,” and spreading stories about how dangerous it was for Congress, even though none of those who entered the capital were apparently armed.

If there’s anything in this country which could lead to mass rioting it would be former President Trump winning the 2024 general elections. There is so much hatred focused against Trump in our country today, that there’s a good chance of his winning being all that is needed to cause widespread rioting. Considering how the hate towards him continued through his presidency, I doubt that there’s much anyone can do to keep almost constant protests and rioting from happening during his second term in office.

What Should We Do?

I think it’s necessary to say that it’s not our job to keep the peace or defend our country from those who would destroy it. As tempting as it might be to get directly involved, doing so carries a lot of risk. Remember Kyle Rittenhouse? He eventually won in court, since he didn’t break any laws and only shot in what can very clearly be seen as self-defense. But it could very easily have gone the other way. The mainstream media attempted to try him in the court of public opinion and had declared him guilty even before the bodies could cool. That attempt has cost those news outlets plenty, settling with Kyle for their underhanded attempts at character assassination.

On the other hand, we all have a God-given right to defend home and family. So, regardless of where you live, you need to be ready to do just that. If you happen to live nearby potential targets areas for rioting, either due to the political leadership there or the potential targets for the rioters to go after, you want to be doubly sure that you’re ready to defend your home.

Even with being prepared, the best protection you can possibly have isn’t standing there with guns locked and cocked, it’s not letting the rioters know that you are there. If they don’t know you’re there, they’re much more likely to leave you alone.

That means being able to lock yourself in your home and not come out until the riots are over. More than that, you need to be able to make it look as if nobody is home. That requires things like blackout curtains over the windows and noise discipline to keep them from hearing your television and your kids. At the same time, you don’t want to leave anything outside where they can steal it. Even your cars should be in the garage or hidden away behind the fence, in your backyard.

It’s hard to say just how long you need to be prepared to stay hidden away like that; but figure on a couple of weeks. If there’s one thing that can be said for any mob, it’s that they lose interest just about as fast as they come together to destroy. It’s unlikely that any riot will last more than a couple of days; but as I said, be ready for a couple of weeks.

The other thing we have to realize is that it may take months for any sort of true stability to be reestablished. If the rioting starts because of Donald Trump being elected as president, then it might very well continue throughout his term in office. That will make for a very long four years for anyone living in cities controlled by his political opposition. It’s really hard to estimate just how big the price tag will be on the destruction that is wrought by those who are enraged by his success.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Current leadership of this country is one of the biggest contributing factors towards the division of the people. Your description of what may happen, as well as what DID happen, is largely due to this. Racial discrimination and extremism are being touted as far more prevalent than they really are. It’s as if he/they WANT it to turn violent.

    If, as you suggest, the election goes as you describe, and the ones who reviled the winning candidate DO revolt, then the “End of Democracy as we know it “ will have been caused by the current Democratic puppet.

    That’s who has been “raising the alarm” of, and causing strife, between the various groups of people. It’s going to be a real challenge to both remain on the right side of the law AND try to protect ourselves effectively from the potential masses of the rioters. We will be needing far more than blackout window treatments.

    I pray we manage to have this election go the right way for the country, and that it goes that way in large enough numbers that even the citizenry accept it without getting violent. Unfortunately, we have already seen that too many segments of the people don’t need much of an excuse to go to the wrong side of the law.

    • Bunch of LIES!

      • Vincent, just what lies were there in the comments? Please spell out your thoughts, and try to be at least a little specific. I am quite willing to attempt a reasoned discussion with you in this situation.

      • You Vincent are the lie and the LIAR! Go talk to your Joe Hoe criminal cabal leader so he can tickle your ears more while you troll.

  • What this country needs is for the American sheeple to open their eyes and take a good long hard look at what is happening around them since they elected the current regime.

    They need to sit down and ask themselves, seriously, are they better off now than they were three years ago?

    Is this the legacy that they want for their children or grandchildren?

    Do they really want the deranged alphabets to teach their kids and grandkids who to be?

    I mean, really, truly take stock in what they have versus what they had. If they can’t see the destruction that has been caused by their own, then, in my opinion, there is no hope for them and when they come around begging, give them mercy. (Z-Nation style)

    If, scratch that, when they go ballistic when the DJT is elected to the presidency, then we know who the idiots are, and it should be pretty easy to help them see the light. I know it sounds harsh, but we don’t need their agitation when the rest of us are trying to rebuild this country.

    • A transexual president WILL MAKE PEACE in our country! Stop the hate!

      • We had a Queer in the White House for 8 years and he didn’t fix a damn thing. In fact. He may have made things worse for the American people and the rest of the world.
        What makes you think putting another one in will do any better?

