The Rise Of Rape And Islam

The massive influx of supposed “refugees” into Europe is having a number of unexpected consequences. Perhaps the liberal politicians who agreed to their invasion were thinking these refugees would be like others, act like others and be grateful like others. But what they’ve gotten is far from what anyone could have expected.

Not only is it clear that terrorists have infiltrated the ranks of the “refugees,” as proven by the Paris terrorist attack, but it’s also clear that the rest of the “military age men” who make up the majority of the influx are determined to change Europe into what they want it to be.

On New Year’s Eve, about 1,000 of these men gathered together at the central train station in Cologne, Germany (there’s also a Cologne, France, but this happened in German) to give a special present to the women of the city.

As the women passed, they were groped and sexually assaulted by the immigrant men. Some were robbed, under the covering of the distraction caused by the groping. A few were even raped.

This didn’t just happen in Cologne, but in Hamburg and other cities as well. But Cologne was the epicenter, with more than 800 women molested by these Muslim men. Many of the attackers were drunk, ignoring their religion’s probation of alcohol in favor of enjoying themselves.

We can’t even say that this is an isolated event, as I hear daily of new rapes and gang rapes happening throughout Europe. While rape has always existed and will probably exist until the end of time, what is happening now has not happened on this scale since the wars of the Middle Ages. While rape has always followed war, this is something new; using rape as a tool of war.

One More Insult to Injury

Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe and perhaps of the world, if we leave out the lands controlled by ISIS. The Muslim immigrants apparently feel they have a right to any woman who they see. This matches the teachings of their Imams and the Quran, which states that all lust is caused by women, it is not in the heart of the man. Therefore, the women are the ones who cause it.

The Imam of Cologne has even come out and said this, declaring that the sexual abuse and rape were the fault of the women, “walking around half-naked and wearing perfume.” He literally said that they should have expected it. But then, we have to realize that to these Muslim men, seeing a woman’s ankles makes her half-naked in his eyes. When all they ever saw in their homelands were women hidden by black cloth sacks, it’s no wonder that the sight of real women would excite them.

Now, I’ve got to say that modern styles for women’s clothing isn’t exactly modest. But that’s not the issue. If those women had been wearing floor length dresses, with long sleeves and high necks, it would still have been more than they could stand. Simply having a dress that actually fit and showed that the woman’s body had curves would have driven those men mad, especially in their drunken state. But such is Islam, that they blame the women for the faults of the men. That means that as long as there are Muslim immigrants, the chances of rape will be high.

A video has recently come out in which a female Muslim college professor explains that rape of non-Muslim women is acceptable in the Islamic religion. It is to be used as a means of humiliating the women, with the ultimate goal of forcing them to convert to Islam. There’s even a reference to her being converted by the sexual act. Her specific statements refer to raping women captured in war, but the invasion of Europe is a war in Muslim eyes.

According to the Quran, Muslims aren’t allowed to immigrate to infidel lands and put themselves under the authority of infidels or their laws, that is sin to them. When they go to other lands, and they are commanded in the Quran to do so, they are to go there and take the position of being the heads, over the people of the land. They are to take over the lands and subjugate them to Sharia Law.

This is called hijrah, and it is as old as Islam itself. The first hijrah was when Mohammad himself left Mecca to go to Medina. He and his followers went there for the purpose of conquest, to take the city over and force it to convert to Islam. This was the beginning of hijrah as a means of jihad and Muslims have been used ever since to conquer new lands and expand their territory.

Petting the Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse of the Syrian refugee crisis isn’t just the terrorists who are hidden in their ranks, but each and every one of the Muslims who are emigrating. It doesn’t matter if they are radical Muslims or not, nor does it matter if they are terrorists. They are all committed to the spread of Islam and they are using this as an excuse to send millions of people into the western world for the purpose of conquest.

That may seem ridiculous to you, stating that such a small group could conquer a nation, but you have to understand their tactics. They have already taken over areas of several European countries, making them into “no-go zones.” Those areas are totally under Muslim control and governed by Sharia Law. The police and the duly elected government has no power and no say. They have effectively been kicked out and the area has effectively been conquered.

