Mental Health, Gun Rights And The Safety Of Our Nation

Shot through the heart, shot through the head, bleeding bodies everywhere dead, dead, dead.

It’s ok when this kind of garbage brings in millions of dollars at the box office, and the producers and actors walk off with all kinds of awards for “entertaining” us.  It’s ok when demons, lunatics, and so on parade through our novels and music murdering wantonly to the tune of even more millions of dollars and making number one on the best seller list and a golden record status.  After all, English classes for decades have taught us about plot lines and how it is ok for the hero to get messed up and tormented so long as the villain is destroyed in the end.

But what happens when all those curses we have created in the minds of our children don’t turn out nice neat little hero soldiers whose destiny we think we can control, and instead turn out the likes of Nicholas Cruz and Dimitrios Pagourtzis? What happens when people identify with the darkness instead of the heroic and good?  What happens when the violence becomes so rooted and the image in the mirror so depraved; we deny reality and seek to take away weapons instead of solving the actual problem?

Over the last few years, I have given these questions quite a lot of thought, and arrived at the conclusion that gun control and gun confiscation aren’t going to make our schools and society any safer.  If anything, the lack of unfettered access to guns by civilians and absolute parity with military and police forces make our society far more dangerous and threaten its very existence.

Nevertheless, the gun grabbers scream and rant endlessly about foreign countries that appear safer because of gun control while ignoring the fact that most, if not all nations on their list have some form of genocide going on or other serious acts of violence carried out by other means.  In fact, from suicide bombers to lethal kidnappings, thousands of people have been slaughtered worldwide because they did not have guns between February 14, 2018 (the date of the Parkland, FL school massacre), and May 18, 2018 (the date of the Santa Fe, TX school massacre).

Do you got the skills to survive a mass shooting event?

Let me repeat, “the lack of unfettered access to guns by civilians and absolute parity with military and police forces make our society far more dangerous and threaten its very existence.” Today, we can watch this very thing happening in real time in Burkina Faso.  The parallels between what is going on there and in our own nation are both startling and compelling; hence the lack of sufficient  mainstream media attention. Anyone that wants to understand where gun control and gun grabber policies will take Europe, Australia, and the United States have only to look at this African nation.

Yes, We Could Have Prevented Santa Fe, Parkland, and More

Before I launch into more details about Burkina Faso and the severe eruptions of violence there, I want to take a moment to remind you that we could have prevented every single mass murder in schools by putting up well guarded and maintained perimeter defense systems plus increased the number of armed guards within the schools.  Under my plan, which I detailed over the course of two articles, not one shooter, not one bomber would have gotten into the building let alone harmed one single child.

Yet, our leaders say it is too expensive and continue to believe “gun control”, “gun confiscation” and continual limitations of civilian freedoms is the answer.  Unfortunately, for us, the prevailing cost analysis is more than likely the same answer the leaders of Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and other nations came up with decades ago; and their unarmed civilians are paying the price.

What is Going on in Burkina Faso?

On May 2, 2018, the French Embassy in Sahel region, Burkina Faso was attacked. Eight people were murdered, and dozens of others wounded.  If you didn’t see it in the headlines or hear about it much in the news, that is because no gun grabber worth their salt wants to discuss one of the best cases on Earth of how gun control and gun grabber policies lead not just to more victimization of the innocent, but also bring about the collapse of a nation.  While gun grabbers believe that fewer guns always lead to fewer deaths, the fact is people will kill and maim with their bare hands and teeth in rages of mass hysteria when threatened.

The attack on the French Embassy itself may not seem like a pivotal event until you look at the last few years of history in Burkina Faso and what has happened in the Sahel region in the last few weeks.  Historically speaking, Al Quaeda and other terrorist groups pounced on Burkina Faso within just seven years of the nation passing gun control laws similar to those under consideration or already passed here in the United States.   Have a look at the timeline:

  • As of May 9, 2012, Burkina Faso is listed as having some of the most restrictive gun control laws on Earth.  Similar to the United States, it is illegal to make guns unless you have a permit from the government.  Also similar to the United  States, you cannot buy, own, or possess a gun without going through a background check that includes rejection for prior history of criminal activity and domestic violence.

In Burkina Faso, however, the background check also includes a mental stability test. Perhaps they forgot to send the memo to the hordes of radical Islamic terrorists, or these people are somehow considered sane while basic civilians are not?  Either way, only 1 person per 100 in Burkina Faso owns a gun.

