Here, On The Other Side

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve just stepped out of H. G. Wells’ famous time machine and I’m standing on the other side of a great gulf in time.

After over a year of grueling, divisive political campaigning, Donald Trump has finally won the election to become the 45th president of these United States.

If anything, this election has divided this country even more than the last eight years of Obama’s presidency.

Democrats and Republicans have always been opposites, but since the makeup of these two parties has split along liberal/conservative lines, their opposition to one another has become even more obvious. No longer is it just that they support opposite sides of the same issue, now they don’t even see it as the same issue.

What I mean by this is well illustrated by the recent controversy over transgender bathroom rights.

To liberals, the issue is fair treatment for what is clearly a minority group. They apparently can’t even see that giving that fair treatment puts women and girls at risk. But to the conservatives, the issue is all about protecting those girls and women. If the transgenders feel slighted by that, sorry, but safety has to come before their feelings.

So now we have a new president elect, who somehow has to unite this divided nation and govern for all. That will be a monumental task, even without Obama having spent the last eight years trying to create division along whatever lines he could.

The question is, is Trump up to the challenge? For that matter, is anyone capable of uniting us once again?

The White House?

Of course, I have to say that winning the election doesn’t guarantee much of anything, right now. While Trump is the president elect, Obama is still in office. With all the election fraud that’s been going on this election, I have to wonder if the Democrats have some plan to keep him out of office, even if they have to break the law to do so.

George Soros, the Democrat sugar daddy and puppet master all but said that they do. In a televised interview, he said that Trump would win the popular election, but that Hillary would ultimately occupy the White House. How can that be? What did he mean by that remark?

Until inauguration day in January, things are still at risk. The Democrats could try to raise legal issues, saying that the count was inaccurate, as they did in the 2000 presidential elections. This seems to have become standard policy for the Dems, who seem to think that there’s no way that they could lose an election. After all, they’re the “elect.”

There’s also the possibility of something happening with the Electoral College vote on December 19th, or for that matter, when they deliver their votes to the Senate President, Joe Biden on December 28th.

There could even be problems when Congress meets to do their official count of the votes on January 6th. With all the election fraud that’s come to light in the primaries and general election, the possibility of fraud in the Electoral College can’t be ignored.

Then there’s Obama himself. Someone wrote an article about how Obama will stay in office, “impeaching” the citizens of the United States for not voting in Hillary Clinton. While I’m fairly sure that the article in question was a gag piece, it has made its way around social media a couple of times.

But there is something that Obama could do, and I’ve written about it before. That is, he could declare martial law, suspending the Constitution. All he would need is a good enough excuse to pass scrutiny.

That excuse could come from widespread violence or social unrest; and he’s got the means to make that happen. The police in Los Angeles and other major cities are preparing for mass riots (which liberals call “demonstrations”) in the wake of the election.

ISIS has also called for violence, specifically on election day. While I haven’t heard any reports of terrorist incidents happening, that’s not to say that they still can’t. They have already shown their ability to infiltrate the United States and their capability to operate here. The big question is how many people there are here who claim an affiliation with ISIS and how well they can organize themselves to sweep the country with violence.

Should either of these groups rise up and fulfill their promises, we could see a bloodbath in the streets. That would be all the excuse that Obama would need, in order to declare martial law and keep Trump out of office.

Whether he could get away with that, or whether he would be forcibly removed from the White House in such an event is yet to be seen. At that point, it would be up to the military and the Secret Service to remember their vows and decide to take action.

The President Elect

But let’s assume for a moment that none of this happens and the transition of governmental power goes through smoothly, as it has so many times before. What then can we expect?

The first big question that’s in everyone’s mind is whether Trump will live up to his campaign promises or not. The mainstream media has been calling him a liar for months now, even if that required them lying to do so. They’ve painted him with the same brush used on any politician, that of bending the truth to meet their needs and telling the people what they want to hear, just so that they can garner votes.

The real question is whether Trump is just another politician or if he’s who he claims to be; and the kicker is that nobody truly knows. Since the mainstream media has done everything they can to paint him in a negative light, the picture of Trump that we’ve seen is a clouded one, at best.

But Trump has been a public figure for more than just his campaign. For years, he’s been one of America’s most-recognized citizens. While that has not always been good, it has given us some insight into who the man is, what he believes and how he operates.

