Why Your Neighborhood Terrorist Loves Gun Control

I must start off by saying that walking through the mind of a terrorist with my dainty little feet is no easy task. These individuals are some of the most perverted, disgusting, sad excuses for living beings that we will ever know in this world.

But, clearly, they are not stupid.

Nevertheless, if we are to put an end to their attempts to ruin our culture, we must understand what they see as our greatest weaknesses and extrapolate how they will move to exploit them. It is my sincere contention that gun control is something terrorists love because it creates a weakness they can exploit at every level of our personal and social existence.

I feel, if there is one pet rabid viper of terrorists that we have nursed to our bosom in this society, gun control with its gun grabbing fangs is it.

Gun Control Divides People

Even though there is no such thing as an issue that everyone agrees on, matters surrounding autonomy and self defense are of major interest to terrorists.

Since their goals usually include harming people and spreading fear, they absolutely laugh with glee when one group seeks to disarm another within the same society; especially when the people being disarmed (example veterans) are the ones terrorists want to murder.

“Divide and conquer” is one of the simplest and most effective strategies when it comes to spreading terror and winning wars. The insanity of gun control itself within the context of a homeland proven unsafe from terrorists is like a free lunch to them. Any terrorist worth his or her title can do any number of things to divide us even further:

  • they can sit back and wait for other carefully scripted media spins such as the ones surrounding Sandy Hook to take hold and drive a panic based wedge between gun owners and gun grabbers.
  • they can launch one or two terror attacks such as in San Bernadino just to remind everyone they are here and can successfully strike at any moment.
  • Terrorist will act to feed and encourage anti-gun movements. This may include eliciting sympathy from them – much as murderers and rapists gain sympathy from the same group of people that see them as “victims”. No doubt, if the anti-gunners have their way, they will welcome terrorists to our homeland in hopes that they can work out their psychotic aggression and then move on to become good wholesome members of society.
  • Terrorists may also observe that the anti-gun movement is also paired with anti-war and anti-law enforcement ideals and values. The wise terrorist would make donations to the bank accounts and campaign accounts of anti-gunners in order to speed up the disarmament of our nation’s citizens.
  • Above all, the terrorist will lie and deceive so as to spread as much chaos as possible before attacking physically.

Gun Control Puts Government in a Failing Position

Prohibition and the war on drugs offer ample evidence that there are some places where law, and the attempt to enforce them does more harm than good.

Quite frankly, if people want to own something, buy something, or do something, they are going to try and achieve their goal no matter who or what stands in the way. When a government such as ours seeks to regulate guns among a population accustomed to having them, it is a recipe for disaster.

Here is what terrorists see each time a gun control measure is put in place:

  • They see something that the government cannot enforce without shedding blood of American citizens, or taking other risks that hurt the very people terrorists want to kill. Just take a look at the number of lives lost in drug related killings over the years and how many lives are still lost because the government seeks to impose rules on a culture that is not ready or willing to accept them.
  • When governments seek to control something at the price of violence, terrorists know they are succeeding. Each dollar spent on gun control, each speech made against the gun culture, and each new law is one that tells terrorists that resources have been taken away from fighting radical Islamic terrorism. This, in turn tells them that our government would rather show its weakness and “kick the dog” represented by American gun owners instead of take bold and definite action against sleeper radical Islamic terror cells in this nation.
  • No matter how much money the government prints, there is a limit to what that money will buy. We simply cannot afford to squander money, energy, and talent on gun control when radical Islamic terrorist are here in the US; and may even be seeding their ideologies in Venezuela, Bolivia, and other South American countries that gave former Guantanamo Bay detainees refuge.

Gun Control Puts Money in Terrorist Bank Accounts

Nowhere on Earth do the laws of supply and demand work so well as in the black market. The more laws you make against guns, the more people are going to want them. Since terrorists are fully capable of making guns and smuggling them into the country, rest assured that they can, will, and do make a fortune on black market trade.

Just as an example, do we really know how many black market machine guns (I mean the real kind, not some glorified hunting rifle like the AR-15) are out there and in the hands of terrorist sleeper cells? We can never know that answer anymore than we can know how many tons of illegal drugs are on the streets at any given moment.

