As we reach the end of 2014 and are heading into 2015, I see something different happening; different than I’ve ever seen before. The start of a new year is typically a time of hope, as we look with anticipation towards the great things that the new year will have for us. Yet, as I look around me, I don’t see much hope on people’s faces.

The anticipation that I see is of something bad happening, not something good. There are so many problems in the world right now that people aren’t looking to see what good thing is coming, but rather which bad thing will blow up next.

I can’t really blame people for that; because as I look at what I see in the news, I don’t see a whole lot of hope either. We still have the same enemies and the same problems. The president hasn’t changed, unless it is to be more unilateral in his decision making.

Congress is changing, but the leadership is a bunch of RINOs, who are used to knuckling under to the Democrats; so, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in them. With all that, where is the light shining?

Ferguson, Missouri

We haven’t heard the end of Ferguson, Missouri and the protests going on there. It seems that there are those who are dead set in fanning the flames of racial division. Unless something happens to bring about racial healing, we’re going to see an increase in violence. We’re going to see an increase in hatred.

We’re very likely to see a racial civil war break out in the country, as impoverished blacks take out their anger and whites react. Sadly, it is the innocent who will often be the target.

ISIS and Other Terrorist Organizations

Terrorism is clearly on the rise in the Middle East and around the world. Islamic extremists are becoming bolder in their campaign against everyone else. This is seen no more clearly than with ISIS. They will continue to grow and take over more land, unless American troops are committed to battle.

However, our president has made it clear that he has no intention of attacking any Muslim organization, regardless of what they do. If anything, he’s more likely to attack those that oppose the terrorists.

I am surprised we haven’t seen any terrorist attacks in the United States in the last few years. The FBI is claiming credit for this, but I don’t think it’s credit they deserve. Rather, I think that the terrorists are building networks in the United States, so that when they do attack, they’ll have enough people and equipment to make it worthwhile.

I’m afraid that could very well come next year.

Vladimir Putin

From the end of World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the United States kept the Soviet Union’s desire to conquer the world in check. When the wall fell and with it the Soviet system of government, that need ended… at least for a while. But Russia’s imperialistic ambitions never ended. It was just that their ability to do anything about them was put on hold for a few years.

Now, thanks to the policies of Barack Obama, the United States has been weakened. Even more importantly, we have been perceived to be weakened by our enemies around the world. While our military is still stronger than theirs, our political will is not.

Vladimir Putin has seen this weakness and stepped up to fill the void. His actions in Ukraine are nothing more than that. He’s laughed off the weak reprisals that Obama has levied against him and his country. They have not hurt him and if anything have shown him that he can continue gobbling up European countries without any care of retaliation from the United States.


The Ebola outbreak in Africa is spreading and will continue to spread exponentially. There is a very good chance that the countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea will be totally lost to the disease. Then it will continue to spread outside of those countries, even with the drastic measures that some countries are taking to prevent it.

The big question for us is whether or not it reaches the United States. I believe that has more to do with whether or not it becomes weaponized by any of the terrorist groups. Such an attack would wreck havoc on our society and our economy.

The Economy

The economy will not see any marked improvement as long as Obama is in the White House. He will block every effort by the Republicans to stimulate business growth, calling them “unfair.” The continuing class warfare of the liberals and their lapdog media will keep enough of the population angry at big business and the wealthy people who own those businesses, that economic recovery will be impossible.

There is a very good possibility that we will slide over the cliff into a financial collapse. Quantitative easing, which was propping up Wall Street, has ended. While we haven’t seen a crash in stock values, everyone is still holding their breaths.

The economy can’t improve, until people are confident enough to spend their money, rather than hold onto it. That won’t happen as long as Obama is in the Oval Office, continuing his policies of hampering business growth.

Martial Law

Obama has put everything into place so that he can declare martial law at a moment’s notice. All of the government’s agencies have been militarized. The DHS has its own army, and our military leadership has been weakened. All he needs is a good enough excuse to declare martial law and I believe he will.

