Baltimore Watch: Gangs Going Up Against The Police

We don’t normally like to talk about the same story two weeks in a row, but so much has happened in Baltimore in the last week, that we feel like we need to return there once again.

This event has grown beyond being a local event and could easily have nationwide ramifications.

First of all, there’s the violence. Okay, that’s not really much of a surprise. We’ve seen violence in every one of these situations; but it’s accelerating. In one night alone, the rioters managed to burn 144 cars and seven businesses.

Many of the cars were damaged before burning them and the stores were looted before being burnt; but that number far exceeds what we saw in the Ferguson riots. It’s clear that there is an acceleration of violence going on in these events.

The Violence

Speaking of accelerating violence, the violent acts weren’t limited to just Baltimore. It seems that rioting started up again in Ferguson, in support of the rioting in Baltimore. These cities are becoming powder kegs, ready to explode at a moment’s notice. At this rate, every time a young black criminal is killed, we’re going to see cities all over the country erupt in anger.

That’s not to say that all the blacks in Baltimore were violent, or even that all the protesters were. There was a solid majority of local citizens who protested peacefully and had nothing to do with the violence.

It appears that most of those who were involved in the violence were actually imported from out of town. This happened in Ferguson too and it’s even more obviously happening in Baltimore. It seems like those who are organizing this violence don’t feel the need to keep their activities hidden, like before.

The Voices

Then there are the “celebrity voices” speaking out against the police. Al Sharpton has been a little slow on the uptake with this one, but is reportedly on his way to Baltimore to take part in stirring up racial division. But he’s been well represented by Michael Moore, the overweight, loudmouthed film producer, who seems to have something to say about everything.

Moore went on record making two demands. I’m not sure what makes him think that he has any right to make demands, but he’s a liberal, so it’s not all that surprising. His first demand was to release every black from prison who’s not there for a violent crime. So, all the drug dealers, thieves and pimps get a free ride. The second demand is to disarm the police. Moore said, “We have 1/4 billion 2nd amendment guns in our homes 4 protection. We’ll survive til the right cops r hired.” (sic)

You know, if I didn’t know who Moore was, I’d almost think that he supported the 2nd Amendment from that last statement. But we all know better. One of his favorite drums to beat is the one for taking all our guns away. So, this wasn’t a statement in support of our rights, but mere sarcasm.

By the way, just in case you didn’t hear. Moore’s bodyguard managed to get himself arrested for carrying a concealed weapon without a license. So, I guess he’s showing once again that the laws don’t apply to the leftist elite, just to the little people.

I’m sure that Moore would have something different to say about it if those prisoners that were released were housed in a halfway house across the street from his mansion. He might want them released as a political statement, but the fact that he has armed bodyguards makes it clear that he doesn’t want to have to deal with them himself.

The Threat

While the whole story hasn’t come out yet and probably won’t for several weeks or months, apparently the police aren’t squeaky clean in this one. The state District Attorney’s office has decided to pursue charges of murder against the six police officers who were involved in Freddie Gray’s death. The specific statement made was “We have probably cause to file criminal charges.” Whether those charges result in convictions or not is up to the courts.

But the big news this week comes from the gangs. The Crips, the Bloods and the Black Guerrilla Family have decided to put their differences aside, bonding together in a partnership to, in their words, protect their communities. The Criminal Intelligence Unit of the Baltimore Police Department had a different take on it, saying that there was a credible threat that these gangs were intending to “take out” police officers.

Actually, the two statements could be in total agreement, as the gangs clearly see the police as the enemy. By that definition, shooting a police officer for patrolling their neighborhoods would be protecting their neighborhood… at least in their eyes.

The real danger here is open warfare on our city streets. The police aren’t likely to lay down their arms, nor are they going to quit in large numbers. They will see this as a direct challenge; one that they need to meet head on. While I don’t expect police forces to go on the offensive based on nothing more than a report, you can be sure that they will take all necessary actions to protect themselves.

That is already happening, with the Baltimore police and others changing procedures and insisting on two officers per patrol car. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became standard procedure for police to call for backup on any stop, at least for a while. The police probably won’t fire the first shot in this fight, but they will be ready when the gangs do.