The fact of the matter is anti-gun laws are about as realistic as a spouse thinking his/her partner isn’t cheating just because of a marriage certificate. Just because statistics show one thing or another, that does not mean specific married people aren’t tom catting under cover! “Out of sight, out of mind” does not mean these weapons are truly gone.

They may well be in the hands of radical Islamic terrorists who are just waiting for the right moment to use them. Sadly, this problem does not exist just here in the United States, it exists in every single nation that has gun control.

Not only are criminals and terrorists manufacturing and selling weapons at a profit, they are doing so at an incredible profit that goes right back into advancing their disgusting plans.

As strange as it may sound, I feel there is also a second way that gun control puts money in terrorist bank accounts. Consider a situation where you are fed up with the level of incompetence that seems to be coming from the US government. Now let’s say you are a citizen of a foreign country where ISIS, Boko Haram, or some other terrorist group is taking over at an accelerated rate. If you are looking for safety and security, how can you trust in a foreign government that is moving to disarm its own people in the face of the same terrorist threat?

The fact of the matter is right now there are millions of innocent Muslims and Africans that were either kidnapped by terrorist groups or their towns and cities are occupied by radical Islamic terrorists.

Each and every one of those people knows they wound up in this situation because their own governments were successful in imposing gun control and confiscation. If you, as an individual are thinking about your own future, wouldn’t you see more advantages to turning against a government that seems to be turning against its own people and their right to self defense?

I feel this is precisely how gun control puts money in the bank accounts of terrorists. I also feel it explains why people in the Middle East seem both apathetic and hesitant to do what the United States asks them to do.

Gun Control Puts a Lower Price Tag on Human Life

If terrorists are to achieve their goals, they must do so in a way that maximizes profit and reduces risk. When the person or people you want to kill or injure are well armed, then you it will cost you more to achieve your goal. Should that person, such as a veteran or active member of the military also be trained well enough to use that gun to maximum advantage, the price associated with murder goes even higher. Now let’s have a look at how gun control is selectively lowering the price paid by terrorists that choose to attack veterans right here in the homeland:

  • Over 10% of all homeless people are veterans, fact commonly shared on social media in an effort to obtain donations for homeless veterans or raise awareness. Not only does this mean they are vulnerable because of poverty, it also means they are not likely to have guns because they cannot complete the background check required to own a gun. From that perspective, all a terrorist in this country has to do is visit any place where homeless people are known to gather. Not only is it likely they can murder 10 people with ease, there is every chance they will bag at least one veteran.
  • Gun control only serves to lower the monetary value of every other person that is unable to obtain a gun because the cost of killing, kidnapping, and injuring them is much lower. For example, many people today cannot understand why terrorists chose to attack those who worked in a school for the developmentally disabled in San Bernadino CA. Aside from being a gun free zone, the former employee that committed the massacre clearly knew that his co-workers would not be armed, and therefore it would cost substantially less to murder them.
  • Anti-gunners constantly talk about how they value the lives of children and (rightfully) say there is no amount of money that can replace a child. Nevertheless, each time a school goes without armed guards, or youths over the age of 7 are not allowed to carry and defend themselves, it sends a message to terrorists that it is costs much less to go after our children. Don’t forget these terrorists are not worried about facing “justice” or human law because they do not have any exit plan other than to die at the end of their rampage.

Gun Control Does not Solve the Real Cause of American Discontent

It would be tremendously ignorant and naive to say that US citizens are happier today than they were 8 years ago. Not only do we grapple with rising prices, rising taxes, and shrinking wages, but there is a definite sense of misery across the land.

Just take a look at pictures of yourself from 2007 and compare them to recent ones. Do you smile or laugh less when at parties or with friends? Did you wind up starting on anti-anxiety and anti-panic medications in the last 8 years?

Do you feel like you are trapped in an endless mire of debt, taxes, and obligation to others? If you answered yes to these questions, then you know exactly what I am talking about when I say the general feeling across our nation is “misery”. You also know that job losses, relationship failures, passing on of family members, and other sad events cannot wholly account for what you may be feeling inside and seeing in the faces and actions of others.

Now let me be clear here and say that for most people, there can be no joy in hearing about children, veterans, and others murdered with guns.

