The Largest Dealer Pushes For Gun Control

Were you relieved to hear that the US Senate shot down all four gun control measures presented by the Democrats on June 20th? I was, but I was also just as disturbed to see that SCOTUS refused to hear the case against assault weapons bans.

No doubt Hillary and her merry band aren’t going to stop pushing for gun confiscation here in the United States.

So why is it that the Obama administration allowed Hillary to make so many deals that practically sold our military assets to countries that have a record for serious human rights violations?

How is it that these countries, plus one or more companies that sold these weapons through Hillary also contributed massive amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation and/or to her political campaign?

When Sam Jacob at sent me this infographic, my first thought was “this is incredibly disturbing because terrorists will be coming through our leaky sieve of an immigration system with guns that Hillary sold to them even as she moves to disarm our innocent citizens.”

If you, or anyone else needs a good answer for why our citizens need to own an “assault weapon” here in the United States – quite frankly – the way things went down in Syria and this infographic says it all!
Worldwide Weapons1


This article has been written by Carmela Tyrell for Survivopedia.


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  • It says that in 2015 we spent almost 9 times on the military and defense budget than we did on education. While I have no doubt that is true, we also spend more on education per student in the USA than any other country does. That’s not all federal spending, as much of that is state spending, as well as some county and city spending. But it is still more than any other country nonetheless.

    So that needs to be taken into consideration and put into perspective, as Liberals like to use that against us, making the argument that we need to make huge cuts in military spending, even if it’s to the point where we are left vulnerable (more than we already are).

    What we spend on defense and military is a lot, but my biggest concern is HOW it’s spent. If spent wisely and so that we get the biggest bang for the buck, then that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And if if spent wisely, we might could cut the budget without leaving us more vulnerable than we already are.

    • Same go’s for education! It’s not how much is spent that makes the difference! It’s how it is spent and where doe’s the money actually Go!

    • I think there is a lot of graft, corruption, and back room deals in politics, so we never really get what we are paying for. But then again – sometimes that is the only way to get things done. Every dollar should be accounted for, and we deserve to know why laws and guidelines are being broken so that we can either prosecute those who broke the laws, or simply get rid of laws that are an undue and unnecessary impedance. There has to be a leeway combined with common sense and public input or we will never get these problems solved.

  • HiLIARY’s “popularity” has to be a HUGE MEDIA HOAX! I cannot believe that there are so many who support that VERY EVIL WOMAN! !! Anyone supporting her must be as evil as she is or extremely stupid! The Establishment power-elite Satanic GLOBALIST ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE made up of murderers, war-mongers, liars and theives own and control the mainstream media. They paint HiLARy as an angel and are doing whatever they can to destroy Trump. If HILIARy Gets Elected It Will Be A rigged election by the Globalists and Satan will be in control of America through his puppet HiLIARy like his puppet Obama is now doing whatever he can to destroy America.

    • Then why did the NRA in May of this year throw their weight in for Trump.? We all know that the NRA keeps scores on all elected officials and supports only those who are in cahoots with them and their ownership of over 55 % of our elected officias. They also spend millions trying to bury their opponents.

  • Hillary is like the lesser evil in the campaign right now. If you think she is pro gun what more is Trump?

  • Both of these candidates are funded by gun groups. So if I have to choose one ill still be choosing Hillary.