That’s been done with relatively few people, mere thousands. What will happen when there are millions? How will those governments stand against Muslim pressure, when the Muslims know exactly what buttons to push, in order to get things their way?

Muslims are winning the propaganda war. They are using our laws and our sensibilities against us. A mere 15 years after 9-11, they’ve managed to paint themselves as the most misunderstood and most persecuted minority in the world, with the greatest amount of prejudice against them. That’s a load of crap. Muslims account for 23% percent of the world’s population, 1.6 billion people. They are far from a minority.

Yet Islam is a hungry master. The Quran commands them to take over the world and they are going to do everything they can to do so. Those whom we call “moderate Muslims” are the ones who will do it. The radicals, who become terrorists, don’t take over the world. They just threaten the world so that we’ll be quiet while we’re being raped. It’s the moderates who take over cities, make no-go zones and demand that laws and customs be changed to accommodate them.

Video first seen on Politically Incorrect

The rape that is going on in Europe isn’t going to stop. About the only thing that can save Europe right now is for the people to rise up in arms and throw the Muslims out. But they aren’t allowed to do that. In most European countries, it’s illegal to own firearms. That doesn’t stop the Muslims or the criminals, but it does stop the law-abiding citizens of those countries from defending themselves.

Yet, they are trying. German men have turned out in droves and organized to protect their women. How did the government accept that? They sent 1,500 police to the rally where the men were organizing. There were only 150 in the vicinity of the train station on New Year’s Eve, and they didn’t do a thing to stop the sexual molestation, but they sent 1,500 to a protest against that attack. What does that tell you?

These sorts of attacks are going to increase. While they are mostly in Europe right now, we can soon expect to see them here on our side of the pond. As Obama allows more and more of these animals into our country, we must keep in mind that they have not come as refugees, they have not come as immigrants, they have come as a conquering army and as far as they are concerned, they’ve already won the war and our women are the spoils of that war.

This is what we can expect to face. As unpopular as Trump’s declaration about closing the doors to Muslim immigrants has been, it’s the only real answer. Something has to be done to determine if these people are going to assimilate into society or not; and those who won’t, have to be kept out of the country. Otherwise, they will take over.

Of course, there is one other option… that of civil war. It may come to that. But if it does, it will have to be because the Muslims start it. If we, the American people, start killing Muslims out of hand, we will be giving up the high ground and become something we are not.

Yes, we can defend ourselves and our loved ones. Yes, we can defend our women. But no, we can’t kill indiscriminately in that process. We don’t allow our soldiers to do that in war, and we can’t allow ourselves to do so in this war.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • what can we do at this point?

    • One rope one cure.

  • We have been asking for this kind of thing for many years. Europe even longer than us. What can you expect? Liberalism and politically correct has caused all of this. We must get back to the past and take up arms to rid us of Muslims and Liberal Politicians.

  • Im so tired of muslems putting the US down but when something happens and they ask for help guess who does and then they have the audasity for us to open our doors to potential terrorists. I say keep them quarintined within there own boders.

    • I’m afraid that the West and the US and UK in particular invited themselves into the middle east. Muslim refugees are fleeing what exactly? The NATO destruction of Libya, the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq, the US supported terrorising and dispossession of Palestinians.

      You need to learn to see cause and effect. The refugee problem in Europe is 100% caused by this phoney war on terror. If there was real war against terror the rest of the world would be attacking the United States, the greatest terrorist on this planet.

  • Bill, I don’t always agree with you but in this case, I strongly agree. Thank you for your temperate tone and realistic commentary on this hottest of all issues.

    Back to basics: the solution I believe is in promoting again the Christian good news and those fundamental biblical principles that made western civilization possible. Backslidden North America is no less at risk than backslidden Europe; these are no longer Christian continents in any clear way, and we can suffer the same fate that the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa did 1400 years ago when Islam arose — total disappearance, because the reality of the faith was already gone.

    Islam has no respect for women, or for men, either, because Islam does not believe men and women are created in the image of God, which we see in Gen. 1:27. It’s because God told us about that that we can have a productive civil society with mercy and justice together, fairness and responsibility together.

