Killing Your Liberties With Laws

Here it is my fellow American Patriots. This is IT! The Big One. This is the unholy fulfillment of what I had prophesied for years.

It is the detonator on the improvised explosive anti-constitutional legislative multiple warhead device that Obama regime had been constructing for years, to eventually achieve ambush style lightning effectiveness with a devastating roadside bombing of the 2nd/Amendment and its free armed citizenry.

Its purpose is to usurp the U.S. Constitutionally guaranteed actionable right of a country founded by the People, for the People, and of the People, and their absolute right to remove an out of control regime by threat of superior citizen’s physical force if necessary.

This is so it will be much easier later on to marginalize the people’s individual and collective power under threat of incarceration until it is severely diminished, in order to then swiftly and permanently abrogate our 2nd Amendment, and then finally, the Constitution itself.

It was introduced in relative stealth and surreptitious format without any news or fanfare into the bloated bowels of our Legislation less than a week ago on May 16 by Chucky ‘Cheese’ Schumer and his co-conspirator anti-constitutionalists Bloomberg, Gillibrand, Murphy, et al.

It is called Senate Bill 2934 or the “Fix Gun Checks Act of 2016”. Notice the clever deceptive wording. Nothing mentioning ‘background’ check words, that would start sparks flying. They knew they’d get immediate blockage if they called it a “Universal Background Check Act” so there is nothing implying more dreaded gun control.

Just the brain programming that it’s nothing more than a badly needed “fix” to make what we already had better. Just a little something to keep people from slipping through the NICS’s cracks during the waiting period and all? Title I of the S.2934 says: “ensuring that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a gun are listed in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System”. Sounds innocuous enough…

Until you read S.2934 closely. Further down and likely missed by quick scan readers, Title II of the bill says “requiring a background check FOR EVERY firearm sale”. That means ALL firearms sales. Commercial AND PRIVATE transactions!

This means Chucky Cheese didn’t really want to pursue this until after the election or right before it if it looked like the totalitarian leftist Party was a shoe-in against Trump. Otherwise he might have risked his seat by showing his dirty anti-2/A colors too obviously in the home stretch. But the way this bill was slipped in, with nary an MSM yip or a yap, is not co-incidental by any stretch.

Most followers of either party will usually simply vote a straight ticket. So there’s a good chance if the candidate wins, the Republicans may lose the House and almost certainly the Senate. So they pushed Schumer to make the move to get the bill moving ahead of time, shorting their bet. They want to be poised to strike to the jugular fast as soon as their POTUS candidate is sworn in to mitigate any opposition from gaining momentum when they drop the Statutory Sledge Hammer down.

Paying the Liberty Hit Man

guns and rustSome of you who at least pay attention somewhat to the world outside of your own special comfort zone, may have recently been shocked at the quickly censored news revelation the other day.

The current government spent over two TRILLION—and that’s not a typo– on bureaucratic administrative mandates, initiatives, orders, rules and procedures last year alone for their staffing and implementation only to establish more control over the population without having to go through Congress for real laws!

Literally thousands of new laws of dubious merit and little pragmatic value were created and put in operation by agency bureaucrats with fully punishable by fines and even jail time if violated, just in the 2nd term of this regime!

According to Law Professor John Baker who says: “…thanks to an overabundance of 4,500 plus federal crimes and 400,000 rules and regulations, it is estimated that the average American actually commits up to three felonies a day, without knowing it!”

And, of course, the Gun Confiscators are falling in full lock step with this anti-Constitutional asset of irresponsible illegal Fiat lawmaking to complete their agenda.

So how many times do I have to say it? As many times as it takes for enough people to get it to make a proactive difference.

Because controlling and disarming the citizenry for eventual Hunger Games style government by keeping permanent punishments restricting gun ownership for crimes even after time, is served and law abiding rehabilitation into society again is accomplished, and it was the greatest oppressive hoax ever perpetrated on the American Free People.

Permanent life-long punishment for even a single isolated criminal mistake in your life is a contraindication of all advanced social evolution. And to this day I still hear intelligent, educated, and concerned persons say frighteningly stupid moronic statements like ”but some people just shouldn’t have guns, right?” WRONG!

That might sound sophomorically acceptable but the reality is something else that almost nobody notices until it’s too late. The statement should be corrected that some people shouldn’t be entertaining the emotional content of doing something very bad in society, and if not contained continue on to commit a crime. And that’s a behavioral issue, not a logistics or supply issue, and has nothing to do with the crime tool implementation.

Unless you are a pathetic moron you by now know that gun control does not work at all. Period. Never did, never will. It NEVER once in all the history of crime prevented a determined criminal from getting one. Because criminals don’t subscribe to any form of government control unless they are physically forced to.

So any gun restriction laws are not only a waste of our valuable time and money, but are of highly suspicious nature in relationship to out of control government untrustworthiness.

Agenda based gun control pseudo-logic additionally opens a Pandora’s Box of potential abuse by authoritarian control in all future existentialism. Which was already in preview with Mayor Bloomberg’s outrageous totalitarian control freak tyranny not too long ago in the Big Apple by attempting a ban on how much soda pop we can drink!

What’s next, banning how many Big Macs we can munch? How much caffeine drugs we can purchase? How about a Copulation Tax if you produce children? Everybody should know by now that they are relentless in their control freakishness? Thinking I’m over the top, are ya?

The Take Down, Choke, and Tap Out of Your Guns

Because if you’re oblivious to this and don’t mind sliding a little down the now well “KY JELLIED” slope, the insidious tertiary mandate in this S.2934 “Fix Things” Bill has an additional little surprise for all you “comfort zoners”.

Buried further down in this testament from hell is in section 103 (a)(36)-(b) in a subordinate clause on “adjudication” of mentally unfit persons who can no longer have firearms, is the definition of who else, besides a judge, can summarily deny your due process rights and determine you unqualified to have a gun under penalty of law, and what they can actually base their criteria on for determining that someone is too “mentally defective” to have a firearm.

