The Race For The Republican Nomination: The First Is Officially In

The freshman senator from Texas, Ted Cruz has been the first to officially declare himself in the race for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential elections, beating other presidential hopefuls. This has angered both the Democrat party and the “establishment” GOP, who see Ted as a troublemaker.

For months, entrenched Republican leadership have been talking about putting forth a moderate candidate, what the rest of us would call a RINO, even though they have never win when they’ve run a moderate in a presidential race.

But the popular Cruz has beaten both Jeb Bush and Chris Christie with his announcement. Old timers, like Mitch McConnel and John Boehner have already started throwing stones at him.

Cruz’s popularity shows how much the GOP leadership is out of touch with their own constituency. Rank and file Republicans trust him, both for his conservative stance and his blatant honesty.

Whereas other politicians beat around the bush and change their stance, capitulating to the White House, Cruz knows what he stands for and what he believes in. He seems to truly believe that he was sent to Washington to represent the people of Texas, not just the money men who backed his campaign.

In my personal opinion, Ted Cruz makes an excellent candidate for the Republican Party. American politics has been becoming more and more polarized throughout the last few decades, with our current president having worked overtime to split the nation in every way he could. Cruz stands in contrast to the far left that Barack Obama represents and makes no bones about it.

Being the First in Row Has Never Been Easy

By becoming the first declared candidate for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz has placed himself on a pedestal to be shot at by politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle. Even so, it was a very astute move. Right now, he is the only declared presidential candidate for the 2016 presidential race, even beating out Hillary Clinton.

That means that he has all the attention of the media, both good and bad. It also means that the people of this country have an excellent opportunity to see his personality and hear his clearly stated message. Every other candidate will now be compared to him.

If this country is ever going to get back to its roots and back on its feet, after the devastation wrought about by the last six years, it’s going to take a strong conservative. We haven’t had one of those in office since the Reagan days. Oh, Bush was rather conservative, but not like Reagan and not like Ted Cruz either. In my opinion, of all the politicians I’ve seen since President Reagan was in office, Senator Cruz articulates the message of our Founding Fathers most clearly.

It’s no wonder either: he’s an experienced Constitutional lawyer, whose knowledge of the Constitution surpasses that of the sitting president. He has not only taught constitutional law, but has argued nine cases before the Supreme Court, as the Solicitor General of Texas. He can debate any point, even taking the opposing side, just to get his message across.

While it is too early in the campaign process to have any idea how it will turn out, I can predict one thing. Ted Cruz will receive more slings and arrows than any other candidate, fielded by either of the two major parties. His stand has earned him many enemies, who will stand strong against him.

What Cruz’s Victory Would Mean

But, what if he wins? What would that mean for America? That’s hard to say as well. But at a minimum, I think we can say that Ted will fight with everything he has within him, to turn around the decay of our country. What has been a slide into the fiscal and moral abyss may actually turn around.

The fact that Cruz is a minority doesn’t hurt either. A large part of why Obama got elected the first time was because of taking advantage of being a minority.

As another minority voice, Cruz will have the opportunity to bring about healing, especially between races. Perhaps a president who is not a race baiter can turn around the work of our current president, even if he isn’t Afro-American.

The other thing that pundits aren’t talking about yet is that we’re likely to see a Republican president voted in, with the Republican Party maintaining control of both houses of Congress. That will give the new president the same political advantage that Obama had in the first two years in office.

While the Republican Party will never be as united as the Democrats and will probably not just rubber stamp orders from the White House, like the Democrats have for the last six years, we will probably see two of the most productive years that Congress has had in the last century.

It’s going to be an interesting race. I wish Ted Cruz luck and hope he can stick it out.

To the rest of the Republicans, why not put your knives away and stop trying to stick him in the back, as he has enough real enemies as it is.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • I have generally given up on the Republicans. I am active in the Libertarian Party. (Please don’t tell me I’m throwing my vote away. I’ve thrown it away too many times voting “for the lesser of evils” which is also an evil. The two party system is not in the Constitution and it has proved that it doesn’t work for the people.) With that said, if Ted Cruz or Rand Paul were the nominee, I would have to take another look. They are the only two potential nominees that might draw me back to the GOP.

    • Voting for what you believe, regardless of probability of winning, is always a courageous vote and never a wasted one.

  • Hey, East! how’s it going? In my not so humble opinion i would only disagree with you on one issue. It isn’t even a ‘two party system’ anymore. It is one party, the ‘Them against the People’ party, with two power elite factions taking turns trying to prove who is better at totalitarianism.

    • I vote for JESUS!!!! Come on Lord Jesus, come on!!!!!

      • Vote for Jesus? Amen. Question: What current Presidential candidate was raised Roman Catholic and is a Baptist? What current Presidential candidate is abused by those from both sides of the aisle because he says what he believes instead of what people want to hear? Ted Cruz. And why is he not a good candidate again?

        • Jay, I don’t think too many people can legitimately say that Cruz is ‘not a good candidate’ by the typical standards of political evaluations and qualifications.

          In the absence of my personal preference I would vote for him mainly because he appears to be a Constitutionalist and he clearly states his intent on serious necessary changes in government like dissolving the current IRS.

          But my point is that he will not be the nominee. No matter how much we like him.

          You must possess an in depth knowledge of the real ‘political system’ in this late, great, nation to truly ‘get this’.

