What About The Syrian Refugees?

Ever since the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, the news has been filled with reports about the attacks, follow-on attacks and the investigation of those attacks. As of this point, some of the attackers have been identified as Syrian refugees and others have been identified as living in a no-go zone in Belgium.

That makes it very clear that not only was this a Muslim terrorist attack, but that ISIS is using the Syrian refugee crisis as a means of getting fighters into Europe and probably the US.

Tightened security at border crossing points has caused a number of other ISIS stringers to be caught, trying to blend in with the mass of humanity leaving Syria. Eight of them were caught in Turkey, posing as refugees and another five were captured in Honduras. How many more have made it through is anyone’s guess.

We’ve even caught ISIS soldiers trying to enter the United States. Last summer, ten ISIS soldiers were caught in McAllen, Texas, trying to sneak in from Mexico. No doubt some of the Muslims who have committed acts of violence in the United States over the last few years have ties to ISIS and other terrorist organizations, even if those ties were only through the internet.

While Paris was a tragedy, in the larger scheme of things, what it did was put a point on the fact that the Muslim world is moving. No longer is Muslim extremist terrorism something that happens in the shadows or just in the Middle East. Now it’s something that is happening in the western world, and we can expect to see it continue.

In the midst of all this, we have people who are calling themselves refugees, who are fleeing Syria by the hundreds of thousands. They are inundating Europe, largely bypassing the poorer countries to take up residence in the more wealthy ones.

The United Nations is helping them, not only by calling them refugees, but by putting pressure on their member nations to take these refugees in, regardless of whatever hardship it might put upon the receiving countries or their citizens.

But nobody really knows who these people are. They aren’t from the areas occupied by ISIS, nor are they even from nearby cities that are likely to come under attack. These supposed refugees are coming from unaffected parts of the country, fleeing nobody knows what; perhaps that’s because they aren’t fleeing from anything, but because they are fleeing to something.

A Trojan Horse Is Heading to Western Civilization

I’ve seen other refugee situations through the years and this one is unique. Most refugees are either families, women with children, orphans, widows or the elderly. This is not the case this time. The refugees pouring out of Syria are 75% military aged men, 13% women and only 12% children.

If this is a true refugee situation, why are there so few women and children? Why are these “men” abandoning their families to go to Europe or the United States? If they are truly men, wouldn’t they be staying to protect their families?

Of course, you can’t bring these uncomfortable truths up to liberals, as they are convinced that anyone who is against allowing refugees into the country is an inhuman racist. They aren’t bothered by the fact that 75% are men, because they don’t want to know those details. They just want to be generous and give away the hard-earned money of the conservatives, to take care of someone who they think is less fortunate than they are.

Okay, so let me ask the question… What is the real danger in letting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, even if they are 75% military aged men? After all, there’s no proof that any of them are terrorists or that any of them have ties to terrorist organizations.

First of all, we have the risk of some of them being terrorists or becoming terrorists once they get here. The Islam that is being taught in the mosques today is much different than the Islam of a generation ago. Today, Islam is much more militant, with a goal of conquest and dominion. It wasn’t that way a generation ago. While the Quran hasn’t changed, the focus of those teaching it has. A generation ago, Islam was more peaceful; today, it is violent.

This doesn’t just mean that those who are radical extremists are violent; all Muslims, across the board are leaning more towards violence. Those that aren’t, the “moderates,” are more supporting of those who are violent, accepting the need to conquer the West. Of the Syrian refugees polled, 37% actually support ISIS and the war they are fighting, and oppose to the international coalition against ISIS despite the fact they are seeking help in western countries.


But even those who are non-violent and who do not support violence are dangerous. Fifty-one percent of the Muslims now in the United States want Sharia Law to replace our laws. What I understand is that they don’t believe in or adhere to the U.S. Constitution, they believe in and adhere to Sharia Law, and they will use every opportunity they can find to force Americans to bow to Sharia Law, rather than accepting that our law is based upon our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So, even if we were able to perfectly vet the Syrian refugees, only letting in those who had no ties whatsoever to terrorism and terrorist organizations, most of them would still be subversives, bent on overthrowing our system of government and replacing it with their own. Is that any different than allowing in a government operative from some hostile government, who would work to overthrow our system of government? Isn’t that what we are doing?

The Long Term Payment to Be Made

But the problems don’t stop there. Of the refugees being admitted, only 10% have any marketable skill. That means that we are going to be putting more of a strain on our already overworked social “safety net.” These people aren’t coming here to be productive workers, they are coming here to get free handouts; and the Democrats are lining them up to get their freebies, secure in the belief that they will vote Democrat.

Like the refugee crisis last summer, when we had “children” coming from Central America (those children were male and had tattoos to go with their gang affiliations), these are going to help push our country closer to the financial brink. In that sense, they are just one more part of that grand Cloward-Piven strategy that Obama has been running throughout his second term.

The few who can work are just going to take jobs from American workers, just like the others that Obama has been busy importing. While some actually take jobs that Americans won’t take, others will directly replace Americans in the workforce. They will work for lower wages, mostly because wages where they came from were so low. Employers will hire them for that, as they try to keep their own profit margins from disappearing.