We all know that Obama is a narcissist. He is convinced that he belongs in the Oval Office and that his actions are right. It’s the typical liberal progressive superiority attitude, taken to extremes. I can’t see him giving up power easily or willingly, he would declare martial law and suspend the Constitution, before he would let that happen.

While there is a constant ongoing risk of Obama declaring martial law, I really don’t think it will happen in 2015, unless he is offered an excellent opportunity to do so. Since everything for him is politics, it is much more likely that he will do it in conjunction with the 2016 elections; either before to prevent the elections or afterwards, if he doesn’t like the results.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Your Ukraine assessment is 180 degrees off, imo. McCain was in Kiev stirring up a revolution ,against an elected Ukrainian president, during the Olympics when Putin could not respond. McCain has also been stirring up war in the ME especially in Syria. The Oligarchs rule America, and Bush-Obama-McCain are all on board.
    Russians used to like America following the Soviet collapse, now after the Bankster-Oil attacks on the ruble it has fanned hatred of us.
    Our real enemies are Internal.

  • I look ahead and also see bad times coming. I believe it will get worse before it gets better. I have plenty of canned goods, guns, ammo, bullion, etc. but I still felt vulnerable. WATER! You don’t last long without it. Well water has benign bacteria which can metabolize sulfate minerals in water during storage and make it smell horrible. It needs 8 drops clorox/gal to sanitize. But how much water can you store? I put in a off-grid, battery-based solar panel electric system to run my well pump, refrigerator & small freezer. Stuff happens, grid goes down, I still have fresh water, frozen dinners and cold beer! It is a major step towards self-sufficieny! Cost was around $6K. I sleep better now!

    • have you made atemp to hide what you have done, if not you need to, when the gangs of people start to look for stuff to help them self

    • While prep work is prudent, ratcheting up fears of discovery of preparations is counter productive. The main downside will be fear of our neighbors and its attendant bunkering down scenarios. For the godless will hold their guns out confident in their preparations. However, God fearing citizens are needed to maintain relationships for many disabled or just plain elderly would be first line casualties. To those who justify giving up on them, they risk God’s wrath for want of charity and simple kindness toward our neighbors. The possibilities of God’s miracles of multiplication are real with the appearance of the Two Witnesses who come with the Antichrist/False Prophet. In all of the prepping, we must still seek God’ wisdom always!

      • Thomas R.,
        Why do you have to be so obsessed with having a ‘fear god’ all the time? I don’t fear ‘god’. And i don’t have a fraction of the stress and hatred in life that all these people who ‘fear god’ have?

        I rise every morning as if the sun is always bright. I am solemnly thankful for every precious moment i am still granted to be enjoying the ultimate life gift of being healthy and alive upon this wonderful planet. I task myself daily to do at least one act of kindness or generosity or enlightenment or general value creation to pass on to others in the holiest spirit of giving back to the positive energy matrix of our profound existence.

        I have no fear of my neighbors, only variations of pity, worry, and love.

        FEAR is how “THEY” control us. It’s the ‘tool’ with which “THEY” manipulate and take advantage of us.

        I am spiritually emancipated in the consciousness of independent thought power and now transcend in true happiness and peace…in relative social integration. I want for nothing, and have everything the human soul must possess to equitably experience the just and righteous “good life”.

        Take heed, my friend:

        “The First and Greatest Commandment is…Don’t let them scare you.”–Elmer Davis (1890-1958)

  • Terrorists attack in the US? I can only see two reasons that they are not occurring. One, like you mentioned, is that the FBI is doing a heck of job of finding the threats before they occur. Sorry, I’m not confident on that one. Second, somebody is telling them to keep a low profile until the time they are needed to provide a false flag event. They have had plenty of time and opportunities to cause terror and mayhem in this country but seem to be holding back. One theory is that if they would be causing problems then we would be demanding that the borders get shutdown pronto and we know the PTB’s and this administration does not want that right now!