      • Lawrence, what does having a perceived misunderstood gender have to do with making peace? There are plenty, even the MAJORITY of people in this country, unlike some other countries, who are okay with someone calling themselves transsexuals, as long as they don’t try to force their views on others.
        I won’t even TRY to bring up the issue of other countries accepting or not accepting a leader of a country being from such a background, or their reaction to it, just to say it may be problematic.
        Having a trans person as President is not likely to be happening soon, not if it’s the primary reason to be chosen. There are too many other “qualifications” that do, and rightfully should, take precedence.
        I totally agree with you about stopping the hate, I would gladly live in that environment. I just don’t think it’s quite as pervasive as some might think.

      • You want to stop the hate, then STOP THE PERVERSIONS!

      • Go away troll.
        Don’t you have a safe space to tend to??

      • Yes stop the hate by stopping your rhetoric on if a pseudoscience-based entity was President there will be Peace in the world. I say that is a dream that you have and that is OK other’s see your dream as a nightmare and therefore it will not work. You see the dissent with Mr. Brainless in there right now, don’t you? Factor that in your thought process.

    • Problem with sheeple opening their eyes is that there are already too many stoopid, indoctrinated, brainwashed, and illegal people in this country. Even if those who were moderates do infact see what’s going on and vote to turn it over, there are too many of those other people to make a difference any more. It’s over. We are hoplessly divided.

  • America has faced numerous crises in its history and has shown remarkable resilience. Instead of focusing on potential collapse, we should focus on our collective strengths, innovative spirit, and shared values to pave a way forward. Maybe WE SHOULD GIVE A CHANCE TO THE DEMOCRATS at the next elections!

    • Have you been living in your bunker testing your preps for the past 15 years, Patriot128?
      Look at what the Democrats have done during 11 of those 15 years.
      Now, objectively look at what transpired during the 4 years that a Republican was in office. Never mind the mean tweets or the hatred you may have for the actual man but look at what was started.
      More people working and a lower cost of living. Lower gas prices and abundant food. Food processing plants NOT burning to the ground. No cities were burned to the ground by BLM or ANTIFA.
      A stemming, somewhat, of the tide of illegals entering the country. More nations finally footing their fair share of the NATO costs.
      And you sit there and say that we need to give the Democrats a chance?
      They’ve had their chance now for an additional 3 years so far. Nothing will change except that the true Patriots will lose everything that we have.
      The Democratic mantra: Take from the willing and give it to the unwilling.
      No, we need to clean out Washington DC once and for all. Almost all of the Democrats and surely all of the Rhino’s in Congress. Monitor them closely and be willing to remove any and all who try to legislate against the Constitution and the rights of the people.

      • Lonnie, remember, that “evil orange haired meanie” got his rotten nasty tweet account PULLED! Such a nawty boy, right?
        Jobs, bank accounts, the respect of other nations, oh, yeah, the Abraham Peace Accords,,,,, a long list of things having nothing to do with tweeting. And look how much better weALL were doing.
        I wear my Trump 2024 hat proudly when I go out.
        And my countries’ flag flies high.

        • I sure do, Shya.
          The left leaning, liberal, socialist Democrats and their blind propaganda media had the sheeple so brainwashed that they think Obiden is responsible for the good that Trump did during his administration.
          I fly my American flag every day. Semper Fi, (former Marine). Trump in “24.” Make America Great Again.
          Ooh Rah!

          • Ooh Rah to you, sir, and thanks for serving what was, and can again be, a wonderful country.
            For me, it was a piddling mere Army stint, not very long, but enough to really learn what it means to serve.
            I may be overstating it, but I understand that once a marine, always a marine. You seem to be one who still supports the oath we took. Kudos to you.

    • Patriot 182, didn’t we already give Democrats plenty of chances recently ? How many years out of the last bunch, even this CENTURY, have they “been paving the way forward “?
      Look at the various implications of even the singular issue of “open borders” and the cost to this country in dollars, lives, illness, crime, schools, and our health system.
      Oh, and as one more little tiny tidbit, what does that policy mean as far as the potential for another TRUE terror attack happening, from someone who came across the border with NO accountability?
      Never mind the J6 so called “terror attack/insurrection”, where there was only 1 bullet fired. At an UNARMED person, gender not even being taken into account,,,,,,,? Okay, sorry, I MUST say, an unarmed woman. Who wasn’t even looking at the person pulling the trigger, in a situation that goes against almost every legal argument FOR discharging a firearm. And who was awarded a commendation for it. Shooting a “protester” who had no weapon, and doing no violence of any kind at the time.
      No, I think “giving a chance to the Democrats” has shown to not be good for the country.