    Islam does not believe that man has a sin nature, that he is unable to consistently choose to do what is right and good. The Bible makes our inability and the sin nature perfectly clear in many places, such as Romans 3:10-18 and 1 John 1:8. By telling us this, God enables us to see our need for rescue and redemption. Muslims do not see this clearly and thus see no need for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, which is why they have a totally different narrative about that. Instead of hope in Christ, Islam only offers hope in living a sinless life, leading the Muslim to either denial or despair.

    Those are just two examples. Basic Christian doctrines allowed western civilization to develop and Reformation doctrines (imho) allowed it to flourish. I think we can see the pattern. Now we have to teach these things all over again, and find ways to embed them in our institutions again.

    As to the refugees, I don’t know how to vet them. That is the huge challenge. Please pray that God will show us a way as a nation to do this with understanding and realism alongside mercy.

    • Christians did the same thing to our tribes when you people invaded our land that the Muslims are doing, and we really don’t want or need anymore of that. Kindly keep your religion to yourself, and lets all make the Muslims do the same. We do not proselytize you, and have no interest in you or them doing so to us either.

      • Doc, I don’t at all dispute that horrific things have been done in the name of Christianity. The Bible teaches that this is part of human nature, that it’s not good, and that man needs a changed heart in order to be different. A changed heart is not something you can conjure up on your own, so the tendency is to live in denial of the human situation, or to gravitate to despair. God redeems those who trust in Christ’s work, and that is the only way out.

        I don’t think for a minute that those Christians who abused (or abuse) other people have their confidence in Christ; their actions suggest they have their confidence in their superior weapons or circumstances. We miss the point when we do this (may I say ‘obviously’?). The remedy is to teach again the Bible teachings that turned the ancient world upside down, not to recapture the fervor of some crusade against heathen folks.

        • Your “Golden Rule” says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and that can be interpreted very loosely. That is one of the problems with your religion’s black book. Our view is, “An it harm none (by either their standards or our’s) do what you will, except in the case of self-defense.” So, we will keep our higher ethical statement, and we encourage you to do what you will among your own kind, but we will no longer tolerate anyone trying to teach us anything against our will. If we want to know what you believe then we will ask you. If we don’t ask then please show some restraint, and keep it to yourself. Personally, I suspect that you are a good man so I encourage you to simply live what you believe rather than sharing it otherwise with anyone who is not interested. This was our country before it was your’s, and we have inalienable rights too.

          I wish you well.

          • Totally agree that there should be no coercion in teaching. Put your info out there and let those who are interested click on it, just as you have done on your website … which shows amazing breadth, by the way. Thank you for the courteous conversation.

        • Ezra, Wow, how profound! That’s exactly also what the Muslims say in their ‘confirmation bias’ defense!

          Also, does that give you even a ‘hint’ of a ‘clue’ as to why the Islamist leader of Iran has a meeting with the Royalist leader of the Vatican?

          I apologize in advance for being smug. But that’s the proprietorship of my advanced academic credential as a religious scholar. for decades I’ve known the truth that the ‘faithful true believers’ are now only beginning to wake up to.

          Hope most of them wake up sooner, rather than later, if humanity truly is to be ‘saved’.

    • We only have one hope in all of this and that is JESUS CHRIST! Jews and Christians can take great solace in the fact that JESUS said he would return for us and we can all rest assured that GOD has always kept his word ! The time is near for his return, the prophesies have been fulfilled so much so that only one who wishes to be in the dark cannot see that what GOD has promised is coming true.

      All one needs to do is accept GOD’S gift to mankind, Salvation, by accepting JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and SAVIOR, believe that GOD came down to earth in the form of a Baby, he died for our sins and arose on the third day! We must as a changed person Repent of our sins and turn from our evil ways! Your mandate then becomes to spread the Gospel, tell everyone of the free gift that GOD is offering!

  • Maybe Germany needs to open it’s concentration camps. If Europeans don’t start fighting back, they are all going to end up, Muslims, (which for females, means being owned, used or sold to someone else, or having your face burned with acid or any number of atrocities they can think of) or you might end up dead. But you will not be what you are now. FREE AND INDEPENDENT .Don’t wait for the government to do something. The black market can get guns for you. It may cost a lot, but freedom has never been free

    • Why not look at this differently. If Europeans rose up as one an protested against the illegal imperialistic wars, the dispossession of Palestinians, the arming of Saudi Arabia, the support for ISIS Turkey, a member of NATO.

