Brexit; Why Should You Care?

On Thursday, June 23rd, the citizens of Great Britain voted on the long-awaited question of leaving the European Union (EU), commonly referred to by the nickname of “Brexit.”

Surprising just about the entire chattering class, and not a few progressive-liberal politicians, the people of Great Britain made their voice heard, declaring in a 52-48 majority that they wanted to take their opportunity and leave, abandoning the European Union.

Interestingly enough, the voting for and against Brexit was largely along age-defined lines. Millenials voted strongly in favor of staying in the European Union, while their parents voted strongly in favor of leaving. Fortunately for the parents, they still outnumbered their kids.

Nevertheless, so many millennials voting in favor of staying in the European Union is troubling. Just like American’s millennials voting in favor of socialism, this shows how much the younger generation has been brainwashed by the propaganda being fed them in their schools.

Considering that the liberals all but own the educational system, you can be sure that what they are being taught is in line with liberal ideology and talking points.

That should raise a very important question in your mind. That is, why is keeping Great Britain in the European Union so important to liberals? One would normally think that it wouldn’t make any difference, as it doesn’t have a thing to do with the normal causes that liberals are always babbling about.

But in reality, this is right at the core of progressive-liberal thinking. You see, the liberalism of today isn’t anything like the liberalism of 40 years ago. Today, it’s all about conformity. Back in the 60s, when liberalism really made its name known, liberalism was about bucking the system. Somehow, the tables have been turned.


What this has done is to suborn many people who are by heart non-conformists into a system that is hell-bent on forcing them, and everyone else, to conform. Conform to what? To the ideals of the progressive-liberal movement.

Behind the Scenes

To understand this, you have to look beyond the liberal rhetoric and political posturing, to see what they do in secret. In public, they voraciously defend the poor, the weak and the minorities. But in private, they are all about liberal elitism and how they must be in control.

In their snobbery and self-righteousness, they are convinced that they are the only ones who have the capability to rule the world. The rest of us are mere peasants, who should give our freedom over to them.

Of course, much of this happens behind the scenes, where it is not obvious to the casual observer. Some of it is even in secret, like the meetings of organizations like the Bilderberg Group.

Few realize it, but the Bilderberg Group is the true motivating factor behind the European Union. Publicly, many other reasons have been given for creating the Union, specifically creating a economic entity large enough and powerful enough to compete with the economy of the United States of America. But what’s put forth for public consumption is rarely the true reason behind anything done by politicians and other movers and shakers.

While little is known about the Bilderberg Group, there is a little bit of information that gets out. More can be inferred by their actions, such as looking at the individuals who are invited to attend their annual conferences.

The first thing we can tell from that, is that they are a progressive-liberal organization. That’s clear, simply because they never invite conservatives to participate with them. But the most important thing to know about them, is that they are the driving force behind the establishment of a one world government.

Creating the European Union was the first step towards creating that one-world government. As the first of seven projected regional governments, it was the model they would use for establishing the other six. Next on their list is to create the North American Union. But now, they’ve run into a bit of a setback.

Members of the Bilderberg Group have come forth to say that Brexit could set their plans back by 70 years. If we needed any evidence to show that they were behind the creation of the European Union, that would be it. Now, they are looking to their hole card, trying to decide how to mitigate the damage that the British subjects have done to their plans.

But the damage to their plans isn’t over yet. Four other countries, France, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands started to talk about organizing similar polls. In addition, there has been some talk about Greece leaving for a while, but that wouldn’t be because they want to, but because they would be forced out due to their financial troubles.

So, what has caused all this turmoil?

More than anything, it’s because of the EU forcing multiculturalism on their member nations. Specifically, forcing them to accept large numbers of unveted refugees as immigrants. While some are legitimate refugees, there has been a lot of doubt from the beginning as to the motivation of a lot of them.

It is clear, from the increases in terrorism and individual attacks, especially against women, that many of these supposed refugees aren’t truly what they claim to be.

It’s important to understand that the Qur’an doesn’t allow migration in the normal sense of the word. Muslims aren’t allowed to move to a country which isn’t controlled by Muslims. However, there is one caveat; they are commanded to move to non-Muslim countries for the purpose of subverting those countries and converting them to Islam.