There is no upside for America and her citizens from this, unless it is the symbol of looking benevolent upon the world’s stage. Of course, Democrats will always go for that, wanting the warm fuzzy feeling of being seen as the good guys, no matter how many people they have to hurt in the process.

The House of Representatives has already passed a resolution requiring careful screening and vetting of these refugees. As of this writing, it hasn’t passed the Senate. But unless it passes with overwhelming majority, it won’t matter. Obama has already declared that he will veto it. So, Congress needs a 2/3 majority in both houses to override that veto. I would be surprised if the Democrats in the Senate will let that happen, even if it does in the House.

In other words, nothing is going to be done to carefully vet these refugees. Obama is going to let 10,000 Syrians loose in the United States, giving them money and benefits, and not worry a bit about what they are going to do. At the least, they will join the Muslim population’s war against our culture and laws and at the worst, they will commit acts of violence as part of their jihad. Either way, we lose.

Twenty-nine state governors have stood up and said that they won’t allow those refugees to be settled in their states. I’m not all that sure how that’s going to work. Typically, resettlement of refugees is a federal function, working with non-profit organizations. The states can’t stop that.

However, the state governors can prevent any state resources from being used to support the resettling of these people, as well as any state funds from being used to support them. That may be enough to slow the process down and make it more difficult, forcing the issue into the courts. But other than that, there is no legal mechanism in place to protect us.

We the people may have to take things into our own hands, or risk being brutalized by terrorists and social jihadists.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.








Poll: 13 Percent Of Syrian Refugees Have At Least Somewhat Positive View Of ISIS


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • Fortunately the US citizens are armed.

    • Not for long, if King Obama gets his way!

    • Really? We’re not even allowed to have a crossbow where we live. Meanwhile the gangs here have all kind of weaponry in their possession. :/

      • If that’s the case, you live in the wrong place and need to move, like yesterday!

        • You got that right!

      • you might consider moving or change the laws.

  • I hope the US is enforcing the rule of only accepting women, children and families and tell the middle aged men that they have to fight for there country in their country. Canada has adopted this plan for the first 10,000 of 25,000 expected to arrive. Mind you this fella is a prepper and is watching closely.

  • There is a solution for the States that don’t want these terrorist, its called SECESSION!
    Its time is now if we want to save whats left of the Country our Founding Fathers created.

    • Yup, Texas is looking better and better. If I could acclimate to the heat and humidity, I’d already be there.

  • ISIS is the make-over name for Al Qaida. The Doomsday agents of the Illuminati just continue to always make excuses for another war. There is nothing “new” about them. Their secret under-the-rug god s Cain from the Bible.

  • Bill, you are pretty much sot on. There is only one reason the dems and obummer are pushing this so hard. They hate everything America stands for and want to bring her down. We are almost 19 trillion in debt, and they want to borrow billions more for these people. The RINO’s are every bit as bad as the dems. There is no way to avoid many Paris type incidents here in the US. It is absolutely going to happen. And when it does, EVERY single politician who would not vote to stop this incursion, has to be held accountable. My guess, after acts of terrorism here, even the fence sitting voters will join the conservatives and vote ALL the corrupt and politically correct politicians out.

  • Oh yea, I forgot to add that the voters will vote out the corrupt politicians after acts of terrorism here, only if obummer doesn’t declare martial law after an act of terrorism occurs. I believe this is actually his intentions.

  • Obama is not so secretive about his support of Isis. We have all seen the terrified “WIDOWS AND ORPHANS” who are seeking refuge in European countries. We have seen how the assault crimes have escalated in those countries. Children being raped by men who are seeking a place of ‘safety’ Mass murder of citizens at public venues. And this is what our Presidential Potentate has in mind for us. He is actually planning the destruction of America. When we are on our knees we will be forced into the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. I don’t know about the rest of the readers of this post, but I think if we are brought to our knees, it had better be to ask Gods’ help. It is the only thing that will save us.

    • “Obama is not so secretive about his support of Isis.”

      What a ridiculous comment. I criticize Obama for lots of things, but for you to claim he supports ISIS ruins your credibility.

      I understand the Right is suspicious of Syrian refugees, and that’s reasonable to a certain extent. But there’s also a lot to be said for the notion of being a country which is compassionate to those fleeing circumstance which our country created through Bush’s misbegotten invasion of the midEast.

      The vetting process I’ve read of, a two year process, seems pretty thorough.

      When I want intelligent analysis of the midEast, I know I won’t get it at Survivopedia.

      You folks are good for some practical aspects of preparing for hard times, but your politics are tough to believe.

      I don’t know why you choose to mix your far Right political views with the nuts and bolts of preparing for the worst.

      Stick to what you know and spare us your hysteria about Obama and ISIS.

      • Compassion is a wonderful thing, but not when it gets in the way of our citizens safety. When this compassion is going to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars and those dollars have to be borrowed from china. We simply can not afford it for both security and financial reasons.