      Sanction any nation that sells weapons to those who support terror. Stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia; stop trying to occupy Syria and to divide the country.

      Then these people will have someplace to return to.

      • Mike, all of what you say is true and I agree wholeheartedly. all of that should be done.

        Now, back to the real world.

        Even if all that you say should come to pass, most of those people will not go willingly back to their countries, because they are on a (not so) covert mission of conquest.

        They are invaders. They must be treated with restraint at first, but then if and when that fails, anything and everything goes for the Europeans to get back their countries.

        • Hey guys,

          actually here in Germany we have to deal with this refugee-situation. First aim of our gov should be finding a solution to integrate the new HUMANS. No matter what, they ARE humans and no matter how some of them behave: We, at least I, will treat them just as my german neighbor.

          Some facts that are not as true as the news tell you: Many many syrian children came to germany, whole families. It’s not true that “most of them” are young men. There are a lot, right, but also as many families with women and children.

          I live in a town with a refugees-camps with a few thousend refugees. Criminality rate is not higher since they came.

          BUT: As a Prepper we know that no matter how we think of treating humans (refugees = humans!), this situation has potential for another european war (an active one, guns vs. guns, humans vs. humans, machines vs. humans .. right in the neighborhood). We are prepared, even without guns.

          I lead a german Preppers Community: Noone talks about either someone has to be killed or not. We analyse situations for their potential for a “breakout” and find solutions how to keep our families safe.

          I’m not sure if you’re aware of the german situation: Since the past two wars we have big problems beeing patriotic in public. (I actually am also an immigrant 😛 paying taxes and behaving german) As soon as someone mentions refugees there are only two choices: Either you are a Nazi or a Hippie. You can’t simply say “Send them back” without beeing offendet. You can’t say “Keep them and teach them our culture” without beeing offendet.

          There is no middle anymore. My ideal of how to handle this situation:
          – register the refugees
          – teach them the language
          – teach them the byrocracy (to handle everyday stuff)
          – find out what they did before
          – get them a job

          It’s too late to send anyone back. If we’d do this Europe would hate the germans, just like the Nazis a half century ago. Things can’t be managed as easy as people think. There is big political pressure behind every action of the government.

          Stay prepared, Konz

  • That is a brilliant article. These savages need to be kept out! What I want to know is WHY are they being ALLOWED/ENCOURAGED to invade? Who benefits from this?

    • Read the two books Obama wrote before running for President, and you will see statements in black and white (no racial puns intended) that can only be interpreted to say that he is a Muslim. He has never really been a Christian, or anything else. That is why most of his Czars are either convited terrorists or members of the Muslim Brotherhood. So, to answer your question, our Muslim Federal Government is the only entity that benefits from this as they are solely bent upon destroying our nation.

    • The socialist Totalitarian party in this country benefits. 98% of the voting Muslims in this country voted for Obama both times. Because he allows them to grease themselves in through his agenda based immigration polices.

      The dirty little secret that almost nobody is addressing is that only a segment of the Islamist movement is hell bent on death and destruction. Most of them prefer to conquer from within politically as they are successfully getting away with in countries like England and Canada and Australia and now, Even in America.

      That’s why it is ambitiously encouraged in mosques throughout the Muslim communities to have as many children as they can, just like the church always did to promote and perpetuate their religionist dynasty. You’ll notice that virtually all young Muslim couples are always dragging around a gaggle of potential future voters when you notice them.

      Meanwhile the average American cares less than a piss ant’s brain fart about
      Islamist ‘hijrah’ especially if it’s not on their cell phone app or right next to the Doritos chips at the chub store.
      Buy your prayer rugs now, before the prices go up when they will someday all be ‘Made in America’.

      The second ‘phase’ of their take over plan is now being implemented in full spectrum momentum, which is buying up cheap ag land in California and other profit ‘depressed’ regions. They don’t care about draught and water shortages. Some of those Billions Mohammed Obama gave to Iran will wind up building desalination plants for them.

      Phase three of the Islamist ‘Plan’? You don’t want to know if it gets that far.

