From Orlando With Rage: Attacked By Terrorists But NOT Terrorized

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably read some of my articles; I usually write about fun, informational stuff but not today. I live in Orlando, the City Beautiful. The land of flip-flops and Mickey Mouse, beaches and motorcycles, college kids and retirees.

On Sunday, Orlando was ground zero for the largest mass shooting in US history. My city was attacked by an ISIS-affiliated terrorist, and I’m really pissed.

Sunday morning, I went outside to walk my dogs, still half-asleep, before I turned on my TV and learned that some no-good, nut job, wife-beating jerk had decided that it was his right to judge and lethally punish a bar full of innocent people just because he didn’t like the way they lived. There were about 300 people inside Pulse Orlando, and over 1/3 of them were murdered or injured.

Pulse had a young following, so most of the dead were in their 20s and early 30s. Kids, really. According to reports, the shooter (I refuse to name him because he was just a lowly, cowardly sheep) scoped out Downtown Disney and Pulse. He chose the club because it was a “gay club”.

While it’s true that Pulse had a large LGBT following, it wasn’t exclusively that, nor were all the victims gay. Even if they were, they sure as hell didn’t deserve to be gunned down for it.

Orlando is my home as well as a prime destination for vacationers of all sorts. It’s supposed to be a place of fun; a place where fantasies are real and dreams come true. Yes, I realize that’s mostly an illusion created by commercialism, but to me, it’s true. Florida is my little slice of paradise and I’m enraged that some lowly hater spilled a river of blood in my streets.

What I’ve realized today is that the REAL illusion is the one of peace and safety that we all create.

I’ve known that security is an illusion for a long time now. That’s why I enjoy contributing to Survivopedia; I drink my own Kool Aid. I know that world-changing events are always just right around the corner, but on Sunday, I was shoved around that corner before I’d even had my morning coffee.

At least I was fortunate enough to live through the night; that’s more than what 49 of my fellow Orlandians were gifted with.


I’m sure that you’ve all been watching events unfold from afar, but let me bring it home a little bit for you. The news has been stating that they couldn’t release the names of all of the victims until the families had been notified; the truth is that families couldn’t be notified until the bodies were identified. Until just a few hours ago, they were still removing bullet-riddled corpses from Pulse.

For nearly 24 hours after the attack, Orlando Regional Medical Center was on lock-down just trying to handle the massive influx of wounded and dead kids. Nine died after arrival and several more are still in critical condition.

In total, 49 people were killed and another 53 were wounded. Three blocks around the club were blocked off for more than 24 hours so that bodies could be recovered without being filmed.

Just now, as I’m writing this piece, they released the name of the final, 49th victim: Stanley Almodovar III, age 23. He was a pharmacy tech described as humble and kind. He hadn’t even started living before he was gunned down by a psycho.

11 members of the Orlando Anarchy, our women’s football team, were there celebrating the end of the season with their friends and significant others. One of the boyfriends was killed. Another woman, a mother and wife, was there celebrating a birthday. Now she’s dead. This isn’t a faceless crime.

We Will Stay United

Over the years, I’ve sat in front of my television and watched as terrorists took the lives of people all over the world. I’ve felt a somewhat detached anger and sorrow for those people who lost so much, but there was always a certain degree of separation. Yesterday, that separation was shattered.

I’ve watched as my city has responded and I’m proud. O-Town is a pretty liberal place. Our culture is diverse and our politics, like the victims in this attack, run from one end of the rainbow to the other. We have die-hard bikers and hookah-smoking hipsters. Families visit Disney and business people conduct corporate retreats.

The one thing that we all share is that this is our home and we’ve come together grandly. There was a desperate need for O-negative and AB-positive blood and people of all races, religions, and sexual persuasions stood in line for 8 hours to donate.

Families had nowhere to stay and hotels gave out free rooms. Restaurants gave free meals and volunteers donated countless hours of time. Business signs removed their ads and ran banners of support. Demonstrators stood on corners with signs declaring that we refuse to be drowned in despair.


We came together in love to fight the bloody results of hate. Our flags are flying at half-mast but we are still Americans; we refuse to buckle under the weight of terrorism.

Gun Control Is NOT the Solution

Sadly, our situation is not the first of its kind; we already have a precedent to follow. People are going to be shocked, then, inevitably, we’re going to try to make sense of the senseless. The enemy seems like smoke, there then gone. How do we fight that?

Whispers about gun control become roars because that’s the only way some people can think of to prevent this from happening again. We look to things that we can control, because it’s human nature in the face of tragedy. That’s happening here already.