  • Shya.
    Nothing piddling about signing on the dotted line my friend.
    “Veteran: Someone willing to write a check to the government, payable for any amount, including up to his or her life.”
    There may be rivalries between the different branches of the service, and we may kid each other from time-to-time, but there is a mutual respect for one another, a familial love, (if you will). We all share in a brotherhood/sisterhood culminating in the membership of the DD214 club.
    And yes. I took my oath of enlistment very seriously, and still do to this day. I will either kill or be killed defending my country from any enemy, foreign or domestic.
    Stay strong my brother/sister in arms.

    • Our flag, and The Constitution! Long may BOTH still be respected.
      That rivalry is less than the mutual respect and dedication we have for each other.
      May we someday meet under pleasant circumstances.

      • Ooh Rah! That would be acceptable.

  • Well I guess this is where I draw the line for this site, I have read some good things that were about survival and self sufficient living.But I don’t think that I can keep reading when it comes to this political bullshit! If y’all want to keep arguing about that? Have a great time with it! I have a life to live, good luck with Al of this self righteous B.S., I still believe that we’re all Americans, I don’t want to be affiliated with either Gang dem. Or rep. W.T.F. People?

    • Wendell, I completely agree with you! The animosity and hate on here are heartbreaking. I would never have imagined that Americans could be so brainwashed, unthinking, disillusioned, and VILE. I am a vet; this is not what I served for. This is partisan BS, NOT democracy. And my parents grew up in the 30’s so we were raised in a prepper lifestyle. The mindsets here are not conducive to a real prepper lifestyle.

      I will say, as far as the political parties — we need to vote them ALL out, elect people who want to serve US instead of a power-hungry political party, and demand the TERM LIMITS we are always promised and never see.

      • The animosity and hate that we see on this site, is a mere representation of the differences of opinion of the population as it relates to any one political party. The entirety of the main piece was to get preppers and non-preppers thinking that a SHTF event isn’t necessarily going to be from an enemy attack. But it could stem from a political upheaval.
        There are those of the mindset that wish to keep more of what they make and/or earn for their own families and not have to give it to the government so that they can turn around and give it to someone who hasn’t yet worked for it. They want a governmental representation more in line with what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. A Democratic Republic, wherein the people were in control and told their political representatives what it was they wished to see passed as law.
        I am a Vet too. I agree we need to clean House and Senate, but it would be hard pressed to get a Constitutional Representative elected into any branch of the government. In my opinion, I fear that there are far to many voters that don’t understand what our nation was supposed to be about; free men and women living the dream of self sufficiency with very limited governmental interference. They have been lulled into a false state of security by an ever overreaching/leeching government for far to long. And frankly, most of them don’t want to work for a damn thing. Therefor, they are not going to want to elect someone to office that will take that something away and make them have to work for what they get.
        From what I see here, there are a few posters from the “will not work” side of the fence with the majority from the “will work” side. A guy by the name of, Saul Alinsky coined the term, “Haves and the Have Nots”. He was a self proclaimed Communist. He used those terms to rile up the masses in the late sixties and early seventies, (Hippie movement). He used the old mantra; ‘the rich people HAVE everything while you have NOTHING’, to describe their lot in life. Well, it should have been, “Wills and the Will Nots”. They have what they have because they worked for it and you have nothing because you want to do drugs and not work.
        Look up; Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. I think that you might find it an interesting read and it should give you an insight into why we are in such a state.

  • The division is between two sides that can’t be reconciled. It’s between choice and physical force, or between freedom and slavery. That boils down to the difference between human life or death. There’s no reconciliation. It’s either choice, freedom and life, or it’s physical force, slavery and death; it’s either/or. Reconciliation would preserve both sides. But we cant reconcile life and death. It’s either/or. But, we can RESOLVE the difference, which means, one side must GO. If the side of death goes and the side of life stays, it’s lots easier to do it now or as soon as possible. It’s not easy. It’s hard. But it’s easyER, or not AS hard, than if we wait until the final showdown which will be cataclysmic.

  • Having been through multiple “social events” domestically and abroad, including evacuation out of a country under military escort, recommend at a minimum moving to a relative stable city, or, better yet into a rural environment, or, worse case scenario a stable country.

  • What’s expected to happen if former President Trump loses the November 2024 election?

  • A Capital police officer was also killed that day – not just a woman. Vote, Vote, Vote.