  • I just hope, if we survive, we change how we think about the people in the middle ages. They did a lot of things wrong, horribly wrong. However, they knew an enemy when they saw one and acted accordingly. Namely they tossed the mohammed maggots out. And I don’t think they were shown to the border. I have nothing but contempt for Islam, and even more contempt for our so called leaders who refuse to even name the enemy. God still reigns: however, this may well be part of a delusion sent that they (we) would believe a lie. Too many people are choosing to believe the muslim lie in the face of all contrary evidence, both current and historical. Deluded? For what reason and what purpose… I go by scripture. I see the antichrist very easily being conceived by muslims.

  • So when this starts here in the South not sure but most the guys I know down here will react differently and it will not matter if hey rape a woman or girls the good old Southern boy will open a can of WippAzz and people will get hurt or gone. How this plays out will be determined by what the local sheriff will do or not do.

    • You are right. Either the cops will be a part of the solution, or they will be a part of the problem. The rest of us will have to observe what they do, and then deal with them accordingly.

      • Doc I know of over 150 times law enforcement tried to detain by force and it was illegal and the police were shot and killed. The trial ended up in the Supreme Court and the defendant won the case. They are not above the law and the law says you can defend your self even from the law if its an illegal arrest. We all have to watch our backs now. Good luck to you

    • Many of the Southern gals I know will put the asses of any who attempt to rape them in the ground. God Bless Them!

  • In the 1980’s, I read an article by a missionary who had lived in a Muslim controlled country. (Sorry I don’t remember the county.) I never forgot his assessment of understanding Muslims. Most Muslims are very moderate until they outnumber the population then they force their beliefs in a very intolerant way on non-believers. The signs are there, if only people would see them.

  • How do we deal with these people? Send them to Allah NOW!

    • I have to totally agree with you! But can Europe produce guns like the Muslims can?

      • They don’t have to. Europa is willingly exporting masses of weapons to the “middle east”. We finance the war and they flee to our countries.

    • The United States has been doing this for 14 years at this state. Fragmentation bombs, depleted uranium, mass murder on an industrial scale.

      Do you honestly think that muslims would be fleeing their homelands if it weren’t for the barbarity of those who fight perpetual war for perpetual peace.
      The people of Vietnam are still suffering the effects of Napalm and Agent Orange; birth defects, horrific mutations, massive cancer rates.

      20 US ex servicemen are committing suicide every day because they know what your killing machine has inflicted… and although you support the troops… you offer them nothing once they are spewed out, broken by the system.
      Show some compassion, understanding and intelligence and look into the true causes of things.

    • No, allah is too good for them, send them to the lake of fire where they will be” no more”, so the Lord wouldn’t have a big burden when He returns to earth and cleans this mess up. Americans better get their heads out of their asses. A fine example is the people in this country who are still following that felon; liberal; Democrat like some millionaire handing out free money like the muslim family in the White House.

  • I live in Sacramento, CA and am seventy three years old. I like shopping at Costco, but observed this week the realities of our liberal society. Four foreign young men together dominating shoppers boisterously while I was shopping in Costco. I am familiar with the diversity of customers in these large discount stores. But these four stood out as they had no baskets, obviously not there as shoppers, rather charging around getting attention. Other Shoppers cleared a way for them as they noisily helped themselves to the samples. I have observed this in teenagers but not older ” foreigners” (unless they were intoxicated). I don’t know where they went but were not around when I checked out. Is this what we need to expect as our future?

  • Howdy Bill, this is a good article, but I think you may have missed on one point: the Muslim women and children are also a part of the problem. I understand that this simple bit or truth may be a bit too politically incorrect for you and your newsletter to say, but it still needs to be said. There are videos of Muslim women running around in non-Muslim countries attacking people with knives and grenades, and Muslim children being taught to kill all of us
    “Infidels”, and wearing suicide vests. When it all starts here – and you and I both know that it will – then killing indiscriminantly may be our only option.