        • We do not owe these refujihadies anything. PERIOD. If you want to send $ that’s one thing, but they are for the most part savages with no skills. Our county is in enough debt already. Importing a people who would be at best a drain on society and at worst they will kill us for feeding them

          • Yup, completely agree. Now the refugees, I think in MN, are demanding their welfare food be isam compatible.

  • I totally agree with this assessment. Mainly due to the very fact that ISIS said they would find their way into ALL countries and commit war against ANYONE who will not turn Muslim…Period. I don’t know how much more plain they can get with that threat, and the immigration process has done just that. Way to late to close boarders as they, the ones they wanted to ‘set up’ and then commit war against all the West and other countries, well, they are already in place now!! So, what to do next? Stand for your rights! Don’t go quiet into the night and let this crap take over our lives, or we WILL loose the US, and many other contries to this dark tyrany! Stop putting heads into the sand and get with it. Put the right people into your Government, after all, Obama is about to leave office, so who WILL you choose??? Good question. Compy mumphies, or actions?? Action costs. Are you willing to pay the price for it? And if you have no religion, where do you stand on your own nation and rights of the people…or is it going to turn into the rights of those who will say “Hey, my freedom of religion means I can have MY laws in place NOT YOURS! Majority rules, and we will outnumber you at the elections, since so few of you vote anyway. And if you disagree with that, hey, you are a Christian putting YOUR laws up, why not ours? Suck it up world, we are coming…get used to it or die!” A catch 22 if ever there was one, and they are playing on that fact! This is a real threat to all freedoms. And we had better wake up to that fact fast…if it is not already too late…which I am fearing it is…unless…but hey, remember, you have to KNOW what you stand for or loose it all. Just my two cents, US. Personally I am angry about all those coming into Canada…YIKES…..and fast…and way higher numbers than you are going to deal with. Yikes again. Where’s that fox hole again?? hmmmmm, going to turn very very nasty soon. We are not going to enjoy this. Oh, and the kid on the beach dead? I am supposed to feel for that when they blow up their kids with bombs everyday….??? Really, they care for their kids…since when????? Only as a tool to a means to an end. How corrupt is that? You goody two shoes out there may not like my point of view. These are not Jewish people seeking safety from a Hitler….far from it, they are infiltration tools to rule the world with their brand of religion, and that plan has been in action for several years now, especially since 911. . A very nasty tide of two stepping. Yes, there are good people in the mix, but you had better find out which ones they really are or pay the price of stupidity. Well, the new world order is fast approaching. Dark days ahead. Be prepared, it is not going to be a pretty life. And it will happen way sooner than later. Even the economists are siting huge shifts this fall and winter. I would say it is here. So do they. What does that tell you???
    Read some of Joel C. Rosenberg’s work…you might see the bigger picture of the Muslim movements. It will shake your boots off. And this person should know!!!
    The ‘Free world’ is going to need each other more than ever in our history on the earth. Where will you be willing to stand?? Lets stand together, and refuse to bow to the order of the ‘Black Guard’ and their black flag of lies. The world will be split into two factions. Period. It will not be an easy battle either. Far from it as we all have been used to our toys and luxuries. Giving those up will be very hard for many. Living a third world standard will be hard to swallow for many more. But, we may have to do just that in order to stand against what is being forced upon us. Just be aware, and keep vigilant. Our human rights and lives are at stake, believe it or not.

  • Will any of these refugees be carrying weapons when they enter our nation? Absolutely not! But then, given that there is a prolific (Illegal) Black Market of Guns available to anyone with cash in hand, just how long would it take for them to obtain weapons? Not long I would say! Our political leaders say there is no reason to fund enforcement of our laws on the “Illegal Gun Market” because it would have little effect on criminal activities or “Gang Shootings”. They also say that there’s not enough Federal Budget or State Budget monies available to address that fact, but then would provide more monies to force legal law-abiding gun owners to register and pass extensive background checks in order to own a gun and to force legal law-abiding gun retailers to perform those registrations and background checks. Meanwhile, the “Illegal Gun Market” continues unregulated. So, just how long do you think it would take for any of those refugees to obtain a weapon and use it?

    • Yup, the obummer administration says they don’t have enough money to enforce laws already on the books, but wants more new laws that will only affect law abiding citizens. They intend to pay out billions in support of these refugees, but not in support of existing laws.

      • IF 0bama was actually enforcing current U.S. laws…instead sneaking around them and Congress…well, anyway…he is not doing the job he swore to do…and his failure to make sure U.S. laws are enforced…is grounds for removal from office. Failure to abide by the Constitution and the laws of the U.S….which he swore to uphold…is, in my opinion…treason.

        • Yup, he should not only have been impeached, he should be serving a life prison term. Problem is, for impeachment, we need real politicians who are not corrupt and not politically correct. For the most part all we have is a bunch of RINO’s. To charge him with treason, we would need a US Attorney who is not corrupt and believes in the law. We’re screwed.

    • Not to mention simply going to the hardware store buying a bag of fertilizer, a pressure cooker and a gallon of diesel fuel, bang, one large bomb, back pack sized and woops another Boston, all for less tha $50.