Read it, and be very afraid:

{The term ‘adjudicated as a mental defective’ shall–} “include an order by a court, board, commission(?), or ‘other lawful’(??) authority that a person in response to mental incompetency, or marked subnormal intelligence (???), be compelled to receive services—including counseling, medication, or testing, to determine compliance with prescribed medications…”

Wow, I guess that says it all, doesn’t it? Of course the ATF with the form 4473 has been “setting us up” for this a long time now. The fact that one out of every three persons in America are diagnosable with some sort of issue of subnormal emotional content or abnormal psychology doesn’t help. Other countries already require psychological testing to determine if you are qualified to have a gun. This oppressive agenda is salivating at the thought?

Go ahead, pretend it won’t, then be true that when you go to renew your National I.D. Card (2005 Real I.D. Act), face recognition driver’s license, and that a station won’t be set up to test you for your “ability” to legally have a firearm.

Since self-protection is an inalienable right no matter what device or tool or weapon we use, it cannot be violated with a life sentence for isolated incidents of bad social behavior, unless the act or crime itself was so egregious that the perpetrator himself must be permanently removed from society. Which then is automatically exclusive of any other tools/weapons facilitating their violence.

If you exhibit anti-social behavioral problems to the point of actually physically harming others, then YOU should be banned from society for a time deemed appropriate to the public safety solution.

NOT the type of offense laws that Governor Christie just vetoed, which allowed Police to summarily confiscate your firearms if they merely believe that you might be about to commit domestic violence! Even though you didn’t actually commit a crime yet! Shades of “Minority Report” thought control! But why NOT err on the side of caution when it comes to saving human lives?

Well, Virginia…because the danger of a government taking advantage of our misperceptions has been proven time and again throughout history. They are always corrupt and will only get worse, not better. Any perceived notion of gun control efficacy is simply a pipe dream. The danger of the G using this to enslave us far outweighs any specious perception of good.

If you want to really keep guns out of incorrigible lifelong criminals, keep their currently violent out-of- control hands from touching any weapons by keeping sociopaths locked up until there can be little doubt they will not be revolving doored soon into society, way before they are satisfactorily rehabilitated. Not anything else.

And certainly not violating the current law abiding citizens right to protection and privacy, instead.

Get Your Mind Straight Before They Do It for You

There must be a clear understanding concerning this by everybody before things like social criminology reform can ever be achieved.

guns quote

While it’s true that our broken criminal justice system is almost to a point of being completely dysfunctional, we can’t repair a “criminal prison planet” while at the same time having laws that keep creating permanent outcasts from society, resulting in a bizarre caste system of subjugated subcultures.

And before you “over the top trolls” launch your missiles at me, just do some reality research to check out the real reason for the ’68 Gun Control Act, and the sinister motives for Johnson-and even Nixon to set this permanent felony gun possession fraud in motion along with a war on drugs.

Never were any of these so-called gun control laws intended to provide any form of public safety, because technically that’s impossible. And they know it. They laugh at all of us who swallowed that bullshit hook, line, and sinker. But it’s time get a social law revolution going if the execution of our liberty can be postponed, at least, for four years, in November?

Because we must eventually repeal ALL gun control laws with no exceptions and make it illegal to attempt to make them again. This is the only way to stem the rising red tide of oppression without having a civil war bloodbath that nobody will win, assuming it would not be extremely crushed in its nascent production. Starting with the 1934 NFA, The ’68 GCA, and The Brady Bill. Then repeal all these other super expensive enslavement laws.

Think about it. With TWO freaking trillion dollars a year extra no longer wasted on absolutely useless freedom killing laws, we could build an institutional system that can group all severely mentally ill persons from society and actually give them humane rehabilitating care, without making the rest of us subject to becoming political gun ownership prohibited sub-citizens whenever their agenda requires it.

And we’d really have a much safer public society. So how do we counter attack?

Let’s Have a “Jeffersonian Revolution”?

I know that all the Molon-Labe types are already “up in arms” on any intrusion of our private freedoms, and loudly call for defense of our Constitutional values against determined destruction of our Bill of Rights—at least from the comfort and security of their armchairs.

So why, then, are these totalitarians still out flanking free Americans and taking higher ground? Are they not even experiencing a modicum of trepidation at the idea of waking up the sleeping giant bad dog of a million AR-15 toting, locked and loaded, American minute men and women storming the Capital to tar and feathering the traitors out of town?

But this new stealth universal gun registration bill will be the point of no return if it gets passed. Then all they have to do is tweak the administrative other authority laws to bypass Senate and House legislators as planned, to make all kinds of potential revolutionary dissidents a criminal or other such adjudicated unsuitable person to have firearms who then becomes unauthorized for life to have a gun. And voila, target focused mass disarmament and immediate confiscations!

And all your bravado and trash talking shit won’t mean a thing. There’s even a slick remedy in this bill to take care of all you “hold outs” who say to the Confiscation Officers that their guns were lost or stolen. Because if you don’t have a police report to that effect, guess what? You violated the 48-hour reporting rule! Punishable by arrest.

Thomas Jefferson ran for POTUS against the Federalists. Which if you study the history, was a similar problem to what we have between political parties today. He rallied the common folk and won, and they called it The Jeffersonian Revolution.

We need another one now. Just this morning I heard Donald Trump giving speech in North Dakota and astoundingly…he actually said the word “totalitarian” in describing the excessive overreach of government bureaucracy and their out-of-control laws!

I almost became misty eyed with gratitude, hope, and appreciation. But for someone like me that’s not a viable option in response.

Do…or Die?

Instead I’ve already dedicated time out of every day of my life from now until November to help American revolutionary election forces defeat the nowadays Federalists. It really IS that important.

I hope others immediately join our Jeffersonian Revolution in the war on oppression by coming out to vote and getting others to join us. Everything in our lives as we once knew it…is critically at stake. Our beloved visionary framers would be proud. And your progeny will forever be grateful.

But ONLY five months left to save and preserve American freedoms—or suffer total enslavement. Some say this is the most important election in our lives.

While relaxing and enjoying your holiday these days, please try to at least take a solemn minute to consider how much the high cost of American Freedom is worth to you?

And how so many of our best gave some, and how some…gave all… for our Liberty. Then make your decision. Are you really an American Patriot? Or Not?

gun control_620x110

This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.