People on one side of the fence are screaming about the fact that the murderer, who had been interviewed twice by the FBI, bought his guns legally. Obviously (to them), gun laws need tightened.

People on the other side of the fence (me included) are wondering if things would have been different had even one person in that club been armed. We also keep saying again and again that guns don’t kill people; people kill people.

Chicago has the tightest gun laws in the country, as well as the highest murder rates; how are those gun laws working out for them?

Gun regulation isn’t the answer because the only people who are going to follow the laws aren’t the ones who are going to go out and shoot people anyway. That seems to be a fact that people tend to overlook.

The bottom line is that nobody can stop hate. You can’t fix crazy. No amount of immigration laws or gun laws, or regulations of any sort are going to stop somebody bent on committing heinous acts.

All we can do is be alert and be prepared. We can’t let fear rule our lives but it would be naively stupid to think that something like this isn’t going to happen again because, unfortunately, it will.

I’m glad the police killed the punk. My only regrets are that he killed so many before somebody got him and that his death was so quick.

Orlando has its share of crime, but for the most part, I’ve always felt safe here. I still do; just now I’ll feel a little safer when I’m carrying my 9 mil, because you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be on high alert even as I continue to enjoy my life in the land of sandcastles and fairy princesses.

THAT is my right, and nobody is going to take it from me without a fight.

To all the friends and families of the victims of the Orlando shooting, you have my deepest sympathies. To everybody else, be vigilant.

On Sunday, this happened in my town; tomorrow it could happen in yours.


This article has been written by Theresa Crouse for Survivopedia.

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Theresa Crouse is a full-time writer currently living in central Florida. She was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, where she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and live off the land from an early age. She prefers to live off the grid as much as possible and does her best to follow the “leave nothing behind but footprints” philosophy. For fun, she enjoys shooting, kayaking, tinkering on her car and motorcycle, and just about anything else that involves water, going fast, or the outdoors.

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  • While I agree the situation was horrific, I think it is equally as bad to glorify the victims in a ‘Gay” club as well as demonize the shooter. Tongues wagging and fingers writing should remember that.

  • Awesome editorial Theresa. You nailed it especially the part about Chicago. Well done.

    • Thank you, Steven. It was a difficult piece to write even semi-objectively.

  • I am sure the ISIS crowd will feel good that they have made folks like Ms. Crouse feel safer when carrying her gun…they will think they are winning. But in reality, just the opposite is happening. In fact, they are awakening the sleeping giant, and will ultimately learn, as the Japanese Empire did in WWII, that they were better off when they kept a low profile and didn’t mess with America. When I was in Viet Nam I noticed a strange thing; it seemed odd, but it was consistent across multiple occurrences. When the unarmed civilian populace was attacked by terrorists, they responded, as expected, with fear. But when armed troops were “terrorized,” for example by the ostentatious mutilation of captured troops who were left out for us to find, the opposite reaction occurred-we got FURIOUS, and went looking for “payback.” That is the same thing I am beginning to see now in my own country. When unarmed citizens watch the coverage of things like Orlando, they get frightened, just as ISIS wants. BUT, when already armed citizens see it, just like Ms. Crouse, they are getting MAD, not scared. And now, more and more Americans are responding by arming themselves. That is not the action of fearful folks, it is the reaction of folks who are getting angry. And that is not what ISIS wants, nor is it anything they can deal with effectively. Thus, they will eventually come to rue the day they finally “got our attention.”

    Personally, I think rather than more “gun control,” our ranges and instructors should start offering special classes and cheaper deals, so that it is even easier for average Americans to not only arm themselves, but also get some tactical training to go with those new guns. We, in the existing “shooting community,” need to start bringing new shooters into the fold, we need to start making not only guns, but training, more readily available, and we need to start a movement to remove ALL “No Guns Allowed” signs from any place that is not equipped with metal detectors and armed guardS (plural). Depriving legally armed Americans of their right/ability to defend themselves in public places is obscene. If you have a business that offers services to the public, you are expected to offer services to ALL of the public, including minorities, the handicapped, and ordinary armed citizens. If the law can force you to serve gays and blacks, then the same rationale should be used to force you to serve armed citizens. We Americans are ALL supposed to be “equal under the law.” For our frightened ones, those who are “uncomfortable” in a place where there are others who are armed…too bad-get over it! Frankly, you are part of the problem now, and you are disarming your only protection if terrorists attack you in public places. If we can’t do this by legislation, and we probably can’t because of the cowards in both political parties, then we gun owners and concealed carry licensees, need to start doing it by boycotts and loud public protests against those places that make themselves targets with their “No Guns Allowed” policies and signs. Remind them that they are making themselves and their businesses part of the problem by creating more soft targets for terrorists. Remember that a gunfight is ALWAYS preferable to a massacre!

