Don’t Tread On US, ISIS!

The Islamic State (ISIS) has long been bragging that they would be making attacks on American soil, and they finally have. Reacting to an art exhibit and cartoon contest, two ISIS gunmen descended on Garland, Texas, with the intent of showing us who’s boss.

But rather than owning the day, the two got owned by a local police officer, even though they had him outnumbered and outgunned. When the dust settled, both ISIS terrorists were dead and a security guard was wounded in the leg.

If this had to happen anywhere, Texas was the place for it. Texans–and I’m one of them–love their freedom and their guns, holding on to the spirit of the Old West, where shooting a criminal was just thought to be part of the day’s work. The Garland police officer definitely gave these gunmen a new and fresh understanding of the shootout at the OK Corral.

What Sparked This All

It was a cartooning contest where artists drew cartoons of Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam. Apparently this is against Islamic law and greatly offensive to Muslims. But in the land of the free, you’ve got to be ready to be offended. There are always people who will have a different opinion than you do and many of them will express it in offensive ways.

Some would say that the ability to overlook offenses is a sign of maturity. If that’s the case, then there are a lot of immature people in the world, including radical Muslims. They don’t seem to be able to stand anything being said against their religion, beliefs or actions.

These two ISIS gunmen responded to the offense of the cartooning contest in true radical Muslim fashion, deciding to kill people. While we have no way of knowing exactly who they intended to kill, it appears from the ISIS press release that they had their sights set on Pamela Geller, the event’s organizer.

They probably also wanted to hit the owners and managers of the venue, as well as anyone else who was involved in creating it. To be able to kill some of the artists would have probably been seen as a special bonus.

Stepping from their car at the event, the two gunmen were holding AR-15s, the civilian semi-automatic version of the Army M-16 and M-4 fully-automatic assault rifles. They opened fire, managing to wing a security guard in the leg. But even with this excellent firepower at their disposal, both gunmen were taken out by one police officer, firing his .45 caliber service pistol.

This would seem to indicate that the two gunmen were untrained or poorly trained, yet ISIS claims that they were trained shooters who gave their lives to make a statement. If that’s the way that ISIS plans on making their statements here in the United States, I’ll have to say that we don’t have much to worry about.

Is This the Beginning?

This seems to be the opening salvo in the ISIS jihad against the United States of America. We know that they’ve been smuggling terrorists into the country, because there were 10 captured in McAllen, Texas (a border town) a few months ago. If that many were caught, we can be sure that many more made it across and are in hiding somewhere here in our homeland.

This is confirmed in the same press release that ISIS used to take credit for the Garland attack. The writer states that they have 71 “trained soldiers” in 15 different states. While he mentions five of those states, he doesn’t say a thing about the others, except that they exist. Of those 71 “soldiers” supposedly 23 have signed up for “missions like this,” which I would have to take as meaning suicide missions of one sort or another.

To be honest with you, I’m surprised that they only have 71 people whom they’ve managed to smuggle into the U.S. they are either lying and have succeeded in smuggling in more, or they are more inept at smuggling their people through the Mexican border than one would expect. The Border Patrol has stated that they catch about 10 percent of the people who try to sneak across the border, so the ten caught would indicate that there are at least 100 of them who have made it.

ISIS Texas attackApparently these were home-grown terrorists and not ones that ISIS sent here to attack.

That means that they probably weren’t as well trained as whoever released the press release would like us to believe.

If that’s the level of training of the rest of their “soldiers” then they won’t succeed in damaging much or killing many people.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t take them too lightly, as a man with a gun or bomb is still a danger. The odds can always work for them, rather than against them, and they can manage to accidentally take out more of us infidels in their death than their skill would otherwise warrant.

Let me make something clear here. The mainstream media has been bashing the event, as if the organizers and participants are guilty of what happened. All they are guilty of is exercising their First Amendment rights.

The media doesn’t complain when liberals bash Christians for their beliefs, so why should these kind of Muslims receive special consideration? There’s really no reason why they should, but I’ll tell you why they are… it’s because they make the wimps in the media afraid of them.

So, What’s Going to Happen Next?

I think it’s safe to say that ISIS has taken affront at how easily their two “soldiers” were overcome, regardless of what their level of training was. It doesn’t look good for them to have lost their first battle so easily; nor do the odds look good for them. Someone in the organization is going to realize that and decide that they can’t afford to just sit on their laurels, waiting for a golden opportunity to present itself.

That means that we can expect more attacks. Most specifically, Pamela Geller can expect them to track her down and come after her. But considering that these terrorists aren’t as concerned about strategic targets as they are in violence, those attacks could take place anywhere and against anyone. We must all remain vigilant.

If ISIS is truly trying to carry the war to us, then that’s fine with me. There are enough gun-toting conservatives here in this country to give them pause. We have more veterans from the Middle East war, than they have soldiers. On top of that, there are over 100,000 gun owners, many of who are ready to stand and defend home, family and even country.