Written by

Mahatma Muhjesbude is a former Spec-ops combat Vet, LEO, international security consultant, and private contractor. He has instructor level credentials and skills in various survival disciplines. He is a dedicated advocate of Liberty and Justice for all and a proactive defender of our Constitutional rights. He strongly believes that the best value you can give back in life is vital knowledge through experience, and that's why he's writing for Survivopedia, using a pen name to protect his real identity. You can send Mahatma a message at editor [at]

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  • This is a blatant overreach of authority the president has used, again, and must be taken down by our congress for trying to make or change law without congress especially on our Amendments, especially the 2nd Amendment which is the watchdog of all the other Amendments. We will fight against this overreach and you have the responsibility to the people of the United States to stop this illegal act in congress. I believe you should impeach the president now and stop all of this overreach because he is against the law on his actions. If someone does things constantly against the law then he is a criminal!

    • The whole govt ha capitulated with this dummy/psychopath, thus making them all unfit for their positions….they don’t care about you/their constituents, only the almighty dollar that lines their pockets, preferably your dollars…

    • we continue to talk about these kind of things without any action. we need to contact our respective senators and congressmen with our disgust of these actions and we need to take the vote in our elections

      • Contacting our representatives is a JOKE. Sure we can try and that would be great but not at all effective. All the letters, emails I’ve written were trashed and not answered. THEY do not care! So very amazing that this Obama has broken so very many laws…not to mention Hillary…and yet they are IMMUNE from accountability. Get used to this! The rules are only meant for us peons! Hope our votes count but I sincerely doubt that they do.

        Obama and Hillary are supported by THEM the rich, infamous, untouchables that RULE our asses. Why can’t everyone see this dichotomy?

        Impeach…damn yes, and get Hillary off the tab? Hell yes! Yet there is no way this will happen without a civil war…coming up sooner rather than later unless most of us continue to hide our heads in the sand. Our country not only looks like a joke to the rest of the world WE ARE A JOKE! Oh I know someone will come along and say leave and go somewhere else…grins! I shall stay here and keep being an irritant to this government that thinks it is more than government, that they think they can become gods like the super rich! Screw that!!

        • Stormy, your reply is a contradiction in terms. You want Congress to Impeach Obama and Hitlary, but you also want to discourage others from informing Congress of their wishes to impeach those who are taking away our freedoms and liberty, by not informing those whose duty it is to do the impeaching, just because you gave up! I know for a fact, calling Congress and telling them off does work and I’ve been a part of shutting down the Capitol switchboard by being part of those that flooded Congress with calls. My fondest memory of stopping Obama legislation was in 2009 when us Tea Party members stopped Cap and Trade in it’s tracks by letting Congress know we would not let them take our ability to sell a house by imposing EPA regulations that would create unnecesary inspections and huge fines for not being in compliance and huge permit fees!
          I bet you benefited by our calls and didn’t even know it, but we were successful and it was fun knowing our calls by sheer
          numbers, shut down the board!
          Stop being a naysayer and don’t give up so quickly, are you a part of the solution or part of the problem why nothing gets done!

          • Hear! Hear! And we did the same thing with Dirty Harry Reid’s signature gun control legislation by flooding Congress with emails and FAXs telling them “We Will Not Comply!”

        • Dis-obey

    • Contact your congressman or woman. The crazies will have groups who call on everything that is crazy

  • Impeachment is not good enough. He is not a true American.

    • I have not been convinced that he is an American citizen.

      • Actually, he WAS – due to the fact that his birth father is Frank Marshall Davis (socialist provocateur, known associate of Stanley Anne Dunham’s parents and older than her father). Davis was an American citizen. However, he lost his Natural Born status when his mother renounced his US citizenship in order for him to become an Indonesian citizen (he attended Indonesian government-run school and traveled on an Indonesia passport). NBC can not be conferred or restored – if you have it and give it up, it’s gone forever.

        • If you compare ZeroBama’s appearance to Barack Obama Sr., there is no similarity at all. If you compare his appearance to Frank Marshall Davis, the similarity comes under the heading of ‘well…maybe, but I doubt it.” If you compare his appearance to Malcolm Little, aka “Malcolm ‘X’,” who is known to have engaged in threesomes with Dunham and Davis, the similarity is striking. But Little was also an American citizen. However, during the entire week of August 4th, 1961, only two people entered the United States from Kenya, South Africa, an American female and her newborn mixed-race son, and they entered on August 4th, ZeroBama’s birthdate as claimed on his bogus, forged, heavily photoshopped Certificate of Live Birth and later “Birth Certificate.” Investigation revealed that Dunham was prevented from boarding the aircraft in Kenya due to her advanced pregnancy and did not fly home until after the birth. then two weeks later she abandoned her son to his grandparents and signed up for classes at Washington State.

          • Good information! But please, you show great disrespect for our ‘presumptive’ president. His proper moniker is Obama bin Laden.

          • Compromise: ZeroBama bin Laden.

        • Contrary to popular opinion a parent cannot give up their child’s citizenship. He would have been able to get it back when he came of age IF he ever had it. Since the father was listed as a foreigner on the fake birth certificate, he would be classified as holding “dual” citizenship at birth. The one criteria for citizenship in the US has ALWAYS been complete allegiance to the US ONLY. A natural born citizen has to have been BORN with complete allegiance to the US ONLY from the moment of birth. That leaves out being born in a foreign country or from a foreign father. Being born on US soil to a foreign father was classified as “native” born citizenship NOT natural born citizenship for constitutional purposes.

    • Amen Frank ! I believe that he is an enemy running our country. He hates America and what she stands for ! Impeachment isn’t enough. This is absolute treason and (God forgive me) the result of treason should be implemented . Every governmental official from the President to the Supreme Court to Congress and the Senate should be replaced !

      • JD, there are some excellent members of congress. How can you say they should all be impeached? Take my Senator, Mike Lee. And Senator Ted Cruz. Both wonderful hard core conservatives. Yes, they are the few and far between, but don’t paint with such a broad brush.

    • He ought to be hung for high treason.

  • Trump is our only hope to avoid totalitarian / socialist / islamic government dedicated to driving back to the stone age.

  • How do we fight this , This is not in the constitution,What can I do to stop this

    • Propose impeachment.

      • In order to impeach him we would need a House of Representatives that is working for the people who elected them. They, with the exception of a handful, are not. The represent themselves and are enriching themselves.
        Most of us are living under a non representative government
        Term limits is the first thing that should be on the agenda.