  • Vicki, Rick, Marty and Brian, we all seem to be of the same mind set, moderately armed, sufficiently ordananced, but how and when do we react. We are the ones this administration calls “terrorist”, because our founding fathers saw the writing on the perverbial wall and established constitutional guaranties that we would be able to defend this country from the grass roots level. As a result we are considered “Gun Nuts” and “Crazies”.
    We must over through the current government at the polls, we have to ensure that we have the right people pulling the strings.
    We must do this ourselves as a people before the infiltrators manage to take over behind our backs, they have almost done that with the election of the Muslim in charge and his appointed Muslim Aids.
    Push for the most radical right wing politicians you can muster in your areas, not just who is popular but who is boisterous about taking back our government, no more go along to get along politics.
    Pick your Presidential candidate carefully, I for one still support Trump and will probably will continue to do so, Cruz being my second choice, a Trump / Cruz ticket would suit me fine.

    • Russ, I agree with you 100%, including your pick for pres next year. A Trump/Cruz ticket would be ideal. I just hope and pray there will be an election. If not, all hell is going to break loose.

      • You are correct Marty, I feel fairly comfortable with my situation. Not depending on anyone or the Gov to take care of my family. Not as much as a “prepper” as I am just a life liver, raise my own gardens, fish, chickens, beef, pork. Have horses, tractor etc. green house with enough growing at all times to feed the 4 of us. My only concern is the defending of what I have, if we go into an economic collapse as a result of a civil war, Islamic jehad or declaration of police state.
        I am FEMA trained, monthly training exercises, Community Emergency Response Team, over the last three years FEMA has slowly changed the CERT focus from desasters to more helping with civil unrest. Providing Triage, first aid, wound care, body bagging, etc.
        Now Obama wants to put more strain on our systems, bring in who knows who to commit carnage, insite riots, cause complete civil unrest.
        Cities will burn, probably Chicago will be the first.

        • By the way this is Russ, don’t know why it’s listing me as Charles.

        • Outstanding Russ! I also live a rural lifestyle. have horses, but my wife and daughter won’t let me have livestock that are not pets. Have a backhoe and a greenhouse, but with winters which have gotten down to 36 below zero and lots of snow, I obviously have a very short growing season and the produce, even though we can all the extra, won’t feed us all year. I’m a retired police detective with 31 years of service and the fire chief of a small (13 firefighters) volunteer fire department. Most, but not all of the people here think pretty much the same as far as prepping an self sufficiency. But, you’re right, defending one’s property cannot be done properly without assistance. Sounds like I need you as an additional neighbor!

          • I decided to stay in SOCAL, although it’s way too liberal we found a rural community that is all about rural lifestyle. All the neighbors are pretty much like minded. The reason we decided to stay here is one, my wife has lived here all her life, two, the summers although warm are usually dry, not so much humidity, three, the growing season is pretty much year round. We just started a new crop of tomatoes last week. The aquaponics system provides plenty of fresh veggies, lettuce just runs on automatic, I let the plants go to seed and they fall back into the grow beds and just starts all over again on its own. We had a great spring chicken hatch, have put 14 chickens in the freezer over the last month. More than enough to supplement us for the winter. Still have 22 for eggs and future slaughter if necessary.
            I keep the steers at the back of the property, the wife and kids are not close enough to them to form a pet relationship, I take them to the slaughterhouse and have them processed on halves. All the family sees is the boxes of wrapped meat going into one of the freezers.
            I a retired electrical contractor, plus as a permitted security guard I have all my carry permits, my wife also, we work once or twice a month for a friend that owns a guard company, doing parties, rodeos etc.

          • Russ, you’re more tolerant then I am. Also from So Cal, but moved out within 3 weeks of retirement. Moved to the Central Mountains of Utah for the hunting and fishing. My wife misses So Cal horribly, but knows we will never return. It was getting way to liberal for us, even in San Diego! But I do envy the growing season we had/you have.

          • We are actually in Norco, Horsetown USA. Large lots, animal friendly, actually more horses than people.
            After renting a cabin for a couple of winters in Big Bear we decided the cold was not for us, ok to visit but ready to get back to the valleys after a couple of days. I could probably do mid Texas but the tornadoes scare my wife more than earth quakes. With the floods and the bad weather I doubt we will ever leave here, would love cheaper property, would be nice to our budget but it is what it is.
            Oh by the way I was just going out to take care of the animals and remembered I had forgotten to mention the rabbits, we have a hutch with 20 rabbits, now a few of these are breeders that we raise show quality Lion Heads from, but e also have a section of slaughter rabbits that I refuse the family to ever touch. They do appreciate the meat when it’s on their plate, but there again I have to deal with the pet issues. Rabits can be endearing.

          • LOL. My daughter has 2 rabbits. They are cute as a new born foal. Pets for sure. Built a hutch for each, then a strong enclosure to keep the varmints away. I use to shoot Sporting Clays at a range in Norco. Hey, finally some good news. WND just reported the gun shop owner who refused to sell to muslims won the suit. cair filed suit against him for discrimination and the judge dismissed the suit saying the owner was within his first amendment rights and the muslims could not show damage.