In other words, the millions of “refugees” who are fleeing Syria can all be divided into three groups: terrorists, cultural jihadists and unfaithful Muslims. Since Muslims kill other Muslims who are unfaithful, it’s doubtful that many of them fall into this category. That only leaves the other two.

This is what the subjects of Great Britain are trying to avoid. They are already seeing their country and their culture destroyed by the Muslims who are there; people who refuse to assimilate and instead demand that England change to accommodate them.

It’s no wonder that the English people are up in arms about that. They have their own culture and civilization and they don’t want it suborned to Islam.

stats about muslims

But I think there’s something else going on here as well. That is a renewed sense of national pride. If there has ever been anything in history that will get people beating a patriotic drum, it’s to attack their nation’s sovereignty. Well, the progressive-liberals have been helping the Muslims to attack the sovereignty of country after country, especially in Europe and the United States.

Multiculturalism and sovereignty are diametrically opposed to one another, especially the type of multiculturalism that is being practiced today. The liberal political leaders in the United States and European countries have all but denied their own countries, as they have fallen all over themselves in allowing Muslims free-reign in their countries.

That has, in turn, created an outcry from the average person on the street. While the “elite” are busy bowing and scraping to the Muslims, allowing them to commit atrocities without any recrimination, the average people are fed up with being victimized by those Muslims who are not acting like civilized people.

They are gathering together to stand against the Muslim invasion, whether by forming vigilante groups to patrol the streets and keep women safe, or by voting to leave the European Union as Britain did.

But this might not be anywhere near over. Not only has Brexit sparked a wave of interest in seceding from the European Union, but it has also sparked renewed interest in states which have discussed seceding in the past. Texas, more than any other state, has a number of active secession groups, with the number of their members rising.

Why Should We Care?

What do the two have in common? Quite a bit, actually. Britain is leaving the European Union over the oppressive regulations being created by a burdensome central government, the exact same thing that many Texans (and other Americans) see happening here in the United States.

The only difference is that our oppressive regulations are coming out of Washington, not out of the North American Union. But either way, it is stealing people’s freedom, in order to allow others to receive special treatment.

You can only give some people special treatment at the cost of others for so long. Eventually, those who are being taken from will rise up in rebellion. It happened once before in our country, and it could very well happen again.

All in all, I’d have to say that Brexit is healthy for Britain and healthy for the rest of the world as well. It may very well become a watershed event, which triggers greater freedoms throughout the world, as others follow suit and throw off oppressive governments.

Should that be so, the British will have done the world a great service, furthering the cause of freedom in a way that has never been done before; in the voting booth.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Well put. This is exactly what was happening in the years preceding the war against northern aggression. If you really think my ancestors ran to enlist in 1861 to keep other men as slaves, then I’d like to talk to you about this piece of dry land I have for sale in the Alabama swamp.

  • It’s nice to see that some countries practice what they preach. Our country is so wishy washy it makes me sick. We don’t stand up for anything, we let everyone walk all over us and then we thank them. If we don’t get tougher on who comes in and who should be thrown out, there is going to be total chaos and fighting in our streets. No one will be safe! Since I am an older female, I don’t plan on getting out there and fighting in the street, but my thoughts of late have been on fleeing this country for a smaller 3rd world country that nobody is looking to take over because it is small and doesn’t have much to offer the terrorists. I look at what my grandchildren have become, disrespectful, pierced and tattooed and I have no desire to stay here and watch who or what they will become because since all 5 are no longer teenagers, their die has been cast. They are among the losers of this world and their pathetic generation. So I say to those of you who can make a difference, please do so before there is no turning back and I’m not sure it isn’t already too late. God forgive us for the mess we have made and give us strength to fix it.

    • Cricket, I feel your discontent with our government along with our younger generation. I have also thought of moving to some other country to live the rest of my life.

      As you prayed at the end of your post, I would trust you to be a believer. That said, my wife, wise women that she is, helped me remember that God is in control. As a follower/ believer, are we to run away from the lost (our children) are we to hide from this world?

      I choose to be that light for my kids, grand kids and the Lord willing, great grand kids.