        • Not entirely true. The House of Representatives is more than willing to propose Articles of Impeachment, and it is my understanding a committee has been formed to do that. However, it is a waste of time as long as we do not have 2/3rds majority in the Senate, because that’s what it takes to convict. This is why the Marxist insurgency has been infiltrating our government branches, especially the Senate, since WWII. We are engaged in a covert war, people, and 95% of the people think everything is jolly because they haven’t a clue what our nation stands for. The execution of the Second Bolshevik Revolution is very near, and Americans think they are prepared because they have two days of food in the house, an AR-15 and a box of cartridges in their closet. Such people are known as ‘collateral damage.’ Recommend you start preparing for a long hard fight.

  • First off if you want readers not to scan through and read the whole articles quit with all the big word s***** s*** and get to the point keep it short with pure info not the rest of the crap you included in the article. Now not sure where u got all your info I saw your sources but This is the first time I’ve heard or read anything about this. So did it get approved or was it just another attempt…

    This comment has been moderated due to inappropriate content.

  • Here is where we are.

    It is critically important for Christians to become aware of where we are time wise. Here is why.
    Beginning in 1942 through the current date God has been telling me things that were and are going to happen and everything He has said was going to happen (that has time to happen), has happened.

    In 1985 God told me among other things that the final decline of the world economy was beginning.

    In 2012 He reminded me that we are in the final decline of the world economy and the tribulation is near which means that the requirement to have the mark of the beast to buy or sell is near also.

    He said therefore Christians are going to need Divine protection and provision.

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    • God told you this? You claim direct revelation from the Almighty?

      You are, most assuredly, a lying impostor.

    • Beware of false prophets !

  • Well let me say this..i will never give up my guns or any other rights under the constitution…it is law and nothing any idiot in our government can change belongs to the people of America and can never be changed or taken not the governments to take and surely not for a muslim terrorist criminal to take that is the fraud in our white House..what he does against America is a crime so therefore i am not a criminal to not go by what he says and does..i will fight with what i have to protect what i own and fight for America and willing give my life for anyone coming for my guns and my rights better be ready to fight and die as i am ready to do so myself.i spent two tours in Viet Nam and my Pledge is still in my heart and mind..we have traitors and terrorists running our government and democrat mental cases that is my outlook and will always be until death..God Bless America I love You…

    • I to spent several tours in Nam and I’ll go down fighting if anyone tries to take my guns away from me.
      I cannot believe that someone hasn’t impeached that so called American that we’re suppose to respect and look up to or better yet put him out of our misery. In the past year I have purchased two hand guns and both time even tho I have a CWP the first time I had to wait almost two weeks before I could pick it up and the last one nearly a month, just goes to s how you someone is digging deeper and deeper trying to get it so even people whom aren’t crazy or committed serious crimes cant get a hand gun of a large caliber because they ( our government) don’t want you to own it.

      • Bruce, you obviously live in the wrong state! Vote with your feet and leave. In my state, Utah, there is NO waiting period. You walk in, make you purchase, get the instant check and walk out with your new firearm. If you have a CCW permit, you don’t even have to pay for the instant check. I was born and raised in Kalifornia, and was out of there less then 1 month after I retired, and go back only every 5 years.

        • I think both of you may be mistaken. Or maybe I’ve been misinformed but it is my understanding that under NCIS, they can automatically approve your purchase right then & there, or; they can put your purchase on hold (they have another term for it) for up to 7 days; at which time they have to approve the sale or; deny the purchase with written reason why they are denying the sale. Marty, just because you have a conceal carry permit, I don’t believe that precludes you from filing out the paperwork and waiting for NCIS approval. I’ve never heard of anyone being charged a fee for running a NCIS background check BTW, whether they have a CCW or not. Bruce, you should never have had to wait more than 7 days to get your purchase of a hand gun approved, especially without the FBI showing good cause in writing. What I don’t know is what kind of recourse you have either before you’re approved or after waiting beyond the required time limit. Good luck with that one. All that being said, the Chicago Tribune today, Tuesday the 31st of May, 2016, reported there were 69 people shot over Memorial Day weekend in the Chicago area. In one of the most tightly repressive gun control cities/state in the Union.

          • Brent, I never said I didn’t go through a background check, that’s what the instant check is. And yes, in Utah there is a fee the dealers charge to run the check unless the purchaser has a CCW permit. If I remember correctly, Kalifornia charged the fee also. My post was 100% accurate and the point of it was for those who live in a horribly anti gun state, if at all possible they should find a pro gun state to move to. It might just save their life.

        • Marty, I fully agree with your suggestion to Bruce, but I want to bring something important to your attention and his: Background checks have never prevented a crime in the history of the Brady Act that created them and were never intended to. They are a sucker game, requiring citizens to 1) waive their RIGHT to keep and bear arms in exchange for REVOCABLE GOVERNMENT PERMISSION to keep and bear arms; 2) waive their RIGHT to be secure from interrogation (Form 4473) and search of their records without probable cause of wrongdoing; waive their RIGHT to be secure from having their right denied without DUE PROCESS by a Court of Law; and waive their RIGHT to be secure from federal exercise of authority not delegated to the federal government by the sovereign States in compact, which is the U.S. Constitution. Government (or some rogue occupation simulation thereof) intends to revoke your right to keep and bear arms in the very near future, possibly along with the Constitution at the same time. We need to mount an effort to short-stop these bastards by abolishing the Brady Act and stop asking permission to exercise any right.

      • I take it you live in one of the occupied territories, like California. I appreciate your stance, and that’s why I want to warn you of what is going on. The background check is a scam; it is designed to force people to waive their right to keep and bear arms and turn it into a privilege, and in doing so it is also compelling them to waive their right to be secure from interrogation and search without probable cause of criminal conduct, their right to due process before their right can be denied, and their right to be secure from federal exercise of power not delegated. When government decides to ‘suspend’ the Constitution (which it has no power to do, but it doesn’t care), government will claim you have waived all your rights and have no right left to claim. This is bogus, because government has no power to scam us out of our rights, either. I’ve been watching this stuff ramp up for 40 years now, with breath-taking acceleration the last two or three election cycles, and I believe they intend to execute their ‘Second Bolshevik Revolution’ very soon. Those who consider themselves our “rightful masters” want their colonies back, and they are getting right royally impatient. (Not Great Britain, which is their wholly-owned satrapy just like they think we are.)