    Allow one child to seek shelter with your family, and then see him or her blow them all up, and you will be totally on board with this whether you can admit it now or not. I assume that you remember this rather ugly part of the Vietnam War where our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines had to set lines beyond which others were not allowed to cross, and then would shoot to kill anyone of any age who crossed it, many of whom – women and children included – would blow up when they were shot. If you don’t get yourself ready to do that here then you and your’s will die at the hands of women and children sent to kill you. That is simply reality, and you had best learn to accept it now.

    With the exception of women, girls and politically useful men, Islam is taking no prisoners, and we must be prepared to be as committed to winning as they are, or we are doomed. But, we will not be interested in taking their women and children for the same purpose (rape and sex slavery) as they want ours, and their’s have been brain-washed to hate us and kill us. In this war there will be only two rules: Kill or Die.

    • Well, I’m prepared to kill as many of those vermin as possible before they kill me. I’m an old man with more years behind me than ahead, so, if my actions and eventual death save some of our children from a life of terror and abuse, then my own life is a small price to pay.

  • I Really think its time for someone like trump its also time to stop worrying about everyone else it sounds kind of cruel to some people but tuff shit this is no time to be worrying about gun control or any of that bullshit its time to bear arms and keep these people out We are on the verge of a civil war ourselves if you can’t see that your not to bright We have to worry about fixing our own country before we help anyone else we have no work an up coming food shortage people are pissed the middle class is considered to make between 100,000 and 200,000 a year that’s insane I could go on and on but if we don’t concentrate on helping our own were gonna be a third world country

  • I would like to know why we allow anyone that is a Muslim in our country as their Quran is their constitution and tells them in 2chapter 4chapter that they should kill anyone that is not a Muslim or will not convert and that means all the Christians in the USA.
    I’m starting wonder if anyone can read that writes news articles that they don’t see this as treason to our Constitution??? Can anyone give me an answer to this.??? Where our government officials that don’t realize this and if they co talk about this.

    • Les, Here, I’ll make it easy for you to answer your own question. Read, or better yet slowly peruse the Bible from cover to cover. Especially the Old Testament, and you’ll figure out why certain passages in the Quran are not cited as sedition or criminal intent. And this ‘truth will set you free’!

      And if THAT’s not enough, then… .

      BEER IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER! Who cares what the question was?

  • Well every time I post to this thread its deleted and what I said isn’t as bad as some of the other post. Guess I got a nazi admin. Thats ok you make your money by us coming to site and your ads get the attention but this is what you get today last time I make this web side I got to find the unsubscribe spot so I don’t help you make money since you keep deleting my post.

  • I have relatives and friends in Germany who are asking me about improvised weaponry so they can have some means of self-protection. I make a special point of giving them very detailed instructions……
    Guns are not the only things which can be used to defend one’s self……

    • Tell them to do some research on WWII trench knives, also a neat knife on Amazon jagdkommando tri-bladed knife.


        • In other countries (not America), a knife is what’s legal, I’m a c.c. holder myself but in countries where gun ownership is prohibited or highly regulated a knife is your option. That’s what I based my recommendation on sir!

  • That said, I hope everyone is aware that 9/11 and San Bernardino were both false flags. In San Bernardino witnesses saw 3 white guys in military gear in the background shooting

    • has an article about San Bernardino. Type San Bernardino in the box. This will be well worth your effort as this one article alone has 33,000 likes on Facebook

    we the people do not want this muslim invasion I meet people from all over western Europe, Finland Norway Denmark Sweden Germany Switzerland France to name a few . I am English a member of the FAR RIGHT but not FAR WRONG, I come from a small town in England called Rotherham check it out we have had as many as 3500 young girls sexually abused by muslims over 35 years not 17 as is been reported, this was covered up by the police social workers local government officials, when teachers youth workers parents spoke out they were arrested intimidated into silence the local newspaper was informed nothing was done so when the FAR RIGHT started to grow in size and protest on the streets telling everyone what was happening with muslim grooming gangs
    we were called liars racists and every other vile name, we were arrested lap tops seized and mobile phones
    for telling the truth
    we are still here the FAR RIGHTOR WE PREFER , PATRIOTS
    there is a lot more to tell this as you say happening every where there are MUSLIMS as I speak some have been brought to trial,

  • A rabid animal must be put down, But when psychotics presume to set our values and determine the response to this crisis, we need to be rid of both of them. Thomas Jefferson must be ashamed of us. We should have nuked Mecca and Mhedina on 9-12-2001. After all, that’s what we did when Japan refused to unconditionally surrender. The response would be absolute total and unconditional submission. We also desperately need to recognize that secular progressivism is a psychosis and progressives are actually regressive as evidenced by their main values: abortion,their holy sacrament, citizen disarmament and sacrifice any constitutional principal for political power. They want an uneducated, unprincipled, and immoral population. Look at the record. If we the people don’t act, we will be just like the ‘sheep” in Europe.