    • Nope, None of the above. The ‘sleeper cells’ do exist here but for the most part are controlled in two ways. The government has pretty much infiltrated them, at least known ones with mosque affiliations, and are ‘controlling’ the ‘progress’ of them, while gathering intelligence.

      The other reason is that they are not fully supported by ‘Westernized Muslims’. because of the below radar realization that most of the Muslims who’ve lived here for a while is that this country is NOT like France or England or most anywhere else. They realize, like the Japanese Generals did in WWII that you’ll never get very far in America in attempting to attack them with conventional weaponry and manpower on their home front. Because as one of the Japanese Supreme Commanders gave for their reasoning in not attacking the U.S. Mainland is that “…there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
      Which now it would be more like An AR-15. MILLIONS of them.

      But That doesn’t mean that the Muslims here don’t want to Jihad us and take over our lifestyle land country. It just means they don’t support the more radical violent Jihadists which would ignite an ugly internal shooting war here that the Muslims would eventually lose in an ugly way.

      So instead, they throw their support into the other methodology deployed by the expansionist goals of Islam. They’ll use politics and Voting power and attempt their take over from within.

      That likely won’t stop the more radical Islamists from eventually hitting a mentally ill religionist tipping point of ‘pulling the trigger’ on a widespread coordinated attack in this country But even in their insanity they still want to at least accomplish some terroristic discomfort upon us for their ‘effort’ instead of just being a source of entertainment of Saturday night target practice for all very formidable cops, Guard, and endless old boy(and girls) networks of aggressively militarized citizens who will make relatively quick work of it.

      But even if that happens it won’t be masked gunment with a few AK’s and pipe bombs like the recent France or England attacks. For a massive blow to damage this country they would prefer to hit the infrastructure by hacking our critical resource computers, or creating massive pandemics by weaponizing something like ebola. Either would provide the ‘desired effect’.

      So what is really ‘preventing’ happening of something like that, is, NOTHING yet, but themselves. They just don’t have the capability or resources yet. So in the meantime they are just ‘recruiting’ future ‘man and womanpower’. And of course it appears they are being amazingly successful at that part of it. If they ever get squared away to a mission launch point, then the dynamics of likelihood probability curves will change there’s not much the FBI or anybody is going to do to prevent the initial attempt, even if they continue to waste our taxmoney and violate our liberty by put mandatory chips in every person’s brain in America to know exactly what they are thinking when a much more viable solution would be to simply raise the security risk criteria for entrance across our borders.

  • I basically agree with Craig posted.

    In my opinion I believe the real reason we haven’t seen any major terrorist attack in the last few year is because Chairman Obama has put a lid on it. He didn’t want any attack or terrorist interruption to occur on his watch as he and the democrat party would bear the responsibility for it occurring on their watch

    He just may take the lid off in 2015, and with a wink and nod of his head authorize the attacks to begin, and then he will blame the Republicans and Congress for either fomenting or allowing the problem. Then he, using the Ministry of Propaganda, will convince the public that it is now necessary for him to declare martial law and solidify his position as the Dictator he already is. If there is any significant push back he will unleash all the Muslim/Islamist sleeper cells that already are here.

    That will be the beginning.

    • I am a Canadian living in Canada.
      When Obozo was running in 2008 I knew exactly what to expect.
      He has exceeded my expectations! The WORST president EVER!
      Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?
      He died 50 years too soon. I liked JFK. I despise Obummer.

      • For someone not living in this country you have a better undrstanding of this communist in chief than most of the sheeple living in the USA.

        • This is what happens when folks look at a situation from “outside the box”. A practice many should do much more often.

  • While this is my first time commenting, it’s not my first visit here. It’s an excellent column that I’ve used many times for reference and also recommended for others to follow.