ISIS may succeed in causing some bloodshed, but in doing so, they will awake a sleeping giant; a giant who has them outgunned, out-trained and outnumbered.

It is for things like this that many thousands of Americans have concealed carry licenses. We keep guns in our homes, in our cars and on our persons, just to be able to counter this sort of threat. For every one of their “soldiers” there are over 15,000 gun-toting Americans, who legally carry concealed.

While the police can’t be everywhere and in truth there aren’t even enough of us who legally carry concealed to be everywhere, chances are, we’ll be where they are; ready to stand and defend our friends, neighbors and country from this attack.

If you don’t have a concealed carry license, might I suggest that it’s time to get one. You don’t take a knife to a gun fight and you don’t go up against a terrorist empty-handed. They want to die for their god, so it seems like we should be ready to help them along, when the time comes.

I am proud of that police officer in Garland, Texas, whoever he might be. In true American fashion, he put himself at risk, standing up against oppression and tyranny, just as the founding fathers did.

Make no mistake, radical Islam is tyranny and they are here to conquer our country. But as long as we have Americans who will stand up like that officer did, they will not succeed.


This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • What the Muslim world, especially those pushing Sharia, need to understand is that we re offended by your religious practices. Your religion steals and destroys any non-Islamic culture it finds. So all of you can go to your Paradise I have a suggestion for you: ALL of you strap on bomb vests and meet together in the desert for a rally and detonate them. And I mean all Muslims. You hate other branches of Islam other than your own so that will solve all of your grievances and also fulfill your desires to enter Paradise.

  • You say in your Don’t Tread On US, ISIS column that there are over 100,000 gun owners in America. While this in itself is true it seems to me to be a huge understatement for the following reasons. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission ( ) there were over one million general hunting licenses sold in 2003 and in 2013 there were just over 950,000 sold. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service ( ) in 2013 there were 14,631,327 License holders in the 50 United States. I can only assume that the number of gun owners might be closer to or more probably above those numbers since there are probably many gun owners that do not hunt and yes some may only bow hunt. Just a little food for thought and I do enjoy the educational information and articles you provide.

    • I think he was refering to the concealed carry holders in Texas

  • They really want us to believe there are only 71 terrorist insurgents planted here in the US of A.. Next time you are on a long trip on our highways and bi-ways, take a look at who’s driving that big rig you just passed…. Or look at the back of one of the trucks or trailers and see if it doesn’t have something in Arabic written on it… You think a “body bomb” or a pressure cooker bomb is bad… Wonder what a full 53′ trailer load of explosive would do….. No, I really don’t want to know.. but, I do think there’s more here than “meets the eye”…..

  • Bill white , great man &american , what happens when our officers will not let us defend ourselves , turning a blind eye when we try. We,all ready to stand our ground ,protect our love ones and such , police officers must let the citizens help ourselfs and defend our freedom

  • Well the way I got the story is that 1 Texas traffic cop took out 2 Jihadi’s who had body armor and assault rifles with his handgun. That’s what I call a good old fashioned American Hero.

  • Web page is never displayed.seems like it’s being censored

  • The actual scene ET pictures i had access to indicated that the weapons carried by the Muslim terrorists and recovered on the scene were Not AR-15 platforms.

    In my opinion they appeared to be a Ke-tec sub 2000 carbine which fires a pistol cartridge, usually a 9mm. The other was an import sporting version of an AK-74 possibly in 5.45 caliber with a 30 round mag.

    Both these weapons are slightly slower than an AR-15 platform if their safeties were on before they exited the vehicles, or if they had to jack a round in the chamber before opening fire. This could have given the responding officer a slight but important advantage at the moment of awareness. .

    The two cops were actually standing right in front of the building and only about 40 feet from where the Islamist terrorists vehicle pulled up.

    If the officer was observant as the suspect vehicle pulled up he would have noticed these long guns in the terrorists’ hands immediately and drew his weapon which was a Glock that didn’t require taking it off safety and could be discharged quite rapidly after the draw, even in the face of Action v. Reaction.

    This was a highly experienced sixty year old veteran officer with over 30 years on the job. His Glock was most likely a .40 with a 15 round capacity. From the looks of the shell casing markers, the cop fired most, but not all 15 rounds, which means his early hits dropped the terrorists and his fire discipline allowed him to preserve ammo without reloading if needed. If he drew down on these psychos as soon as he saw them exit with the weapons, he would have had the drop advantage on them for an instant response even though they might have started aiming/shooting at him shortly thereafter.

    An indication that the officer did, in fact, simply out draw and speed shoot these guys was the fact that the other officer was hit in the foot possibly reflecting the fact that the firing officer had such good initial output of fast accurate firepower that the terrorist who hit the other cop in the foot couldn’t bring up his weapon high enough in time to get a more center mass shot off before he was taken out. The crime scene indicated that the officer kept moving sideways but forward at the terrorists while shooting and closing the gap at less than thirty feet.

    Well done, Sir. Thank you.