To say that NRA members (many of whom are doctors, nurses, veterans, and members of law enforcement) or other gun advocates do not feel these losses is beyond ignorant; especially when those truly enjoying the spectacle are radical Islamic terrorists and others determined to destroy our nation once the citizens are disarmed.

No matter how gut wrenching these deaths may be, it is time to stop preventing one group or another from having guns just because they “might” commit a massacre. It is time to do the opposite – it is time to arm more people so that terrorists and criminals alike have more enemies to contend with, and must pay a higher price for every life they take or try to take.

If there is one explanation for the rise of “radical” candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, it is the general state of unhappiness in our daily lives. Instead of having real, meaningful conversations about how to bring joy back to our nation, we spend endless hours fighting over a few hunks of metal that just happen to be some of the best tools for self defense.

Historically speaking, terrorists have already seen how unhappy people seek to impose gun control, and then become easy targets for terror attacks. I feel this is very much what happened in Nigeria, and is ongoing as we speak in France, Germany, and right here in the United States.

In this election, the issue of gun rights is one that I feel every prepper should use as an absolute litmus test. We, as nation under attack by terrorists right on our own soil, should not be limited in gun ownership just because guns are used to commit mass murders or other crimes.

The fact remains that terrorists, like criminals will attack where it is cheapest and easiest to do so. In my opinion, the best way to drive radical Islamic terrorism (and other kinds) out of business is for every person to be well armed with guns, thus driving up the price every terrorist must pay to kill and spread mayhem.


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.

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Carmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. She is currently working on combining vertical container gardening with hydroponics. Tyrrell is also exploring ways to integrate magnetic and solar power generation methods. On any given day, her husband and six cats give thanks that she has not yet blown up the house. You can send Carmela a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

Latest comments
  • While I’ve “known” of all the social ills and causes for terrorism to exist and thrive at the hands of their radical ideology, religious beliefs and twisted mindset overall, it hasn’t been terribly popular to paint a target government (i.e., ours) as being facilitators of terrorism, home-grown or imported.
    The author does just exactly THAT: placing blame at the feet of our elected or selected “leaders” who’s undeclared goal is the total disarmament and virtual enslavement of the citizens of this country.
    How people cannot see this is beyond me. Are they so lacking in moral fiber and fortitude that they prefer others to make life altering decisions for them? And do they willingly do so in the hopes that they, themselves, can therefore put the onus on the government for anything that goes wrong instead of taking responsibility for their own actions or inaction?!? Sadly I fear it is the latter.
    That said, I am disheartened that so many of my fellow Citizens lack the bone structure (meaning they are Spineless Bastards IMO) and have become intellectual eunuchs (meaning they have NO intelligence whatsoever) that they cannot see the facts for themselves even if staring them in the eye!
    I can understand the euphoria of doing something wrong and getting away with it. We all did it as a child when we pulled the wool over our parents’ eyes from time to time (well, I did anyway) but as an adult HOW THE HE*L could ANYONE willingly abdicate their rights to any nebulous body of officials when they “must know” they will be turned into “Soylent Green” and fed back to others as nutrition so those Sheeple will also willingly give up everything in a quest for (fleeting) perception of safety and not having any CONCRETE assurances they won’t be taken care of!?!
    I suppose it is not too unlike the gambler who insists on playing the roulette wheel KNOWING the next spin will land on their selected number and transform them into wealth in due time, all the while spinning themselves into the poor house.
    But I’mpreaching to the choir, aren’t I?
    Those reading this article aren’t likely the problem children we Sheepdogs worry about and try to shelter. No, we KNOW the problem for what it is and we TRY (Lord Jesus how we try!) to gently open their eyes to help them “See” the cause and effects of the error of their ways.
    Oftentimes to naught, sometimes with success. But after beating our collective heads against the wall without success, we don’t give up! We CANNOT give up! For, to do so would relegate the offspring of the recalcitrant dolts to a life of indentured servitude (i.e., SLAVERY) which we Sheepdogs cannot bring ourselves to give up on.
    So to all of you who continue to spin your wheels to try and bring around the sheep to see the light, I thank you and toast to your efforts. May they never be unsuccessful!
    I can only hope and pray that OUR efforts and thick hides (or skulls) can outlast those who are too weak to make the connection for themselves.
    I’m told that an Angel’s work is never done but they are relentless in their quest to bring their charge (s) around to see the light.
    The author of this article is just such an Angel.
    Please (!!) don’t stop writing additional articles like this.
    PLEASE don’t give up on us!!
    We need you now more than ever and the message you bring cannot be repeated often enough.
    For the rest of us, well, mosey up to The Wall and knock your head against it some more. Your work to enlighten the ignorant is a lifelong battle. Get used to it. It sometimes sucks but for those we manage to “save,” the rewards are Priceless!
    Good Luck and God Bless you ALL!