    • WELL SAID OLD SHOOTER! It is about time we start getting back our country!

      • Greetings, Having served my country for 3 decades plus change; And I still continue to do so to this very day, “Do FOR My Country”, and Not EVER having asked, what my country could Do for me!. That being conveyed, please read on. Having been Marine Infantry in the start of my career in the CORPS, I do know that a gun fight is Far Better than to Ever be on the receiving end of the Massacre!. More gun legislation is Not the answer here, NO It Is NOT!. Although the elected ones on the hill in Delta Charlie, *Regardless of Their Party Allegiance*, do simply see the Horrific event in Orlando as just another rally point for their political party’s gain, as well as the elected ones personal gain. Do know this, and do Not forget, that the ISIS Terrorist(s), and All those who/whom flock to that type of Ideology, shall simply Not stop what they had started to do to begin with!. The fact that a Gay Night Club had been the Target, is within the Ideology of ISIS Terrorist(s); And they shall Not stop at just one night club, regardless of whether the night club’s clientele be Gay or not!. ISIS Ideology, is Not something which anyone can negotiate terms with, because ISIS types simply do not care to negotiate anything, period!. There are a grand host of Fully Law Abiding Americans, that have been well armed for many a day hence past, and there shall always be just that, “Well Armed Patriot Americans”, who/whom shall Not simply lay down their arms, so that the “So Called” elected leadership of Our Country attain more of a foot-hold over what they already have presently, which shall amount to the extremely Inept elected ones, to back off their attack upon the Constitutional Rights of ALL of America’s citizenry/society, regardless of ones political party affiliation, so that there be fewer and fewer Horrific events happening in future days within Our Country, which Shall send the hard line message to those who would otherwise do the American citizenry/society harm; That “We Shall Not Allow For Anymore Killings, liking to that of Orlando, or any other place within America’s borders, by the likes of ISIS Terrorist(s), and their flock of followers, Period!. ISIS had gone forth and declared War on the United States Of America, and her people. ISIS need know, that the only objective of any War is Victory; Which the likes of the ISIS Cowards shall NOT be the Victors, not Now, not Hardly, Not EVER!!!

    • Thank You Sir! Whoever wants to wait 10 or 20 minutes for the Police to show up and then decide what to do while they get drilled full of holes or get their head SAWN off, let them. I’ve rather die trying not only to live but save my fellow citizens-instead of watching a massacre. ISIS would LOVE to see us disarmed like the “proper” Be its anyway!

      • I agree!! Had there been an armed person in that Orlando nightclub with a concealed weapon on the scene when he walked in and started shooting that night, they could have shot him between the eyes and ended it!

    • This is an excellent article. I would only add one thing, why why did 300+ people in this place choose to be victims, if even 3 people had jumped this ass hole grabbed that gun which is easy to do with a rifle they could have beat him to death with it before he kill more than a few. American’s wake up and start taking responsibility for your self and your fellow americans, quit being sheep and start taking these terrorists out where ever they show up.

    • First sir, thank you for your service to this country. It’s because of men and women like you that I raised my son safely and freely. Second, yours is the most cogent, organized argument for gun training and deregulation that I’ve ever read. Orlando is the most horrific recent example of how miserably gun laws fail. After all, guns aren’t allowed in clubs and only law-abiding citizens can buy them, right? The system failed on both ends. Thank you for your contribution – it’s time we put every part of your plan in action.

    • Well said. I see here in Texas more and more active shooter training for the cc citizen. ‘IF’ all guns are banned, would the Whitehouse ‘residents’ still need secret service?

  • Very well written. The Gun control part was spot on. Blaming a gun for killing is like blaming a spoon for shoving ice cream in your face. When the politicians get their heads out of their collective A_ _ _ _ and realize that we all should HAVE to carry, we will all but eliminate violent crime. Criminals are cowards. They feed on the defenseless because it’s there big opportunity to be in control. Criminals are generally the bullied ones that never got over it. GET OVER IT!!!

    • Thank you, Mark, and love the spoon/ice cream analogy!