    That said, I agree with this article entirely. However, I must add that none of these should issues be of any surprise. We were warned.

    Some 2000 years ago, the sages of old, and we know to whom I refer, told us, they warned us of what was to happen. But did we listen? NO.

    As such, most are finding themselves shocked at the goings on of today, wondering why and how it all happened. Sorry to say, it was written and you should have paid attention. Your loss of “faith” and belief in truth and the rule of law has left us where we are.

    Collectively, we have failed ourselves. We failed in reigning in those whom we elected to represent us, then betrayed us, and we failed to raise hell when the Main Stream Media, knowingly, lied to our faces by obfuscating the truth.

    We also failed in remembering that WE run this country. That government, “of, by and for the people”, is OUR representative and if it’s not doing its job, it’s up to US to correct it. We failed. Our apathy failed us. We earned this.

    That’s not to say this cannot be fixed. But it DOES mean that we’ll have to, collectively, fix it.

    We need to bring on board those who have integrity and a knowledge and belief in what’s right and wrong. Those with the “values of old” that have sustained us for nearly 230 years without fail. It’s US that need to change from within in order to change that which is without. Those whom we elect need to mirror us and we them.

    Personal responsibility and a respect for law and order, whether we like it or not, should reign supreme. Laws are made for everyone and no one is above it. No person should be allowed to become immune to prosecution no matter what level of government or when they occupy it. THAT is how a successful society endures.

    I think I’ve said enough.

    • HUMANS failed as a collective? I suppose. I PERSONALLY did not though. You’re talking to everyone like it’s our fault. Taking repsonsibility for the future is not the same as taking responsibility for the past.
      * 2000 years ago? Warnings? Fine, I suppose in some sense. The Bible is another man-made tool of control, at least in part. We all do well not to get too pious about it.
      * 230 years ago? Ever since then all the Illminati, Mason, Skull&Crossbones, etc TYRANTS did was trick, oppress, extort, and outright STEAL what we have now from other people. You speak highly of those men who were “better” than the idiots they rebelled against? I suppose. Not worthy of RESPECT though.
      * All the idiot Baby-Boomers who squandered the greatest generational wealth ever created and now will hemmorage it to the healthcare cabal because they ate margerine instead of good ol’fashioned butter, processed food instead of orgainc, etc. Put all their money into IRA’s as tax-acquisition tools of that can’t be taken back out. And they let all the politicians corrupt everything.

      So, I’m 38. MY generation didn’t screw anything up. But, we’re now left dealing with the kids beneath us, elderly above us, an antiquated deteriorating infrastructure from coast to caost, complete hijacking of all systems (financial, corporate, healthcare, FBI, NSA, etc) and TYRANNY ready to dominate. And you want to rally the troops here for that crap? What’s there worth fighting for??

      Thanks everyone older for your infinite words of wisdom, now that it’s too late. You’re so awesome. Just go back to golfing or whatever you do that I probably support with my now hugely-taxed paychecks stripped to the bone, 33% of equivalent wages compared to past generations, greatly increased cost-of-living, etc. What a great world you expect us to help you get back.


      • @ Perry

        I take personal offence to your remarks about me. I am a baby Boomer. Born in 1946 (68 years old) I’m not perfect, but I served my country for 7 years (US Army) Worked myself through college. Raised 7 wonderful children. Worked my whole life. Never been on a government dole. Always balanced my personal Budget. Spent less than I earned. (saved ) did the 401K thingy so I would be independent at retirement. Voted in every election making my selections of the best available as to moral, responsible, representative candidates. I am fiscally responsible. Never declared Bankruptcy. Always lived within my means (the plastic doesn’t leave my wallet unless the funds are already in the bank to make the payment at the end of the month)

        So, I say to you Perry, Stop your whining, and finger pointing. You sound like a little spoiled brat blaming your parents for things out of their control. Grow Up child. Have you ever heard the expression that “shit happens” ? What’s happening now now is what has happened to every Empire in the past (Yes, The United States has become an Empire). And it wasn’t my generation that made it so. It’s been a gradual process from the beginning. Power corrupts. It always has and always will. I suggest to educate yourself and read some history. There is nothing new under the sun. The path our country has taken is the same path many many Empires in History have traveled, and the all lead to the same destination… corruption and destruction. Wise up Kid and prepare for life as it is today and where it is going.