Burkina Faso and several states in the United States are similar in the sense that in order to own a gun in Burkina Faso, you must prove that you need one. I guess the odds of being raped or murdered in Section 8 housing being greater than those of a deer being shot during hunting season don’t constitute sufficient proof, but I digress.  No matter how many times we see people murdered, raped, and robbed in gun free zones, gun grabbers will still rant about how guns are the problem even as they call the police hoping that someone with a gun will save them.

  • In 2016 radical Islamic terrorist groups affiliated with Al Quaeda began attacking military bases, police stations, and civilian populations.  It is impossible to say how many thousands to millions of unarmed people were murdered and kidnapped in these raids. It is impossible to say how many more were drugged up and enslaved into becoming suicide bombers that continue to spread the disease of terrorism worldwide.

The one thing we do have some numbers on is the 12,000 unarmed people that decided to go to other countries because they could not get guns to protect themselves let alone their nation.  If gun control isn’t the view of high dictatorial arrogance in the face of a malignant disease like terrorism, I don’t know what is.  People that belong to a nation and identify with it will want to defend it.  That cannot happen unless they have unfettered access to guns and ammunition.  Look at Burkina Faso to see what the people are going through because their government has gun control and gun grabber policies in place.

  • When faced with terrorists that absolutely love gun control and see it as their opportunity to spread their disease, it should come as no surprise that government agencies try to shoot back.  In Burkina Faso, apparently, they also decided to prey on the unarmed civilians as well.  As a case in point, after the embassy attack, “extrajudicial killing” in Burkina Faso has reached epic proportion.

It is unknown at this point if it is dozens, hundreds, or thousands of innocent civilians have been detained, murdered, or tortured by the security forces attempting to get information about radical Islamic terrorists.  While they may think they are in the right, the fact remains innocent and unarmed civilians are caught between too well armed groups that think nothing of murdering them and their children for a “higher purpose”.

  • Let me remind you that here in the United States, there are spates of attacks claimed by ISIS, as well as ones carried out by people affiliated with various groups.  As the people of Burkina Faso and Nigeria cannot defend themselves when ISIS comes to town, the United States citizens won’t be able to either.  Gun control and gun grabber policies are the single biggest threat to our nation’s stability and ability to survive.

The fact is, as I have pointed out in several articles, we need to be arming and training every man, woman, and child of suitable age right now and make sure that criminals and terrorists pay the highest possible price for attempting to destroy our nation.  What most people don’t understand is that terrorists attack civilians, and as such, it is not a well defined war in which militaries run their little meat grinder.

Rather, it is attacks on civilians that must have the tools necessary to defend themselves. The longer we wait to arm the people, the greater influence terror groups get on our nation, and the easier it is for them to cow the public and cause more people to go to their side.  Never forget that people will go where the power is, and they will adhere to those who will give them the weapons necessary to defend themselves.

What’s Mali and Mexico Got to Do With all This?

Mali is yet another fine example of a nation being destroyed because of gun control.  In fact, people in Mali right now are essentially “jumping from the frying pan into the fire” by overrunning Burkina Faso.  Since 2012, a whopping 24,000 people have fled Mali and entered Burkina Faso because they cannot defend themselves.  Of course Mali in its infinite lack of wisdom and common sense enacted restrictive gun control laws in 2004 and 2008. It should come as no surprise that radical Islamic terrorists and their associated buddies made, and continue to make good use of unarmed civilians that cannot protect themselves. As simple as it may sound, it takes a good person with a gun to take out a bad person with a gun. There are no exceptions and even then there are no guarantees, sad and bloody as it may be. The only thing you can do to even begin stopping terrorism is to raise the cost terrorists must pay; and that means arming the people so they can take care of themselves.

Even if you spend a minimal amount of time reading President Trump’s Twitter feed, you will see that he is very concerned about border security. I would like to point out that many people who support increased rights for illegal immigrants say that the vast majority of these people are seeking asylum from horrific situations in their nations of origin. Their situation is no different from what is going on in Mali and Burkina Faso.

These people wanting to enter the United States are seeking refuge because they cannot have guns in their own country. They cannot defend themselves let alone rid their nation of drug cartels and other terrorist that haven’t gained media attention yet.  Given the number of former detainees from Guantanamo Bay with asylum in various South American countries, it wound not surprise me if one or more radical Islamic terrorist groups is set and ready to invade the United States as soon as our own civilian population is suitably disarmed.