  • …with unlawful laws. DO NOT COMPLY.

    • Well, Marlene, essentially not complying is what a lot of us are already doing. I committed at least two misdemeanors yesterday alone by shooting off aerial fireworks which is against the law where i live. Even though, amazingly, you can buy them LEGALLY in nearly every town or gas station, but you just can’t shoot them up in the air???

      We (mostly very highly decorated war heroes) after the barbecue yesterday also were target shooting while drinking alcoholic beverages. That might even be a lower class felony. You can drink and carry, but you can’t drink and shoot.

      But most people who ‘recreationally’ shoot–as opposed to serious tactical/practice/training simply know from birth that you can’t have the forbidden crime of “having too much fun” shooting without some libation, or recreational drinking without shooting the empty cans!

      But we are breaking the LAW !

      Of the top of my head i can think of at least a couple more misdemeanors i simply won’t comply with. One is getting my dog a dog license.

      Bad enough enough they spy and license the shit out of US,; No freaking way they are Minority Reporting my Dog! They already do Breed Banning in town. No Big German Shepard style dogs on the streets. They must be kept in your car if you are traveling with them in town. Of course the hypocrisy is evident. Because tourism is bread and butter sustenance in my area, your big monster beast can be walked outside if you’re stopping at the gas station, if you have them on leash.

      We have a lot of recreational bodies of water around here and the DNR subcontracts to the The Sheriff’s Department Water Patrol to enforce boating Law ‘violations’ to include the big one Drunk boating. Because the DNR which still also patrols the lakes, but only for fishing violation, sometimes right along with the deputy in the same boat doesn’t want to waste time getting tied up with traffic violations.

      Similarly, due to a shortage in police manpower, they told the deputies Not to write DUI’s unless absolutely necessary, otherwise, because so many people drink, and the government really likes the revenue on liquer sales, there would be so many deputies tied up in the station doing tons of paperwork that the counties would literally have no police protection at all!

      …Not that we really NEED it, because everybody is armed to the teeth around here. As it should be everywhere. It’s nice and polite and friendly where i live.

      Butl yeah, you can ignore their Fascist laws. For Now. But trust me and believe this: They WILL start to seriously enforce the mass populate disarmament laws if the Fascist Despotic Party, (formerly the Democrats) gets in again this time.

      Wait until you see what just came down the pike to help them do that even more ‘effectively’ in my next report! You won’t even believe it.

  • Here in Washington State the liberals living in Puget Sound passed a gun registration law for even private party gun sales were to require a Federal background check, but is confusing as its being challenged and some dealers do it while others appear to not participate until the matter is finally determined. Also gifting or selling a gun to a family member is considered an exemption to this new rule. The rest of Washington State’s population voted against it, but the population slight majority of naive ignorant liberals and socialists living in the Puget Sound region won over the rest of the state. Now if dictator Obama and his Muslim dominated socialist/communist government ever try to take guns away from American citizens they will cause an uprising and revolution that even most of the military would also support and he would lose and probably end up in prison if he was lucky to survive and that is not a threat of any kind, but a logical conclusion to our threatened American heritage, traditions, history and Constitutional rights that every American citizen is entitled to and should be upheld especially against a tyrannical and dictatorial subversive government as Obama has created! He is the most unAmerican president in the history of our country bar none!

  • “Mahatma” is a title of respect, NOT a name. It is bestowed by others, out of respect – not claimed by a self-aggrandizing narcissist.

    You make some very good points. But if you want to be respected, have the courage to use your real name.

    • D. Hardwood, I don’t posses any ‘ego’ for the NEED to be respected.

      And I certainly don’t WANT to be respected by anyone so stupid as to not have the cognitive wherewithal to realize why some of us use a pen name. Especially with the type of content in this kind of blog? And it has nothing to do with ‘courage’ my friend. Mine has been tried, tested, and well proven and documented more times in life than someone like you might eve imagine.

      The word Mahatma is indeed a term of respect and was given to me many years ago when i was working in India by the poor souls i was helping.

  • We live in and at-The Negro,Mexican,LGBT’s,Muslim and Communist States of America! And have been for decades! If you believe any different;I’d like to have some of whatever it is,you’re smoking! Our Government of more money in their pockets isn’t going to change in our lifetime!!!!! God Bless the America, I was born in,where we had Honor and Morals that we lived by!

    • Our government CAN change in our lifetimes! I used to wonder, when I was young, why everyone complained about the government and allowed it to evolve toward communism/totalitarianism at the same time. After working hard all my life and raising a family I realize that we producers / makers have always been so overwhelmed by day-to-day demands that we had no time to devote to stopping the moochers/takers. Now is the time. The best and only hope we have now is to vote for Trump

    • First off, don’t listen to the naysayers who say it’s a waste of time to call Congress, IT ISN’T! It may be tedious at times, it can be frustrating also, but call Congress occasionally and tell them you disagree with, or agree with them on specific issues.
      They are all not against us, there are friendly Congressman and Senators who will listen and they need to hear from a huge majority of people for it to work!
      Don’t be afraid to protest in public places, either! Just like calling, there is strength in numbers! Too many, give up too easily! If the country is worth fighting for, stick with it!

      • Hear! Hear! There are some good people in Congress and in State governments and they are just as frustrated as we are. Suggestion: We can put this rogue occupation federal government back in its Constitutional box practically overnight if we get our sovereign State government (to whom the federal government is a wholly-owned subsidiary) to recognize that the 17th Amendment was a mutiny by the federal government against the sovereign States that created it, and it was NOT ratified because Article V specifically prohibits it unless every State Consents, and at least ten did not. All any State has to do is declare the 17th ungratified, specify why (matter of public record), recall its imposter Senators (chosen by the people) and replace them with Senators chosen by the legislature who will represent the STATE, not the people. There is more to do that is too much to discuss here, but that is the first step.