Throughout the campaign, there have been people coming forth who have known Trump through the years. Some were employees who praised him as a boss. Others were ordinary citizens who talked about kind deeds that he did for them. But other than the attempts to paint him as a sexual abuser right before the elections, few have come forth to say anything negative about their dealings with the Trump.

Considering how much of a public figure he has been, I would think that if he was anything like what the mainstream media has tried to paint him to be, we would have all seen it by now.

The one truly worrying thing about Trump is that for most of his life he’s been a Democrat. He’s supported the Democrat Party and Democrat candidates; he’s even reportedly friends with the Clintons. So it’s a bit hard to accept that he is now a staunch conservative, committed to conservative ideals.

Yet, he’s making all the right noises and all the right moves to show himself as a conservative. The list of Supreme Court Justice candidates that he’s put together is impressively conservative. He also came forth with the most conservative platform that the Republican Party has seen in 20 years.

Then there’s his “contract” with the American People. The actions he’s promised to undertake in his first 100 days in office are clearly conservative, hitting on all the high points of his campaign and many of the silent majority’s biggest concerns.

The Transition

Over the next several weeks, we will be able to see Trump in action as a leader. His first big job is to select his cabinet, something that is traditionally announced by Thanksgiving. This should be interesting. One of the ways that Trump has been successful in business is in his selection of managers. He has always sought out the most qualified and competent, giving them the authority and responsibility to do whatever was necessary.

This even came through in his hit television show, “The Apprentice.” At its core, that show was about picking the best possible person to run a business. The various tests and challenges the candidates faced were all about testing their ability to effectively run a business. Who cares about theory; Trump wanted people who could think outside the box and get things done.

So we can expect the same out of his cabinet selections. No, I’m not saying that he’s going to run it like a game show. What I’m saying is that he’s going to look for competence. For people who can think outside the box, and for people who can get things done.

The country is in need of such people. We are a country in crisis, and it’s going to take some new ideas and some out of box thinking to straighten it out. We can’t expect Trump to do it all himself, he’s going to have to select the right people and let them do their jobs. So the people he selects in the next few weeks are critical to the effectiveness of his presidency.

From the few positions that have been announced so far, it looks like Trump is going to be putting together a dream team. Trey Goudy has been mentioned for Attorney General, Ben Carson as the Surgeon General and Newt Gingrich as a possibility for the Secretary of State.

While none of these is definite yet, they show the caliber of people who Trump is looking at. He wants the best, not just some political figure who’s looking to get their ticket punched.

While I’m sure that some top spots will go to political figures, especially those who have hopped aboard Trump’s bandwagon, he’s looking more to the business sector, than he is to the normal pool of politicians only. This fits with the whole tone of his campaign, which has been about the American people taking our government back from the political class.

The Election

If anything, this election has shown how sick and tired the average American is with what has become the political ruling class. The Founding Fathers never envisioned such a group for our country and did everything in their power to prevent it. Yet, even with the constraints of the Constitution to guide us, we have drifted that way more and more for over a century.

The American people are a fiercely independent people, and this election has shown that we haven’t lost that independence. This isn’t a partisan move, but one that has been clearly shown in both major political parties.

Millions of Democrats abandoned the party’s chosen candidate and followed Bernie Sanders, who came close to winning, even with all the voter fraud that was used to defeat him. On the Republican side, the electorate has abandoned a wide-ranging field of establishment candidates, in favor of Trump, a political outsider.

But the truly amazing thing was that both Democrats and Republicans voted for Trump, many abandoning their lifelong party affiliation to do so.

This is a clear mandate to Washington that We the People are tired of business as normal. We are tired of a political ruling class. We are tired of our elected leaders treating us like nothing more than peasants. We are tired of being lied to, and we are tired of being mistreated by those who are supposed to serve us.

This election has been a breakwater; leaving behind the old system and its corruption, in favor of a new order.

One that returns back to the values this country was founded upon and back to running the country according to the Constitution. Not an adulterated version of the Constitution; not a modified version; not even a version that’s been twisted and tortured by the various laws passed through the years; but the Constitution itself.

It’s up to Trump to ensure that he follows through on his promises and doesn’t let things go back to the old way. But it’s up to you and I as well. We have our part in this presidency; that of keeping an eye on our President Elect and making sure that he does what he said he’d do. If not, we need to get rid of him.

Hopefully, Washington will get the message, and the political class will stop acting like our masters and start acting like public servants once again. If that doesn’t happen, then the breakwater has been nothing more than a symbol; and a worthless symbol at that.