Clearly, gun control and gun grabber laws lead to an increase in bully terrorists.  People who do not want to be squeezed by the government forces or the terrorist groups try to leave and find safety somewhere else. It is not that they are afraid to fight, it is not that they want to leave their homes and culture.  They just got caught in the middle and have no other choices. Until we, as a nation, essentially grow up, grow a set, and turn these people back to their nations well armed and trained, we will not solve our border problems or stop terrorists from pulling off a coup.

HR 5717: Can Pro 2A People Trust Republicans?

Before President Trump got elected, it was obvious that gun owners and Second Amendment advocates would find the most support among Republican candidates and leaders.  Sadly, as more school children are murdered, the Republicans are losing sight of the big picture when it comes to mental health, gun rights, and the safety of our nation.  Quite frankly, any Democrat in favor of a 2 state solution for Israel and Palestine, and Palestinian rights should know better than to go down this road.  Rather than spend money on sensible things like armed checkpoints in the schools and perimeter defenses (do not forget bombs were brought into the Santa Fe and Parkland schools), they would rather spend money on things like HR 5717, which supports giving additional money to states that enact and enforce gun confiscation laws.

As you can see from the text of this bill, it has quite a bit of bipartisan support.  Right now mainstream media is ignoring this bill right along with what is happening in Burkina Faso.  So here is the question. Who gets to decide what the definition of a dangerous person is?

Consider this:

  • There is a massive push to call “mental health” a standard for gun ownership.  I have pointed out in more than one article you don’t have to be sane to do the right thing in a life threatening situation.  Even a person with known mental problems can recognize that a rape, theft, or murder is about to happen and intervene appropriately.  We should never ever take away the rights of a person to defend themselves or someone else with a gun just because they don’t meet our standard for “mental wellness”.  Mental disorders are not the problem, guns are not the problem, media portrayals of violence and the encouragement to over react in violent ways are the problem.
  • If you look at social memes, you are bound to see phrases like “libtard” and “redneck gun toting loony goon”.  These and many other phrases clearly tie political affiliation to mental disorder.  While this may have started off as a joke or out of frustration, the shifts of power and the extreme rantings and over reaction in favor of gun control in our nation mean that a joke can turn into reality.  What happens if we get a blue or red surge and one party defines members of the other party as mentally unfit?

We have only to look at the disproportional number of black people convicted of “drug related” crimes (despite a less than 50% capture rate and additional 50% wrongful conviction rate) to see how gun control laws (which are developing into ones similar to laws surrounding drugs) related to mental health can be used to systemically disarm the opposing group. Once that happens, what comes next and how long will it take?  Is it possible, failing a terrorist coup within 7 years (based on Burkina Faso and Mali),  one group or the other will wind up like Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, a Jew living in Nazi Germany, a Tibetan in China, or an Australian Aboriginal on indigenous lands? Regardless of what side you are on in relation to Israel, the fact is their gun control laws have prevented Palestinians from owning guns. Would you want to be any of these people unable to get a gun just because you are in the “crazy” political party or a member of the “wrong” religion?  Given the rise of radical factions in the United States, would you want to be the civilian caught between them and government forces and without unfettered access to true military grade guns, ammunition, and suitable training?

These are very important questions to consider, especially during the primaries and all through the election season and beyond.  The best thing you  can do right  now is personally ask about each political candidates position on gun rights, and then make expansion of gun and other weapon rights up to parity with the military your absolute litmus test at all levels of government.  It is also very important to look for recall options.  If you have a mayor or other politician, regardless of party that is in support of gun grabbing, it is time to investigate them and look for information that could be used to get them recalled.  It doesn’t matter how much or little time they have in office. What matters is you take political action to get them removed.  Even if it takes several election cycles, you must never ever give up on this government, this Constitution, and the power of the vote.  If you don’t know how or where to get started, just watch the gun grabbers and their tactics. They are doing an excellent job. Take a page from their playbook and turn it in favor of gun rights instead.  Remember the old saying, “The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the most grease”!

Are We Headed for Something Much Worse than Civil War as a Species?

Over the last few months, there has been a marked increase in comments by people saying they will never give up their guns.  These very same people that claim to love this country say they will start a civil war over this issue.  I tend to look at these comments with a raised eyebrow for many reasons.  As a matter of common sense, the AR and other “assault rifle” platforms are, quite frankly, over marketed and over sexed garbage compared to the weapons and technology available to military and law enforcement. I’m not just talking about the guns, I’m talking about the LRADS, non-lethal chemical weapons, and other devices that can render large numbers of people harmless in a matter of minutes.  In my opinion, this is not a war that can be won, nor is one that should be fought.