          • Sweet!

          • Wow! Nice Turkey Day dinner, with a few football games, setteling in for the night. Glass of whiskey and late nite news.
            Can’t wait till Saturday for Bama to kick the crap out of Auburn. You know the first silible of Auburn is “Awe” we’re sorry.
            Yep grew up in West LA, west lower Alabama. My last year there I killed 13 white tails, back in 1985, fishing in bass tournaments, man I miss that. But life moves on.

  • I lived in “sand land” (as we called it)for nearly 3 years. I was not military, and did not live “on-base”. I was buying my groceries down in the bazaar like anyone else – rubbing elbows with the locals every day. I don’t believe the surveys (such as yours) that claim that 40% to 60% support ISIS and other jihad groups. I submit that the true number is closer to 95% to 99%. You must remember that lying to kaffirs (that’s us) is not only perfectly acceptable, but admirable, if it MIGHT advance the cause of spreading islam over the entire umma (basically anywhere that a moslem ever set his foot). Total world domination has always been the goal. Doubt me? Read their literature!! You will see that i’m right.
    Secondly, i don’t agree that this is a “religion” – not in the sense that westerners understand the term. “Cult” would be a closer word. There is NO organised church hierarchy in islam. If you start calling yourself a Catholic priest, and performing “marriages”, you will quickly find yourself in jail. The church hierarchy won’t stand for that!! Under islam, ANYONE can declare themselves a mullah, and start issuing fatwas. There is nobody to say nay! Tribalism tops all. At the end of “Laurence of Arabia”, the conglomerate of tribes has succeeded in deposing the colonial power. One tribe has been given the power company to run, another the water company. The tribe with the power company hates the tribe with the water company. Therefore, they won’t give them any power. Since they cannot pump water nobody in town has any water. Laurence sits there and listens to them bicker like 6 yr old girls for 5 minutes, then walks out – realising that he can do nothing to get them to co-operate. THAT is what the place is like!!! Cheers.

    • That’s correct Harold. The little known, or at least almost never mentioned, over all Islamist world dominance paradigm is called Hijra. Very sinister, very dangerous, very, very un-holy. They will compromise all moral compass and rational thought to accomplish it. Such is the the nature of the Islamic beast since the Vatican first began creating it around 600 AD.

      The deadly problem is it began here, quietely, but with serious mission authority, around 20 years ago. Now it is full steam ahead. And the Irony, is that the Christians the Muslim extremists are waging ‘holy war’ against, are now helping them!

      GOD help us all! On second thought, NO!

    • Thanks Harrold, we know that we have people who know the truth. People who have been there, seen the truth and are not afraid to call it like it is. We need more like you bringing the facts to us, we cannot rely on this administration or the lame stream media to tell us what is real.

  • IF we allow refugees (and this should apply to ANY immigrants), if they cannot be properly vetted (and I understand how hard this is), they should be held in a safe holding area, any allowed in should have to sign a contract saying that they will obey our laws and not try to subvert our culture or way of life. Any abrogation of this contract (such as pushing for Sharia Law) should result in IMMEDIATE deportation!

    • I don’t believe that’s enough. Prior to setting foot in this Country, they should be 100% vetted. Any background check that cannot show who these folks are and what their history is should automatically disqualify them from entering the US.

  • ISIS is not using 0bama…he’s playing along…and using “us”…

  • A huge contributor to the danger of trained able bodied lone wolf terrorist cell deployment in America–which is a bona fide intentional IS plan for the end all last ditch terror run to bring on the world caliphate are the Catholic/Christian charities who get a nice ‘non profit’ dole From the CCRCB organization for travel assistance, housing, and integration of refugees into American society with no need for any vetting. This ‘charitable organization’ also has some heavyweight ‘vote’ influence on their ‘affiliate’ state politicians. Chris Christie, himself, couldn’t even get a straight answer or any cooperation on vetting from church leaders those military fighting age Syrians who the churches in New York already have in hiding!

    But what the heck, like minded theocratic agendas have to stick together against all those evile infidels and atheists, right? Then once they get rid of Secular Egalitarianism in America, all they have to do is kill each other off in ‘holy wars’ –like they’re doing in the rest of the world–until only one reigning
    theocracy is left to rule the late great Country of America.

    I’ll have my usual prayer of Thanks at Thanksgiving. But nobody would believe in a million years what I’d be thankful for. Certainly not the religionist theocrats.

  • This is a real question. I’ve heard mixed reports regarding the makeup of the Syrian Refugees. How do we know that it’s mostly men as opposed to women and children? I think the Aid should be provided, but not within our borders. When this gets brought up a person gets slammed as having no compassion. Plus ISIS is a US creation is the other story I keep hearing. I don’t doubt this. Original question in more specific way. What is Survivopedias source on the makeup of the Syrian Refugees? Thanks.