Since all three of those gangs have pretty much a nationwide presence, we can count on whatever happens in Baltimore to spread rapidly to other major cities across the nation. Cities which have been unaffected by the protests up to this point, may suddenly find themselves embroiled in open violence and even gunfire on the streets.

It is a good time for all of us to check our hole card. There are still too many unknowns in this story and too many variables. While it may all quiet down after a few days, that’s not very likely. Without true leadership from a voice of reason, there is nothing to calm it down.

As we’ve seen, that voice doesn’t exist. Oh, there are plenty of voices which can be called voices of reason, but they aren’t the voices being listened to. The ones people are listening to are the ones which incite violence, hatred and broaden the racial divide that is broader than it has been in 50 years.

Oh how we need a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, who has a vision for peace and equality, not for making others suffer for their grievances.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Here’s the reason he gangs were involved in Baltimore, the busiest drug selling corner in Baltimore was the CENTR of the riots, the gangs couldn’t sell their drugs and as such were losing too much money….
    there u have it….

  • I worked Security this past weekend at a conspicuous retail outlet of a major international corporation based out of Seattle. They were concerned about possible damage to the store during the anticipated civil unrest connected with the annul May Day protests. As expected, the two planned protest marches earlier in the day were peaceful, while the evening march organized by self-proclaimed Anarchists did eventually turn violent, or at least destructive. Our site, having prepared for potential damage, was essentially unharmed, though other businesses were less fortunate. For their part, the Seattle Police were exemplary, particularly the bicycle units. Their tactics include using their bikes to form a fence, either to separate groups or individuals, or to help direct the flow of the crowd, all while being physically present, highly mobile, and highly visible. This last point is critical: while the Anarchists hid behind masks (as have police in other communities, like Ferguson!), SPD showed respect for, and earned respect from the community they serve and protect. In return, local residents remained peaceful, supported and thanked the officers, and even contributed directly by stepping in to clean up the streets and sidewalks after the “protesters” had passed. In other words, things didn’t get [too] out of hand because the COMMUNITY didn’t allow it. What a concept: citizens and law enforcement working as PARTNERS to protect THEIR community! Bravo, Seattle!

  • Mr. White, I have read many of your articles and downloaded them for future reference. I have come to have a great level of respect for you and the way you put words together. This was a great article, but it was impaired by your attempting to call for a new Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unfortunately, you didn’t get his name right. Just my Army attention to detail mindset cropping up again.


  • Apparently some foreign group is fomenting this crap, with the eventual goal
    of nationalizing the various police forces in this country, the first step to a dictatorship.

    • Grintch I believe that George Soros and his Tides Foundation is primarily the funding source for all of the civil unrest and fomenting of violence being conducted n this country. Since he’s the Puppet-Master of Valerie Jarrett, and she makes the Obamafueher dance to her tune, you can surmise what OB will say.
      In the matter of the Bloods, Crips and the BGF gang-banging THUGS and thugettes, I’ve no respect for any of them and no fear of any of them. I spent far too long in law enforcement in CA, prior to my retiring, to give them heed. In Baltimore, they have apparently morphed into the enforcement arm of the local Democratic Party-Union Thugocracy, and are politically expendable, and too stupid to know it.
      In my professional experience, the BGF gang members, usually were all HIV positive, from their prison “down-low” lifestyle choices, where the Bloods and Crips chose not to be actual prison punks-for the most part. I predict that most of the BGF members nationwide will die off sooner than later, which is never a “bad thing” at all. Let them all self-inoculate each other, works out well for society over all. The only thing we need to remember, is that even in Baltimore, there ARE good decent people trapped, living in these gang-infested (like the societal cockroaches they are) areas that cannot get out. THEY are good decent people trapped and living in mortal fear from these thugs and thugettes. The political-pimps and pimpettes running Baltimore, have little to non use for these gang-banging thugs and as soon as their expediency runs out, they will be extinguished. Karl Marx referred to them a “useful idiots”, as does the Massas of the Marxist-Progressive-Plantation-in-Baltimore do. We should never be surprised or shocked at what these “inner city” do, when whipped into their foolish frenzies, by the likes of Al Sharptone and his corrupt National Action Network-Extortion Cabal. Even Jesse Jackson has learned that going too far is never a god idea, not so with Sharptone. With the weight he’s lost, he looks like he’s already partying with the BGF-ers anyway. We must not forget the good decent people of Baltimore trapped by the Plantation-Massas; they are not our enemies.