When I first started writing about gun rights, I knew that the United States was on the verge of going down the wrong road and accelerating to the point of its own destruction as a functional nation.   After the Parkland shooting, I began to wonder just how bad the cost of gun control is in other nations.  Each day I scanned the headlines and started making entries into a spreadsheet that listed the nature of the event, the number of casualties, and the weapon type.  In fact, that was supposed to be the basis for this article.

What I found was something worse than I’d dreamed possible.  For each car massacre, suicide bombing, or terrorist takeover that I read about in the headlines, there were more stories that didn’t gain sufficient attention.  As a case in point, did you know that on the same day as the Santa Fe shooting, a dozen teens aged 12 to 17 bludgeoned a man to death in Pau, France?  What about the elderly man in the UK that is being held on murder charges because he killed a robber that entered his home and threatened his life? The stories are endless even in this short period of time.  Right now I have over 100 entries in my database from a beginning set of 35.  There are hundreds of people in nations like the UK, France, Australia, and Germany that died because they did not have guns and were ruthlessly murdered by other means.

Earlier in this article I pointed out that even without guns, people will kill with their bare hands and teeth if nothing else is available.  What I want to look at right now are things like mass hysteria, stampedes, and riots.  If you think about the very definition of terrorism, it relates to civilian deaths that would normally be taken on by the military.  There is no question in my mind that terrorism doesn’t need guns, it only needs as starting point and a means of propagation.

When someone yells “Fire” in a crowded theater, people will rush for the exits and do more harm than good because of the panic and hysteria. Mob violence and its rhythm are a relatively unstudied but real part of our species and psychological profiles.  I don’t care whether you call it the act of demons or violent movies, the fact is our species is becoming more violent.  No matter where you look in the world, people are fighting each other. Guns or not, are we on the verge of a global mass hysteria event fed by these award-winning movies, books, and music that glorify violence and a culture of death?

Gun grabbers would have you believe that the world will be a safer place when only the government has guns.  They forget that humans have a violent streak that only God and the grace of God can deliver us out of, and then only if we choose that path.  Until then, the call to self defense and defense of the innocent will always the use of weapons.

Gun rights is about far more than a silly piece of metal, it is about the protecting ourselves until we, as a species choose the path of being delivered out of the darkness and spiral of chaos.

It is my hope this election season brings us resilient and steadfast protectors and expanders of the Second Amendment, and that globally, as a species, we do not descend into the mass chaos that increasing acts of terrorism are leading us steadily towards.

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Carmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. She is currently working on combining vertical container gardening with hydroponics. Tyrrell is also exploring ways to integrate magnetic and solar power generation methods. On any given day, her husband and six cats give thanks that she has not yet blown up the house. You can send Carmela a message at editor [at]

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  • Gun control didn’t work in England. They are now attempting to ban knives. What next? Ever see the movie….THX 1138? THX 1138 is a 1971 American science-fiction film set in a dystopian future in which the populace is controlled through android police and mandatory use of drugs that suppress emotions.

  • Excellent and well written article Carmela! When will people wake up and realize the roads that our governments are leading us down that are laden with pitfalls and misery? Our government in Canada is also heading down an unbelievable path. We had 223 deaths related to firearms in all of Canada last year! Yes, the same number that some U.S. cities experience in a month and studies have proven that 75% of those are gang related and many more are questionable at that. Our government is now going after law abiding citizens who have legally obtained their firearms. Gun owners who have already had 100% accurate background checks, checks with former spouses, domestic violence checks and zero criminal behavior. We will now have to get a piece of paper from the government to take our guns to a gunsmith, to sell a gun to a neighbor, to buy ammunition we have to resister it and the government has found a way to do a complete gun registry despite their previous election promises. Did you know that in Canada, gun owners get a police background check EVERY DAY already! If you are charged with any crime they come and confiscate your firearms until the charges are resolved which in reality is not a bad thing but at a huge expense to hire lawyers to prove that you should have them back!. The government is now wanting to give the responsibility to classify firearms to a faceless bureaucrat who can now decide without any recourse to reclassify firearms. So what is legal today, could be illegal tomorrow and no compensation to the store owners or private gun owners. Semi automatic hunting rifles could be prohibited tomorrow with the stroke of a pen! Bill C-71 only goes after the most vetted group of law abiding people in Canada and does zero to combat crime or criminals! Bill C-75 also reduces penalties for the most serious crimes and criminals who have been convicted! Insanity is the only word that can describe what is happening in Canada. All I can say is take heed, Once it starts, it never ends!