      • Hear! Hear! There are some good people in Congress and in State governments and they are just as frustrated as we are. Suggestion: We can put this rogue occupation federal government back in its Constitutional box practically overnight if we get our sovereign State government (to whom the federal government is a wholly-owned subsidiary) to recognize that the 17th Amendment was a mutiny by the federal government against the sovereign States that created it, and it was NOT ratified because Article V specifically prohibits it unless every State Consents, and at least ten did not. All any State has to do is declare the 17th unratified, specify why (matter of public record), recall its imposter Senators (chosen by the people) and replace them with Senators chosen by the legislature who will represent the STATE, not the people. There is more to do that is too much to discuss here, but that is the first step.

  • Since the Troops allegedly fight to protect our Freedoms and Liberties, how come they never do anything about the ONLY people that have EVER take our Freedoms and Liberties away from us???

  • Good stuff! BUT. O has illegally usurped office since day 1 and nothing has been done to stop him. Despite all the talk and legitimate research he still is there. As is H who wants to continue the decline of U.S. along with all the other traitors.
    However, talk is cheap and got U.S. nowhere except disgraced and shamed throughout the world.
    So, until action is done things are going to either be the same or get seriously worse for U.S.!
    And don’t tell me the elections will fix all this because they too are part of this fraudulent scheme to bring U.S. down as they are totally fixed.
    I said it before and I say it now:

  • The Costitutional Republic died a long, long time ago. All current laws, rules and regulations are null and void, so act accordingly. The Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches are just for show at best and outright satanic fascsism at worst! Prepare for war, because the NWO is! Godspeed to everyone, who can still think for themselves….shalom

  • Have you ever heard of a government that banned it’s own ARMED FORCES from “Keeping and Bearing” ARMS?
    Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS.
    The claim that the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a “right” to keep and carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D.
    The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
    The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS’ GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
    Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it’s “rights” up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?!
    Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Politician.
    Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
    There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it’s army’s/soldier’s “RIGHT” to “Keep and BEAR ARMS” because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It’s own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

    • Absolutely correct, Wilbur, except for one little quibble, which is more a matter of perspective than anything else: The founding fathers DID mean “Militia” when they wrote the Second Amendment, but they also mean “Militia” to mean every citizen in the State — every State — capable of bearing arms. EVERYONE is in the Militia — but only those able-bodied males between 18 and 45 years are required to muster for Militia duty (plus anyone who wanted to). And the federal government, which was created by the sovereign States in compact, has nothing to say about it.

  • We the People must start now recalling in our local governments all that are not PATRIOTS and 100% with the CONSTITUTION. We WHO LOVE this country join your local citizen militia….GET INVOLVED. Support the only guy welling to put his life on the line to do right for our NATION=TRUMP, this is no joke the illegal traitors controllers/establishment well do anything to keep Trump from the President seat, patriots keep him in our daily prayers for his SAFETY.

  • Very interesting article.
    This is basically a dictation of what the court has done to me. We already have courts doing this, whenever they please; they normally will have some sort of case law crap they can cite. In my case however, they don’t even do this. Because of a lying ex, my 2nd Amendment is no more and when I motioned to have it dismissed (after 2 years) as I have no criminal history at all, the judge said I came ‘so close to nearly breaking the PPO, so it should stand’. Also, I have undeniable proof of the ex’s new Husband does steroids. Within the same 2 weeks this cop was “Being sued for beating the sh*t out of a kid in handcuffs” (I know this 1st hand) my son was admitted to the ER for a “Puncture/lac to his forehead, oddly enough his scar matches this guy’s flat surfaced ring to the tee. It needs to be investigated but this judge doesn’t care and even had a colleague of my ex say in court that it was indication of brain damage because I kept bringing up the evidence and pleading with the court to actually listen to the evidence of the abuse of a 10yr old. I am not kidding.
    This is sickening and shows we are already in this state; just not everyone is affected presently. I am a retired Paramedic 15yrs in EMS and carried a valid concealed carry for 16 years. My children have been home 6 times in over 4 years. The court sets things I must do; I do them only to have the judge tell me, they weren’t done right and still no contact with my kids.
    Oh, one side note: the judge who gave me my now, non-dismissible PPO, had her ‘findings’ of me being a DV perpetrator ‘verified’ by HER SPOUSE! Yes, my judge ordered me to be evaluated by her wife.
    There is very much more however, please visit the following FB pages: FB/recalljudgewood FB/drugtestlamendola
    Thank you!

    • Sounds like you need a good conservative attorney! What people fail to realize there are good,decent people like yourself, who are already having their rights and freedoms stripped away by liberal and extreme political Judges who rule with their politics first and not the law! I know it sounds like a cliche’, but you need to sue and make a mockery of that Judge.
      Remember if you are going to sue, ask for millions, not $25,000 or $50,000, it’s a
      waste of time and money, the attorneys get a 3rd of it and you are left with not much.

  • All any of these so-called “gun control laws” can ever do, is to slander the whole population as guilty until never proven innocent; i.e: “SINCE you have guns, therefore you WILL use them to commit crimes, and NOT to defend yourselves and innocent others, SO we have to take them all away from you first, you criminals!”

    Since these slanderous laws accuse everyone without proof, they are by definition also prejudicial frauds, and as such, are illegal crimes in themselves, not valid laws at all.

    Guns exist. They will never again not-exist. More laws do not equal order. In general, no force or police or laws are necessary among free citizens who can and will govern themselves, while the opposite is: no amount of force or police or laws are enough for a people who CANNOT – or will not – govern themselves.

    The Golden Rule of Law which defines morality is basic: “Do Not Attack First.” After all, when you choose to attack first, your choice defines you as the predatory, criminal aggressor, and they as your innocent victims; there’s no two ways about it! Bear in mind that threats are (psychological) attacks, aka intimidation, bullying, coercion, duress, extortion, and terrorism, and all first-attacks are already crimes. Counter-attacking, or attacking second (as even the legal system eventualy does) is a necessary requirement for all punitive and deterrant justice.

    The only principle any one ever need agree to, is of course the Golden Rule of Law which defines all situational morality as Do Not Attack First.

    From this agreement, we gain trust, progress, and civilization; this “social contract” means our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack (therefore innocent) others first. Period.

    The rest are all symptoms, and all sub-sequent valid legislation depends on that Rule: Every law is an if/then warning which says, in effect: If and when you choose to attack first in this, that, or those ways, then this, that, and these punishments will apply to you.

    Bad laws are slanderously “pre-emptive” first attacks, like all gun control laws.