    • Mars, I am sorry, I don’t recall any police officers dying that day. Perhaps I just am suffering memory loss, but could you please refresh my memory? All I remember was an additional woman dying out on the steps, but she was a protester who was knocked down, not a member of the force. Thanks in advance. I’m trying to keep track of the truths being told, not the hype.

      • Hi, Shya. There were 4 Trump supporters who died on Jan 6: Ashli Babbitt, Roseanne Boyland, who died of an accidental overdose and/or being crushed by the crowd, Kevin D. Greeson who died of a heart attack, and Benjamin Phillips, who died of a stroke.

        No Capital police officers died on Jan 6, but Brian Sicknick died the next day, Jan 7. But PTSD following the attacks took a horrible toll on the police in 2021: Capital police officer Howard S. Liebengood killed himself Jan 9, Metropolitan police officer Jeffrey Smith killed himself Jan Jan 15, Metropolitan police officer Kyle DeFreytag killed himseld July 10, and Metropolitan police officer Gunther Hashida killed himself July 29, all due to the insurrection.

        I hope this clears things up a little.

        • Cynthia, thank you. I remembered Mrs.. Boyland, but not her name. As I read the reports, it APPEARS she was knocked down when standing on the steps and pushing forward with others.
          And the two gents who also died, again without recalling their names, it’s good that I can now place AND KEEP these names in a permanent place for the future, to show respect. Thank you for that, too.
          The question I initially asked was because my recollection was that there was a false accusation regarding Officer Sicknick, being hit by a fire extinguisher and dying that day.
          This was finally debunked a week or two afterwards by the recordings, and yes, it’s a terrible thing for ANY officer to die under ANY circumstance, but for the record they were NOT killed at or by the protesters.
          I understand a bit about PTSD. I’m not sure these officers were so affected by it so as to commit suicide based on even the worst occurrences of that day, it doesn’t align with the typical symptoms we have seen regarding PTSD in armed service personnel,
          As I certainly don’t know their personal history or emotional makeup, I can’t attest to their feelings about that day, but I CAN attest to the use of the word insurrection. It’s not the correct word for the happenings of that day. That day was a protest that in some cases got out of hand, and some people got carried away in the excitement. Wrong yes, absolutely! Breaking laws, YES! But no way were the MAJORITY of the people trying to stop the govt from following the law. They were protesting in the belief that there were serious issues of validity regarding the voting being secure.
          And an enormous amount of them were NOT doing ANYTHING even REMOTELY egregious, and have had their civil rights violated to the point of insanity, some still behind bars with no trial, even if their supposed offenses were nonviolent. And who had NO criminal record and were no flight risk.
          BTW, I am sure you saw that violent attackers of police officers in NY were released almost immediately, even though they were DEFINITELY a flight risk, and DEFINITELY accused of violent behavior. No bail, no nothing.
          I’m not going to drag this out any further. It’s just your use of the “I” word got under my skin a little, sorry. It’s clear to me you are someone who has paid at least some attention to the occurrence, I’m just not sure how much, or what your personal view is on it, except for that usage of the word.
          Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, I hope you don’t take offense at my rambling. It isn’t intended to slander or insult you.

          (p.s., I WAS sort of putting a little DIG on Mars Q Bonfire with the question, as I knew that no police had been killed that day.)

  • As much as I like Donald Trump, I don’t want to go through another 4 years of fighting, threatening, lies and hatred., I also believe there needs to be an age limit on all elected officials – 65 and you retire like other Americans not living off of our tax dollars. All the good that President Trump did was destroyed as soon as Biden took office – oh wait , that was Soros and Clinton! Don’t want any hate comments – but I am supporting Ron DeSantis for President. He is young, strong, hard-working and respectable. He is the calm in the middle of the storm. Would like to have some peace at least for a few years, And let him choose a Native American as a running mate. Just my thoughts – no hate mail.

    • Kate, your last name COULD be interpreted as being Native American, but I won’t presume that to be the case, it’s too easy to misunderstand such things.
      My recollection is getting poorer these days. Is there a prominent Native American who might be a prospect for the role? Would you be thinking about Elizabeth Warren? (wink wink).

  • These are grade school arguments on here compared to what we are going to see in this evil storm coming. Wait until the food and water runs out in these urban cities. The mostly sane and law abiding citizens better collectively band together. The hoards of illegal aliens, marauders, gangs, urban zombies, prison inmates and just plain mentally ill lunatics will be coming after us.

    When these jackals get hungry and thirsty will be coming after the suburban and rural areas after they have ransacked and burn most of our US cities. So my two cents is start a civil defense and a community defense plan now for this evil storm coming. These hoards will be heavily armed after they ransack these Army depots & armories. If I lived in a blue state I would move out now.