If change is going to happen in Washington, it can’t just happen in the White House, it has to happen in both houses of Congress as well. But it needs to go farther than that; it needs to permeate every department of the federal government as well.

We the People have spoken. We’ve used our voice in the voting booth, selecting an outsider to take control of our government and give it back to the people. But we can’t stop now.

That message needs to keep going forth, to make sure that the politicians and bureaucrats hear it, and that they fear us and the power we wield over them. Until they do, it is we who fear them.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Let us also never forget that the Totalitarians will never, EVER, go quietly and submissively into their defeat.

    They have unlimited Billionaire Brokered funds and many years of well- planned agenda based structuring of their American conquest ambitions. For the moment they are just ‘falling back to regroup’ for their next attack on American Liberties.

    Realize, too, that a ‘Majority’ of the people did not get their way for a true egalitarian republic paradigm. This country is still decisively and sharply divided. And as the article mentioned, violent upset of the new Trump administration’s policies may not be precluded from the Leftist agenda? Even the election victory itself, as Bill had alluded to, may not yet be in ‘stone’, for some weeks yet?

    And we all know how much can ‘happen’ in that period of time!

    The Totalitarians’ immediate political strategy to regain Senate and Congressional power in the next election cycle began the day after the election. They will also spread their deadly infectious Fascist disease from thoroughly entrenched Nazi states like California and New York and the surrounded, but still venomous Chicago/Illinois mind-death camps.

    We flawed humans were somehow given ‘salvation’ and undeservedly blessed with Trump’s victory. So we must appreciate and dearly value this divine good fortune by demonstrating our thanks by never diminishing our eternal vigilance with complacency or slatternly indifference.

    We, The People granted ourselves the life blood of precious liberty, but only temporarily. To sustain requires intensive rebuilding and comprehensive maintenance. Starting with a continuous push back on far too many illegal, superfluous, and despotic laws which do nothing but fertilize the future growth of social Slavery.

    WE STILL MUST NOT FORGET TO IMMEDIATELY REPEAL ALL Federal GUN LAWS Starting with the 1934 NFA and the 68′ GCA. There are movements for this. Join one and/or start your own. But lets ‘git ‘er done’, while we’re on a roll!

    Many Thanks to ALL my fellow Patriots!

  • I really appreciate your thoughts and commentary. I respectfully disagree with you on the transgender bathroom issue. I am conservative/libertarian (pro-gun, pro-life etc.), but I think the whole transgender bathroom thing is a BS issue that both political parties use to rally the troops–and the parties know it! How many transgendered people are there–1 in 5,000??? How do you know who’s a man and who’s a woman? Why is someone claiming to be transgendered using a bathroom of the gender they identify with more of a threat to our kids than homosexual using a bathroom of their assigned sex (which is what they are suppose to do)? I say this tongue in cheek, because there’s no connection between homosexuality and transgender issues and pedophilia. If the only concern is that some male pedophile will use these gender identify to laws as pretext to get into the ladies room to assault young girls, that’s really a stretch–since a sexual predator wouldn’t need a pretext to enter the ladies room for an assault, they would just do it. So, it’s all a bunch of BS if you ask me.

    The fact is, we shouldn’t create laws that harm an entire a group of people because we are afraid that some hypothetical bad apple is going to do something stupid. This is no different that the gun grabbers trying to pass laws to ban “evil” semi-assault rifles or disarm us because a few evil idiots are going to inevitably do something awful that will hurt a few dozen people every year or two. Our right to bear arms should not be infringed because a few idiots are going to be stupid. We have to accept some public safety risks in order to preserve our civil rights and we shouldn’t just pick and choose which rights we should value and which we can give up–they all matter. In the end, we need to accept some risks, even the inevitability of some horrendous crimes, in order to live in a free society.

    On the unity issue, I am not sure Trump can say or do anything to bring this country together. The left wing of the democratic party (assuming there is still some semblance of a center) is going crazy and they are talking about making this left wing, Muslim extremist with ties to Farrakhan as the head of the DNC. Yeah, that’s a good way to reach out to white working class people!!!! This will be a great gift to the conservative movement though, since no white working class voter is ever going to get on board with this guy’s agenda. The rift between the parties will grow even more sharply. I fear we are headed on a course that will end in a civil war. The only thing that will bring this country together (if only temporarily) will be an outside threat or attack. Remember how the country came together after 9/11. In the meantime, we have to do everything we can in the next two years to enact laws that will protect our constitutional rights and we need to prepare just in case SHTF!!