        • @ Guy:
          * I didn’t blame my parents for anything. You made that part up.
          * I wasn’t blaming you. I was blaming an entire generation. And those before it. Why? Because they ARE to blame. There’s is nothing at all wrong with finding the cause of a bad situation. That’s what studying history is about, in part.
          * You say to learn from history and study empires. Actually sir, I have exensively studied history. Thanks for your input though.
          * When I actually do and find out who is to blame, and point my finger…suddenly it’s a problem?
          * I am not spoiled. I have nobody take care of me but me, period. Thanks for your encouragement though. If you ever write a motivational ebook, let me know where to download it from.
          * I can assign accountability to where it actually lies. That’s my right. Don’t I have rights? Aren’t they the same ones that the Baby Boomers think they fought so bravely for me to have (while actually instead just supporting the the corrupt “empire” to keep going…). But then when I exercise them, you don’t like it?
          * Why would you take what I said personally? Are you the ambassador for ALL Baby Boomers? I didn’t know you were so important! Sir. Doesn’t change anything I said of course.
          * You did everything “right” and had a great life. Well, I wish I had the same world to live in now that you did then when it was all expanding, instead of collapsing. What 50 years ago has to do with me, my comments, or the next 50 years I have to face are beyond me. But kudos to you, sir. Congrats. “Hang your hat” on that.
          * Am I not on this forum to “wise” up? Obviously.
          * Am I not on this forum to “prepare for life”? Obviously.

          Guy, what else can I say but “thanks” for your great wisdom, the great world I’m inheriting, etc. I can see frm all the thumps ups and downs that the people here have the same mentality. I don’t want to fight with anyone. I don’t want to walk (type) on eggshells around people who thinks comments are directed at them personally. I’ll just go back to being a “spoiled brat”, taking care of myself/friends/family/elderly father/etc, studying my history, preparing for who knows what, and looking for SOMEONE that I can respect, somewhere, anywhere. I get the feeling it just ain’t here. As such, I won’t be commenting here anymore, as there’s no point. Make up whatever you want. I just hope we all have a good year, and future.

          • “PERRY” you will learn, Unfortunately it WILL BE TOO LATE. You need to get over your ____ I will refrain….go on

  • I’m sorry, but I think the predictions are misguided. Of course there are valid reasons to fear race relations and terrorism, but the potentials and timing are subject to a much more dangerous and complicated underlying context. The worldwide economic conditions are without precedence. Russian imperialism may be a goal, but the ruble is near collapse, and the Russian economy depends upon the sale of natural gas…and there will be a worldwide glut of NG, driving down the price of all energy to the point where Russia’s entire economy could collapse. The Japanese yen is near fee fall, ad Japan has been the #1 buyer of Middle East petroleum. What effect will that have on ME politics In general, fuel prices are so low that nearly one-half of all production sites are running at the ragged edge of profitability. 2015 will see the closing of many production sites. The same goes for many metals – both precious and manufacturing metals. The Euro is in such shape that the European Union may start unraveling in 2015. The US economy is in such poor shape that he dollar should be weak What does that say about all other major economies? Heck, the Chinese “fastest growing economy in the world” i in serious trouble.
    The course of 2015 will depend on how the economic “dominoes” fall.

