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Cold Weapons

Carrying concealed and stockpiling ammo might be your first line of survival defense, but limiting your arsenal to only firearms would be a huge

There are millions of cold weapons in urban settings, but the best ones are those that don’t look like weapons at first glance, and

Today we'll discuss what’s important for our self-defense. I'm talking about knives, guns, camouflage and other tips and tricks. Keep reading for more.

There are actually better, and far more lethal options that you can use for personal defense, and a short look back in the history

There’s an art to sharpening a knife, though, and most people can’t get it right straight out of the box.

This Smith and Wesson knife is a handy EDC for anyone, regardless of your particular needs.

Owning a perfectly-fit-for-you survival knife is more about skills than about choosing a product over another. Still, what makes a good survival knife?

Having anything in your hand is better than having nothing. So if you have to chose a weapon, do it wisely, according to your

Survival knife can really make the difference between life and death in a tight spot while outdoors. But how do you choose?

Some time ago, the guys from Knife Planet asked us to take part in a expert roundup on the best survival knife.