      • Kevin I am curious, what makes you think that God is in control of this mess? According to the Bible, we are made in his image. Plus he is the all-powerful creator and love is his foremost quality, so how can he possibly be responsible for what we see before us?
        His word also says that he gave us the ability to exercise free will. So, if he is in control, we cannot do anything about it. How does free will make any sense then. That humans suffer was never in Gods plan, and, like 1. John 5:19 says ……….the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. Considering that Satan offered all the kingdoms of the world to Jesus, God’s son, it would indicate that Satan is really the ruler of this earth, not God. Obviously what we are seeing now is not what God had planned, and I doubt he is waiting much longer to fix it. It is wonderful that you want to be a great example for your kids and grandchildren. It is difficult to see past all the turmoil we have today, so yes, reading the bible, applying what it says, increasing our knowledge – as they say – knowledge is power – asking God for help and guidance along the way, we can make a difference!

        • KIKI Satan is only in control to the extent to which GOD allows. The Book of JOB, shows this. Trekker Out

  • God Bless the people of the UK! They have demonstrated, against tremendous pressure from the elite of Europe and their own country, courage and a sense of national pride that is missing in the United States. The last 3 or 4 decades, Americans have been much more concerned about their golf game or what’s new on TV, than they have been about what we are allowing to happen to this country. They have raised children that have no sense of history, national pride or a belief in God. So, over decades, we sat back while Progressives and Socialists worked diligently behind the scenes to alter our children’s text books and curriculum, while thieving Congressmen and presidents and politicians quietly changed our rules and laws to make it easier for them to scam the American People and take away our freedoms. We have sat still while Barack Obama “was elected twice” and currently has an approval rating of 56%. The ultimate shame. We have an Establishment Republican Party that is as dangerous and anti-American as any Democrat, yet most American’s still don’t understand what these Republicans really are. American’s are as dumb as a ham sandwich, with no clue what is happening to our country and frankly, they don’t care. We have minorities that continue to vote for Democrats and against Republicans, even though every single metric you can use, shows Democrats have screwed minorities in this country while lying to their faces. And they believe the lies? Last and worst of all, we have allowed these evil people to kick God out of everything, without so much as a whimper of protest. I cannot describe the shame I feel regarding the American people and my fellow citizens and what we have permitted to happen to our once beautiful country. But I feel that God is merciful and I don’t believe that He has completely abandoned us, even though we deserve no mercy.

  • Hello my friends,
    It seems to me that future generations
    are trying to rewrite the Constitution of the United States! Many of people have fought and died for it and our Nation.

    We all took that allegiance to the flag and our country!
    I will live and die by it!

  • Erdogan: Europe won’t be conquered by the gun, but by the womb.

    • AHH, Brian! A true scholar. It’s already too late for Europe and the Islamist plague. Notice that it was 52% to 48% of the vote. Technically that can be passed off as a ‘democratic’ vote but it is far from a ‘Majority’ of the people.
      It is still a seriously well divided nation. Which is why our Framers designed our system in the more Secular Egalitarian paradigm. To get a ‘real’ majority of the people’s vote intention before serious changes can be made. This is the main purpose-or was supposed to be-of the Electoral College. That’s why we are a Republic not a pure Democracy, which can be more easily ‘manipulated’ in the voting process. In other words 51% of the people controlling the other 49% is not a fair and balanced free society.

      But back to your implication. America will be not far behind the UK and France and Germany when it comes to Islamic growth and political influence in the coming years, or sooner if Hillary gets in.

      The Muslim Brotherhood had a 20 year plan to passively take over the West and then the world by political power when they started proactively proliferating in 1990 through mass immigration and family breeding.

      And so far they have already achieved such an impact on our own government policies that the POTUS won’t even mention the phrase ‘Islamist Terrorism’ let alone declare war on the Middle East Enemy Islamic State which has recently attacked us with their covert guerrilla fighters?

      Why? Because The U.S. now actually has more Muslim Voters than the UK! All those multiple prayer rug rats turned into teenagers towed around by their mothers in hijabs we used to see in the malls and everywhere else politely smiling for all those years now turned voting age for this election! And in the last election 98 per cent of muslim voters cast their ballot for Obama.

      But The UK citizens waited far too long because Muslims have already attained local shariah law magistrates in many provinces.