  • So nothing actually encouraging, eh? I don’t know what’s more depressing: the world going to hell-in-a-handbasket…or all the sites I go to that are candid enough to discuss it, yet have little/no hope along with it. Sigh. THAT’S partly why people turn on stupid shows on TV, or play video games, or everything else. It’s just too much to fight the stupid world all day (gov’t, corporate, police, bad economy, etc) and then have to read all about it over again at night. Part of me simply say: “Why would I want to blow all kinds of cash and time prepping to live out in some remote area and struggle to live off the land, just so I could continue to do so longer in an even more toil-filled life after a collapse, when INSTEAD I could be living in the middle of a uber-fun city, partying every single night, dating a ton, seeing all kinds of attractions only found in a densely-packed metro area (museums, concerts, parks, galleries, architecture, sports, whatever) and then just deal the likelihood that I wouldn’t survive whatever collapse would come. Wouldn’t a short life lived to the fullest be better than a longer boring toil-filled life???” But, what do I know anyway.

    • So said many of the passengers of the Titanic, until the ship ws actually going down. Then the lifeboats looked awfully “attractive”.
      You are certainly entitled to your hedonistic viewpoint and lifestyle; Which by the way, when adopted by the majority of the USSA, is responsible for the collapse in the 1st place.
      And the band played on…………

      • @ Genearly: I didn’t say I had that “hedonistic” lifestyle (which it’s actually not), but just because I accurately identify an entire page as having little to nothing encouraging on it, and share a different philosophical take on the whole arena, doesn’t mean that Cause and Effect aren’t still part of the equation. BTW – “Guy” (who is the ambassodor for all Baby Boomers) above says that Empires HAVE to fail regardless of what the people in them do, so maybe you don’t have to worry about short-term hedonism vs prepping for long-term toil anyway! See, now this page finally has a positive statement on it!)

  • MARCH 2015 major world upset. Fall economy starts to go. Best have cash as it will be King. Sandy video of minimart: if you don’t have CASH step out of line! Who locally has money then to buy gold/silver? Prepare for three months of banks passing out small amounts of cash regardless of what you “Had” in bank.
    Stock up like for a long blizzard food & toilet tissue. Better prepped than not.

  • Mr White: Sir… I think your assessment of things “to come” are exactly right, and why should they be surprising at all? As a nation we have ignored the warnings (and advice) of our forefathers… We have allowed perfect Clowns to rule over us, and ignored all reasonable rules of morality to be grossly put upon us… I am 81 years old, and have seen a lot… I’m not wealthy, never have been, and have worked since I was 17. I am not extra smart and certainly not extra lucky, but I do have a lifetime of Experience… work, marriage, family, and military service all important to me. I do tire when watching so many whimpering saps, all with their hands out, hollering: gimme, gimme, gimme… Really ? How are “occupy” movements, protest marches that clog bridges, tunnels, etc. or burning buildings, looting stores, killing police, and generally contributing to Chaos going to help any cause ? It will not. One of the first laws of Physics is that ” for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” (more or less). I hope that Americans all, can find the High Ground and start using Common Sense soon
    God Bless You All, Buddy

  • 0bama’s lapdog media have been pushing these manufactured incidents like Ferguson along with Al and Jessie getting face time for a specific purpose. Now there are ambushed cops and random attacks on their HOMES. Response times into ‘certain areas’? Arriving at all won’t happen until they can arrive in groups, just to protect each other. This was the plan all along. Refusal to secure the border has allowed untold thousands of muzlims to cross with the thousands of regular illegals. They are spread well into our cites, supplied with weapons by 0bama’s gun running schemes like Fast & Furious. There were a full dozen of these games. They are ready to take advantage of the chaos that 0bama’s black pawns will create with just one or two more manufactured incidents. With 1000 cities in ‘protest’ and muzlims in the mix, that would be just the ticket for dear leader to drop martial law. Many feel that the 2016 elections may never happen. We’ll see. Others are indicating September of ’15 for some ‘event’. Again, we’ll see.
    Get your preps in order. Get your people together. Get ready. 2015 may be an interesting year.

  • How can I forward this information to my grandson?