    Bad laws are crimes because they attack first. At “best” they are only ‘ethical’ lists of rules and excuses amerliorating bad, attack-first criminal premises.

    A “Judge’s” only job is to determine rational cause-and-effect (who started it) and all irrational criminal excuses or alibis are based on the opposite, victim-blaming slanderous pretense.

    It should therefore be easy for any judge to see if a law is bad (an attempt to deprive citizens of due process, by disregarding any need for evidence by slanderously insisting on asserting that they are Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent, and so must impossibly prove a negative in order to defend them selves).

  • I don’t have to read this…”legislation”…to know that it only affects citizens or, in their clever legalism terminology, persons.
    What is required is a revolution of US citizens to renounce their citizenship as is outlined in Chapter CCXLIX, Statutes at Large and correct their status to that of nationals of the nation state of their fathers’ births.
    Ain’t gonna happen, though, as that would require giving up all of the so-called “privileges and benefits” that comes with US citizenship contract. You know, the right to not have any rights and your fair share of the national debt, stuff like that.
    So, realizing this, I won’t even bother to post where you can find the remedy. If you really had the balls to free yourselves, you would be able to find it with the little bit of information I just handed you – on a silver platter, BTW. No need to even mention pacinlawdotcom, Treason by Design or the notmygovernment website.
    Carry on. Just pretend that I was not even here, as usual.

  • Watch out America. USA

  • This is just a precursor to the United Nations proposal on banning weapons. Our President is posed to sign on to the UN bill. The American people need to wake up. Those we’ve elected are NO Longer serving our interest. Proof: They shove Obama care down our throats, yet have their own special healthcare package. THEY gave THEMSELVES a raise and they gave themselves a 100% retirement package after only serving one term. I served our country in the Army for 20 years and only receive 50%. Let’s all tell them we’ve had enough!

  • Here is the reality: The background checks compelled when you purchase a firearm from a dealer have never prevented a crime in the history of the Brady Act and were never intended to. They were intended to sucker citizens into waiving their 2nd Amendment right by having to ask government permission to exercise it (which government doesn’t have the authority to issue or deny), their 4th Amendment right to be secure from interrogation and search in the absence of probable cause of criminal conduct, their 5th Amendment right to Due Process by a Court of law before their rights can be denied, their 9th Amendment right to be secure from being compelled to waive a right to exercise a right, and their 10th Amendment right to be secure from the federal exercise of power not delegated by the U.S. Constitution and the State exercise of power prohibited to the States (e.g., the above Amendments). The plan is to revoke our permission to keep and bear arms and argue we have no rights left to claim because we have waived them all. WE HAVE NOT WAIVED THEM ALL OR ANY OF THEM. Government does not have the authority to scam the people out of their rights, but I will guarantee you they are going to try to pull this off. It very well come in the form of a federal announcement that our 240-year experiment in liberty has been fun but it is OVER and the Constitution is dissolved and dissolved perfectly; anyone found with a firearm in their possession will be shot on sight, and citizens are required to report to their neighborhood warlord (to be announced) for work assignments. Arm up, ammo up, and armor up, the party is about to begin.

  • Since Congress abrogated their Constitutional oaths years ago to create the 4th branch of gov’t, the administrative (as pointed out in this article), the first step required is to eliminate the various alphabet soup agencies. Since the gov’t employs over 22 MILLION in the manning of these agencies, and their wages come from the taxes (permits, fees, licenses, etc.) and fines they collect, it will no small matter to correct the problem. Also, since these agencies courts are outside of the judicial system, as outlined in the Constitution, they aren’t going to give up. The gov’t needs a massive layoff, just like what the rest of us have gone thru.

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” –Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774.

    Stop, Drop, and Roll won’t work in Hell.

  • Most Patriots already have all the guns and ammunition they need !
    Molon Labe !


    • Do you have less than three battle rifles and 5,000 rounds of ammunition, and/or less than twelve months worth of food for yourself and family that can be prepared without water or electricity? If not, ‘Molon Labe’ is a good slogan, but it means “Come and take them.” And they will. Start getting ready so ‘Molon Labe’ means something.

  • Republicans control the Senate now, so now’s the time to hammer the Senate about this.

    • I just did a search on Thomas, and Senate Bill 2934 is a bill making a technical correction to some kind of human rights bill for those of the Ba’hai faith.

      • Frdmftr, are you making a joke here that some of us don’t get, or did you just make a mistake in your search?

        • I don’t make jokes about subjects as important as this. I went to Thomas and did a search for ‘Senate Bill 2934’ and the search function returned (after several blanks) a bill ‘making a technical correction to some kind of human rights bill for those of the Ba’hai faith.’ If you can provide a more specific or accurate search term, or point me to the bill in some way, I will appreciate it and, if it is as you describe, I will raise right bloody hell about it.

          • FRDMFTR, search again! This is what found:

            ”Official Titles as Introduced:

            A bill to ensure that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the national instant criminal background check system and require a background check for every firearm sale.”

            From here:

          • Thanks! I found it with the link you provided, and then went back and tried again on Thomas. It still didn’t find it. Then I copied the bill number “S.2934 ” and pasted it into Thomas, and found it there. The problem was that I am very active on my State ALIS system, and you don’t add the ‘S’ or ‘SB’ there; the system knows which house it is from the number. Thank you; I appreciate the help.
            Now I will comment: Looking at who introduced it and the usual suspects co-sponsoring it, I can just about guarantee it won’t even get past the first committee if that. Chucky and his cohorts in crime are just playing to their fanbase, which consists primarily of Marxist Mafia enemy agents. That being said, however, it remains important to keep and eye on it and (it won’t do any good, but) drown the co-sponsors with polite but firm emails pointing out their proposed legislation violates our 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th Amendment-guaranteed rights and we will not comply — and if it becomes (colo9r of) law we will see about prosecuting any enforcement effort under 18USC2383 and associated statutes: Enforcement will constitute an armed rebellion and insurrection against the authority of the United States, which consists exclusively of the U.S. Constitution.