      If you want to see what that looks like or how it feels, Take a day trip to Dearborn Michigan, or the other city there that escapes me at the moment but has a Muslim city council and i think even a muslim mayor now.

      Just don’t try to pass out any Christian or Buddist or any religionist literature other than Muslim stuff on any street corner or mall kiosk. You’ll likely wind up with the police kicking you out of town, or worse? Like what has already happened and is in the civil courts as a lawsuit already.

      The only redeeming concept, but far too late will be that In a few short years we might finally see the day with Christian higher moral ground theocrats get down on their knees to pray for the return of the day when we once lived FREE, in a Constitutional Egalitarian SECULAR society which precluded any religious take over of American government and Law of the Land?

      • I just read your comment, excellent. Asking your permission to publish it in another website where I write. Your message, I believe, is worth spreading as much as we can. Please let me know if it is alright or not. Thanks in advance.
        “Mahatma Muhjesbude says”:

        • Sarah, Sure go ahead. I don’t check my comments for spelling/grammar, so you might want to do that. See a couple of mine or Bill’s other articles here on the ‘Islamist’ problems if you’re interested in such. What’s your other website?

  • These “Unions” are the end-time kingdoms in Revelation; 10 of them. This is a spiritual battle taking place and ever person is involved whether one considers him/herself religious or not. Choose your path wisely; it has eternal consequence

  • Enjoyed read your article Bill, you have made points I have not considered in depth. Desperate people do desperate things. By making a strong challenge to the powerful elite re further developing NWO, I fear the possibility of forcing the NWO types into a corner has occurred. These people are capable of creating events that advance their objectives regardless of the will of the people. Economic, racial, & social/political events that allow governments to intercede using force, regulation, and by decree (all forms of control) are common in our world. I also have reason to believe the NWO types are poised to exploit natural disasters to achieve goals. As a nation GB has never been saints by any means, I am certain there are many Brits that behave differently, I have no clue who those “different thinkers” might be, could be the 52% that said “GO.” I will admit my confusion re what just took place and what the result will be. NWO elite have experienced setbacks before, am concerned the time has come in their eyes for total control which means all bets are off. Thanks for the quality write.

  • The UK may still not exit the EU. This vote shows what the people of that nation think regardless of the ruling elites plans to the contrary. Parliament still needs to vote on it and more complex exit procedure over the next two years.

    What we in America should take note of is HOW the vote was conducted. The ruling elites clearly wanted, pressured to stay in the EU. The people voted against it with a fair vote count in public so the vote results couldn’t be rigged. In America, we have easily rigged computer systems count our vote in secret to give the pre-programmed results. Remember who controls the software, controls the election results. When elections are contested in court, these companies hide behind trade secret BS to protect themselves and whoever paid them for the results.


  • From some of the posts I have been getting, it is clear that there is increasing antagonism to Christianity. I’m afraid we are in for an increasingly rocky ride.

  • To Kiki and other commenters:

    God is in control, here are His alerts (excerpts) as given to the Brazilian seer Pedro Regis in 2006, 2007 by Our Lady Queen of Peace. The time is nigh!

    # 2846- The bird black act and cause astonishment to the whole East. You will pass the Eagle’s Nest and will their children suffer. Pray

    # 3280- The eagle (U.S.) will not fly tranquilly. Its nest will tremble and there will be great fear

    # 3306- The earth is moved and the death will be present. The eagle will drink the bitter cup of pain. In the west, the Pacific region will hear cries and lamentations

    # 3339- Washington residents will drink the bitter cup of suffering

    # 3347- The nest of the eagle will be invaded and there will be great destruction. Terror will spread and My poor children will weep and lament

    # 3357- Strong winds shake the towers and My poor children will fear. Men flee the White House in chains and find death

    # 3427- The great and famous river that crosses the nest of the eagle will be contaminated (the Mississippi?) .My poor children will carry a heavy cross

    # 3428- The great city that is beside the Potomac will live moments of great distress

    No one knows for sure when the above will occur….only that they will occur.
    The seer has an excellent track record and his website is available online.

  • I am an Englishman, a part of the ‘silent majority’ who are very rarely given voice & are almost never heard.
    I think ‘they’ have heard us now!