    • Michael, have you looked at the photos and videos of the of the 10’s of thousands refugees coming into Europe? If you can find even one child or woman in those news clips, your eyes are better then mine. We are almost 19 trillion in debt. Do you really believe we should borrow more money from china to pay for these refugees. Do you really believe the refugees need the money more then we do. The funds slated for the refugees would probably entirely pay for our desperately needed border wall.

    • Just look at the AP video streams, Michael. And don’t forget ‘able bodied’ women and teenagers are an integral part of the IS terrorist army. Women are even more cruel than men once their delusional hate filled mind gets in force activation mode.

      • I’ve read that according to the UN, the make up is 80% men and 20% women/children. That certainly doesn’t match what I’ve seen in the photos and news clips. Also, please remember the female in Paris who, during a police raid, tried to entice the police closer then detonated an explosive, bowing herself up. I do agree, paying money for food and medicine for them outside our country would be much better then bringing them here. I still don’t like us having to borrow money from china to do it, but at least we won’t be placing our citizens in danger. The German police chief has come out an admitted 2000+ ISIS members have come in with the refugees to their country. How many ISIS terrorists do you feel would acceptable coming into our country?

        • Martin, did you get a chance to peruse my article right after the Paris attack…”How To Destroy Isis Before It’s Too Late’ ? It seems that everybody but Obama is now thinking about exactly what i described?

          There’s absolutely no valid reason to accept any middle Eastern ‘refugee’s considering the potential risk for serious terrorism. The Primary Constitutionally designated purpose of the government is to protect us and our borders from dangerous infiltration. Period.

          But because of political vote pressure by special interest groups including the pervasive and wealthy and politically influential power of the Cathtolic/Christian charities in this country, who encourage immigration and refugee assylum,
          And of course the Muslim Dawa centers who also ‘take in unvetted refugees’… your main Potus job description duties can be…ignored?

  • Why can’t the millions of Americans do a thing about a CRAZY,EMBARRASSING President creating a doomsday for us? Are we really like sheep to a slaughter… not one person to physically stand up and voice their opposition? Maybe, just maybe, it could have a positive effect of starting a movement to save our Country… our beloved Country that our forefathers wouldn’t dream of doing nothing in order to save! Or allowing an enemy to wage war here… to rape and kill their women and children… to abuse and kill our citzens … to ravage our cities and countryside… No, they stood up against our enemies… like the radical Islamic terrorist… just like the PRESIDENT…

    • Milinda, I agree with you. However the obummer administration considers all of us who feel he should held accountable for his criminal actions, domestic terrorists. He has even falsely imprisoned at least one former marine for the obummer crime of voicing his own opinion about how obmmer should be in prison. So what can we do? Continue to voice and adhere to our Constitutional rights. He can’t falsely imprison 100 million of us.

  • Very one speak that Obama week and does not doing as promised. No he is smart enemy of US. Every think he does is destruction of America. I like to know how much he pays for membership of ISIS group.

  • The author states: “That makes it very clear that not only was this a Muslim terrorist attack, but that ISIS is using the Syrian refugee crisis as a means of getting fighters into Europe and probably the US.”

    This is exactly what the elites want us to believe & fear…and they will use this fabricated/orchestrated excuse to blame on the next major 911 (ie, false flag) event. Believe me, if/when this next 911 event takes place, it will NOT involve ANY refugee coming across any border. But unwary criminal/noncriminal refugees/immigrants WILL be allowed in, positioned for a set up (think Lee Harvey Oswald), and then blamed after the event (just as unwary Arabs/Muslims were blamed after 911).

    After the event they will say something like: “We uncovered some serious laxes in intelligence & security. We are looking into this & will make major changes to ensure greater security.” (And they will announce that certain innocent figures have been fired for their “lack of diligence” & performance in add to this charade.) “The threat was also not taken as seriously as it should have been.” Or whatever. They will blame it on government inefficiencies, miscommunications, and mistakes…and that’s as far as they will go to blaming it on themselves. And again, the American public will accept it as long as they still believe the government is at least “trying”, and always working on their behave and always on their side.

    Can we please stop blaming everyone in this world other than the true culprits? Can we ever begin to see that it is the elites (powerful families/money printers/financiers/global banking cartel/illuminati/etc.) that is BEHIND (not the cause of) ALL wars, sectarian violence, major religions, rise & fall of dictators, economic collapses, stock & currency indexes, environmental destruction, conspiracy & UFO/alien cover-ups? And I say they are BEHIND it…not the cause of it. Who is the cause? WE are…for the FEW are nothing without the MANY.

    Do you really think we (as a people) really need a monetary/credit system, a government, and rules & laws to be able live together in harmony, to keep our natural resources healthy & pristine, and to have the highest technological advancements? Do you really need to vote for a leader to follow? Do you really need someone to take you by the hand & make decisions for you? Do you really need someone to “represent” you and dictate for you what they think you need?