    • Mahatma’s information and post, updates the correct weaponry used and is far more accurate than the article. It IS appreciated. Accuracy is critical.
      Thank you Mahatma! I viewed the same photos and could readily see the accuracy in what Mahatma posted.
      Kudos to the Garland PD officers involved. Well done.

  • There is going to be a false flag just like 9/11. If it werent OK with the alphabets,etc, they would do something about it.

  • Why is it necessary to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon? Does the 2nd Amendment say “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED or if you cover your weapon from view you must get a permit. Don’t want to chance a day in court, then wear it openly. They cannot deny your right to do so by our constitution. I guarantee that manners and civility, “a live and let live outlook”, would be prominent in our country real soon. Crime rates would plummet, if you wondered who was carrying a gun or not. This is also why Japan never invaded America.
    As for Isis, Muslims have been fighting Caucasians for well more than a thousand years and specifically America in the shipping and piracy business in Tripoli where President Jefferson sent our leathernecks to clean them out. The outrage should be for our current government allowing them to be bused in from Mexico on Home land security buses. Christians comprise roughly seventy percent of the vote. Come together people and move “Onward Christian Soldiers”

    • Right on, Rusty! You touched on the very essence of our totalitarian problem today. They want to know everything you do, everywhere you go, and more importantly eventually control your entire life for their own profit.

      And you’re correct about people just passively going along with ever new infringement upon their privacy and Civil Rights. The Constitution and 2/A and general rule of law in this country was set up on fundamental concepts of decency, privacy, and fair opportunity so that the majority of citizens could have the freedom to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in their own way as long as they didn’t physically hurt anyone and for the most part minded their own business and treated people like they would like to be treated. Nothing’s perfect but it was a good start.

      Somehow that all fell apart because the government was never designed to become a behemoth power elite royalist dictatorship so out of control that it now must enslave the people in order to secure its future existence!

      Part of it is our fault because we failed in our duty as free citizens and Patriots to constrain and correct the government problem over the years.

      This government no longer makes laws for the people, but only makes laws to ‘control’ us for their own agenda.

      And now it’s almost too late.

      We have one last chance in the next few months and already it doesn’t look good. The same old usual suspects of career politicians saying the same old stuff –but still not doing the right thing when they get into office–are going up against a royalist cartel with literally unlimited funds.

      It better not be only Christians, but this entire country including both parties and all philosophies better get seriously decisive very soon. We need a fresh new leadership attitude to stop this rampaging dictatorship and get us back on the track the visionary Framers dedicated their lives creating for us.

      • Your comments are appreciated, Mahatma. Until the “silent majority” (Conservatives, Tea Party, Concerned and unsatisfied Citizens)learns to win in recall elections and takes the effort, work and determination to show these professional politicians that it is more in their best interests to work for their real employers (citizens of America) rather than to contract to those who have their own interests in the forefront, then USA is G.O.N.E. The result is unsupervised Bureaucratic law by misappropriated legislative responsibility to distance the legislative actions from scrutiny. A lot of that is the credo of “publish or perish” which creates burgeoning laws rather than quality laws.

        Here’s a constructive idea. Perhaps the State Legislators should require a yearly poll of the people on satisfaction of their elected employees. If a politician receives less than a 51% approval rating, a special recall election within 90 days automatically results. This will not happen because they will not vote more scrutiny on themselves but it is nice to think it would work.

        You are correct that we were asleep at the wheel. A republic works best for a smaller population group. Then elected employees serve less people and can work more closely with those he/she serves. Also, correct that our responsibilities are to watch local, state, and national performance. Local is easier; State, is more difficult, more people; National is most difficult. Along with local and state there is too much to watch and get an education and make a living and raise a family. The answer, I believe and what young America depended on, is a moral population, with self reliance and liberty to do that.

  • Very Interesting Indeed! Sure does seem that those two ISIS guys were either misguided, overconfident, stupid, or just plain suicidal. Texas…no less. Well, I highly commend those officers who took care of this situation. But, you know what? They only got a “little taste” of what is in store for them if they think we Americans are going to go “gently into the night.” I truly do not have any idea of the TRUE number of gun owners in the US; but I venture to guess that there are one heck of a lot more than anyone can imagine. AND, these are not nuts I’m talking about. These are true, God fearing(in many cases) and Constitution loving everyday folks. If they really have all these camps, why doesn’t the Govt. step in and just take them out before this type of incident happens again. Is there some kind of problem “AT THE TOP?” I wonder, wonder, wonder, my friends. Just follow the Law as our God has commanded us but don’t let your guard down for a minute. Don’t forget either that there are a great number of states AND Commonwealths that permit OPEN CARRY. Exercise your rights and OPEN CARRY. Just remember that most of the Open Carry laws require that you do not act, or display your weapon in a “threatening manner” (their words AND Interpretation). So be careful, keep your mouth shut, CARRY and ignore any smart-arsed comments from the liberals you are surrounded(the sheep). God Bless Our Country!!!!!