    • Howard – thankyou for the vote of confidence!! Good to know I’m on the right track!!

      • Gun control has been hijacked by politicians on sides of the aisle.
        How can we give to criminals and suspected terrorists on ‘no fly’ ban the right to walk into a gun shop and walk away with an assortment of weapons they desire? Yet law-abiding citizens are prevented from buying even the smallest weapon. In NY State we have draconian laws against weapon possession yet gun related crimes are rampant. It is easier for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle for law-abiding New Yorkers to obtain a firearm license. Even when obtained from New York State Troopers, it is not tenable in New York City! Hence criminals are having a boon in New York City. While criminals should not be allowed easy access to guns, ALL others should! Whether in a lonely bush or crime invested city ghettos, gun ownership plays a great safety role. The police cannot be everywhere every time, a fact the criminals know and exploit.

  • You make an excellent case for those of us who try to live with honor, integrity and common sence. This current political race has all the ear marks of a dog and pony show. Neither of the two major parties canidate’s is up to the job. I don’t have any confidence in any one foolish enough to think disarming our nation will solve any problems. I’m seeing more middle of the road polaticians who try to come across as NRA members pictured with thier sporting wepons. They bombard my phone with calls solisitating for my vote. They try to win favor with me brandishing thier NRA membership. I ask what thier stand is on large capasity magazines and the so called paramilitary arms. They show thier colors with some ignorant reply like real sportsmen have no business owning these things. At this point I advise them that chipping away at our constitutional rights to defend or families and our property only makes them a sheep in wolves clothing. You can take a 22 rifle paint it with camouflage, it’s still only a sporting rifle not an assault wepon. Frankly I’m tired of the bleeding heart librels doing everything under the sun to ignorantly make us a weak nation. Our forefather’s bravely fought for our nation. It’s up to us to fight to keep it.

    • Donald,

      I keep hearing the same hesitance from politicians as well. They want our votes, but they have also been brainwashed by all the lies out there about our gun culture and what is really going on in our country. This will be an uphill battle, but we have seen what Gandhi could do, so protest and repealing laws works. If it does not those who follow the rabid pied piper of gun control – will – I think sooner than later – realize that the terrorist situation in our country and world is far worse than expected. Taking a step back and looking at history – we have done this many times before. Remember when Rome fell and the Dark Ages? Before nations fall, there are these kinds of terror insurrections, I feel. They start small and keep growing before they explode in number and control over land and populations until major powers rise and the scrambling of minor groups goes back to a lull. Our world is going to change – and I’m not sure the anti-gunners will be as agreeable to what they have been brainwashed into these days.

      We can only be the voice of reason, and not surrender to chaos as the anti-gunners have done.

  • What a direct and blunt read about our current path(s) and how we need to change them ASAP! In Switzerland every adult Citizen is required to keep and maintain in good order, as well as train with an automatic assault rifle. They keep them in the closets, and their rate of gun crimes, esp. armed assaults is way below others. When’s the last terrorist assault in Switzerland? Don’t remember one (could be wrong, tho). We gotta wake up and stock up.

  • In some ways I agree with your argument – it is too late to put the bolt on the stable door – the horse has already bolted. But look at the annual death by gun statistics in Europe versus those of America – and the difference is astounding! Children killing siblings or parents in tragic accidents, the Police preferring to shoot first ask questions later, gang warfare on the streets and in schools, terrorism – to name but a few – they all contribute to these startling and tragic figures. It is too late for America to change – you must now live with what you have and reap what ye sow. The rest of us will live in the knowledge that on our streets any gun that appears is likely to be illegal and the necessary forces need to be called in to have them removed.