          In fact ‘They’ actually count on your ignorance to enhance their ‘win potential’ –which is all a product of marketing the gullibility psychology of the sheeple–to achieve their agenda based goals.

  • Ted Cruz is the only truly conservative candidate that the GOP has, and as you said they can only win with a conservative candidate. Conservative voters will not hold their nose and vote again……ever. So listen up GOP establishment…..either support a conservative candidate and quit putting up RINO’s to run, or get used to be being in the also-ran position in Presidential politics.

    • Dave, this is what i mean by ‘understanding’ the reality of politics. It’s kind of like real time combat in warfare. Unless you’ve experienced it and know the reality, you simply can’t really understand it.

      Interestingly, your comment reveals an important reality.

      There wouldn’t be so many ‘RINOS’ if the right wing Conservative base was not losing its appeal to the growing number of independent and swing voters, AND even a growing number of former died-in-the-wool old school Republicans.

      The ‘RINOS’ are an ‘attempt’ at mitigating the flood of voters leaning toward the left.

  • Ted Cruz is a closet Nazi. His agenda would certainly make America even worse that the “W” did. One of his favorite Authors it the ‘Godfather’ of libertarianism – Murray Rothbard. He believes that children need not be clothed or fed by parents because these could be considered “coerced” acts against the parents freedom. And that a fetus within the womb of a woman is a “parasite” because it interferes with the freedom of the woman.

    If you want to save America then vote Democratic.

    • KG – I don’t know where you go this – but the last time I checked Ted Cruz is firmly against abortion. If the fetus were considered a “parasite” hampering the mother’s freedom; he’d be for abortion – you know – like the democrats that will soon be using medical health guidelines to enforce euthanasia, and a whole host of other things to accomplish population control.

      • PS – given his track record – I’d say just because Cruz respects or admires a particular author, that does not mean he will just kowtow and do as that author suggests.

    • Another brain dead, Emperor worshipping liberal.

    • And the do nothing, can’t even say,party

    • Jeez you’re *****!

  • Compared to the Tweedle-dee-dumb (republican) and Tweedle-dee-dumber (democrat) party – Ted Cruz is a breath of fresh air. At least he is honest about where he was when he was born and respects our constitutional rights.

  • And to Bill’s ‘hopefulness’ for Ted C, the good Senator has about the chance of a butterfly keeping its wings on in a tornado.

    First off, although it is hard not to get aboard a bandwagon that calls for the abolition of the hated IRS, We have a better chance of hitting the lottery AND getting raptured simultaneously on the 4th of July than the IRS has of ever being gone or even revised that much. The reason is that BOTH political power elites NEED that muscle bound collection agency to make sure our taxes keep getting to universal political barrel where either republicans or democrats can pork them out for their own agenda based self interests.

    Secondly, there’s a growing ‘apostasy’ among people in this country that continues no matter how many “Killing Truth” –oops, I mean Killing Jesus” books and movies Billy O’Reilly and his fellow theocrats market on the people.
    Most rational free thinking Americans even if they love Jesus can’t deal anymore with candidates inclined toward theocracy in this country, the 1stA, notwithstanding. It’s obvious when you realize the truth religionism in the history of the world up to and including the present, which may actually soon cause the beginning…of the end.

    That is the real reason Romney lost, even though he was highly qualified.

    • Think again, dude. The taxes collected by the IRS got their parent corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank, and not to run the government.

      • Interesting, Dr, Clifford, but can you please elaborate more specifically for some of us who are a bit cognitively challenged?

        Dr. Muhjesbude.

  • Mc connel is a dead man that they forgot to bury.and Boehner should be retired by a vote. They are too self centered to have these jobs. They have the big head. Boehner is a cry baby alcoholic and should be arrested for treason. Mc connel can’t remember what day it is. Just WHAT makes these jerks so special ? They must have made promises and/or paid off somebody. To bash CRUZ is so juvenile or plain ol’ jealousy that a young man has brains and moxie to be a constitutionalist and stands by his convictions. HE HAS MY VOTE. And if he doesn’t get the nomination, WE THE PEOPLE can still write in his name if we stand together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • The last race war was between the Irish and Italians. This is a color war, and the bold are becoming pastels. I’m color blind, only see black and white…. no grey. Read Obama’s plans for Revolution, by David Horowitz. It is a pamphlet. What in common was done by his three ‘hero’s? What are the 7 steps for a nonviolent communist revolution on the flyers dropped over Europe during WWII? Educate yourselves ASAP. Understand, you will…..

  • I can’t help but wonder what levels of vote fraud are already being put in place to defeat Mr. Cruz, and ensure victory for Hitlery Rotten Clinton.
    Don’t forget how Osama bin Obama got “elected” (lol)……. Welfare freeloaders bused around to all voting precincts, voting several times each, and Whites being physically blocked from entering many big-city polling stations……..
    I hope Mr. Cruz can overcome such criminality and win. If not, it will be time to run for the hills.

  • I like Ted Cruz’ ideas and I would vote for him EXCEPT that he is NOT a natural born US citizen — he was born in Canada! Our US Constitution clearly states that the President must have been born in the US or its territories — or born of American parents when one parent is in the military stationed overseas (such as in the case of John McCain).
    Look at the mess we are now in; having a (so-called) President who was likely not US born.
    Does Cruz expect to rewrite the Constitution or does he expect us to just “look the other way” as we did (twice!) when Obama was elected?

  • Are you kidding? Ted’s wife is employed by Goldman Sachs.