  • I am greatly saddened by the Orlando killings and in no way wish to take anything away from the loss of life and injuries that has happened.
    However, what about the 300 lives lost each and every day to abortion- in the US alone? What about the 13 million slaves in the world? What about the men, women and children of non-Muslim faith put to the sword every day? The list can go on and on. Our world has been and will be for the time being a sad, harrowing, and evil place. Perhaps if we could remember the suffering of others and send a grateful word upwards at least it could ultimately give hope and strength to others and act to lighten their burdens.

  • Our country has been through many challenges from the very beginning. The Native Americans led by their spiritual leaders assisted those who came over from European countries, diseased and disabled; laying the foundation of our country, WE THE PEOPLE. While we have our differences, we will unite when necessary to defend our freedoms. Lives have been laid down to maintain our rights, and defending ourselves from those who would do us harm is a key right. This is a country OF the people, FOR the people, BY the people.

    Those who now think they can ‘terrorize’ us, don’t know what happens when we unite – and under this kind of violent stupidity, WE UNITE and FIGHT for OUR RIGHT to LIVE in the LAND of the FREE and the HOME of the BRAVE! Everyone who has come to the United States of America has stepped up and agreed to be an AMERICAN. If you don’t want to BE an AMERICAN, responsible and accountable, then go back to where you came from.

    We don’t have to agree on everything, but our differences don’t divide us. We many not agree with all that is going on, but we stay UNITED and live FREE!

  • As stated many times before, the best way to stop a bad person using a gun is a good person with a gun.
    I wonder, how many of those killed or wounded or a friend of them in the crowd in the Pulse night club could have had their conceal carry gun with them. How would that have reduced the bloodshed?

    • My thoughts exactly, Dale.

  • It seems that most of these tragedies happen in “Gun Free” zones, as they know that no one will be armned that can oppose them. Almost every time it’s gun free zone, safe for the criminal, but not for anyone else. Time for a change here too!!!

  • Who will be most effected by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals  decision  to deny concealed weapons permits to applicants who can’t prove a “specific threat” to their safety?
    Will it be the gang members and criminals who already carry concealed fire arms, likely stolen, and will continue to do so despite the Courts decision. Or maybe terrorists who have all kinds of illegal automatic weapons, bombs and such. Or maybe mentally unbalanced homocidal and suicidal people who seem to always find access to weapons.

    No is the answer to all of the above! It will be the sane law abiding citizens who will be most effected and put at risk by the Courts decision. Any of the people mentioned in the above paragraph will feel confident to enter a crowded gathering, school room, arena or anywhere there is a “rich target environment” and open fire without much fear of reprisal. The bad guys always have guns!

    As proof I offer; Newtown, Conn., San Bernardino, Colorado Springs , Colo., Roseburg Oregon, Chattanooga, Tenn. Ft. Hood, Texas, Isla Vista, California, Washington D.C. and  the other mass shootings, which have proven this to be true. Not to mention the endless muggings, home invasions, street robberies and senseless random killings, which occur without armed resistance.

    So remember, if you disarm good citizens, you forfeit all hope of immediate assistance. Just ask one of the Orlando Florida survivors., Maybe if 3 or 4 of the victims had a gun in their purse or jacket there would have been far fewer casualties.

    Specific threat? Give me a break.

  • Called “the worst massacre in history”, what about Wounded Knee, Sand Creek or Little Big Horn?

    • Exactly why I said “mass shooting” instead of “massacre”. I know it doesn’t sound much different, but to me mass shooting implies one or two shooters opening fire on many. You’re correct – they were all massacres.

  • Both of my grandfathers fought for the US in WW2. One was, at different times, both a flame thrower and a BAR man. Those of you who know anything much about WW2 know how lucky he was to have lasted more than 30 seconds as a flame thrower. 35 years after the war, he finally decided to speak about it to his grandsons. He never told his wife, son (my father), nor daughter anything about his experience. The phrase “War is hell” sums it up. He made certain that no one in his family would serve militarily again. The people starting the wars are too cowardly to engage the battle themselves. I believe that the “gun” is the worst invention humans have ever created. That being said, since we have “guns”, it is imperative that the people of the force of good always have access to superior weapons in order to defeat the people of the force of evil. That is exactly why the 2nd Amendment was originally written into law. Anyone, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican, or otherwise, who wishes to keep superior weaponry out of the hands of the forces of good is seriously misguided (the word “fool” comes to mind).

  • I would ask you not use term gunman that is a anti gun term. If you stab your not a knifeman. Run them down your not a carman or wheelman. Shooter murderer. Not gunned down the term is shot