  • I don’t think it will happen at this stage n Amercia- once cities are looted and burned – women taped – citizens will revolt and the government will start killing Muslims – people don’t take into account Americans ability to kill – a big mistake- we are a fat country and lazy- I admit – but once awaken – we are some bad mother****s – and people think we are always always lazy and weak – *** with USA- we wake up – we will *** you back – I love my country , hate my government – don’t *** us – we will bite back – watch – come start some s**t – you will running and hiding like Bin Liden- took us a while – but we got his ass – come *** with lazy USA – we will *** you back – it’s like that – gather USA- in a cause and watch us go to work on that ass-!

    This comment was moderated due to inappropriate content.

  • Someone asked, “Who benefits from this?” It’s all part of the Elite’s agenda to drastically reduce the world population and then enslave those who remain. This is from the Closing Remarks of the 2014 Bilderberg conference:

    [We want the countries] destabilized from within. We thus have to pursue with constancy the immigration policy allowing to make considerable masses of poor people come from the South into impoverished countries of the North. We have to with constancy make rise the most radical Islam to instigate at the most the hatreds and the dissensions in the peoples. We will bring economic collapse … will conduct the largest part of these countries towards large- scale civil wars where every community will take charge for our account to kill the largest number of members of the opposite community.

    Blacks against Whites in the USA, Muslims against Christians in Europe, these civil wars will have the immense advantage to destroy the people without confrontations between degenerate countries into nuclear power world war. Finally, when the wars will destroy countries we shall take advantage of it to amplify the distribution of viruses …

  • Don’t forget WHY the crusades actually happened. Repeated muslim invasions, European slave gathering, and the various sacking of Christian monasteries(research if you want to know moats, walls, and towers were a theme of castles of that period). All you invaders just keep kicking the giant, not saying what the political class did to your countries was right. But if you continue on this path we’ll fight. To the end…. Bet on it!

    • I am far from a historian regarding the Crusades. What I do know is if we minded our own affairs and did what Donald J Trump wants, we would be OK! Certainly we do not need their oil any longer. And if we did, Trump has a solution for that too.

  • When the Mindanao muslims were attacking American interests in the Philippines, General ‘Black Jack ‘ Pershing was sent in to eliminate the problem.. He captured a muslim village the muslims had fled to , and captured all the men and young boys {“little Amalekites grow up to be big Amalekites…”} he then had a big ditch dug,–by muslim labor,- and then brought in a herd of pigs and slaughtered them, saving the blood and other fluids. He dumped the carcasses into the ditch, had the soldiers dip their bullets into the pig blood in front of the muslims and reminded them that they would not be able to go to paradise {according to their satanic beliefs} as they would be ‘unclean’ if killed by the pig coated bullets. General Pershing then had them all shot with the pig blood coated bullets! One man was left alive, blinded in one eye, and both hands and the big toes [so he could never run again,] cut off and the wounds were seared with red hot iron to seal them so he would not bleed to death before he could tell other muslims what had happened. He was then turned loose to tell the other muslims what had happened. THERE WERE NO MORE MUSLIM ATTACKS AGAINST AMERICANS OR AMERICAN INTERESTS FOR OVER 50 YEARS!!! Muslims believe that if they kill a non-believer [a non-muslim] that that person will be their slave forever in paradise! They also believe that if they are killed while fighting their enemies, that they will automatically go to paradise where they will receive 70 virgins! Is it any wonder that they target women and girls especially to kill??? If 13 people send this info to 13 others, and they send it to 13 others, -mathematically by the 13th generation of senders and recievers, every person on earth Will have recieved the truth MR. BILL

    • You are correct with that story! I wish more people knew of it!