  • What people forget to understand & the NRA 7 other Gun rights groups don’t address is this, PLAIN & SIMPLE. The 2nd Amendment, does not say ” The right to keep & bear guns… ” It reads “.. THE RIGHT TO KEEP & BEAR ARMS…” that is not just a pistol, rifle but knives, axes, swords etc, the list goes on forever, But MANY states out law certain size & types of knives & other weapons… Many knife catalogs have a section listing which states certain size or type arms won’t be shipped to. If your found to have ‘restricted’ weapon you can be jailed & funded…

    • People ARE supporting fighting back against stupid laws have NO OTHER purpose but to control our ability to be armed.

      Arizona and/or New Mexico I think had a good REPresentative introduce a bill to repeal the ban on Switchblade/pushbutton knives for everyday personal carry.

      Then, when I was passing through the state of Wisconsin from North Dakata last month to head down to Southern Illinois, i noticed in a gun store i stopped at that had all kinds of pushbutton knives for sale.

      Apparently Wisconsin passed a new law making them ‘perfectly’ legal!

      So like others above are saying, lets not give up hope yet. We just have to take the initiative, ‘improvise, adapt, and overcome their bad, totalitarian laws.

      • As far as I know, most knives including automatic and disquised are perfectly legal in Utah and Wyoming. Switchblades are illegal in Montana unless you register as a knife collector with the local sheriff. Kind of stupid, you may carry a concealed firearm (with a CCW permit), but not a switchblade?

    • Correct, Greg. And there is a gun rights doppelganger out there called
      But here is the problem: When our nation was founded, many States refused to ratify the Constitution unless there was appended thereto a “Bill of Rights.” However, once they got their Bill of Rights, they decided that the prohibitions contained in the Bill of Rights only applied to the federal government, not the States. Apparently the States felt they, as sovereign nations, could be as tyrannical as they chose to be in spite of the fact that Article V says ratified amendments are for all intents and purposes part of the Constitution, and Article VI says the Constitution is the supreme Law of the Land and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, the laws or Constitution of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
      As you can see, we have had to deal with tyrannical States for a very long time!
      The 14th Amendment, however, ‘incorporated’ those prohibitions into the States, so now all arms control laws, federal and State, are null and void. It doesn’t make any difference to tyrants, however; they never obey the law.

      • Your Correct, but that is why we suffered through the ‘Civil War’ ; which by the way, the Russian refers to as our 2nd Revolution. It wasn’t so much about slavery. as it was Federal law vs States rights (law)… Sort of why some Southern states had full arsenals & others were picking up weapons off their dead & reusing them..

  • In the first place, to allow a background check for “Any” firearm or type thereof, 1st; is a violation of one’s 4th Amendment right:

    The right of the people to be secure in their
    persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
    unreasonable searches and seizures, shall
    not be violated, and no warrants shall issue,
    but upon probable cause, supported by oath
    or affirmation, and particularly describing
    the place to be searched, and the persons or
    things to be seized.

    There has to be a warrant to conduct such a search of one’s background, it has to be “approved” by a judge in good standing in support of the Constitution, and he should know Constitutional law(s), he should know how they work and when they are applied. 2nd) Nobody should capitulate, consent to such a search, especially if they know they have don nothing wrong….the individual should know their rights as much as any politician, public official, judge, magistrate, constable, sheriff, policy code enforcer (aka police) or whatever.

    Your right can’t be given away, taken, bought, sold, traded or barganed for…..they are and were given to you by your creator, they are unalienable/inalienable. The people need to stop capitulating, because the govt has no more power than what the people give them, and because they have capitulated so much, the govt has assumed great power over the people…

    Start studying Constitutional Law, your Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence…..but first, the people must return to their Elohim, to His Covenant and statutes, and ordinances….this is the only way this country can get out of the mess it’s in…..the people need to repent of their crookedness and sin…

    • Hear! Hear! And as I have been pointing out, the compelled background checks also violate our 5th Amendment right to be secure from denial of rights without Due Process by a Court of Law, our legal doctrine and 9th Amendment right to be secure from having to waive any right in order to exercise a right, and our 10th Amendment right to be secure from the federal exercise of power not delegated, and State power prohibited. The background check has never prevented a crime in the history of the Brady Act and was never intended to: It’s a sucker game to get people to waive their rights so government can claim justification for revoking its permission to keep and bear arms and you have no rights left to complain because you have waived them all.

  • I have sent e-mails and actually called my US Representative and she has sent me back an e-mail thanking me announcing my concerns and she has scheduled several telephone conference calls for voters in her District to listen and comment. She also told me and others that she supports the US Constitution and she appreciates the unique relationship she has with Washington State voters. She said, She is honored to serve us and represent us.

    • First of all, I never meant to imply that ALL of our reps are bad. Just the ones who are anti-Constitutional Totalitarian lap dogs, and the ones who SAY they are not but when it comes right down to it…are full of shit.

      But if we didn’t have legislators like Rand and Ron Paul our 2nd and 4th/A liberties would already be gone.

      Yours doesn’t ‘sound’ bad, but that response is usually a standard reply.
      You have to always ‘follow up’ on your inquiries later on. And get more specific. The U.S. reps in my state are not bad, but they are not that good.

      And the State reps are about as Marxist as they come. Not too long ago one of our porcine total disarmament Hell Bitch Hillary clone state rep, no doubt supported by Bloomberg’s national state funding support for any anti-gun state reps, tried to sneak in a state anti semi-auto gun ban bill through the state legislature before a holiday.

      I protested outside her headquarters/office with a few people all carrying open and slung with ‘Impeach the treasonous wench’ signs. The local leftist news wouldn’t cover it but we also launched an inquiry among the on the fence reps asking their ‘advice’ if our potential many thousands base of Vets and others should form a registered PAC specifically designed to go after other treasonous legislators now violating their election oaths in order to ensure they never get elected again, and even begin re-call efforts like they did in Colorado or Oklahoma, I think?

      You couldn’t believe how fast they killed that bill.

      It continues to amaze and alarm me that if you have an employee who drives a vehicle for you or handles important customers or equipment, that there’s no end to checks and keeping tabs on their activities…

      But almost none of We, the People’ keep tabs on what our employees in government do? I mean, we PAY them out of YOUR tax money to do WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO, and we don’t even KNOW WTF they are doing behind our backs?? Until it’s too LATE!

      But thanks Rick, And keep up the good work. If all of us just did a little like that, there would be no chance of Totalitarian take over.