    Your programming/conditioning will tell you yes…but your heart will tell you otherwise. Most are already working long, hard hours in jobs they hate, that give them little free time, that exhaust them, that are tedious & boring, too laborious, or too dangerous. Why not work for each another doing what we love, rather than working (as slaves) for money/the elite. If you think this is socialism/communist/etc…think again. In BOTH capitalist & socialist/communist systems (1) they are labor-intensive, (2) a monetary system is used, (3) an elite few have all the control, (4) the elite AND the people are seeking/hoping to have others do all of the work for them, and (5) they promote materialism, sloth, apathy, fear, violence/conflict, environmental destruction, illness, suffering, and despair.

    The rich & elites are enslaved to their greed/wealth/power hunger, while the people (their slaves) labor to support this dysfunction.

    Please keep that in mind folks…and stop feeding into the elite’s propaganda. YOU have the power…NOT them. But you can very easily give away that power if you choose…which, unfortunately has been the case for thousands of years…and the REAL reason why history keeps repeating itself.

    • Not sure where you are going with this post. I absolutely agree our government has ulterior motives in most of what they do, including everything terror related. Every citizen must understand this and prepare for it. My personal opinion is once an act of terrorism similar in size to Paris, obummer will declare martial law. But I don’t understand you implying muslems were not to blame, or maybe I just misread your statement.

    • Just a point of clarification, Jason. So you think that the IS under core direction of the Muslim Brotherhood does NOT have a concentrated plan and effort to subvert the West? And you think these active, in progress, terrorist attacks are false flags used by the G to instill fear and programming for a bigger 911 type attack?
      While that may have been a possible hypothesis if the Islamic State terrorists were a rag tag group of indigenous ‘revolutionists’ like the old ‘weathermen’ faction or the Black Panthers or some such radical anti-social group, but I assure you that the IS anti-American/Western terrorist militants are real and dangerous and give Americans good reason for trepidation.
      It’s not ‘really’ a ‘false flag’ in other words. Unless you mean that because the U.S ‘policy makers’ and secret government intentionally created the IS, like they did Al Queda, but that’s just a different leg on the same horse. And right now I’m worried about getting trampled by the whole horse?

      So I think it’s sometimes good for the people to be a little ‘shit-ass skeeeered’.
      Maybe now we’ll fix the problem once and for all (see my article after the Paris attack on ‘How to destroy the IS once and for all) thus eliminating the heavy danger and our fears by first getting this anti-Constitutional regime out of office and some improved form of management in this nation.

      • The groups (IS, et. al.) exist insofar as operating under a banner/label for the purpose of recruitment & propaganda…yes…but one needs to look at who created them, how they were created, why they were created, who directs/funds/supplies them, and also the regions of the world in which they are concentrated. The latter will give you a clue about NATO’s agenda in that region…eg, IS’s entry into Syria is designed to oust Assad (and also give NATO an excuse to bomb Syria, though IS will not be their target), after which NATO will no longer need IS and will destroy it both by force & by withdrawing funds & supplies (just as they did with the Taliban once they no longer needed them to help secure opium production & push out the Russians). Any remaining group members that persist will be ragtag and unable to organize any major offensive. A bonus to creating IS is the planned massive refugee crisis designed to further destabilize European nations with Islamic extremism, fear, terrorism, welfare crisis, crime, drugs, riots, etc. in order to justify a permanent martial law state (think UN = new police), gestapo laws & surveillance, and ultimately a one world government as this strategy is used throughout all parts of the world…all in the name of “national security”.

        But let’s play the devil’s advocate and pretend IS really did emerge independently out of the Middle East by bonafide, angry, extremist, radical, and violent Muslims (ignoring how quickly & easily they acquired massive funding, supplies, intelligence & communications capabilities). Do you really believe our security is incapable of stopping them from entering the country? Are we not capable of stopping the flow of ANYONE, from ANY of our borders & coastlines from entering the country illegally if we chose to? Funding is and never was an issue with illegal immigration. Adequate funds can be available…but our government (ie, the elites) has drastically cut funding because they WANT immigrants to flood the country. Why? Simply because they’re the perfect destabilizing force…in terms of safety, jobs, welfare & economic needs, population explosions, pollution, crime, drugs, fear, racism, cultural deterioration, hate, and so on. And under the umbrella of this cancerous destabilization the elites can brew up ANY damn event (bombings, shootings, riots, massive layoffs, police abuse, drug crime/wars, etc.) they desire and blame it on immigrants.

        And by the same token, do you really believe the European governments cannot easily stop the flow of immigrants & refugee into their nations? Of course they can…but they won’t because that would go against the agenda of collapsing the EU, and systematic & stricter control over the people.

        Now I wouldn’t trust Vladimir Putin any more than I can throw him, but even he knows, and has publicly proclaimed, that the West/NATO created IS…and HE would know. So Russia’s interference with NATO’s agenda with IS in Syria has introduced some “issues” between the two powers. This “strained relationship” between Russia and the West is likely all orchestrated as part of the globalist NWO/one-world government agenda…perhaps as a trigger to start a large-scale war…so we should always look beyond what is presented to us in the media. What they SHOW us is exactly what they want us to KNOW at that time. The globalist elite are extremely shrewd, plugged into everything, and have virtually limitless resources (including alien technology) at their disposal. Their plans span decades, if not generations, or even centuries ahead…which is why all the major events (eg, wars, scientific advancements/achievements, economic crises, cultural & political revolutions, pandemics, environmental destruction, corporate takeover, etc.) seem unplanned to the unwary public.