  • I have a beautiful log home in SE ALaska that is completely off-grid. Access only by seaplane or boat. It is reasonably close to a town for fuel, shipping and supplies. The house is set up with a water collection system &1000 gal tank for drinking water. Solar panels and Trojan battery back up. PEX plumbing with indoor toilet and shower. Two sources of heat ( oil has 265 gal storage tank) &wood stove. Home sits on a full basement. Lots of storage & beautiful views. Right at Waters edge. Two runs of salmon, halibut crab, clams and shrimp plus deer, moose, elk and bear available in surrounding area. It’s currently for sale. Please contact me if you know anyone interested. $285,000.

  • A very well presented article, Carmela. While you are ultimately, on this site, ‘preaching to the choir’, I hope folks will share this.

  • Very well researched and well written article. It’s a shame those who would benefit the most from reading it won’t bother to!

  • Good illustration about how bad it can get, Carmela. It is almost too easy for the government to effectively neutralize the purpose of the 2nd/A by disarming us enough to make forceful resistance against tyranny useless if they implement their illegal Fiat plan to mandate so-called mental capacity/ability tests for gun ownership. More frighteningly is the fact that the logistics for the testing system for this is actually already in place! It’s called the DOT which besides the federal agency, each state also has it’s own Dept. of Transportation to issue you your drivers license which has already become an illegal ‘national I.D. card’ due to the passage of the 2005 ‘REAl I,D, Act’. Which was a fraudulent way of violating your privacy set us up for just this sort of eventual tyranny. (see the article ‘your papers please’ if it’s still in the archives here)

    Plans for tactical follow through of warrantless inspections (raids) on those who ‘then are deemed ‘mentally unsuited to have firearms’ as precautionary crime prevention maintenance enforcement measures to make sure these ‘mentally unfit’ citizens don’t have any guns.

    As to who will have the right to determine who doesn’t have the right to have a firearm? Well, that will be pretty easy, as well. Any clinical psychologist or psychiatrist with one of the latest behavioral specialties can easily diagnose a ‘condition’ fitting the criteria of being unfit to have a firearm due to a plethora of flawed emotional content or other psychological issues.
    In fact you’ll find studies concluding that as many as one out of every three persons have these easily diagnosable ‘issues’ within their personalities.. Factor in their other angles like medications, or as in the case of the latest form 4473 commercial purchase forms asking the question ‘have you ever smoked pot’, which everyone lies about, which therefore disqualifies you immediately from ever having a firearm again. and the likelihood, when the leftist tyrannists get in to power, and ram through these anti-Constitutional laws (like we should have been making our legislators Repeal and Ban all gun laws during Trumps favorable Congress) perhaps next November or in 2020, It’ll be worse than Burkina and be more likely that only one in a thousand citizens in the totalitarian future of America will be ‘allowed’ to have a firearm. And it, like in other countries of advanced Tyranny like Australia, you would be required to keep it locked at a police station when not hunting or using it at specially monitored/designated locations.

    Interesting ‘the tyrannists could even get this far considering the 2nd/A says “Shall NOT BE Infringed” Period! It does not say, ‘oh, but exept if you smoked pot, are out of jail, rehabilitated and currently a law abiding value producing citizen, or have mental problems…which by the way is not a crime in and of itself like these ‘mental ability’ fake laws. And the emphasis of absolute uninfringement was because the wise Framers knew exactly how human nature worked and how the threat of tyrannical government was always there, and always needed a strong deterrent to keep it in place or invariably, it would get out of control, as we are seeing now with this humanity invasive pre-crime prevention population control threat.

    The Constitution does not make any excpetions, qualifiers, or allowances for manipulating or micro-managing the law of the land! If you are NOT in prison or an insane asylum, And your behavior is not hurting anyone or damaging anything where police are not necessary to intervene to keep the peace, You should Always be able to exercise All your natural civil rights. That’s what makes it a Free country. Nothing else. ..

    “…so it is NOT mostly true that we get what we deserve and deserve what we get, This is because we allow too many others to make that determination”–Klipangle

    I urge all seriously concerned Patriots to scrutinize 18 USCC Section 241-242 and ask themselves why aren’t we having persons who conspire or act to make illegal gun laws of any kind Not being handcuffed, arrested, and arraigned on charges?