  • We need to stop coddling these monkeys and just SHOOT THEM!
    Want to act the fool? Pay the price.
    Anything less will just keep these riots going. It’s their excuse to loot and plunder.

  • Mr. White,
    After reading your short commentary and some of the comments that followed, some very good points have been made. M. Davis above mentioned to “just Shoot Them.” While I don’t think your Constitution would allow that, I do agree with him that something needs to be done as, “It’s their excuse to loot and plunder.” TPSnodgrass also points out the ridiculousness of the street gangs joining together to protect their communities. Any of the political and media peoples that commented how great a thing this; “rival street gangs putting aside their differences for a peaceful resolution” is as ignorant as the thought of ignorant (uneducated) street thugs being able to protect their communities and means nothing more than these useless idiots using their brand of justice against the policing forces, while continuing their lucrative business of drug sales, extortion, murder and their other garden variety criminal activity. Mr White you mentioned in your commentary that, “every time a black criminal is killed, we’re going to see cities all over this country erupt in anger.” I get the tone from this comment that it’s only ‘blacks’ that are the criminals being killed, and yet this is somehow ok. Maybe I’m reading between the lines too much. Though Mr. Gray had a police record, it has been proven the police had no right to detain him or arrest him. And yet they did and while being illegally detained he died in their custody. This is a definite violation of his human, civil and constitutional rights. The community did have reason to cry out on this injustice, but a criminal response to loot, pillage, and arson is definitely not appropriate either. The young kid who was shot and killed because he had a pellet gun. Do you not see any fault in the police procedure in handling this situation? Do you consider him a criminal or just a stupid kid with a pellet gun. God knows I’ve had my pellet gun out busting bottles and popping cans where I shouldn’t be, though not in a play park. Officers involved could’ve definitely changed their response to this situation, like asking him to put the gun down. Again I see reason for outspoken protests and angry sentiments to these types of situations, but not just for black and brown citizens but for white citizens too. And I agree that using these incidents to enable the criminal element to destroy communities shouldn’t be tolerated either, but I feel your commentary’s slant could’ve included the wrongdoings of policing forces who statistically show treat minorities different then white citizens. I am left wondering how come there aren’t vocal protests like we’ve seen lately when a white citizen has been unjustly arrested, shot or mistreated at the hands of the police. Thank you for your commentary Mr. White, though I may not agree with you on some of the slant you’ve spun in your article, I definitely agree with you that a voice of reason is definitely needed that the younger people of today will listen to to avoid the destruction and violence that occurs when these accidents and sometimes necessary uses of force do occur. Thanks again, Joe

  • The real danger is that, at last, the POTUS has a situation that could justify Martial Law… With the police unable to keep the peace, and Al Sharpton calling for a Federal takeover of the local police, the time may ripe.

    • I have a feeling that the Baltimore PD will initiate a “work slow-down” going to all calls in a VERY careful and cautious manner, so as not to inflame the populace. Especially hen the gang cockroaches are involved. Take your sweet me folks, let the neighborhood “settle” down before arriving on scene.
      It’s not like the City administration will give a crap about the cops at all. Be careful, very careful so that the indigenous “groups” are not hipped into a blood lust frenzy.It’s only Baltimore.

  • The enemy (leftists,commies,socialists,muslims,LGBT,Unions,SOROS,ACLU,obama’s)
    coninue to atack, attack, attack……. but the patriots are just talking about the bad things that are happening and pretending we will stop them in their tracks.
    Patriots lacks organizations and determinations, what is needed is boots on the streets and fight fire with fire. What has been happening is a one way street no opposition of any kind. Trying to fight the bully in the courts is fruitless and a waste of resources. Need to strike the WH and Capitol Hill.