        So in answer to your original query…yes…I do believe the RECRUITED/VOLUNTEERING members of IS do intend to subvert the West and/or non-Muslims. However, these members are only pawns…and I believe their leaders are puppets (how hard you think it would be to find a psychopathic Muslim to lead these people?). But who is funding, supplying, and directing their operations is an altogether different animal.

        What I’m saying in all that I’ve said is simply that we can forget about trying to figure out all this convoluted, cloak & dagger stuff and political/economic drama. It’s really not important if we allow ourselves to see the big picture…and that is simply to know it is always the FEW that try to subvert the MANY…and that the MANY are basically good, peace-loving people. But if the MANY can be weakened, dumbed down, sickened, made constantly busy & exhausted, distracted, and entertained…if their families, their culture, their natural resources, and their enthusiasm for life & creativity can be destroyed…if they can be convinced that freedom means voting, following a leader, having a powerful military, waving the flag, having lots of money, having the latest high-tech gadgets, being entertainment, and shopping…and if they can be made fearful of germs, foreigners, cops, other races, and other religions…then they can be controlled by the FEW. This is why I said WE/the MANY are to blame…NOT the FEW…for WE have always had the power. WE have always been the movers & shakers.

        The following is a quote I feel is important for everyone to know, and one that can literally save us from ourselves if we fully embrace it:

        “The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” ~Charles Du Bos

        • Don’t think isis is a problem, just ask the folks in Paris. Don’t think 129 lives is a problem, then kiss my ass. I don’t care who created them, I don’t care why they do what they do! They do it, and they need to be destroyed. Forget trying to analyze them. They are the lowest form of beings on earth and need to be anialated. End of story. If you want these low lifes to move here, fine we’ll put a fence around your property, and they can live with you.

          • ISIS should be the last thing you have to concern yourself with. You should not worry about being bombed, shot, or beheaded, or whatever.

            ISIS will not affect you directly. But what WILL affect you directly are the actions your government takes in the name of “national security”…like instituting martial law, restricting your right to travel or leave the country, restricting where you can live, dictating what & where you can eat/drink/work/live/play/drive/buy/sell/smoke/watch/read/learn/etc., confiscating your property, restricting & monitoring all communications, imprisoning your family & friends, enforcing vaccinations & medications (particularly psychiatric drugs), experimenting on people, etc.

            You also have to consider the leading causes of deaths in this country yearly. Listed below are the top 10 leading causes of death accounting for almost 75% of all deaths (with the top 3 alone accounting for 50% of all deaths).

            1. Heart disease
            2. Cancer (malignant neoplasms)
            3. Chronic lower respiratory disease
            4. Accidents (unintentional injuries)
            5. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)
            6. Alzheimer’s disease
            7. Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
            8. Influenza and pneumonia
            9. Kidney disease (nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis)
            10. Suicide (intentional self-harm).

            So obviously our health is THE number ONE issue in this country. We’re a VERY sick nation. Don’t you think we should be more concerned about our food, water, air, and soil quality? What about GMO’s, pesticides, forced vaccinations, medical drugs (which kill around 200,000 annually), EMF radiation, or the uncountable toxic chemicals in/on/around us on a daily basis? And what about stress? That’s a real biggy!

            Be honest with yourself. What do you believe will ultimately end up killing you, your family, and your friends? Will it be health-related…or will it be from an ISIS/terrorist attack? Do you even fear Muslims each time you step out of your home? Does anyone? You’re more likely to get shot or stabbed by a non-Muslim. When you look at the big picture you see how ridiculous any fear of Muslims/ISIS/terrorism for Americans really is. This is not the Middle East…yet we certainly have our share of problems that makes the “threat of ISIS/terrorism” pale in comparison.

          • You are correct, my family and I have little to fear from terrorism. I don’t fear for us but I do fear for those living in the populated areas. What about them? They have cause to fear, which is exactly what the terrorist’s goal is. Some people will be killed in the acts of terrorism, but many people will live in a state of fear. Causing fear is one of the classic definitions of terrorism. Any person who supports bringing these folks over here will each be partially responsible for these acts. I completely agree with you about our government. They are certainly at least partially responsible for this mess to begin with. I say partially, because there are other governments with equal blame. When it comes to health, I also agree with you. But I go even further. Our government is purposely killing it’s citizens by not removing deadly drugs and food additives from the market place. The FDA should be completely dissolved and rebuilt from the ground up. No more FDA research funded by monsanto and their ilk. I could go on and on about our corrupt government, but that has little to do with the message of this article. Without proper background checks all refugees from terrorist nations must be totally blocked!

        • On much of that I agree with you Jason. As dangerous to our social emotional content and physical safety the Islamic State whack job is, it is also a Distraction/diversion/re-direct psychology to help control us and perpetrate their totalitarian agenda.

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